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Valerie Light.

Harsh, blinding white light.

Muffled sounds. White walls. The world is fuzzy, out of focus, but getting sharper. Someone is moving, someone in a white lab coat, with a curvy, hourglass silhouette against the brilliance. Leaning forward, an unfamiliar face leans into view, with two red bangs hanging on either side of black-framed glasses. Her blue eyes are wide, and she looks into Jack's eyes as though she weren't expecting him to be looking back. "Hmm."

Turning away, the woman walks with a slow, lazy sway of her hips against the lab coat, making it flare away and swing with the tapping of her heels. A very pristine lab coat. A very clean work area. ...Wasn't Jack *just* fighting the Enclave? Before...something happened.

The lady doctor bends down to look through a low bookshelf of instruments, frowing to herself as the coat creases along her curves. "Lets see...Subject 01 should be waking up soon. I might need to find some retraints." She tilts her head and looks througha tray of tools. "Or maybe just another sedative."
Jackson Jack's world was a hazy mirage. He rose from the blackness into blinding light-- the light of the gods burning into his retinas. He wasn't exactly content with the fact that he had to meet his maker. He'd done some questionable things, like all did, and was fairly sure that it'd be an awkard exchange. For the most part, the pain wasn't there. He felt a pleasant warmth tingling through his body, though it was masked by the ever-present exhaustion that seemed to cling to his body as of late. Even in death, he couldn't seem to escape it. He was just tired, and he wanted to rest. What was formerly clean, well-maintained blond strands of hair were now coated with a fine layer of grime, dust, and his own blood. He had scratches, scrapes, and bruises all over, and was fairly sure that all of his bones weren't in the right place. All that withstanding, he had no idea he was still alive. For all he knew, he was waiting in line to speak with St. Peter himself. But as the blinding light gradually cleared away, it revealed what Jackson thought was a woman's physique. Curvy, crimson-haired, and with porcelain skin, she was what most men would've considered a catch. It was really unfortunate that he had literally no idea where he was, how he got there, or what he was doing. All he remembered was...
The enclave. Everything. The bomb, the explosion, and the pain that followed. Echoes of that discomfort still clung on to his nerves, but for now, he remained as motionless as he could, emerald eyes fluttering open to gaze into blue irises framed by black glasses. As their eyes met, she spoke calmly to herself, turning to dig through her tools with a lazy sway of her proportioned hips. After giving himself a minute to gather his thoughts, Jack spoke up in a cracking, ragged tone of voice. "Either you're a god damn angel... Or a god damn succubus. Either or... Just be gentle. I just fell out of an exploding building and i'm a little confused."
Valerie "Oh!" Flinching a bit at the sudden voice, the woman in the labcoat glances back, her hips tilting aside as she slowly rises upright. "Correction: Subject 01 is awake now. Well." Turning about to wander over with that same lazy sway, she glances down at him with a light, neutral frown. "And neither, I'm afraid. Just a doctor." Turning slightly, she looks down at him, sidelong, with arms folding under her chest, "You were in surgery for four hours. You've been asleep for six."

Her eyebrows lifting, she leans her head aside slightly, "...Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened after the Battle at Alburquerque?" The unfamiliar 'doctor's hips tilt aside as she waits for an answer, not that far from the table. On top of the bookshelf, far across the room, a laser pistol sits next to a military-grade medical satchel.
Jackson This one... Was definitely a little bit... Different. Though he was mildly uncomfortable with the ease in which this woman referred to him as Subject 01, he made the easy choice not to dwell on it. His entire body was quickly descending into one progressive aching, fiery mass of pain, and his face wrinkled in discomfort as the waves of throbbing pain started to crest. In the wake of her questions, the deputy took a brief instant to consider his response whilst tentatively attempting to push himself into an upright position. It hurt-- that was for damn sure-- but it was possible, at the very least. As he slowly rose, his body tensed in evident agony, but Jack bit down onto his bottom lip harshly, swallowing the pain, and used the handrails on his bed to push himself forcefully into a sitting position. After achieving his goal, he allowed himself to lean backward onto the bed's frame, uncomfortable, surely, but now facing his doctor eye-to-eye. The weary young man cleared his throat, and spoke to the woman more clearly.
"Well.. In that case.. No, I have absolutely no idea where the hell I am. Nor do I have any idea if that op was even remotely successful. All I know is that I managed to strafe through the lasers long enough to plant a bomb in the control tower and jump out of a window fast enough to not be completely incinerated. After that.. Well, I took a cinderblock to the gnads, broke all of my ribs on the ground. You know. The usual stuff. Then I took a lovely stroll down El Dorado Main, had a coffee, won the Jackpot in Silver Dollar, became the Sheriff.. And then I woke up." The distinct aura of sarcasm dripped from every last word as Jackson spoke, and as he did so, he rolled his shoulders uncomfortably, his eyes distant and clearly focused on the memories of his fall. "Four hours worth of surgery, huh? I really do hope they put it all back in."
Valerie Looking alarmed at the movement, the doctor turns abruptly to face Jack, frowning, "Definitely should have used restraints..." But once he's upright, she continues to frown, hands on her hips and causing her coat to flare a bit out from her legs. Under the too-clean lab coat, she's wearing a stretchy pencil skirt, a gray blouse, and some black pumps.

