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Clara Caine Above them all is a sky of grey, the clouds loom with the threat of rain. Possibly even a storm. The muggy air only makes that suspicion stronger.

But not all is gloomy here, there is a ray of light under these dweary clouds. Clara Caine, upon large horse Cinnamon is heading down the main road, her cowboy hat tilted slightly, that long dark hair falling over her shoulder and bright blue eyes forward. One hand is holding onto the rains during her casual walk, the other hand holds a flask. As she makes her way towards the stable. What can be heard, is her singing. And damn, she has some pipes on her.

"Take up your arms, sons and daughters, we will a rise from our bunker. By land by sea, bu dirigble, we'll leave our tracks"
Darlene     Someone is clearly not a fan. and possibly drunk. "Boooooo, sing some Frankie, Clara! Boooooo!" Oh, it's just Miss McCrivin, sitting in the overhang outside Militia HQ, a bottle of... something on the ground next to her. Well, she lives in town so this is technically not vagrancy, right? Right?
    The lady's red hair is slightly disheveled, and there's fresh stains on her Vault suit. Blood maybe? The suit's not torn so it's probably not hers.
Hanzhou Hanzhou has just arrived, it has been a long journey but he's made it to some sort of civillization. He lifts his cowboy hat up slightly, when he hears some singing and then glances towards Clara upon her horse Cinnanmon. His eyes take note of her and the flask she is carrying. He casually steps to the side as she passes him and glances around, taking in the sights as well as sounds of this new place.

He's wearing a rather odd looking outfit, a cowboy hat on his head, cowboy boots and a set of hard leather armor with a chestplate decorated with a rectangluar white flag and a red circle disc in the center.

At the sound of booing, Hanzhou lifts his head to look over at Darlene studying her carefully and noticing the stains on her Vault suit. Seems like he's an interesting place already and it hasn't even been five minutes yet since his arrival.
Lilly Caine Thundering hoofbeats.. well.. Hoofbeats.. less thunder and more just a single horse with an over-enthusiastic rider. Whatever, in a display of Drama that is probably more the work of one young woman, Lilly drives Sprocket towards Clara, folling the sound of the voice she knows far too well, the one that lulled her to sleep.. "CLARA!". Knees, Elbows and a lot of jangling gear is escorted to the singer, the horse slowing down and showing a great deal more wisdom than the rider, as they approach
Guardian Caldwell The BoS Knight calmly and listens to the singing quietly. Not saying a word before walking over to McCriven and the group of wastelanders and nodding to them "Evening everyone. How are you all tonight?" he asks, fiddling around with his newly acquired pip-boy as he tries to tune it into some WASTELAND JAMS for his own enjoyment. Succeeding in tuning into the local radio frequency and lowering the volume so it's not a nuisance.
Alice Alice is drawn to the sound of the singing as she walks down the street with a very large robot beside her. The robot, known as O.V.E.R. 9000 appears to be a heavily modified Sentry-Bot, although missing much of its weaponry.

"Hey OVER 9000. Do you think we'll find Vaultmeat again?" Alice asked the robot as she walked down the street.

"*BZT*" Was the only response Alice got from the Robot.

"Hey. Do you think that we'll get in trouble for you zapping Chef Gastonne?"

The robot replied with another, "*BZT*"

"What do you mean I'm going to be in trouble? Ugh, you're the worst." Alice replied to the Robot before rolling her eyes. Odds are, O.V.E.R. 9000 couldn't even speak and the robot likely didn't even understand what was being said to it.

Maybe it would go on a homicidal rampage at any moment.

Hanzhou is definitely the strangest sight she's seen today and she rushes up towards the man, asking with a big grin, "Hey! Neat, can I see your.." She looks down at her Pip-Boy and taps the screen a few times, "Katana?"
Clara Caine Now Clara shows no signs of offence at the rather rude remark from Darlene. No, the charming woman halts her horse and uses the reins to take a step around, blue eyes peering her way. "You're a right pain sometimes you know." Letting go of the reins, her hand dips into her saddle bag, out comes a cheese covered bun. A second later it's tossed to the disheveled woman. "Eat and keep your yapper shut now!" But there is nothing but humour in her tone and smile.

And of course the off looking man was noticed, and thusly, she leans forward some. Sure a flask is in her hand, but eyes are fine and she doesn't smell of booze. "Why hello there darling. Not seen you around before." A gloved hand would come out to shake his hand, her smile aa charming as always. "Cl -" The introduction is lost, because her like-daughter comes rolling in like the threat of thunder above.

