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Rexus Rexus arrives at the Clinic, looking more than a little beaten up but.. not too too bad. He's managed to put some bandaids on the minors cuts but.. well.. mine collapses'll do a number on you. "Just hope nothing is broken.." he mutters as he takes a seat, waiting for the next available Doc.
Valerie The tapping of heels upon the tile floor arrives before a woman wearing a too-white labcoat with red hair, black-framed glasses, and a frown. Her rounded hips swaying lazily against the coat and making it swish back and forth at her knees, Val approaches the wounded miner with a clipboard cradled against her side and one arm. "Here for healing?" She doesn't really take a good look at the man's face, instead glancing down at her clipboard and getting ready to write.
Rexus Rexus gives a nod to Valerie, "Aye, cave in.. whatever ye call it... managed to walk here so I don't think my legs are broke." he muses, trying his best to stand up. "I'll let you be the decider of that though."
Valerie Valerie hmms, glancing at his legs and making a note, "Well, in you go, then. The fee will be 50 for any major treatment, 30 for something minor." Turning about, she makes eyecontact briefly as she goes, watching him sidelong for just a second before she's walking into one of the examination rooms, her coat swaying behind her. "Shirt off. Take a seat." Setting her clipboard down on the table as she passes, she bends down to rummage through the bottom half of a cabinet, hips up behind her as she searches for something.
Rexus Rexus ambles in after Valerie, sitting up on the table/bed. "Yeah, may as well give me the treatments... have to keep up so I don't break down too much, you never know when things'll get serious." he murmurs, peeling out of his shirt and setting it aside.
Valerie Valerie pulls on a stethoscope and shrugs, looking up at him as she walks back over. "Well, usually after you've made someone angry." She plants the metal scope on his chest. "Making fewer enemies can dramatically improve your health."
Rexus Rexus mmm's as he just sits still, taking in slow, deep breathes once she starts listening. "True." he says after she finishes listening, "But sometimes you can't help it.... no avoiding it."
Valerie Valerie checks a few spots, presses here and there, and eventually frowns, "Well, you've got some bad bruises, but nothing internal is damaged..." She shrugs, lifting her eyebrows, "I think a leg brace and a couple stimpaks will fix you up, since the bone hasn't started to set yet. You did fracture your left leg, but..." She nods, her red bangs bobbing above her glasses, "Not completely, so you should be good in about two days. One stimpak per day. If you don't have those, I have some medicine that will do the same thing."
Rexus Rexus waits till Valerie finishes. Once all is done, he rises up, redonning his shirt. "Bed rest.. of course, I can imagine i'll be out for a few days.. no matter." he hops off the table, "Thanks for the help Doc." he says, making sure to pay his bill afore heading off.