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Alice Roswell, 2077

In the background music was playing as a young man played Air Guitar in his mom's basement.

David Golashes had always wanted to be a Rock Star, like the King or The Bowie but he was too busy rocking out and doing daytripper. Up above his mom screamed at him, "DAVID! Did you take out the fucking trash?"

David ignored his mother.

Moments later his mother screamed, "DAVID! Get up here and look what's on the news!"

David continued to ignore his mother and rock out to his jam session.

As David rocked out, the world burned in a nuclear fire.

Over 200 years later in 2282. Today

The group of you were presently moving through the ruins of Roswell towards an old radio station in the center of the city.

The sentry-bot O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat had went ahead of the group clearing a path of ghouls to make the journey less tedious.

If you were here it's because you heard of Alice's Epic Quest to stop Pirate Radio Roswell and Retrieve Her Lost Walking Stick. That was literally what she had DJ Wild Bill announce it as. She wasn't even offering pay, she just wanted help.

The same music David had been listening to over two hundred years ago was playing on Alice's pip-boy, being tuned in from a Radio Station in ROSWELL. There were no Radio Stations in Roswell and every so often a hoarse voice could be heard singing along to it, coming from the source; every so often a metal swooshing sound could be heard.

In the distance you could see a large building with a radio antenna up top, the robot and dog waiting outside of the entrance.
Iris Lark Iris walks along with Alice, her hood on her head and her eyes on her Pip-Boy. She keeps glancing around, wary of this part of the Wasteland, especially after their encounter a little bit ago. Maybe that's why she keeps looking up into the sky? She points at O.V.E.R. 9000 and chirps. "I think Deathbot and Vaultmeat found what we're looking for."
Manuelito The Navajo of the group was here simply as an extra hand. As the Captain of the Militia it was his solemn duty to assist those within El Dorado and the outlining settlements with issues and problems; Alice was included in this.

He joined the group and headed out to Rosewell with them in a quietness; his eyes always scanning, always watching out for something. He spoke no words as they walked. The wounds from the gecko attack a few days back were healing, though still sore.

As the approached Roswell and entered the ruins, he withdrew his trusty pistol and held it at his side, eyes scanning slowly for trouble as the made way to the radio station.
Tobias Tobias is somewhere near the center of the group, he's a filthy man with a huge steel frame pack on his back that lends an obvious stoop of his posture. Restless, eccentric, Tobias fiddles with the three straps that bisect his chest an keep his pack securely in place. On his hip is a Sweet Pistol.

A pair of goggles are pulled down as they go and smudges some filth from the lenses so he can see, squinting through the colored glass with a huff, "Ya hear that?" It's probably asked of Stockton, as that is who Tobias gravitates to the most in an obnoxious squirrely manner he lingers around him. Dashing off a few paces but always doubling back to linger near his much larger friend.
Decius Decius has honestly no idea why he joined aside from boredom as he trudges behind the group through Roswell. At least he managed to convince himself that it is going to be 'interesting' so he fortunately isn't complaining... too loud. "Got to say, I wonder how long it will take until we run into trouble."
Ashur Between the lack of pay and the absurdity of the mission, it might strike one as unlikely that Ashur would come-- but oh, how right they'd be! It's incredibly unlikely; wrapped in a tattered Legion cloak, bandages around his forearms and knuckles, in his patchwork football armor, he seems to have no association whatsoever with anyone involved and no loyalties being compelled to bring him here.

Really, he just wanted an excuse to check out Roswell, and an armed group with numbers on its side was the smarter choice than gunning it solo. Bravery and foolhardiness are not the same thing.

The giant of a man is otherwise silent, marching along with the crunch-crunch of the world beneath his boots.
Ironface Jones Up front amongst the party heading towards the old radio station, Ironface keeps his eyes peeled for trouble and his slugger in his hand, looking the part of mostly savage tribal. Of course, he's not actually that savage. Generally, he's a pretty nice guy. Ready and willing to help out on random adventures with the people that are quickly becoming his friends.

As they near the building and he eyes it for a few seconds and then pulls out his Pip-Boy 2000 to check the same radio frequency as Alice, not so much doubting her work as making sure he knows how to use the thing. "The animals you are master of are good at finding the things, Alice. They have much value." And then the Pip-Boy goes back to his belt where he keeps it.