"Lil' flower what's wrong?!" Asks the woman to her like-daughter, tone full of convern, flask tucked into her saddlebag now. Arrives such as Alice and Will aren't noticed, because a mother's, or someone who had to play the role, worry wins every time.
Darlene     Oh hey, food. Lene makes a mental note to jeer at Clara more often if it means a free dinner, but further noises of japery and foolishness fall to the wayside as Clara does her Mom Thing. Well, that's a relief. Lilly was a handfull, but a cute handful.
    Lene wobles up to sit properly in the bench outside the Milita offie, before starting to nosh on her bun and consider the sky. Dammit, she's going to be down workin' on the Vault's sumps again, isn't she?
Lilly Caine Lilly smiles and shows off her new cloak. "Got this when we went out. Whatcha think?" showing off, like.. well a child to her mother. Not much of 4 yrs difference, but the eager yearn to please still lingers somewhere amid grime, dust, grease and spit.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell, being ignored, goes over to Alice and nods to her "Think we'll get noticed? Or are we doomed to eternal lonelieness until we are needed?" he asks only half-sarcasticly, but theres probably some truth to it. He opens up his BOS issued pipboy and begins typing in some commands into it, looking up towards the OVER 9000 bot. "Where'd you get that?" he asks, pointing up to the giant sentry bot to hopefully start some conversation.
Hanzhou Hanzhou turns to face the overly enthusiastic Alice who approaches him and her...OVER 9000 robot, which causes him to blink but he recovers quite quickly. Giving both of them a slight bow with his hands by his side. "Konichiwa and greetings." He says in a polite yet soft voice and seems a bit taken back by your request as his eyes grow slightly wide.

Shaking his head, while holding up both hands with his palms out as a respectful gesture to decline. "'ve correctly identified the type of blade I have. Very good. However, I cannot grant your request. I am sorry." He then offers you a small smile and in turn looks curiously at your outfit as well as your robot. "I have not often seen that clothing before or a...metal pet?" He then gets distracted when Clara leans down from her horse to speak to him.

"Hai. I just arrived." He then offers the horse riding Cowgirl a slight bow but then he see's her getting distracted by Lilly and turns his attention back to Alice. "Oh, how rude of me. My name is Hanzhou." he bows his head slightly and then looks towards Caldwell when he walks up to Alice, incling his head politely to the BoS as well.
Alice Alice smiled at William, "Hello Knight Caldwell! Have you found your Brothers yet?" She frowns just a little at Hanzhou's response but shrugs it off, "I'm Alice, this is Knight Caldwell of the Brotherhood. He's searching for his lost brothers, I think he has a pretty big family. Not like me, I'm an only child. It's kind of tough being an only child, there are lots of expectations."

"Right OVER 9000?" She asked of the robot who replied with a, "*BZT*" Then surprisingly O.V.E.R. 9000 started rolling away towards the North Gate all by himself.

"Wait, come back! Where are you going? Are you trying to find Vaultmeat?"


Alice shrugged her shoulders and didn't seem overly concerned about the killer-deathbot, explaining, "Vaultmeat is his friend. We saved him from a chef who was cooking dogs in Vault Town. You really shouldn't eat at The Vault Restaurant. Except he ran off! Now we're going to find him out in the Wasteland. Anyone want to come?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell gives a brief smile to Hanzhou "Nice to meet you Hanzhou. I am Knight William Caldwell of the Brotherhood of Steel. A pleasure to make your acquantince." he returns the bow to the samurai so as to not be rude to him, trying to perfectly mimic the bow in the same way the samurai did. Afterwards he turns to Alice "We found the wreck where my dead comrades lay, yes. The people of these town looted them for everything they were worth like the vultures they are. Thankfully I got the biggest piece of technology out of there." he shows off his Pipboy with BoS markings on it to Alice before blinking "Vaultmeat..? Sounds fun...I guess i'll come with you if you want? Might as well since I have nothing better to do. I hope you'll be supplying ammo if we're going to the wasteland though, energy cells aren't cheap."
Augustus Nielson Augustus Nielson appeared from the North gate. He was an older gentlemen, leaning on a cane as he hobbled down the road, whistling an unrecognizable tune. His end cane kicking up dust as it slid off the ground over and over, accopanied by the dragging of his feet, a small cloud of dirt lingered behind him as he shuffled down the road.
Clara Caine Clara looked worried, Lilly held her attention until it all came down to being about a cloak. "Hot damn lil' flower! You had me worried! You trying to give me a heart attack?!" But, in her motherly way, the rancher can't be mad. And given that she is a great rider, she directs her horse beside her like-daughter and puts an arm around her. "You look like a flower in bloom, my dear." Following that Lilly get a motherly kiss to the side of her head.

