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Ironface Jones There's currently a horse standing by a strange pile of rocks leaning up against the side of a hill. The rest of the area around it is empty wilderness without much happening. Until Ironface Jones appears from behind the rocks. He's half out of his fancy looking Chinese armor and holding a barb wire wrapped baseball bat in his hand. It's clear with one look at him that he's been pretty banged up lately, burns, bruises and claw marks cover his body and he's moving somewhat gingerly. Once he makes it all the way outside he begins scanning the horizon for signs of movement even while trying to put his armor back on.
Abi It takes no time at all, to speak of, for Ironface to spot the movement, though in fairness, that is because the appearance of the one doing the moving is... something. Their face and hair are smeared all over with dirt, arms too, so that the various silver pale locks and creamy pale of skin are both stained along with what passes for clothing. Just what passes? It was probably leather armor two centuries ago. But now, it is so faded with age and wear that the scraps are an unremarkable muddy grey-brown, the color of grime and squalor, at sharp odds with the blue-purple stare of the woman as she slows in her approach. First it looked like she was just gormlessly walking into the cave on spotting it. "Huh," offered. Until she stops short, probably a step closer than either of them expected, as the woman has few if any boundaries. "... Hello...." she offers, stilted, but curious, her voice high and sweet and clear.
Ironface Jones As she approaches him Ironface takes his time examining the female. As she's not armed or making threatening gestures he remains still and observant rather than taking any sort of action. "Greetings, I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe," He speaks clearly with the faintest hint of surprise upon his face. "Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan." Once he's ascertained his strange visitor is not armed and doesn't seem to possess ill intent he looks around once more, seemingly checking for other people.
Abi There's a muddle of words to Abi's response, all of them a touch halting, the mud drying to a crust on her as she looks up at Ironface. That little thing? In those strings of leather? There's nowhere to even hide a weapon. She appears to be alone despite another look back over her shoulder before looking up at Ironface. "Your... people." Beat. "Where are your people?" she looks around (not straying far in truth) as if to find them, looking both confused and a touch troubled. "You are injured." Another staggered pause, "Danger nearby?" She tenses, preemptively, as if expecting a yes, deep indigo gaze moving from Ironface to the horizon, "Abi." It would appear this is all the introduction she thinks to offer, monosyllabic as it is. She tenderly, carefully pokes at one of the bruises, her brows gathering in on one another as she studies his face. "You. are. hurt. badly." Someone isn't used to speaking aloud much, maybe. There's a golfball sized knot on part of her skull - that also might explain the verbal abnormalities. "Good meeting... you." She smile tremulously, her teeth a streak of white in grime-smeared features.
Ironface Jones "My people are many miles away. I am alone," Ironface calmly explains to the woman, his attention focused on her for the moment. "Yes. I have been in many battles lately and have found myself injured by many things. A giant robot scorpion burned me and stabbed me with it's claws." He gestures towards some of his worst wounds when he says this. "This area is mostly safe. I have hunted most of the dangerous things here, but it is safer in my cave." And then he nods deeply at the woman after her introduction, "It is good to know you, Abi." Looking back over his shoulder the big man points towards the entrance to his hideout, "I have soup cooking inside. You are welcome to eat it with me."
Abi "You live in the pretty cave?" Abi asks, gesturing afield northward up through the saltlands. "Sorry I do digging there this... late?" Abi nods and studies the wounds, "I... thank you for your hospitality." Even a weird little half-feral woman can appreciate good hospitality. "Let me wash the cuts you cannot reach, for the soup?"
Ironface Jones "I live in this cave," Ironface says, walking back towards the entrance to show how to get inside. "You are welcome." As he moves his guard comes down a little and he's just about limping, the grievous wounds taking their toll on him. Any weirdness the woman is expressing might be lost on the tribal. Or perhaps everyone seems weird to him. "That is a good trade. I would like to get my wounds cleaned and my soup is made with fresh gecko."
Abi "Gecko," Abi repeats, "Gecko, gecko, gecko," more softly she parrots the latter three, a latent tendency toward echolalia rearing its head. "When my head isn't strange... I just talk... thoughts." To who, crazypants? She's not saying, and nods instead, "Yes, cleaning wounds is important so they don't get maggots in them." Shudder.
Ironface Jones After considering what Abi has to say and examining her once more with his eyes widened slightly, Ironface nods his head and speaks, "It is good to talk." And then he leads the way into the cave itself. It's relatively quiet inside with the biggest noise being water bubbling in a pot on the stove. The fire doesn't throw much heat, probably kept small for that reason. "These are my things," Ironface declares as he spreads his arms wide to show off the stuff he's managed to collect before he heads over to check on the soup he's got cooking. With a big spoon he gives it a stir and breathes in deeply through his nose to get the scent, "It will be very good to eat." Then he's off to grab a bowl, a clean looking rag and a waterskin, offering them over to Abi, "The soup will be ready soon."
