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Fern     Leaning back against the wall of a nearby building is where Fern has placed herself this morning. Her hands are behind her and her right knee is bent with her boot back against the wall. She's chewing on a long piece of straw, and it bobbles up and down with the slight movements of her mouth.

    The kid watches people as they come and go, eyes narrowing at times. She's quiet and observing for now. There's nothing exciting happening, dammit!
CeeDee     It may be what's considered a dull day by most people's standards, particularly on such an overcast morning. CeeDee is fairly comfortable with it, however, and she strolls down the street, cradling her machine gun in her arms. She isn't gripping it like she would have it at the ready, she's more just holding it against herself, like one would hold a newborn. She's naked, save for a few accessories, most noteably the collar around her neck and the sunglasses she wears even in the wee hours of the morning, such as they are.
    She's barefoot, and walks with the ball of her foot landing first, rather than the heel, to prevent putting her weight down on soemthing unpleasant before she has a chance to correct for it. She hasn't noticed Fern yet, and she pauses, now and then, turning to face a building in silence. She's inspecting them, it would seem, figuring out what they are, as all of the stores are closed at this hour, with their proprietors fast asleep.
Fern     It only takes half a second for Fern to spot the naked, machine-gun-wielding lady, and as she sees her she slowly lowers her right foot to the ground. "Geeze," she mutters under her breath as she looks around with a 'is anyone else seeing this?' sort of expression on her face.

    Fern leans up from the wall and clears her throat, and as she spits the straw out she calls over to Cee, "Hey.. You lookin' for somethin? Yer clothes, maybe? Somebody run off with 'em while you were bathin' in the creek or something?" she wonders. She eyes the machine gun. "Or did you trade 'em for the gun? S'a pretty sweet gun."
CeeDee     When Fern addresses her, CeeDee turns her head to look over her shoulder at the kid, pierced brow arching slightly. She twists about to face the young woman, not seeming the least bit shy about her nudity. There's no blush, there's no attempt to cover herself. She's simply naked, and that's all there is to it, in CeeDee's mind.
    "Ain't lost nothin', kid," she says in a flat tone, "Never had any. Ain't interested in gettin' any." She rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "I'm just havin' a look around," the bronze-skinned woman continues, "I'm new in town, ain't really figured out where everythin' I might need is, yet." There's a moment of silence where the slight nod of CeeDee's head offers the suggestion that she's looking the kid over. "An' what're you doin' out at this hour?" she asks, "I thought all the kids got dragged inside by their parents t'get tucked int'a bed."
Fern     "Eh, I'm the boss of me. Don't needta take shit from no adults," is Fern's response as she shrugs her shoulders and gives a slight shake of her head that makes her hair shift against her shoulders. Her eyes dart around once to look the woman over, and they find her face again.

    "So what do you do during the winter? What do you do if it rains? You can't stay warm all naked.. Why you wearin' those glasses?" she asks, firing off one question after the other. She starts to walk a bit closer and she examines the fac, the piercings, the overall look, and it makes Fern grin.
CeeDee     The rise and fall of the woman's chest accompanies an exasperated sigh as Fern fires off a bunch of questions all at once. It's only the motion of her head that suggests CeeDee might be rolling her eyes at the kid.
    "Winter's why I'm down this way in the first place," she says, "Don't get so cold as it does up north. Back there I was freezin' my tits off in the winter, almost died of it a couple years back. When it rains, it feels nice. An' no, but it don't get so cold 'round here that it's gonna kill me. An' these," she says, lifting a hand from her gun to tap her thumb against the rim of her sunglasses, "Are cuz'a Rule three. I ain't allowed eye contact with nobody, but you can't see my eyes, it don't make no eye contact, yeah?"
    CeeDee doesn't seem concerned with the way the girl's looking her over. She shifts her weight a little bit, getting a slightly more comfortable grip on her machine gun as she stands there with her hip cocked slightly.
Fern     "Don't make eye contact? That's kinda crazy, but alright. You sure you're not just missing an eye and you don't want anyone to know?" Fern checks as she walks closer, now stopping about three feet away, hands going to her scrawny hips. Her chin lifts a little and her eyes narrow, gaze looking over the face again, then the body briefly.

