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Bart Bart doesn't like coming to Shantytown, it's dirty, filthy actually. But there is one respite from the dirt and bohos running around in the slums: The Clinic. He is wearing his fine dandy suit underneath that lab coat. Looking for all the world like an old timey doctor. He breaths in a bit at the state of the place before going about making an examination room his for the afternoon. He needed to get out more, or so his brother kept telling him. "The things I do," he sighs aloud.
Valerie "...Hello?"

Spoken from a different examination room when the old-timey doctor sighs aloud, the clacking of heels across the cracked tiles of the Medical Clinic arrives in advance of a woman in a too-white lab coat. Her red hair is pulled back into a bun, and two long bangs frame black-rimmed glasses. A light frown on her face as she emerges, the curvy young woman looks Bart over once as though appraising a schematic. "...Can I help you, Wastelander?"
Jackson It'd been another one of those days for Jackson. He couldn't seem to make anything work his way in the past few days-- an explosion and a fourty foot drop, and now a rampaging gaggle of ghouls biting and tearing at his flesh? It was certainly nothing to write home about. He stumbled into the clinic with bites and scrapes a'plenty coating his arms and legs, and quickly did his best to look around for a doctor. It didn't take long. Within moments, he found himself approaching a man whom he hadn't had the courtesy to meet. As he approached, he noticed his doctor from before, and with a soft sigh, he did his best to address Bart with his issues at hand. "Howdy there... I seem to have.. Uh.. Well, been ferociously beaten by a bunch of feral ghouls. I'm not really good at this.. Smalltalk with doctors kind of thing. So uh.. Could ya' kindly take a gander at my ghoul wounds? And... Uh, if it's not too much trouble. I have a bit of a.." He trailed off for a moment, glancing over at Valerie, then clearing his throat and fixating his attention back on Bart. "A more personal injury, as well. Cinderblock to the gnads."
Bart Bart blinks quickly from behind a pair of spectacles with wire-rims. They're not as fancy as Milton's but dammit they work for emphasis as well as pushing up the bridge of his nose in a slightly nerdy moment as he has to double-take at the redhead walking out of an exam room. "Ah, didn't realize I wasn't alone. No no, I'm quite settled, thank you," he waves her questions off with a little flick of his hand and an almost charming smile. "Wastelander..madame, surely you jest. I am Bartholamew Knox, kin to the Caines, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Course there's the disruption of Prism stumbling in looking worse for wear. Eyebrows loft and he makes a gesture for the man to slide right into his office. "Miss? I um, here," he pulls out a pair of goggles with thick dark glass and offers them to the other doctor in the house. "Strip, then put this on and lie down," he offers Prism the embarassingly assless gown and then steps out of the room a moment to let the man change in privacy. Meanwhile he's looking at Valerie intently, "This is what I get for not getting out of the house more."
Valerie Valerie looks at the goggles in surprise, looking from them, to Bart, to Prism, back to Bart...and suddenly snapping her gaze back to Prism, narrowing her eyes a bit. "Oh, it's you." She doesn't sound very GLaD to see the ghoul-bitten man, but she does pull on the goggles without much complaint. "I am suddenly very curious as to why you've handed me ultra-violet shielding lenses..." she comments to Bart, glancing his way sidelong.
Jackson Ah, all business. This is the sort of doctor Jack could get used to. With a nod in the affirmative, he quickly slid into the offered room, stripping off his suit and armor hastily, then donning the assless gown with dignity. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten stuck in one in the past few days, and certainly wouldn't be the last time. After he was reasonably covered, he carefully laid down into the bed with a heavy sigh. He was in no rush by any means, however, he still wasn't looking forward to what surely would be an uncomfortable procedure. After laying down, Jack curled his fingers into a fist, and idly knocked on the wall to indicate to the doctors that he was decent. Regardless of that, he knew he'd probably be waiting for a little while. It was how these places tended to function.
Bart Bart gives Valerie his utterly clinical attention for the time being. "You know this patient?" he questions before actually managing a slight smile, "Because, my dear, we are going to heal him with particle beams in the UV spectrum." As if this was the obvious answer! His own goggles are brought down over his eyes at the knock behind him. With a soft hum he turns back around and into the examination office. If Prism wasn't worried before about discomfort he might be now; as the mad scientist and also doctor moves back inside, he's snapping on a pair of thick looking rubber gloves. He moves straight to a large metal frame that houses a piece of tech that is somewhere between an exposed car engine attached to several lenses that shrink to one lense the size of a dime. Still humming, he pulls out a small jar of an unguent and starts searching for wounds rather uncerimoniously. Lastly he hands Prism a heavy feeling blindfold, is it lined in Lead?! "Put this over your eyes, you'll feel a tingling." Not that his poking and proding ghoul bites wasn't painful enough.
Valerie Her expression mostly hidden behind the large, protective goggles, Doctor Valerie is just frowning faintly the same way she was when she arrived. Tilting her head, she waits silently, even if she seems a bit incredulous, now that she can see the apparatus. Folding her arms under her chest, she waits a few feet away.