Abi "Many thanks to you, Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe," Abi says, bowing at the shoulder in a stiffly awkward show of formality. She looks from the dirt she smeared on herself to blend in with the creek bed a little better to the wounds she's claimed willingness to wash, "I.... need a moment myself, I guess." The biggest of the leather scraps, this one's tied to hold a waterskin that appears to be a brahmin's gut, and a few scraps of an old dress from Avalon that she uses to hastily brush at the grime around her hands and lower arms." She nods as she looks around at the things, producing some pre-war porno and looking to the edition of Grognak, "Would you like another magazine?" It doesn't even look... used. Just old as hell.
Ironface Jones The strangely formal bow seems to be something Ironface doesn't understand, but he does his best to reproduce the action. Once that's completed he nods his head seriously and sets the stuff he's gathered up on his table, "Take the time that you need. I do not wish to make you rush." At her question he looks back over to see what Abi offers and nods seriously, "Yes, please. I do not wish to take something from you without trade, though. I do not think I have anything to spare for more books."
Abi "Take?" Abi asks, like it was a foreign concept. "If... you insist. Abi has... no cave." And likely, thus, not much place to store things, either. She kind of laughs awkwardly at the mimiced bow, and continues to mimic it at Ironface another time or two before she seems to catch what's happening and laugh, "Oh... oh... no, someone said one time to me, when you bow, it is to show the weight of your respect for the other person." She lifts both hands, placing a palm across either of Ironface's shoulders, "Right there. I was trying to show you REspect." She follows to the taable, looking from the soup to Ironface and back again. "Is picture book. The stories? Are not so good." She offers the magazine over.
Ironface Jones "Respect is very good. I have much appreciation for it and I respect you," The mountainous man explains as he glances at his stuff one more time. His eyes focus on her book and his massive shoulders shrug, "I am sorry that your book does not have a good story. I think I would enjoy the pictures, though." Accepting the book from her with a nod he starts to leaf through it slowly, "Yes, the pictures seem very good."
Abi "Eh," Abi assesses, more indifferent than anything. "Someone always wants them." She laughs and shakes her head, before smiling up at Ironface, handing the magazine over, "I am glad you like them. Thank you for your soup. I respect you ba... too." She nods decisively. She could probably put a lot of the women in their to a hard contest. Even smeared with grime it's fairly easy to see she's physically quite shapely, despite a diminutive framework, this only making moderate curves appear... ample. The grime keeps much skin from visibl though. "Why here and not the other cave?" she asks finally, curious.
Ironface Jones Continuing to look at the pictures in the magazine, Ironface continues speaking, "You are welcome. I enjoy sharing my hunting with people." And then he closes the magazine, setting it with his other little treasures for the time being. He hasn't failed to notice Abi's assets but he's polite enough to avoid staring, having some training from civilization. The question causes him to pause for a little time, "I did not want to be easy to find. Very few people know of this place. I use it to rest when I am injured and I do not want people I do not trust to find it."
Abi Nodding a few times, Abi explains, "There was like... not really a /tribe/ exactly... but a little band sort of, of Oracles who were heading toward some site out near Vegas... the letter said I was one of theirs. I wish I had such a place. All I do is wander. For decades now." And here she doesn't even look twenty. She does nothing to draw any special attention to said assets either, aside from wearing leathers that are more rag than clothing.
Ironface Jones "I will help you find a place of your own," Declares Ironface Jones seriously, seeming to either not hear or not understand the remark about decades. "There are many good places in this land. Maybe you can join my tribe and live in El Dorado. There are many people and things to be had there in exchange for caps and trade items." As he makes sure they both have soup and spoons he keeps talking, "It is a strange place. People do not always help each other. Many of them do not know that strengthening everyone in the tribe makes the whole tribe stronger and they will not take care of one another."
Abi "Not... everyone can see how lonely some people are," Abi assesses, lifting a hand to touch the pad of her finger to her third eye. "I could be part of your tribe? It would be good to have a home." She starts to smile, spoon up some soup as she nods, "It is, I think, because people are generally afraid, so afraid to trust, they never get to what comes after?" She reaches for the bowl but not the spoon, grave and sober and wide eyed as she nods. "I'm not very good at fighting, but I can find things, make things, see into people's minds sometimes." Like the last was just a random skill. Whatever. Must be Tuesday.
Ironface Jones "You do not have to be lonely. The Tribe of El Dorado has many people and who do many different things," Ironface explains as he gets started on eating soup, working his way slowly through the hot liquid. "Not everyone has to be good at fighting. Your other talents seem valuable to me. I feel like being able to see into someone's mind is very useful. That is a thing I do not know how to do."
Abi "You should be glad of it," Abi says, nodding at Ironface's statement of his own lack in that area. "People lie to themselves more than other people. It makes my heart hurt to read their thoughts sometimes." The last admission is swallowed with mouthfuls of hot, fresh made soup, slurped straight from the bowl, as the girl really was practically raised by wolves for much of her life.