With a glance over at Decius Ironface Jones says, "It will be soon, I think. There are many more feral ghouls in this place."
Molly Brown Molly Brown is going to be hanging back the team did need a medic she could attempt to provide but Molly is not moving as rapidly as she normally does however. She shouldn't be up and about really but she did make a promise. Shge is however hanging back and souly intending to act as medical support. "Look I may need to hang back.... at this rate."
Stockton Stockton stalks along with the group with that feral bend to his features, he's the burly wall of muscle in between the greater world and Tobias. Even if the gearhead dances back and forth, too and fro. He glowers a little after Tobi and he shakes his head, "What'm I listenin' fer?" he asks with a much more cautious eye on the horizons. Last time he came to Roswell, the ghouls were plentiful. Heavy boots crunch along the ground, but as they get closer, his steps grow quieter. That silence is broken as he racks the slide of his handcannon before holstering and swapping to his second pistol and cocking it as well. The Merc adjusts his armored chest piece and he just clucks his tongue at Molly, "Stay'n the middle. Hangin' back gets yah picked off by flankers."

He slows his gait as they come up on the radio antenna'd home. A low whistle leaves his lips and he uses the barrel of his gun to lift the front of his wide-brimmed hat, "Well now lookee 'ere. Bets on booby traps?"
Alice As the last song ends, a new one begins to play:

Alice nodded to Iris, "Looks like it. I'm pretty sure the Katana smells like noodles, so I asked Vaultmeat to go find some of Hanzhou's noodles. He's a pretty smart boy." Then she grinned at Ironface as she stepped closer to the radio station, peeking her head inside, "Yeah, I figured it would save us some time since they both like to fight baddies!"

"*BZT*" O.V.E.R. 9000 issued forth annoyed as he could not enter the building. Vaultmeat however ran right in when everyone caught up and begin sniffing around the floor to find the smell of noodles!

Adjusting her glasses she began to look around the room which was not very large. In fact the stairs leading to the upper portion of the building were caved in and there didn't appear to be anywhere to go! It was just one big open room long since looted and lost to time.

"Well, this is dumb. Way to go Vaultmeat, you didn't even bring us to the right place!" Alice sighed at the massive puppy who sat down on the ground and began to whimper as he covered his eyes with his paws!
Iris Lark Iris spots something shiny and she steps forward and kneels down, reaching out but not touching it. "Alice, I found a wire." She says, glancing back at her friend. She points out the thick wire leading from some caved in stairs. "It looks like it leads to somewhere in the ground, but that seems weird, doesn't it?" A bit more careful now she extends her leg and pokes at the wire with the toe of her slippers. "
Manuelito As the tracker of the group, he heads in first and pauses. His hand goes up into a fist, a signal for pause while the other hand touches the ground. "Tracks. Ghouls. They head inside.. and disappear." The Navajo said simply as he looks back to the group.
Ashur "That explains the snacks," Ashur remarks after Manuelito, crushing the red cardboard of an empty Dandy Boy Apples' box beneath his heel. "Someone's living here."
He rolls his shoulders, cracks his neck, and gives his braids a toss as he straightens his spine. If there's ghouls, that usually means there's going to be a fight.. after all, those hideous, wretched things tend to be more trouble than they're worth.
Stockton Stockton spots the same thing Iris caugh and just grins, "Booby trap or underground hideout. Either way, they probably know we're here," he pauses and smirks, "unless they're deaf." He remembers the Legionaire, the Navajo gent. He sticks closer to the non-coms, Tobias in particular. When there's fidgeting or too much dancing, he does growl at the gearhead, "Settle down, er better yet, figure out what that wire's for or does," he points it out to his friend and gives him a 'friendly' shove towards it.
Molly Brown Molly Brown isn't doing so well on fiding anthing today but the mention o the ghouls leaves molly paling she had given her world to help but this was a bad idea the more nad more she thought about it for her. She stops moving not wanting to end up setting off a land mine or something akind to that. " 9000 ready to go? We're going to need them... we might want ot put them on point too."
Ironface Jones Not finding anything out of the ordinary for a ghoul infested building, Ironface stays pretty quiet, moving to continue checking things out to prevent anything from sneaking up on the party. Looking towards Molly he says, "I am glad you are here. Try to stay near me if there is combat. I am large and can fight more things than you can."
Tobias Tobias has his head in the clouds, he's looking up more than he's looking at the tracks but he does nod to the stuff Manuelito points out and he keeps near Stockton as they head into the place. When wires are pointed out the gearhead trundles over and cranes his neck to see where Iris was pointing. "Looks like the sort of wires you run from a radio.." He glances around for an attenae. "There's probably a transmitter around here.."
Decius Decius meanwhile just stares at the wires and follows those with his eyes, kneeling down at the spot they stop as he spots something and uncovers... a trapdoor. "Definitely underground hideout. There is a trapdoor here." He quickly points with his spear towards it. "So, who is up for a trip into the underground?"
Alice The group finds the heavy wire which leads into the floor and is in fact a trap-door. The moment it is opened Vaultmeat takes off down the narrow set of stairs leading down into the bowels of the radio station and beneath Roswell.