With concern gone, she looks back to everyone else now, tilting her head some while watching.
Darlene     Oh hey. Lene shifts a bit, trying to suss out the oher conversations a bit, before she leaves up to her feet, wobbles faintly and shuffle over to the Caine. She bites on her cheese bun and uses her hands to force her hair into a better knot. "Mmmmrrmmhmhnph?" Bite. "I mean... Clara, have you heard if they're doin' anything for Sheriff Wayne? Like are we doin' a proper funeral or somethin'?"
Lilly Caine Lilly hugs Clara back, beaming warmly. "We got the bits she needed. I think she's happy. I got a few bits too", She looks to Darlene, then to Clara, not having heard, probably because she was off in her own little world somewhere.
Hanzhou "It is an honor to meet you, Alice. I meant no offence, just that...if I draw my Katana, then I must also draw blood and I do not wish to do this. That is why I do not show you." He then offers Alice a slight bow in apology and when she asks about finding Vaultmeat, he see's a chance to atone. "I offer my assistance to help you find...this Vaultmeat, if you will have my blade?" He then glances towards OVER 9000 as he rolls away towards the North Gate, "Oohh, your metal pet is...leaving."

Turning to the BoS he gives him an apologetic smile, "Sorry to hear that about your comrades. My condolences." He's heard rumors about the Brotherhood of Steel, possibly seen some people running around in Power Armor when he was wandering the wastelands but he avoided them since they had lasers and strange technologies he had no clue about. He looks curiously at the pipboy, "What is that?"
Clara Caine As easy as breathing, Clara moves to dismount Cinnamon. Her elbow comes up to rest against the saddle, her hand holding her head up. Ankles cross casually, for a moment she looks to Lilly. "You're as bright as a firefly at night you know that?" Then, rolling her heels and standing upright, her attention turns to Darlene, tumbles hooking into some straps on he pants. "Not that I heard of yet, but I'll make a point to give a tune or two to him. But in the meantime why not stop making the bottom of that bottle your personal goal and get some rest. Don't make me come over there!" The joking threat is given with a wink.

Turning she regards the Asian man the girl and the robot. Well, no harm in going to renew introductions so with a two fingerer whistle she goes to head their way, her horse dutifully following.%
Darlene     "It's not the bottom of the bottle's my goal, Clara, you know that... Just don't like seein' people dead is all. Also." Lene takes another pull of beer. "I gota job tomorrow with your brother and I'm all anxious, okay? There's maybe some good propsectin' where we're goin'."
    Darlene huff grumbles and then... settles back against her bench, sota flumping there as Clara walks past.
Augustus Nielson As he moves along Augustus can't help but overhear something about /Dead People/ he may have been old, but his hearing was still as sharp as the day his mother made him. Picking up the pace he hobbles his way over to the small congregation of townspeople, kicking up a fair amount of dirt as he speeds up. "Excuse me miss, did you say something about dead people? Er..people being dead?" The day had been quiet so far, and Augustus was suspicious.
Alice "I'm really sorry to hear that, but uh, I don't have anything to spare." Alice sighed before smiling brightly at Hanzhou, "Oh, he's not my pet. O.V.E.R. 9000 is my friend. I found him in the maintenance tunnels in vault town wandering into a wall going 'Bzzzt Kill all Humans. Bzzzt Kill all Humans.' So I fixed him."

The Pip-Boy on Alice's wrist began to crackle, it was currently set to the Vault Town frequency, "Alice Carroll. Please report to the Overseer's Office immediately."

"Gosh Darnit!!!! OVER 9000 was right. I'm in trouble. Well, um, I'll see you all later!" Without further taking up the offer to help her in the Wasteland she started running south towards the entrance to Vault Town.
Guardian Caldwell The BoS Knight checks over his laser pistol, yawning before reholstering it. He quietly sighs to himself before shaking his head. "Sooo..." he trails off, not thinking of any interesting conversation to say. "Welp. Bye then Alice." he says, waving to her goodbye.
Darlene     Oh hey more people. Lene blinks a bit, as a vey new and very tall man ambles up. "Nnnnnhoooo'the'fuck'r'you?" Her brown eyes fix on the revolvers and the tallness and her flushed red cheeks puff a bit. "If you have to know, I was there pokin' through the mess of body bits and stuff that was left after that caravan wen sky high with the Sheriff next to it."
    Burp. Darlene huffs and puffs a moment. "Sorry if that wasn't enough for ya but there you go."
Clara Caine Well the girl and her robot are gone, leaving Clara watching for a second. "I'll be." She musters, looking to Will then Han. "Sorry there darlin' didn't get ta finish introducing myself. Clara Caine, Rancher." Her smile is as charming as ever, she turns to Will. Going to repeat the introduction she turns to look at Darlene. "You're working with my brother? The guys who is as usefull as tits on a bull? No wonder." She understands now and sighs.
Augustus Nielson "Th-The Sheriff is dead!?" He exclamied with surpise, standing up completley straight with his cane off the ground. For a moment he looked like he didn't need the cane at all. Once he realized what he was doing he immediatley began to lean on it again, resting on it with both hands with it positioned in front of him. "When did this happen? Why haven't I heard about it? Wh-" he stopped himself for a moment as he realized he was frantically raving like a lunatic. "Who did it?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou blinks when Alice calls OVER 9000 a friend then she runs off after she gets a call on her pipboy thingy on her wrist. "Origato, Alice. Let me know if you need help finding this...vaultmeat." He watches her take off with her robot friend and then turns back to Knight Caldwell, "What is a Vaultmeat by the way?" He asks the BoS in a polite tone and then there is Clara introducing herself. Giving her a slight bow with his hands at his side, "Hai Clara. I am, Hanzhou and new to his region." He then glances from Clara to Caldwell as they speak to one another and then looks over towards Augustus as he was raving about the sherrif being dead.