    "What about all that?" A hand lifts and she points here and there to piercings. "Did they hurt? Who did 'em? And what about that?" she asks, pointing to what she can see of the tattoo. "I'm gonna get a tattoo one day."
CeeDee     "Maybe it is," she says, "But it's the Rule. An' no, I ain't missin' nothin'. Least, not yet." CeeDee doesn't bother trying to direct Fern's gaze away from her, letting her look over her naked form as she pleases. The piercings are numerous, most(if not all) of them easily visible. The tattoo, itself, stretches from just below her navel down to just above her more intimate areas, it's not very hidden either.
    "You sure are a nosy fucker, ain't ya?" CeeDee snorts out a breath and shakes her head, a half-grin tugging at one side of her lips, if only briefly. "Didn't hurt as much as learnin' the Rules did," she says, "My Masters gave 'em to me. Thought I'd look good with some 'decoration'." She shrugs her shoulders again, rather nonchalantly. "I suppose they were right. They gave me the tattoo as a way'a tellin' people I can get pregnant." She pauses, shifting her weight to the other hip. "You done?" she asks, "Or am I gonna be standin' here answerin' questions all fuckin' morning?"
Fern     Fern gives her signature shit-eating grin when it's discovered that she is indeed a nosy fucker. Yep. Hit the nail on the head with that one. She stays silent, though, letting Cee continue until it seems she's ready for more questions.

    "They had to tattoo it? Jesus. What? Was saying 'she's fertile' not easy enough? They coulda hung a sign around your neck or something.." She shakes her head a litt, then starts to snicker.

    "You don't want people to ask questions, then try to look boring. We ain't got a lot of naked people running around while carrying machine guns. Your look screms for attention. You ain't gotta answer anything, ya know? Be my guest and keep on walking if you need to." Fern steps aside and does an exaggerated seeping motion with her hands, offering a clear path forward now. She glances up as she stands aside, now checking out the haircut.
CeeDee     There's another shrug of CeeDee's bare shoulders. "Yeah, I suppose most people ain't as crazy as I am," she says, "But I ain't doin' it for attention. An' I don't mind answerin' questions, I'm just use'ta people tellin' me their name before they go askin' me a buncha shit." She pauses, then adds, "I suppose you're gonna ask me 'bout why I got my hair like this, too." She shakes her head again, and then turns to look around, down the road, then back the way she was coming. "Don't suppose you'd wanna tell me anythin' 'bout these buildin's 'round here?" she asks Fern, "I ain't familiar with a lot of 'em, an' I don't recognize a lotta the signs."
Fern     "Name's Fern, and nah. I like it. Your hair. It's pretty cool. Makes me wanna do mine like that, too. It'd probably feel better under my helmet," she says as she straightens to stand again. Her arms cross over her shoulders and she looks away to the buildings and back. "Eh, what do you wanna know? They're buildings. Clothing shop and some other stuff.. What are you lookin' for? You trying to sell that?" she asks with a nod towards the gun.
CeeDee     CeeDee gives a shake of her head. "Nah, just good to know the layout of the town," she says, "I feel like I'm gonna be stickin' around for a while, an' I wanna know where to find supplies n' shit if I need it." She shrugs her shoulders again. "Ain't a big deal," she says, "I'll figure it out." Then she holds a hand out to the girl, the other busy supporting the machine gun against her chest. "My name's Cum Dumpster," she says, in a tone and with an expression that indicates that no, she's not kidding. "Though most everybody calls me CeeDee. It's nice to meet ya, Fern."
Fern     "No," Fern says, hand held out and almost touching the other's. "I ain't gonna shake on that. You can't go around calling yourself that.. You gotta have a new name. That one's a bit crass, ain't it?" Fern says with a little sneer. She keeps her hand out, but looks the woman over once more before deciding, "I'm gonna call you.. hmm.. Cee. That's good enough. For now. 'least till I get to know you better and find something more fitting. You don't need to hang on to such a name like that," she murmurs, now trying to shek the offered hand.