O.V.E.R. 9000 is going to need to be left behind and when Vaultmeat runs off? So does Alice, screaming, "Vaultmeat! Slow down!" Leaving little choice but to follow her as she runs after the dog.

The stairs leading down are narrow and rickety, the basement itself small and musty with a dank odour permeating throughout it. The only thing of note is a massive hole in the wall which leads into the unknown.

It's pitch black and Alice can be heard screaming, "Vaultmeaaaaat!" As she continues to run. The wire? It also leads the same way, running quite the distance.
Alice For those of you with Pip-Boys tuned in, a new song begins to play:
Manuelito Whelp, there went Alice. The Navajo sighs as he stood up and took off after her. No words were spoken as he chases after Alice and subsequently the dog Vaultmeat. That is until he finds himself in darkness. A pause is given at the bottom of the steps to allow his eyes to adjust, or for someone to be his beacon.
Iris Lark Iris opens her mouth to call for Alice but by the time she can even put thought to action, Alice is long gone. She glances around at the assembled group and pushes a fair number of buttons on her Pip-Boy which makes it light up. The woman is clumsy, and she's well aware of that so she doesn't exactly hurry down the stairs, knowing that when she gets to the bottom she can run after Alice. She holds up her wrist as she descends and calls out behind her. "I don't see any threats down the tunnel, but it's rather long!"
Molly Brown Molly Brown hears the song that starts to play after Vaultmeat runs off, she hits record on it as she goes. She also turns on her flashlight form her pipboy as she goes she's keeping to the back of the pack though. It's clear Molly is far less bold today than she normally is...
Ironface Jones Alice's headlong rush into the darkness is usually the sort of thing that Ironface doesn't hesitate to emulate, seeing as how the smaller person may soon be in a mess of trouble without her pet robot. This time, however, the rest of his party seems to be taking their time and he forces himself to keep pace with them, allowing those with flashlights on their Pip-Boys to light the way for him.
Tobias Tobias doesn't have a light either, "Someone keep a light on this wire, I wanna see where it runs.." He tries to remain near the outer edge of light emitted by those with pip-boys. The dark doesn't seem to bother him a he skirts the eges of it without concern.
Stockton Stockton isn't leading anywhere, but he is bringing up the rear incase of ambush. The Merc knows better than to leave the rear unguarded and since everyone's taking off after Alice, the dog and the source of the wire, he's taking it upon himself. Heavy boots make not quite enough noise as he stalks behind them. Those pistols are still drawn, at the ready to fire between them or at their aft.
Decius Decius can't see anything down there, especially since he doesn't even have any kind of flashlight and the occasional crackle of electricity on his spear couldn't even compare to a match so he is stuck slowly following along the rest, especially those who actually have some light. "Damn, this is dark. Someone remind me to get myself one of those fancy Pip-Boys someday."
Ashur Ashur shakes his head as the girl runs off by herself. "We push forward," he beckons the group, moving out ahead and stalking out into the darkness. It's that or turn around, and where's the fun in retreat?
Stockton Stockton cheerily reminds Decius, "Git yerself a Pip-Boy like erry body else."
Alice The trip doesn't take too long and as you move down the tunnel you begin to hear the sounds of music along with the music from the pip-boy, meaning you were definitely in the right place. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel you find yourself in a large cavernous room that has been styled like a concert hall.

Dozens of Feral Ghouls are crouched on the ground bobbing their heads up and down like they were at a rock concert as a glowing ghoul in a pastel suit with pasty makeup and neon orange hair played the air guitar using an ornate looking Katana.

