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Beefrow It was evening time, in El Dorado, and dark grey clouds fill the sky, blocking out the light of the moon. It threatens to rain with every cold wind that blows. Carrying a torch, Beefrow Thurgood vigilantly patrols his lands, alone, wearing a football helmet, bloodstained leathers, and a bloody sledgehammer. He's paused for the night, to build a small campfire at the edge of the intersection. The light was a risk, possibly bringing trouble, but warm food was worth it.
Victoria Victoria is trying her best to get her arse back to civilization, the woman walking with a baseball cap on, an smg in her hands, and a quick step as she tries to avoid trouble. The fire she sees not too far away can either be good, or very bad. A radroach crosses her path without her noticing, so distracted is she by the fire, and jumps up to bite at her ankle. A yelp and a few smashes down of her booted feet, and she'll kill that roach. Squish it good, "Shit on a bloody stick."
Abdiel     Abdiel traveled the wastes, looking to the two present. "Hello." He says as he moves to the fire to warm his hands against the cold night air. "It is times like this that makes the missionary work I do mean more." He says as he looks to Beefrow. "You look ready for battle. Are you a raider?" He asks as he watches Beefrow.
Beefrow Putting a can of beans right in the coals of the fire, Beefrow looks up at the man who has joined him. "I am not a Raider, I am a Thurgood." He gestures south, then north, towards a vast, desert wasteland of nothing along the highway. "All of this land belongs to the Thurgoods, and I am Beefrow Thurgood. The captain of the Thurgoods." He rises to his full, six and a half feet, looking down at Abdiel, his voice deep and bellowing in the night, "You do not look like a Killer, and are too smooth skinned to be a Rad dude. Why have you come here?" He puffs out his chest, looking down at the smaller man.
Victoria Victoria manages to kick off the radroach, a grimace on her lips as she glances to the two men at the fire. Wasn't there only one a minute ago? No time to collect the roach, so she'll casually move towards the fire, "Hey. Just passing through." Raising up her hand she'll wave at the two gents, 'gents' as it were, and makes to continue on her way.
Abdiel     "I have come to spread the word of god to those who will hear of him. To follow God's law will reward those with eternal life by his side when you die." Abdiel says as he watches the man, curiousity on his face. "It is a comfort to know that throughout the hardships which is life, there will be a place in heaven."
Beefrow Growing agitated, since he's outnumbered, Beefrow reaches for Abdiel, yelling "Who is the woman! Why are there people on my land! Are you threatening my tribe!" She's gone now, but Beefrow is staring daggers at Abdiel for it. He processes the man's words after a moment, "Wait..." He releases Abdiel, stepping back, more confused, "I do not know God. He has never came to my land, and I will not hear his law!" He draws his sledgehammer, "I will not abide Tear Annies. I challenge you to a battle!"
Abdiel     "All land is gods. Men simply borrow it for their purpose and gain." Abdiel says as he watches the man. "I do not want to fight you. It is against my belief to kill people and I will not kill anyone if I can help it. I do not desire your land." He says as he holds his hands up, a book in his right hand, with a cross on the cover.
Beefrow Looking at the cross, Beefrow lowers his hammer, shaking his head, confused, "It is the way of my people that to deny a challenge, is to be a punk. You have punked out, and I should beat you mercilessly." Gesturing to the book in Abdiel's hands, "But you choose to not kill?" He eyes Abdiel, challengingly, "Even if I hurt you! Or others! What then, punk? Stab me in my sleep, yes, like a coward?" He doesn't seem convinced Abdiel would, but he's searching for something, that much is obvious, and rather confused on where the wandering preacher fits into his small, rule-driven world.
Abdiel     Abdiel reaches along his back and pulls out a gun and aims it at the man. "If I must defend myself I will kill you. I dont want to shoot you if it can be helped." He says as he watches the man and keeps the gun aimed at him. "My god doesnt like it when I kill others without giving them a chance to repent their ways." He says calmly,
Beefrow Staring the gun down like it was a toy, Beefrow squints at Abdiel, "So what are you then? You are not a Killer, or a Rad Dude, or a Punk?" He lowers his sledgehammer, kneeling down to knock his unopened can of beans out of the fire. He looks up at the preacher, "I will meet your God, and decide for myself if I will follow his laws, or take his land for myself." Nodding southward, "This is mine. It's people are mine. I will die before I let Legion, Enclave, or God enslave any of my people again."
