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Lowry      Bots are busy. Back and forth with drinks over the loud music in the saloon. Folks seem to be enjoying themselves in the bar despite it being quite early. There is no closing time in the wastes and as long as there are caps in peoples pocket it seems there are caps willing to be spent and lost.

Lowry is no exception. Usually he would be at a gaming table but in his current state he is just at a table nursing a drink. From the look in his eye and his weeble wobble state pry number ten or so. His usual coat is on the table and some faint smears of blood are apparent on his denim shirt. His hat laying next to the coat also offers a view to the bandage about his head. He downs a glass of brown liquor and holds it up. A bot quickly taking and refilling it for him. "Thanks." He says then looks over. "Fuck am I 'talkin to you fer?" He shakes his head and laughs. "Damn bot."
Sparrow Sparrow steps inside and moves deeper into the Saloon. She nods to a few people heading towards the bar herself The Wasteland Doc takes off her cowboy hat and sets it down on the bar next to her as she pulls up and tosses a handful of caps on the counter to get herself a beer. She's covered in road dust from tip to toe, just clean around her face where her goggles and bandana rest. Still the young weathered Drake woman's a local, born and raised, so she's served and given a greeting by a passing Mr. Handy.
Lowry      Lowry notices Sparrow and smiles. Standing up he grabs his hat but forgets the coat. He Weaves his way thru the patrons and hits the bar by Sparrow. "That ones on me, Doc." He says with a nod and a smile. "I don't know about you but I want a lifetime supply a that there Nuka cola crap to mix with my whiskey after what I been thru." HE shakes his head and removes the hat again, setting it on the bar. "I don't wanna die fer' them damn ghouls!" He shrugs. "Guess some of 'em are alright. Just can't help but feelin' like they're just usin' us like front liners. Doin' there dirty work." He stares in his glass and takes a sip. "You ever even had a Nuka cola?"
Sparrow Sparrow blinks and her brow lifts but she scoops the caps back into her pouch and lifts the cool beer to her lips for a moment. "All right, cowboy. But to what do I owe the honor?" She wonders before he eplains exactly what happened and she takes another drink of her beer. "So then, why go out and help? Aint no one forcin' ya to take a chance for those folks. JThey're just tryin' to survive, like the rest of us." She sniffs, "Yeah. When I was little I used to get one for my Birthday. As for their diry work, aint all the citizens of El Dorado that would fight either. Seen half the town run from Solomon even though he started starving them to pay taxes."
Lowry      Lowry looks puzzeled. "The honor? We shed blood together. That goes deep where I come from." He downs his glass and holds it up, another one delivered. As she continues he squints with a half grin. "Helpin' others survive helps yourself survive. Where else ya' gonna come across the lost wonders of the world before us? Beleive me. Aint no love a ghouls that got me out there. Just don't like bein' misinformed is all I'm sayin'." A sip is had. "It aint no hair of no ones ass though." The speak on Solomon gets a nod. "Yea, before my time but I hear he was an ass. A low down scumbag actually. Don't know the whole story but I heard enough ta' know we aint on the same side."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "You'd be one of the few then." Sparrow observes quietly. Why she's not a clinician is obvious. The Doc's eyes are bright and clear, young eyes despite the weather tanning in her face and the lines at her eyes and mouth. Laughlines, some, but mostly serious. She lifts a shoulder, "Seems like you're misinformed if you think the ghouls are a pressin' issue." She glances towards Lowry, "That's sure enough. You need me to take a look atcha, or you here for the lovin' of the Casino's women?""
Lowry "One o' tha' few? Sorry, not gettin' it." He's pry had too much to drink and isn't quite following. "They aint no issue ta' me. Just figure folks can fight their own fight once in awhile." Shrugging he curls a lip. "Don't get me wrong. I should most likely pay more attention. Thats what pops used ta' say anyhow." Another sip is taken before he continues. "Them there Casina' women aint all they cracked up ta' be."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Folks who shed blood togethere here don't always band together well. Just there for the caps or the fun of killin' mutants or what have you." She says taking a sip of her beer and sniffs. "What's sayin that they had larger numbers before this hit them? Hmm? Seems ta me that handful of folks they had couldn't have kept that town like that. But that's just my observation. I aint nothin but a Vet who occasionaly works on people." She looks around, "Don't let them hear ya'll say that. Nor the Mayor, she used to own this place.""