CeeDee     CeeDee's hand drops away when Fern calls her name 'crass', and her brow knits in something of a scowl. "Whatever it is, it's what I'm called, an' I'll go around callin' myself however I like. Besides, it's Rule two," she says, as if that explains it well enough, "But if you wanna call me Cee, I ain't got no complaints. You ain't gonna shake my hand when I tell you my name, that's your business, an' I ain't got a problem with that, neither. But I ain't gonna stand here tellin' you what I think'a -your- name, or tryin'a tell you to change it. So either get over it, or don't, but keep it to your fuckin' self, -Fern-." Though CeeDee doesn't raise her voice, it's clear from her tone that Fern's touched something of a nerve with the woman.
Fern     Fern straightens a little more again, and as her eyes narrow at Cee she hmms. "Fair enough. Just thought you should have something better that wasn't so demeaning, but whatever you think." She shrugs her shoulders and gives a little roll of her eyes, and then murmurs, "Well, anyway.. Diner's that way, ammo shop that way, supplies and the caravan store that way," and she rattles off a few more places, pointing in various directions. "Stay dry," she says as she starts to wander off.
CeeDee     CeeDee exhales a breath through her nostrils, a deep sigh when Fern starts to wander off. "Hey, hold up, kid," she says. She turns to catch up to Fern, putting a hand on the scrawny girl's shoulder. "I didn't mean'ta snap at ya," she says, "I just ain't gonna let people talk that way 'bout my name. I don't give a fuck what the words mean, I -know- what they mean. My Masters gave me my name, an' it's the only one I've ever had. They gave it to me because they -wanted- me to feel like less of a person, but that ain't what happened. I became my own person. I took myself from them. The only way I survived so far is by ownin' everything about me. An' that includes my name. It ain't demeanin', because it refers to me, and I ain't some weak-willed gutter-slut pile'a trash like they wanted me to be. I'm my own boss. Jus' like you. An' I'll kick the everlovin' shit outta any fucker in the wasteland that says otherwise." CeeDee grins broadly then, and she gives Fern's shoulder a sqeueze. "So, if that makes sense to ya... I suppose I could use a friend 'round here who knows her way 'round."
Fern     Fern pauses her step when she hears the voice, and she turns slightly, looking up to the tall woman as she listens. Her chin lifts just a smidge and she hmms again, looking like she's considering everything that's said. Eventually she says, "You don't gotta apologize to me. I can take it. It's your name, and if you're cool with it, then it don't matter what I think." She crosses her arms over her chest again and says, "I just don't think 'cum dumpster' is gonna get you much respect, and you seem like a lady that should have respect, so yeah. Stickin' with 'Cee' seems best. I understand though. I hear you. But if you're gonna go kickin the shit outta someone, you at least need some good boots."
CeeDee     CeeDee grins a little, and lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "Ain't the name that gets respect," she says, taking her hand back to rest on the machine gun she carries with her, "You know that. Respect's somethin' that's gotta be earned, an' I know it. People 'round here ain't gonna respect me at first. Ain't nobody that ever does. But I'll show 'em why they should, eventually." She rolls her shoulders again, this time as a means of stretching the muscles in her back a little bit. Her head tilts downward, and she looks at her bare feet, which are no doubt filthy from walking around without shoes on. "Maybe. Ain't nobody offered to give me any, though, so I just got used to walkin' around barefoot. It ain't so bad, once you learn what you don't wanna step on. Or in."
Fern     "Yeah, but if you kick somethin' too hard without a good boot you're gonna break a toe.. There's good shoes out in the wastes still. Maybe I'll find some next time I head out. At least then you won't go hurting your feet or something," Fern says with a slight smirk before she wonders, "Where you stayin' at anyway? You have a place or are you just squatting where ever you can when you get tired?" she asks. "How far have you traveled anyway? You said you ain't been here long yet."
CeeDee     CeeDee shrugs her shoulders. "I came down from Montana," she says, "Y'know, way the fuck up north. Ain't nobody up there to keep me there, an' like you said, fuckin' winter's a bitch so I didn't wanna stick around. I made it all the way down here without shoes, I'm pretty sure I'll be just fine without 'em. Besides, ain't nothin' a stimpak can't fix, yeah?" There's another half-grin that the sunglass-wearing woman flashes to Fern. "I'm stayin' anywhere anybody'll let me," she says, "That woman over at the church let me stay there a night, it wasn't so bad, but I ain't one to impose. I could tell I make her uncomforable, like I do a lotta people." She shrugs again. "Ain't no big deal. I stayed the night an' now here I am."