Abdiel     "My god does not desire to enslave anyone. Anyone can freely follow his laws. If their desire to repent is genuine then, my god will let them join his side in heaven. It is a religion which existed before the war. Would care to hear the stories of his people? The stories are old but meaning can still be used even today." Abdiel says calmly.
Beefrow Now it is making sense. Understanding dawns on Beefrow's face, when Abdiel says that word 'Religion'. The massive man nods, slowly, "You are a Rad Dude, it is clear now. My father told me not all Rad Dude's were ugly." He gestures to the preacher, "I will not pay your taxes, but you will not have to pay my toll of twenty caps." Beefrow manages to crack open his bulging, hot can of beans with a rock, proceeding to slurp from it, "Tell me these stories. These are the children of Atom?"
Abdiel     "No we are not the children of atom. But like them, we believe in a power greater then ourselves." Abdiel tries to explain. He then chuckles. "I am a missionary. I spread the word of jesus christ and in return we are allowed to live in peace and help the local tribes. If you want, I can tend to you and your tribe's injuries for small fees to pay for medical supplies."
Beefrow Beefrow looks down the road, then back to Abdiel, "I have only slaves, and none of them are in needing of wound tending. Their time with me is almost up, and none of them are good enough to be Thurgood." He offers his half-drank can of beans to the missionary, "I may call on your services, one day, Missionary." He hopes he said it right, that's a sexual position, and this man is a Rad Dude, regardless of what he says. "Where is your home? Are you tough enough to be Thurgood?"
Abdiel     "Slavery is against people's rights, but indentured servitude is better. It is a form of slavery where a slave will earn his freedom and wealth by working for a living." Abdiel says as he nods as he begins to walk off. "I will be sure to tell others of your territory, Thurgood."
Beefrow Squinting at Abdiel, Beefrow shakes his head, disagreeing, "I freed those slaves from the Legion men. I told them, 'Go home, or you are mine for the time our ways demand. I feed, and water my people, so they came." He gives a firm nod, feeling proud of his actions, "None of them can be Thurgood, so they will leave, and I will escort them to El Dorado, where the weak live." He waves to Abdiel, "Tell them!"
Lowry The clippity clap of horse hooves can be heard as Lowry approaches atop, Despair. The horse neighing defiantly as they approach. Rolling a toothpick around in his mouth his grizzeled features start to become visible. His unshaven face and the scars that accompany it taking life in the firelight. He sways in the saddle and throws a bottle after one last drink is had. "You!" He shouts at Beef. "We done pumped 'em mutants with lead together!" He looks to the other man now. "Slavery?" He has obviously came across the conversation at a bad time. He dismounts none the less apparently oblivious to the Thurgood's territorial claims.
Beefrow Rising to his feet, discarding his can of beans, Beefrow tells Lowry, "Hail, Killer! I remember you! Welcome to Highway fifty-four!" He draws a sledgehammer, "You will pay my toll, or I will challenge you to battle," Abdiel might be needed for healing after all.
Lowry      Lowry is pulling an apple from a saddlebag and gives it to his horse as Beefrow speaks. He looks sideways at him with something between a scowl and confusion writ plain on his face. "Toll? You fucking kidding me? I'd pry have to pass thru before I'd even give a thought ta' that claim. And," He pauses, turns and rests a hand upon his revolver, "I aint much fer' thinkin. Been up an' down this damn highway a thousand times. Never costed me a cap." He takes a deep breath and looks the man over. Recalling he carried no firearm last time he says in whiskey soaked breath, "I accept yer' challenge. Aint one to back down." He undoes his holster and lets the eight shot pistol fall in the dirt. "You gonna drop that hammer, you twat?" He pulls his knife now. Ready to discard if the man agrees to fisticuffs but gripping it tightly until he does.
