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Owner Pose
Vera Vera makes her way into the clinic, looking around. Usually when she comes here, there tends to be some kind of a rush...but today it seems quite calm
Valerie Sitting at a desk in the Medical Center is someone new. Wearing a too-white lab coat, she has red-brown hair pulled into a bun, black-gramed glasses, and is reading and old, half-burned medical text book. Looking up as the door opens, she lifts her eyebrows and slowly lowers the book. "Hello... Are you injured?" Tilting her head a bit, she looks the woman over for rapidly spreading bullet wounds or lacerations.
Vera Vera hmmms, "Well, I'd have to say yes...its been kind busy out on patrol lately...crazy refugees...runs ins with the enclave....Nothing deadly...but still a little more then I can deal with." As se makes her way over closer.
Valerie Valerie rises with a nod, "Well, all right. Let's have a look at you, then." Pulling a medical satchel out from under the desk, she sets it on top and opens it up. "Anything specific that comes to mind? Strained muscles, old wounds, recurring headaches? Nausea?" She goes through a short list of common ailments--injury, disease, and radiation related.
Vera Vera says, "Oh, well those refugees didn't stand a chance..but they did try to use whatever they lots of abrasions on some bruisng...still sting a bit, some swelling, that sort of thing."
Valerie Valerie hmms thoughtfully, "Really, if that's all, I'd recommend a topical cream. Radscorpion venom diluted in brahmin milk, then creamed will stimulate healing..." She starts to walk off but adds quickly over her shoulder, "But not more than once a day, or you might start to sicken. Also, don't apply it to any open wounds."
Valerie Valerie is walking toward a group of shelves with various jars, that is. She isn't just walking out!
Vera Vera nods, "Seems simple enough. As long as it gets the stiffness out...thats the main thing...can't move like I should."
Valerie Valerie smirks as she hands over a glass jar, "There you go. Take that once a day for three days. You should use up the whole jar. Remember, no open wounds. And be more careful out there, would you?"
Vera Vera nods, "Occupational hazard unfortunatly...gotta keep the public safe. So from time to time, It happens."