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Fern     Fern is always up early it seems. Maybe that's 'cause she always has something important to do! Or maybe she just can't sleep well. Or maybe Gale snores really loud. Whatever the case may be, Fern is stepping into the church this morning. She has her backpack on, but it's swung off her shoulder and plopped down onto the pew in the back so she can unzip the bag and open it up. Hands dig inside and she starts to pull out vintage-looking pumpkin cutouts. They're leftover Halloween decorations from before the war.
Tina Tina emerges from the corridor doorway flanking one side of the stage, brass chandler's staff in hand, to tend the candelabras. Smiling as she spots Fern in the back pew, she walks briskly over. "Good morning, Miss Fern, and welcome," she says warmly. "What brings you around this morning?"
CeeDee     CeeDee is already in the church, as she's found it a fairly weather-resistant and "safe" place to be. She lays on one of the many pews, currently asleep - or at least, looking like she's asleep. It's difficult to tell with the sunglasses still on her head. She's kind of sprawled out, no concern for modesty, with her automatic weapon cradled against her with both hands, hugging it like it's a stuffed animal rather than a weapon.
Fern     Fern is so focused that she doesn't see the naked lady until she hears Tina and is glancing over to spot her. "Morning, Tina! Just bringing in some decorations. I thought with how you can't leave and all that I should bring some Halloween into the church. Found some decorations on a few houses not too far off. Cool, huh? It's almost Halloween, you know?" Fern pulls the paper goods out and hangs on to them, eyes shifting now to Cee. A brow quirks. Not even a blanket!?
Tina "Thank you so much, Miss Fern... you are such a sweetheart! It's not really seemly to put them in the auditorium, but there's plenty of room on the message board in the vestibule and in the back rooms," Tina replies, gently hugging Fern.

She draws back, noticing Fern's roaming gaze, and follows it to the semi-sprawled form of CeeDee and her automatic rifle. "Miss CD... she must've gotten in late," she observes softly, blushing faintly in the presence of the woman's shameless nakedness. "I wish I'd been awake to cover her up... she must've gotten chilled before now. She's been staying here for a few days now."
CeeDee     It's the voices that eventually make CeeDee stir, and then suddenly lurch upright into a sitting position! "Mother-fuckers! I'll kill you!" she bellows, the jerking upright accompanied by her gun's stock being braced against the inside of her shoulder, in a white-knuckled grip, and aimed right at Fern! Though her finger hovers over the trigger, she hesitates, teeth clenched, breathing hard for a moment as she fights against the surge of adrenaline that woke her up. Eventually, the barrel dips slightly, and then CeeDee lowers the weapon.
    "Oh... Hey," she mutters, "...Is it morning?"
Fern     After the hug, Fern snorts lightly and says to Tina, "She says it's not cold down here compared to the north. Says she froze her tits off up there, but not down here." The kid shrugs and looks back to her decorations, then glances around the room. "Nhh.. If you think I shouldn't put them up in here, okay. but they have to go -somewhere-."

    Fern huffs at that. She glances towards Cee again and says, "Yeah.. She needs a place to stay and all.. shit!" The kid bounces to the side then, ready to try her best at dodging bullets in case they start flying. She scrambles to get behind a pew, and when it sounds like nothing is happening she rises again, scowling towards Cee. "Yes. It's morning, Cee."
Tina "Oh, you've met her? That's good. It saves me a potentially awkward introduction," Tina replies, with some relief. "And there's /tons/ of wall space in the back..."

She breaks off into a shriek of horror as CeeDee wakes up in a literally murderous mood, aiming her big automatic rifle at Fern! She hastily steps in front of the weapon as Fern dives for cover, knowing she'd be lucky to stop the first round from hurting Fern...

She sighs softly in relief as CeeDee recovers her wits. "Um, yes... good morning, Miss CeeDee. I hope the safety's on that weapon," she says nervously.
CeeDee     There's a pause from CeeDee, and she tilts her head down, turning the weapon to it's side. "Uh... safety?" she asks, "I don't think I included one." She shrugs a little, and shifts the weapon to lay it across her lap. "I ain't gonna shoot ya up, though," she says, "I probably woulda only fired if I didn't recognize either of ya." She gives a nod of her head to Fern. "It's a good thing we met last night, huh?" There's a small half-grin that tugs at one side of her lips. The nude woman takes a moment to stretch, arms reaching above her head, mouth opening in a yawn. "Still goddamn early though... the hell are you two doing up?" she asks.
Fern     "Gale snores," Fern says as she heads back over to her backpack to start gathering more of the paper decorations. She happened to snag a roll of tape, too. If it still works. "I guess we're all lucky that you knew us. I'd hate to hear about you shooting up innocent church peoples," Fern says to Cee with a smirk. She moves closer to the two again, this time looking at Tina. "Show me where i can hang them?"
Tina "S-seeing to the c-candles," Tina replies, shivering as the adrenaline drains away. "I d-d-do that a lot d-during the early mornings, when nobody is around." She looks toward Fern, adding, "Are you all right, Miss Fern?"