Ironface Jones "I will mind your words," Ironface tells Abi with a serious nod before he returns to digging back into his meal, seeming to quietly enjoy his soup. "I think then that I am glad to not know for sure what other people are thinking. It seems like it would be a burden you do not want to take on." More soup down his throat as he watches Abi work on her meal. "Do you wish to rest or anything like that while you are here? This is a good place."
Abi "You... are sure you wouldn't mind?" Abi asks, lifting the bowl to continue to sip at it. And more delicately than she might, at that! "Not until after I wash your wounds... I am not so good at tourniquets or other first aid, but I know some of how to keep a wound from festering." She can't help but smile at that, wince, when she adds, "I just hope nothing needs stitches or anything drastic I cannot help you with."
Ironface Jones "I do not mind," Ironface says after considering Abi once more. "I feel as though you are someone I can trust to not try to harm me." As it's cooled down some more now the soup can be consumed more quickly, so the mighty tribal does so. "I think I may need more doctoring after you tend to me, but I can find that in El Dorado, probably. There are many doctors to help heal big wounds, but we will see if we need them."
Abi "...This is correct. I do no harm." Abi smiles up over the lip of her soup bowl, draining it in a couple long, if quiet, sips. She picks the brahmin gut waterskin up once more, what remains of it. "I need you to pull the arms and back free from your armor, if you need them tended? I don't know where all you would have me prepare and clean."
Ironface Jones Eventually Ironface picks up his bowl and pours the remainder of his soup down his throat, licking his lips once it's gone before wiping a hand across his mouth to get any residue off. Then he starts removing his armor, "I think mostly it is on my arms and body. My legs are okay." The tight fitting high tech armor comes off quickly enough until the man is stripped down to his waist, "Would it be better to take it all off?"
Abi "You are big pretty man, you know I want to say yes. But no, no. No lies. Just make sure the places which are open bloody wounds are uncovered, and I will wash them." With some scraps of centuries old silk, half dry rotted. "This? Will hurt." No mincing words there, she starts to wet the rag after the niceties of dinner are seen to.
Ironface Jones With a big nod Ironface prepares himself mentally for more pain, turning his back to the woman who possesses the healing touch so that she can begin her work on him, His back is a mess. Lots of wounds in hard to reach places, poorly cared for and days old. "I was also crushed by a giant mole rat and cut by Caesar's men with machetes." He tries his best to relax, letting the lady do her thing, but it's obvious that he will be tender.
Abi It's a slow and attentive hand shown during the cleanup job. True to her word, there's no new poultices, stitches, or bandages, but she does manage to get all the grime out from the edges of scabs forming, and a deft twist of her hand here, there, and further down the spine, serve to help loosen key points of musculature as well. "I thought he died?" Probably Caesar.
Ironface Jones Stoic, the huge tribal remains quiet and still as he can throughout Abi's work, allowing the woman to properly clean and address his wounds. The other work on his back seems to relax him greatly and soon Ironface lets out a mighty yawn. "Caesar may be dead but some of his men have turned raider." He kind of shrugs at that, "They had a supermutant with them, but it was dead before I got to it." And then the big fellow yawns again, lifting a hand to wipe his face, "I am feeling much better. You are a very marriageable woman."
Abi "Thank you, and... ditto you, but with the man part." Abi smiles faintly as she looks around. "You are enormous, strong, good provider, endure." At the last one, she's gesturing to some of the wounds as if they were indicative. "Super mutants." She blinks slowly. What -that- must look like to a mind reader. She shakes her head and just sort of smiles.
Ironface Jones "My thanks to you," Ironface replies with a single, solid nod of his big head. "I enjoy being able to do many things to help myself and others that many others cannot do." He moves towards the bed of furs in the corner of the cave and sits down, yawning once more and patting the area of the bed next to himself, "I feel that I must sleep now. You may sleep here, too and then I can take you to El Dorado when we have rested."
Abi "What sort of things?" Abi asks, taken in, and heading over close to settle (still fully ''dressed'') on the furs, the weathered scraps of leather shifting and requiring tugging where they're simply too large. "Thank you," she offers with a twitch of a smile. "Do... you mind if I press close? I never lay down that way but always wake up that way. I could sleep on the floor instead if you mind." She smiles warmly.
Ironface Jones "Hunting and tracking," Ironface starts explaining as he lays down on his bed, sliding over to let Abi have the room that she needs. "Fighting. Dealing with people with ill intent." His head lifts up so that Jones can look over Abi one more time, "I do not mind if you press close to me. Do not feel like you need to rest on the floor. This is much more comfortable."
Abi Pressing back in close once she settles on the furs, it takes two or three minutes for Abi to start to relax, but when she does, she buries her brow against Ironface's shoulder for the sleeping.