Lowry Lowry nods with sympathy. "I hear ya' then. Well...Where I comes from it's a sacred thing." He holds his glass high and would toast and drink with the woman. "I once ate a mans dog with him. Dire straits. But he's a man I'd die fer' these days." He gets a far away look in his eye. Something of the past haunting or helping him. But he continues to listen and nods. "I'll concede to that. I aint got no answers. Just my survival instinct. Got me this far." He grins and holds his glass up again while he looks around. "Think I got away with it this time. 'Sides. I'm partial ta' redheads."
Sparrow Sparrow bobs her head, "Lucky you there's a few in town. Rent a room and we'll head up and I'll have a look atcha, get you stitched up and back down here before they call last rounds." She pushes up ater finishing her beer grabbing her hat and nods towards the tender. "I'll be back shortly if anyone comes lookin'." And then moves to let Lowry lead her off so she can give him some quick first aid.
Lowry Lowry grins and nods. "Well, much obliged Doc. Ya' know. Come ta theink of it I never got yer name. Lowry." He says warmly. He motions to whater Mr. Handy is around, pays and will pick his hat up as well. "Well, right this way I reckon." He would wave a hand and allow her to go first. You know, like a gentleman or some old west type of stuff.
Sparrow Sparrow shifs her hips, the wiry Wasteland Doc's brow lifting and she moves to head on up after the room is paid for. heading up the stairs until she reaches the room and then heads inside. "Most folks just call me Row." She knows better than to go by her full name in these parts. Some people want her dead, other people might know her from the rumors running round. She keeps it simple. "So can you."
Lowry "Alright then, Row." Lowry heads in after her and sits down, a bit of wincing had as he does so. "I think the worst is here." He takes his hat off again and slowly unwraps the bandage himself from his head. Theres a nasty gash from the side of his forehead to his ear. About an inch wide. He touches a finger to it. "Shit, worse 'en I thought. And here." He adds as he rolls up his jeans. Another deep knick could be seen, this one with some puss. He pulls a little bottle from his shirt pocket and has a drink. Then he pours some over his leg and would offer it to the doc if she wants one to wet her whistle.
Sparrow She sets her hat aside an shrugs out of her coat, pulling her medkit from the usty leather and using the wash basin for her hands she moves over, she declines the flask but looks over the wounds with a critical eye. "Nothing life threatenin'. But yeah pretty nasty." She agrees and then moves to start working on the wounds. Washing and cleaning them before getting rid of any necrotic flesh. "Next time, a deep wound like this, empty a bullet into it and light it on fire. It'll hurt but it'll cautarize it."
Lowry Lowry winces as she wipes but takes it like a champ for the most part. Other scars exposed proving it's not his first rodeo. If rodeos were still around. "Yea, meant to get it looked at but got sided tracked." He has another drink and sets the bottle aside. "A bullet? Used to use arrow heads. Same principale I reckon. The gunpowder help or somethin'?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Naw, cautarizes the wound though. Stop infection from gettin' in and keeps your blood from pourin out. Bit of help both ways. Arrow heads are useful for cuttin off necrotic flesh if you gotta but not much else when it comes to healin. Ya should be right as rain in a few days."
Lowry The man nods. "Just seems dangerous to do it from the inside." He chuckles for a moment then accckksss, the moving around causing some pain it would seem. "I get the cauterizin'. Pry quicker than hot iron I reckon as well." As she finishes up he nods his thanks. "I do appreciate it, Row." He grabs his hat, unrolls his pant leg and basically puts himself back together. "Well. Way I see it we done shed blood and stopped it ta' gether now. I owe ya another drink." He moves to the door and opens it while using a hand to show her the way out. "After you, Doc." He gives a wink and adds, "Already feelin' better."
Sparrow Sparrow washes her hands in the basin again. It'll be changed no doubt for him by the time morning comes around anyway. She gets cleaned up, readjusts her sleeves and slides back into her coat. "Aint from the inside, just helps to keep ya alive til ya can get to a Doc or an AutoDoc. Which I recomment if you've got the money and ever have a broken bone. The process is painful but fast." She heads for the door and heds out the door and for the stairs with a bob of her head. "You got it. Never turn down a friendly Beer."