Vaultmeat and Alice are in a cage not far away (Damn had they accomplished that fast) and in a locked up metal cage not far away is a man who looks very shaggy with a beard down to his stomach working the radio equipment; clearly a prisoner.

As the song finishes the ghoul drops to his knees in epic climax of the song before announcing in a hoarse voice to the other ferals (which seemed to listen to him but probably had no clue what they were doing, their minds so rotted).

"My loyal subjects. My adoring fans. These wayward newbs of ROCK have come to take my axe and my bride away from me. Watch as I engage them in the most epic of rock-offs!" David Ghoulie bellowed in a hoarse voice, the feral ghouls cheering in raspy growls for the man out of subhuman instinct.

Pointing the katana at the group he says, "I challenge you all to a rock-off!" The ghouls look towards the adventurers, "If you win, I will respect you all as the true lords of Rock. You have no choice! Muahahahahahahahahahahahah!"

Unless you attacked or stopped him? David Ghoulie began his act up on his make-shift stage, the ferals not attacking you while it went on.

When the song is over: he calls you all up, "Your turn!"

Alice waved to the group from her cage, "Hey Guys.."

Ghoulie also pointed to a box of what looked to be costumes and clothing, "Put those on, can't have a rock-off without doing it in style, right?"

Not far away you see a Deathclaw eating the remains of a large animal, a collar around its neck.
Manuelito Manny looks to the crowd, brow raising. As the Ghoul King talks to them, his eyes look to each member. "What... Is a rock-off?" He asks questioningly, pistol still not being lowered.
Alice Ghoulie looks annoyed at the question and the Ferals seem to mimic his annoyance, "It's a rock off. Put on a costume and choose an instrument. Then you rock out to the song. What are you a newb? Nevermind. Newb." He bobs his head back and forth pretending to play the katana like a guitar. Maybe it was a clue as to how you choose an instrument!
Ashur "What is this degeneracy?" Ashur sputters as he winds his way into the cavernous concert hall, looking across the rows of ghouls bobbing their heads in brain-rotted sycophancy. There's a fire in his eyes as it passes from weeping sore to weeping sore to domesticated deathclaw-- the least queer sight in the entire area, as at least he can understand the breaking in of a hound, and a deathclaw is close enough. "That is not an instrument. That is a sword."
Molly Brown Molly Brown looks at the FErals they are ... under control. They are not attacking? Music seems to have power over themand she doens't wish to start a fight she takes a dee breath. She is kinda of cute hough and she tilts her head. "Two bands compeat I thin and see whose the better group of musicans. If you want to rock out I can rock but do you know the power of the one called the King? The Lord and Saviour of all Rock?"
Alice "Ah The King. The Mortal enemy of the true lord of Rock, the one and the only Bowie. Yes, I know The King." David Ghoulie replied to Molly in his hoarse voice, "You shall have The King for your performance. It will be the most epic of rock outs ever."
Tobias Tobias holster his pistol and takes out two wrenches as he starts to play the air drums. He doesn't /say/ anything... which is probably for the best but he does shoot a lop-sided crooked yellow tooth grin to Stockton. The bemused gearhead waggles his brows at the bigger man, 'Rock-off?' he mouths with a silent snicker.
Ironface Jones This was a surprisingly development. Generally things just attacked him and he killed them, but now Ironface Jones was at a loss for what to do. Looking around at the other humans with a frown on his face he tries to make a decision. Waving back to Alice he says, "Greetings." With a big sigh after he hears the Ghoul's description of a rock off Jones heads towards the box of costuming. Glancing at the target rich environment and clearly contemplating just smashing the ghouls and deathclaw, he shakes his head and mutters to himself, "All life is precious."
Decius Decius meanwhile is just completely and utterly confused as he just stares at the madness, likely thinking something about degenerates, lack of crosses and how this is a complete and utter mess.
Iris Lark Iris joins Ironface at the box of costumes, a slight frown on her face. She knows she can't play an instrument but she does make music with her Pip-Boy by pushing buttons, so she can participate. She finds something made of sequins and pulls it over her dress. She puts a headpiece on her head and joins some other people on stage, a nervous look on her face.
Stockton Stockton is quietly wondering how he managed to end up with not one, but two Legionairres while the man on the stage promptly challenges them to a Rock-Off. 'The actual fuck?' his head tilt seems to say as he looks down at his hands, those guns could probably take several ghouls and really fuck up that Deathclaw's day. But then there's that fierce streak of competetiveness. An opportunity to meet a worthy opponent on the field of battle and slay them. Figuratively. The tribal and vaguely feral man starts to smile as he starts to pace. The guns are holstered - not that the action makes them less dangerous - and he starts to peel off his coat. Looking like a savage even as he strips down to shirtless, leaving tattooed muscle exposed. This man, doesn't play an instrument, he is the instrument. Like a caged animal, back and forth, he waits.
Ashur Ashur stares and watches as various members of the group go along with the mandates of the insane David Bowieaboo. "We are surrounded by enemies and the Dissolute play with their madness," he despairs, shaking his head. He does not fear death.. but he is one man, and suiciding his way into a host of ghouls and an ultra-beast would not accomplish any of his goals.