As soon as it's clear that no one is hurt or traumatized, she gives Fern another, quicker hug, then moves to lead her toward the back hallway. "Come. I'll show you the best places to hang them. You can come too, Miss CeeDee, but could you please sling that rifle while we're in the back? And did you build that rifle? I find it curious that it doesn't have a safety, as most modern pre-war firearms had them."
CeeDee     It's probably not the first time any of them has had a gun pointed at them, probably even this week. CeeDee seems confident that nobody's scarred for life, at least, aside from possibly herself. Why else would someone wake up in such a fashion. "Eh? Ain't got no sling for it," she says, "But I'll leave it out here, if ya feel that uncomfortable about it." She stashes the rifle underneath one of the pews, then gets to her feet. At the same time she pulls a crumpled pack of cigarettes out, that she had stashed behind one of the guards on her forearm, along with a rusty old zippo-style lighter. "So what're you two doin', anyway," she asks, nodding her head towards the decorations that Fern is busy with. She pulls out one of the cigarettes, sticking it between her lips, and starts flicking at the lighter, trying to get it to light.
Fern     As she carries the decorations after Tina, Fern says back to Cee, "Gonna hang some Halloween stuff for Tina. She rarely leaves the church to have fun, so I thought we should bring some fun to her. Halloween is happening pretty soon.. I couldn't find any candy, but the decorations are good enough." She smiles, wandering off to the wall Tina told her about. As she looks around and tries to figure out where to hang things she says, "I wonder what Halloween was like long ago. I heard they used to get candy and wear costumes.. Dress up for fun. Sounds cool, yeah?"
Tina "I'd be grateful. Thank you, Miss CeeDee," Tina replies, sincerely, smiling gratefully at the tall woman. Indicating the walls of the back room, a kitchen and laundry area with an old dining table and chairs, to Fern as good places to hang decorations, she can't help giggling at the idea of Halloween long ago. "It really does. They must have had such fun, too. I wish I could've seen it."
CeeDee     There's a small sigh from the nude woman as she fails to get the lighter to ignite, and she tucks it back away behind the bracer on her arm. She walks over to one of the lit candles and, casual as could be, leans in to light the cigarette with it. Her brow furrows as she hears the explanation of what Halloween is. "Doesn't make no sense to me," she says, pausing to take a long draw on the cigarette, before exhaling a cloud of smoke. She follows the two towards the back room. "I don't get why people would dress up 'for fun', an' I can't say I know what the hell 'candy' is 'sposed to be, either." She doesn't walk all the way into the back room, instead pausing to lean back against the door frame, arms folding beneath her breasts casually. "Then, I ain't seen much reason for dressin' up, anyhow," she muses, "Or puttin' up bits's paper n' shit. I don't get what's 'sposed to be 'fun' 'bout it." It's true, CeeDee is great at parties.
Fern     "Candy is this sweet stuff that tastes good. Sometimes Jackie has some. Not always, though. She's given me some before," Fern says as she starts to hang some of the cardstock papers up, tying them with thin strings so they hang nicely. Sorta. "You're supposed to dress up like different things for Halloween. Like.. ghosts and stuff. It's supposed to be fun," she says before suggesting, "Maybe we could start doing it again. It wouldn't be hard to be a ghost, yeah? Just a sheet and cut holes for the eyes."
Tina "Much of what went on in the world before the war seems strange now, I suppose," Tina muses, helping with a particularly large decoration. "I think the children would wear cute or scary costumes and walk from house to house, receiving candy from the owners. I remember reading about that in a book somewhere... I wish I could remember where. And I remember something about everyone, adults and children alike, dressing up for big Halloween parties, with games and good food and dancing and generally celebrating... something. It's not clear to me what it was."

She smiles and walks over to CeeDee, unable to help a faint blush as she once more notices the tall woman's nudity. "I suppose it doesn't make much sense for someone who doesn't wear clothing to begin with, and it's a bit hard to explain anyway. Maybe I can find some pictures in some of the old books here," she offers.
CeeDee     There's a slow nod from the nude mercenary, as she takes another drag on her cigarette. If she notices Tina's blush at her state of undress, she doesn't make any indication of it. "Ain't a whole lotta places to go these days that'll give ya anythin' other than bullets," she says, "Probably more likely t'run int'a some raiders." There's a pause. "If you wanna," she says, "But pictures're 'bout all books are good for, I ain't never learned to read or nothin'."
Fern     "You wouldn't have to worry about bullets if you did that here in town. No one is going to just start shooting. You on't have to worry about it," Fern says with a light smile. She moves over to the table and begins to hang decorations there as well. It doesn't look half bad!