"I am sorry but I must get going. I have not slept under a roof in a long while and looking forward to it. It was nice to meet the both of you and perhaps we shall meet again soon." He inclines his head slightly, adjusts his Katana that is sheathed on his back and then walks off strumming a light melody on his shamisen guitar. What an odd fellow indeed.
Darlene     "No one /did/ it, some... some idiot was smokin' around the powder and-" Pchoooo goes Darlene with a little pantomimed explosion. "Buh. So now we ain't got a sheriff."
    She points a finger at Clara. "Ain't just him, that handsome Ranger guy is comin too, so I gots two handsome men to stand 'tween me an' ghouls."
Augustus Nielson Taking one hand off his cane to rub his beard, still leaning on it with ther other he begins to speak; "No deputy to be promoted?" In the back of his mind he couldn't help but think there /must/ be more to the story than that, but he kept himself from inquiring the woman further.
Clara Caine To those departing she waves, but attention is on Darlene. "Ew." Her brother being good looking? Ew. Yet she glances to Augustus. "Maybe I'll take a stab at it."
Lilly Caine Lilly climbs off her horse, to stand beside Clara, idling patting Sprocket's neck, soothing the beast what needs no soothing the way it appears. She fishes in one of the saddebags and pulls out a small orange stick. well, it looks like a stick, but it's actually a very wisened carrot. She offers it to the horse who sniffs it and turns away. Lilly shrugs and takes a bit herself, chewing noisly.. well, trying to. it's a little manky by now and has lost most of it's snap.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Clara "Pleasure to meet you, Clara. I'll be sure to talk to you if I need some help with ranching. I am William Caldwell, Knight William Caldwell of the Brotherhood Of Steel." he stretches and begins to move off to go deal with his own problems, call him 2 Chainz.
Augustus Nielson "You part of the law enforcment around here?" Augustus asks Clara as he eyes her up and down a bit with a slightly crooked look on his face.
Clara Caine An arm goes to hand around Lilly's shoulders. "No, but my grandpa was the hero here. I'm Clara Caine, likely the sanest of the three of us." She adds in, replying to Augustus.
Lilly Caine Lilly miles and waves, leaning against Clara. "I'm Lilly. I'm not sane", putting an arm around Clara. "You aint looking to cause no trouble cuz we aint got no sherrif, issen'ya?" A hand goes dramatically to her laser pistol.. though it may appear the strap holding it isn't even undone. No use risking losing a wonderful piece of tech just cuz it might be easy to pull out of a holster.
Darlene     Darlene huffs a bit at all this sheriff talk (that she totally started), and wobbles up to her feet. "Buh, Clara you just don't like hearin' your brother is a nice fella maybe sometimes. I'll see you 'round, k?" She huffs as she scoots to ruffle Lilly's hair, give the older Caine a hug, and then stumble past the rest of the crowd in the direction of Vault Town.
Augustus Nielson "Nice to meet you Miss Caine, I'm Augustus Nielson. I'm realtivley new in town." he says with a smile before acknowledging Lilly's remarks with a chuckle. "Oh no! Causing trouble is about the last thing I'm intrested in." he replies. "I just uh..." he pauses for a moment looking for the right words. "I'm not exactly a lawman myself, but I like to think of myself as a citizens deputy." he chuckles a bit before continuing; "I just hold law enforcment to a high standard, that's all." he continues with a smile.
Clara Caine "Well darlin' it's nice to meet you. But I need to get Cinnamon in the stable for some feed. But I do want to pick that brain of yours." Darlene would also of been given a hug. "You all be well, Lil' flower, you know the spew." Grabbing the reins she'd lead her horse to the stable.
Augustus Nielson Nodding to Clara and Lilly with a smile, Augustus situates himself using his own legs now and relying less on his cane. "So long Miss Caine." he says as he, himself continues about his previous business before he joined this conversation.