Abdiel     Abdiel nods as he watches the goings on. He adjusts his pack and watches the two. "I would just pay his toll. It is small and he has a heavy hammer." Abdiel says. as he watches the two of them and waits to see what will happen, holstering his hand gun.
Beefrow Tossing the sledgehammer, Beefrow smacks the side of his helmet, preparing his mind for combat. "If you would rather fight a Thurgood, than pay twenty caps, you are crazy, or blind." Beefrow thuds his chest now, stepping forward, and giving Lowry time to prepare. "When I have won, I will enslave you for as many weeks as you are decades old. I will make You a Thurgood!! AAARRGHH!!" He bellows to the night.
Lowry      "I don't pay no one 'cept whores." He grins and ditches the blade. "But I'll pay you....In blood!!" HE discards his hat and readies himself.
Lowry      Lowry grins and waits for the man to get close. He sends a jab outward but his arm and the armor accompanying it seem to absorb it. He just dances back a bit rethinking his stratedgy.
Beefrow Beefrow swings out with a quick jab, stepping forward, "Stop that! Submit!" He slugs Lowry in the chest with a heavy thud, the cowboy taking it well.
Lowry      Lowry takes the fist and stumbles backwards, "Christ." He mumbles. He spits in the dirt and offers a wild swing at the man. Not even coming close to connecting. He trips up a bit, the drink clearly getting the best of him.
Beefrow Beefrow swings out with a meaty fist, connecting to Lowry's chest, growing angry, "Maybe you are not good! Maybe you are a punk!" He's yelling at Lowry through the facemask of his football helmet, muscles bulging through his armor.
Lowry      The Cowboy takes another shot in the chest and coughs. *acchhhg* He spits out some blood and wipes his mouth. "Startin' ta' piss me off." He says before leveling up and throwing an overhand right towards his opponent.
Beefrow Beefrow kicks out a foot, "You will pay my toll, or I will beat you silly! I tell everyone this! How does El Dorado not know!" He hits Lowry in the left leg with a boot, "This is Thurgood's Highway!!" The mountain of a man rages at Lowry.
Lowry      Lowry takes another shot and is sent violently to the ground. "Fuck this." He mutters to himslef. Rolling forward across the dirt after he lands he somersaults to where he left his holster. He quickly draws his revolver and turs and fires off a shot at Beef. "Ya' can save yer' fist fightin'!"
Beefrow Beefrow gasps, "That's against the rules! We agreed!" He turns and rushes for his sledgehammer, snatching it up. The bullet that hits him just glances his leather armor, but shakes him, rattles him, and he's rolling out of any incoming fire as best he can now. "You will regret this, Killer!"
Lowry      ""Fuck ruyles!" Lowry shouts, "No rules in the Waste!" He fans his left hand over the hammer on his revolver and fires two shots off quick from the hip. "I aint keen on regrets!" His horse is neighing dissaprovingly now and he backs towards it, the smoke clearing and the man squinting his eyes.
Beefrow Beefrow's slugged hard by the bullets, blood spraying as they penetrate his leather armor, "Aaarrggh! This is MY HIGHWAY. And the rules are: Don't be a bitch, or I'll fuck you with my hammer like one!" He lashes out, swinging the hefty, blood-soaked weapon at Lowry and hitting him in the chest, then coming back around to take his leg to pound town. "Submit!!"
Lowry      Lowry takes one to the head and he staggers. Blood is running from his nose and ears as he stumbles back. Another swing of the hammer takes him in the sack and he grunts, twirling about and landing into the side of his horse. He manages to climb up and smack the animal on the ass. "Fuck 'yer toll." He is able to mutter though it is pry not audible. Live to fight another day it would seem. The Cowboy just barely escaping with his life.
Beefrow Beefrow watched the Cowboy flee, and smiled behind his facemask. "That was fun. I should test El Dorado tribe more often." He touches the gunshot wound in his arm, wincing, shaking his head. As he returns to his fire, he sighs, "In God's land, you can repent. On Thurgood's Highway, you can only pay or run." He settles back down, and digs some beans out of that old can. "Wish someone else lived here..."