Jackson After a few moments of patience, Jack was rewarded with his doctor's entry. It didn't take long for the man to start passively prodding his wounds with some sort of strange mixture, and after that, he seemed to devote some of his attention to an unfamiliar machine sitting nearby. It gave off the appearance of some sort of engine, but after a quick glance at it's miscellanious parts, Jack deduced that it was likely some sort of laser array, given the series of differently-sized and shaped lenses that protruded from the engine. Before he could appraise the device further, he was handed a... Relatively heavy blindfold. He tested it's weight in his hand for a moment, then sighed audibly, pulling it over his eyes and allowing the strap to pinch the back of his head. The man was certainly no stranger to pokes and prods of his miscellanious wounds, though. With every slab of ointment that was applied to his bites, the man seemed to bury his finger partway into the wound before moving on. Pain was pain though, and Prism wasn't complaining. The sooner he swallowed his pride and dealt with this, the sooner he'd be on his way."I really hope you're accurate with that thing, doc. Not exactly feeling up to laser limb removal today."
Bart Bart steps back to his position behind the engine which he flicks on. Something inside pulses a golden color and things start to move and work. Charging up something inside. The whirs and crackles mean it's working clearly, at least the Knox man isn't flinching yet. With a low thump, the air pressure in the room changes and a light slams through the lenses, shrinking until it's beome a focused beam pointed right at the first ghoul bite he can find. The unguent underneath the particles shifts, changing and altering the very chemistry of it until it looks like flesh, closing up the wound. He moves to the next, and then the others. One by one they seal closed until only bruises remain. Finally he flicks back two lenses and then aims them right at Prism's junk. The heat is probably the most uncomfortable. Constant, searing heat. The energetic sound dies suddenly and the machine whines and clicks as metal cools.
Valerie Valerie comments with entirely too much surprise, "That actually worked..." Setting her hands on her hips, she looks aside at Bart, "Interesting. How did you discover this?"
Jackson Uncomfortable was one word that could've described it. Hot was another. Overall, it was a generally uncomfortable experience for Jackson as the laser worked it's magic. The deputy closed his eyes forcefully as the golden beam made it's passes along his wounds. First heat, then discomforting pain, then.. Flesh. It was an odd device to be sure-- Jackson hadn't exactly been exposed to this type of apparatus before, though he wasn't exactly eager to be exposed to it again. When the beam reached a more.. Sensitive area... Jack's body tensed significantly. He grasped the edges of the bed so ferociously that his knuckles turned white with the exertion. In mere moments, the procedure was complete, and the young man sighed in evident relief. He was a little tender, but overall no worse for wear. When he opened his eyes and examined his body, he was happy to see that all of his limbs seemed to be in the correct positions, let alone still attached. Much in the same way the other doctor reacted, Jackson was a bit surprised. "This was.. Certainly an interesting experience." As he spoke, he leaned back up to a sitting position. "Thanks Doc, greatly appreciated. Any sort of insane side effects I should look out for? Third arms? Radiation? Dashing good looks?"
Bart Bart beams a bit with pride at his methods when the other doctor questions him. "I did, I had a theory that particle physics could be applied to the methodologies of healing," he explains, "I would love to show you my notes if you're interested, I would like to see more particles flying around rather than radiation." He hums again and moves around to remove the blindfold as he tells Prism. "Nothing too untoward, stiffness, a bit of muscle twitch as your cells grow accustomed to the new organic material in your skin. You'll live!" He claps the man on a bruised former ghoul bite and then turns towards Valerie, eyeing her a bit more focused now, "Where did you study medicine?"
Jackson Unsurprisingly, Prism was happy to hear that he wouldn't be growing any additional digits or morphing into a feral ghoul. As Bart briefly ran over the list of things he'd need to expect, Jack met the man's explanation with a nod of affirmation. When his bruise was slapped, he didn't so much as flinch-- the pain he'd experienced in the prior days was nothing compared to a slap on a bruise. With a tilted grin, the young deputy gave Bart a hardy slap on the back in return as he spoke. "You have my sincerest gratitude, Doc. I won't be fistfighting any Deathclaws any time soon, but I'm walking out of here without being high on chems. That's a plus in my book. If you ever need a favor, Deputy Jackson Parkes is your man. I owe you."
Valerie Valerie removes her goggles carefully, "Elsewhere. To the west." Brushing a hand along the side of her lab coat, she deflects with a cool reply of, "Your methods are definitely unique. Stimulating cellular regeneration with low-level particle bombardment is pre-war level technology. If you developed it yourself, I would love to see your fabrication lab." As for Prism, Val folds her arms and frowns, hourglass hips cocking aside. "And -you- need to be more careful. Ghoul bites can quickly turn septic."
Bart Bart gives Prism an affirmative nod, "You are quite welcome, thank you for visiting the Clinic today," it's a practiced line because he was made to practice it. The mention of a favor gets his attention and he perks a little, "I might have a few errands I need run. Parts found. I'm always trying to improve the machinery," he recruits another finder, someone willing to get in danger in exchange for keeping them together. At the mention of chems he just wrinkles his nose, "Why would I waste chems, those are expensive to make." He huffs a little and looks back to Valerie, "Out West?!" he blinks a few times and considers. "You want to see the .. lab?" He considers this for a few moments before finally agreeing hesitantly, "Okay.."
Jackson After taking a brief instant to re-dress himself, Jack gave Doc Bart another nod in the affirmative. "Any time you need anything, I'm you're guy. First one's free, thanks to the laser treatment. I promise, I won't waste any of your chems." He chuckled lightly after his last declaration, then shifted his attention toward Valerie for the briefest instantthe. "Milady." His simple statement to her oozed sarcasm, and he gave her a pseudo-polite bow and tip of his hat as he moved toward the door. "Might wanna watch out for that one Doc. Real ice queen, that one." And with that said, Jackson nonchalantly made his way back out into the clinic, and back into the streets of Shantytown. If he had anything to say about it, the rest of the day would be spent at the Saloon drinking himself into a stupor.