She listens to the entire story until a certain part, where her eyebrows lift in alarm. "A your nads?" She suddenly shakes her head in alarm, chest rocking a bit. Her eyes wide, she asks, "Your /gonads/?" She looks down at his pants in dismay, "...I treated you for broken ribs, lacerations, a concussion, and a few damaged organs...but not that one." She frowns, thinking about that as she suddenly comes back to his final comment, "Oh, most of it."

She sounds serious about that. After a moment, she adds, "Oh, and my name is Valerie. Pleased to meet you, Wastelander."
Jackson Though pained, a bit of a smirk worked it's way onto Jack's face as Valerie responded. She was definitely an interesting one, that was for sure. He didn't have much of an impression just yet, but from the short interaction he'd had with her thus far, it was readily apparent that Valerie was.. A bit of a creature of habit. Intellectual, surely, given that she was, at the very least, referring to herself as a doctor. What was really unusual about her was her clothing. Even for a doctor, everything seemed just.. Too clean. Either her clothes were brand new, or she wasn't exactly the most experienced doctor in the hospital. The fact she'd referred to him as Subject 01 didn't exactly make a great case for her, but it was no matter.
Either way, Jack didn't really pay much mind to it. He was just happy that there was someone here to give him the run down of what happened, what needed to happen, and what was going on. After she introduced herself, he gave her the same courtesy. He offered her a hand to shake, but he got the feeling it'd remain in the open air for a long while before he just lowered it back to his side. "Jackson Parkes, deputy at small. Pleased to make your acquaintance Ms. Valerie. Shame it isn't under... Better.. Circumstances." As he finished, he gestured down toward his body, that same tilted smirk present on his pained visage. It might've been the tranquilizers, but the deputy was feeling particularly lively now that he was awake. Valerie came off as so stuffy and orderly-- it'd do her well to have someone bring her down a little bit closer to reality. So, with that smirk still plastered on his face, the quips began to flow.
"And, in regard to the gonads.. I mean, you can feel free to do a physical examination. But you're definitely gonna want the restraints. I don't bite, but having a redhead chain me down to the bed will definitely make me feel a little bit more... comfortable." He paused for a moment, maintaining a serious enough facial expression, then allowed his smirk to return, a fit of giggles exploding through his chest soon afterward. The pain was immense-- it drove him directly back down into a prone position on the mattress, and he felt liquid fire coursing through every vein in his chest. But it would definitely be worth it to get a bit of a rise out of her. With that said and done, and the giggles subsiding, He spoke once further. "...Anywho, where the hell even am I? El Dorado? As you stated... Concussion. Things are a little.. Woozy."
Valerie Valerie just gives him a *look*, eyelids half-lowered and her lips in an unamused line when he says 'physical examination' and she rolls her eyes silently at the bit about being restrained by a redhead. "Considering the fact that you sat up under your own power...I suspect your testicles are just fine, Deputy Parkes." Shaking her head with another roll of her eyes, Val starts to wander away, "You are in El Dorado--you were pulled to safety by your fellows and they brought you directly to me. Oh--" She glances over her shoulder back at him. "And, by the way, considering your chest was neary caved in, laughing is probably not the greatest idea right now." She leans down and starts to rummage through that same low shelf she was looking through, "You don't need any more Med-X, but you might want to take a single stimpak every day for three days. Optional, but it will speed the healing."
Jackson He didn't expect for the joke to have any real impact. It was a lame, half-assed attempt at making himself feel better after being demolished by an explosion. Regardless, he did his best to hold his head high. He might've been caught in a compromising position, but he was all the better for it. Valerie was an ice queen. The prodominant example of the condescending intellectual. Jack was no stranger to these types. Every chem dealer in Shantytown thought they were hot shit until Jackson taught them a thing or two about diplomacy. Though he was endlessly thankful for the medical intervention, the deputy had very little patience for intreverts. Granted, his joke was in particularly poor taste-- but the woman had been anything but hospitable, so he figured she deserved a taste of her own medicine. He adopted the best impression of her tone that he could manage, fixed his emeralds defiantly on her glass-framed blues, and this time, his tone was absent of it's joviality.
"Considering how friendly you've been in the few moments i've been conscious, I'd say your charming personality is all I'd need. By the sound of things, a physical examination would do you some good, lady. Regardless..." He trailed off for a moment, adjusting his hair slightly, then forcing himself back into a sitting position. "Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful and everything. But.. Maybe loosen up a little bit. You're talking to me like i'm holding that pistol to your head." At that, he gestured his head toward the laser pistol she'd displayed in the room. "Though I will say. In all seriousness, I could give a shit less how you deal with people. I just call them as I see them."
Valerie Valerie hmms as she rises, holding something small and colorful in her hand. Wandering back over, she peels a white backing off it and applies a bandaid with pink hearts to a small cut over Jack's left eye. "Would you really prefer a jovial butcher..." She glances down at him as she applies the bandaid, "...Or a professional surgeon?"

Stepping back, she nods. "There, that should do it. You are free to go, Small Deputy Parkes. Do try to avoid another visit for the near future, would you?" She wags a finger, "You only have so many parts to lose."