    Fern ties a few more things onto the table, then steps back and puts her hands on her hips as she looks around. "There we go.. Hey.. Maybe we could even host our own halloween party here.. Whatcha think, Tina?"
Tina "You can't read? Oh, my... I... maybe I could teach you, even a little bit," Tina suggests, clearly troubled by CeeDee having never been taught to read. "Illiteracy can be dangerous out in the wastes. Some things only have written warnings on them, for instance."

She smiles faintly, pondering Fern's suggestion. "It sounds wonderful... though I think we need to know more about Halloween before we can have a real party here, and I don't think we will have enough time to learn in ten days or less. It might be something we can make happen next year, and we can still have fun working on ideas for it," she suggests.
CeeDee     CeeDee gives a shrug of her shoulders, still casually smoking from over by the doorway. "Eh. I learned what most dangerous things look like," she says, "An' my Masters taught me enough to recognize shit like radiation symbols n' stuff. Ain't like I'm gonna go wanderin' into a lake full'a nuclear water." She shrugs again. "You c'n try though, if way want," she tells Tina, "Can't promise I'm gonna do very well at it though."
Fern     Fern nods to Tina and agrees, "Yeah.. might be too late to plan for this year.. but if you wanna dress up anyway, I'll come over and dress up, too. Maybe I'll dress as a nun," Fern says with a wide grin. She looks to Cee and says, "You can learn. I learned. Takes a while, but it's good to know how." She smiles a bit more then, hands slipping back down into her pockets. "Well, I should get going. Supposed to go out and shoot a bit with Gale.. I'll see you two around."
Tina Tina hugs Fern tightly. "I will think about that. Maybe I can find something to wear in storage downstairs. Take care, Fern. And thank you so much for bringing these things for me. It may be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me," she says warmly, before releasing her. "Say hi to Gale for me, please... it's been almost impossible for me to get out to see her lately."

She turns to CeeDee, nodding. "I'll be very glad to try," she says warmly. "I learned a little about teaching once upon a time, and I never mind trying to pass knowledge along."
CeeDee     "Yeah, was good seein' ya again, kid," CeeDee says to Fern when the girl passes by her to head out, "Next time I see ya I'll see 'bout gettin' ya some earrings or something." CeeDee doesn't make any move to hug Fern, herself. She's really not a hugger, and she certainly doesn't look like it. She exhales another cloud of smoke, and nods her head to Tina. "I ought to go find m'self somethin' to eat," she says, "I'm sure there's some roaches or somethin' crawlin' around. They ain't taste too good, but they're better than nothin'."
Fern     Fern is happy to hug and squeeze Tina as much as she likes before she releases the woman and steps back. She grins wide and says, "I'll tell Gale she needs to come see you then. I'll poke at her until she frees up a little bit." This makes the girl snicker. Her eyes shift to Cee and she says, "Head to the saloon.. Do a little work for them and they'll make sure you get something good to eat." She then waves and hops out, off to get her backpack and head out for the day.
Tina "Take care, Fern. And don't poke her too hard. I like your fingers just like they are," Tina calls after Fern, then looks back to CeeDee worriedly. "Roaches? Oh, dear... that won't do. Fern has a good idea, though I see no need for you to get all of your food from there. I've some to spare, and I'm more than happy to share it," Tina says worriedly at first, then more hopefully. "It is your choice, of course," she adds, realizing that she might be pressuring CeeDee without truly meaning to.
CeeDee     CeeDee seems to consider Tina's offer for a short time, the nude woman just kind of looking in her direction while she takes another drag of her cigarette. "Yeah. Ain't no freeloader though," she says, "I know that ain't the way things work. Whaddya want in exchange for the food?" The cigarette is tucked between her lips again, another draw followed by another cloud of smoke. "Not that I got much t'give ya," she admits, "But I can get somethin' done for ya, if ya need anythin' done 'round here."
Tina "Hmm... I don't really have anything that I can think of that needs doing right at the moment," Tina muses, giving the (working!) refrigerator a thoughtful look. "What if I charge you a favor for three meals, to be redeemed at a time of my choosing?" she proposes, speaking what she hopes is the tall mercenary's language. Never mind that she has no intention of ever claiming them... this is business, right?
CeeDee     CeeDee continues to smoke slowly, though she's nearing the end of that cigarette. "Alright," she says, "Three meals an' I owe you a favor." Whether she has intention to collect them or otherwise, the wasteland has a way of working these kind of things out. Who knows, maybe CeeDee will have to save the nun from raiders or ghouls or something worse. There's a shrug of her shoulders, and CeeDee takes a couple steps closer to close the distance between herself and Tina. The naked mercenary holds out her hand. "We got a deal?"
Tina "Deal," Tina replies, taking CeeDee's offered hand firmly. "And thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you," she says, with a faint smile, as she releases the hand and looks to the fridge. "Let's see what we have available. I'll never make a living as a cook, but neither will I starve. Is there anything you particularly like?" she asks, after a moment's thought.