He steps up to the costume box and stares down at it with a great reluctance.
Tobias The wrench in Tobias' left lolls over the back of his knuckles in a deft motion and with a flick swift turn of his wrist he catches it in his palm again. He hops from one foot the other in an idle hyperactive manner as he waits for his turn at the box but ultimately he is paitent. He doesn't push anyone and when he finally get his chance he shuffles both his wrenches into one hand so he can paw through the costumes.

Without rhyme, color scheme or apparent reason Tobi selects several pieces and just drapes them on himself. A SPARKLY shawl full of holes is tossed over the huge pack on his back with a flourish. He also selects a single silver star shaped clip on earring and a boa with exactly 17 neon pink feathers left in it.
Alice David Ghoulie gives everyone a chance to prepare themselves, giving them the stage as he gets down in the 'crowd' with the feral ghouls; radiation emitting from his body and feeding them as he cries out, "LET THE ROCK OFF BEGIN!"

He snaps his fingers and signals the shaggy radio operator and 'Jailhouse Rock' by Elvis Presley begins to play:

It was up to you all to rock your asses off!

+roll performance & +roll appropriate weapon skill if wielding a weapon as an instrument.
Ironface Jones Nothing fits him. It's a curse that Ironface has to deal with on a regular basis. Still, with random assortments of shiny things hanging off of his body, like pants tied around his torso as a sash, he makes for the stage. If a katana can be an instrument then so can his slugger. Only he'll need to be more careful on account of the barbed wire covering it. Once on the stage he braces himself, looking to his allies to see what they do when the music starts. Soon, he begins to get the hang of it...
Manuelito Manny does not partake, rather stands back as the rest of the group begins the rock off. His eyes were on the Ghoulie, pistol in hand as he waits.
Alice David Ghoulie lets out a loud cheer for Ironface, "Yeah! That's the stuff!"
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "I can get down with this Daddyo." Hey she can, this is better than burning up ammo and getting /shot/ clawed, or set on fire. She was down for the challenge. "When in rome right? I read that in a book." She's eager to do this, she knows its insanity but if a rock off will settle the problem without /violence/ she'll take it.
Tobias Tobias play the drums! Er, wrenches... he's standing there with them hanging at his side as he waits for some direction with a dumb grin on his face. When someone snaps at him to play he'll start bashing the air with a steady beat but in the end he has to repeatedly glance to others to make sure he's doing this properly... he's never played the wrenches before, not like this anyway..
Ashur A bit of rummaging through the costumes has resulted in Ashur finding and discarding an awful lot of things too small for him-- none of it fits right given his enormous size. With a growing frustration, he finally ties three smaller costumes together: a pair of hot pink pants, a glittering rhinestone-encrusted open-faced vest, and a feathery shawl. He knots their ends together and loops it around his neck until it falls and blends with his tattered cloak, making him jingle and a-jangle when he moves, all glittery and textured.

He clambers onto the stage, wildly adorned. Between the football padding, the tribal decorations, and the costumes, he looks like an eclectic musical mesh.. and then the tunes start playing. He is not a performer.. but he understands the purpose of rhythm and melody to help coordinate a march, and with his heavy fists, he can serve as an effective pugilistic walking bassline.