Fern     "Who was it? Tina? If so, she probably was just a little odd while staring at you. I doubt nuns see much nudity besides their own selves. Maybe that's why," Fern says with a little snicker. "Tina's cool, though. She's really nice and will surely help you out any time you need it. She's really awesome like that. I like her a lot," she says, smiling a little more now. The kid shrugs then and says, "I'll still bring you some boots if I find some good ones that look like they might fit."
CeeDee     CeeDee grins again. "Suppose I shouldn't be surprised that everyone 'round here knows each other," she says, "Settlements are always pretty small n' close-knit. Yeah, Tina. She seemed nice. Little timid, but I ain't gonna fault her that. She definitely didn't seem used to seein' a naked chick walkin' around." CeeDee laughs and shakes her head. "There was some big angry lookin' fucker there with her, too," she says, "You know 'im? I didn't get his name, he stormed the fuck out before we got 'round to it. Like six foot-somethin', -huge- fucker. Looked like he wanted to snap my fuckin' neck. Guess I rubbed him the wrong way or somethin'."
Fern     A brow arches and Fern asks, "What's this huge fucker look like? Anything else? What did he wear and what was his face like? I've seen a few huge fuckers out here. You know. Everyone's on something out in the wastes.. I figure it's messing with their bodies and making them mutate or something.. You stay out long enough you see a lot of wierd shit," Fern grunts with another smirk.
CeeDee     CeeDee pauses a moment, brow arched slightly. "Yeah, suppose that's true," she says, "I've seen my share of giant fuckers out there, too. Ain't gonna suppose it's any different 'round here. Anyway, he had a beard, wore a toga. Didn't see no hair on his head other than that. Had a big fuckin' cloak too, an' kinda yellow-ish eyes, I think. Sound familiar?" She turns her head to direct her attention back to Fern again.
Fern     Fern's lips slowly part into a wide grin, and as she starts to laugh she says, "I know him. Big dude.. Ashur. Maybe. He's the only one I know who wears something like that.. and he can get angry, yeah. Why'd he get angry at you, though? Usually he likes naked women. He's got like.. seven wives or something," she says with a nod and another little grin. "What'd you do to piss him off?"
CeeDee     CeeDee shrugs again. "Fuck if I know," she says, "He sounded like he was pissed off 'cuz I -am- naked." She laughs and shakes her head. "I doubt he's gonna come lookin' for me though, so I ain't gonna worry 'bout him too much. Tina seems to trust 'im, but y'know, she's from 'round here. People ain't always so friendly toward strangers who come wanderin' into town."
Fern     "Huh.. I'll have to ask him why he got so mad. Maybe you gave him a boner and he was angry 'cause a wife wasn't nearby to use it on," says Fern, cackling again. She glances around after that as if making sure he wasn't hiding nearby to hear it. "He's cool, though. He's a good guy. Kinda like a big brother or something. He's teaching me how to fight and stuff!" Fern says, looking excited by that.
CeeDee     CeeDee's pierced brow arched up over the rim of her sunglasses again. "Didn't notice one," she says, "If I had I would'a offered to suck 'im off or fuck me or somethin'." Her tone remains conversational, as though such a thing were perfectly ordinary for somebody to do. She shrugs. "Maybe he did an' I just couldn't tell. Sounds like a good reason to get mad to me," she muses, "But if you say he's a good guy, an' Tina says he's a good guy, I s'pose I can take your word for it. Maybe I owe him an apology or somethin', I'll see next time I run into 'im. It ain't that big'a town so I'm sure it'll happen eventually."
Fern     Fern squints at Cee now, and she makes a slightly disgusted face. "Ew," is all she says about blowjobs. Her shoulder twitches and she clears her throat. "Ah.. anyway. Uh, I gotta head on out and do some rounds, kay? I'm sure I'll see you around.. If you run into Ashur, tell him I say hi and all." She smiles a little once again.
CeeDee     CeeDee doesn't indicate any reaction to Fern's disgust, she only nods her head. "Yeah, I will," she says, "Good luck out there, Fern. Was nice meetin' ya. I think I'm gonna head back over to the church, see if Tina's gonna let me stay there another day or two, 'till I can figure somethin' else out." She offers the girl a small wave, before turning to head back down the road the way she'd come.