Please, let no one he knows ever see this.
Decius Decius himself meanwhile has absolutely no idea what he is doing as he just plays along, although he is currently torn between being annoyed at the utterly bizarre situation and Browns usage of some idiom refering to Rome. At this point he regrest having gotten up in the morning.
Stockton Stockton would snicker if he was paying much attention to Molly. The two stuffy Legion guys would also earn amusement. Instead, the wild one does what he knows best. The war-dance. A series of grunts and growls, some syllables that sound like words, he matches the rhythm set forth as he stomps and chops, gesturing to the sky and then at Ghoulie himself with menacing motions of cutting throats, tearing out tongues. He will end it all with his tongue lolling out as he keeps a straining pose that shows his strength.
Iris Lark Iris yelps at the ruckus overhead and hops down from the stage, looking for a place to hide. She runs towards the cage that Alice is being held in, trying to figure out a way to get her free. She glances over her shoulder and frowns, trying to get the attention of someone to help her out.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is getting up front and singing with the music she's doing suprisingly well enough and she knows she's singing along and doing her dmanest to keep up with the song. She also damn well knows how to move her hips like the King did.
Tobias When Tobias spots Iris motioning for help with the cage he moves to scurry off the stage and runs to her side, tucking the wrenches back into his toolbelt as he eyes the locks and dips a back into one of the flaps on his bag. The little jog over here past all those staring dead things just earns another peel of nervous laughter from the scavvy.
Alice David Ghoulie is howling and cheering like a mad-man as he watches the group Rock Out to The King and so do the feral ghouls that look to him as some kind of pack leader, one of the Feral Ghouls even appears to be singing along even if the words are jumbled and all wrong.

Even as you rock out on stage, you realize that these 'feral ghouls' may not be in fact as feral as they seem.

The reactions to your performance, the way they follow your movements? Many of them have some semblance of humanity remaining.

It wasn't David Ghoulie that prevented them from attacking you, it was because they had chosen not to.

When the song ends, David Ghoulie begins clapping insanely, "Holy Shitballs! That was amazing, you dudes, are like the best! The Bowie is still the King of Rock but you are all definitely not newbs. I think we all agree, you win!"

Ghoulie walks over to the cage and lets Alice out and hands her the katana before explaining, "I was just kidding about the whole bride thing. I just wanted to see a real live rock concert again, you know? People just shoot at us when they see us."

Motioning towards the rock outfits everyone had taken he says, "You can all keep those, you totally earned them. By the way!" He seemed excited, "You should all come back and visit sometime soon for another Rock Off it was great!" It seemed like you were all just being let go! No bloodshed at all.
Ironface Jones That made things very easy. Ironface looks around, then down at his 'rock outfit' and then at the not so feral ghouls. His lips press tightly together in thought for a second before he lets out a 'huh' and starts moving back in the direction they came from, though he hangs back to make sure that he's the last person out. "That was very strange, but I think also it would have been fun if I did not think I was about to be in a fight." His eyes fix on Ghoulie for a moment, "I will try to return to experience more of the rock off. It is good to learn of your ancient culture."
Manuelito Lowering the pistol back in his holster, the Navajo's brows furrow as his head nods. It would appear the situation was dealt with, and for once without bloodshed; a win for everyone he muses to himself.
Iris Lark Iris flings her arms around Alice and hugs her. "You gotta stop running off like that, you're gonna end up getting hurt or worse!" She chides, shaking her head.
Tobias Once Alice is released from the cage Tobias goes back over to the rock box and paws around for something nice... maybe a leather jacket. The scrapper leans his entire torso deep into the box as he digs for the good stuff. He was determined to get whatever he could before the rest of the group starts to leak out of the oogy building and back into Roswell.
Alice Alice returned the hug, looking more amused than anything at what she had just seen and being the good Vault Dweller that she was? She was also going to grab some sweet stuff to wear on her Vaultsuit, "It's ok, you'll patch me up! By the way, I fell and cut my hand again!"

As everyone begins to walk away David Ghoulie signals the guy in the cage (which is not even locked) to begin playing more music and he steps back up on stage announcing, "Welcome back to Radio Roswell! This is David Ghoulie, get ready to rock!"
Iris Lark Iris stares at Alice and then frowns a bit. "You'll come back to the clinic with me?" She asks, tucking some things away and hitching her rucksack up on her shoulder.
Alice "Sure, but first I need to get back home and get to work. I'm going to be like two hours late for my shift." Alice replied to Iris with a grin. Seriously, who did that!