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Carter Griffin Despite Sammy's insistance, Carter does NOT need a wheelbarrow to be carted around in. He's still perfectly capable of walking, the round did go straight through his leg and didn't hit anything vital. He is walking with a limp though, clearly it hurts him. He pushes open the door to the clinic.

"Sammy for the last time, I'll be fine. The doctor patched me up last time when I had a damned tribal spear nick a rib, I think a through and through will be peice of cake." He stops once he's inside to look to see if the doctor is around.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having been motivated by the earlier conversation with Nathan at the Gold Digger Saloon, Kurokumo is becoming familiar with the equipment and the set-up of the place. She wishes she could have met the owner first before taking a peek, but she's here now. Turning at the opening door, the very young Japanese-American woman notices the injured man. "Come here." There are no introductions, as Kurokumo goes to help Carter along to one of the available beds.
Sammy Sammy was of course, carrying a walking stick, in addition to his rifle, over one shoulder, ready to hand it over to Carter, "I think the Field Improvised Medical Transport idea is sound. . . There was a holotape of people immigrating across the country like that. It'd be great when you just have to ... " as the young lady adresses Carter, he smiles, "I heard we're supposed to ask; 'Is there a Doctor in the House?' Is it you?"
    But Sammy's not uninjured himself, he's just hiding it better, he's got his chest armor with a rather large shiny dent in the front, it's unbuckled on the sides, with dark purple bruises showing.
Carter Griffin The injured Ranger moves towards the doctor after he enters, "Sammy did you already get patched up? You got hit harder than I did." He asks, as he looks over at the sniper, sitting down on one of the beds after the doc leads him to it, "Thank you, doctor."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Don't thank me yet." Kurokumo is nothing but practical, settling her kit on the nearby table before taking a closer look at the wound. From her own experiences, she doesn't ask questions if she doesn't have to. "I would recommend removing the armor, or otherwise I will have to cut it off." Kurokumo does not look shy, or embarassed. She does look to be reaching for a pair of surgical shears and forceps.
Sammy Sammy ambles over to the second table, and begins taking off his gear and stowing it beneath. When he takes the helmet off, it's tattletale dried blood that was kept in place by the respirator on the helmet. "I made sure the Civ'eeuns were treated, then made sure I didn't get any holes punched through, and laid down with a few shots of vodka ... I know I need more attention, but it's all about the campaign, Winning Hearts And Minds. I'm not sure why there were so many soft targets present on the operation, unless we're really looking for some extra levels of publicity... But I think Ambassador Gordon needs to leash the crowds if he's going to help..." all said while removing his helmet, duster, chest armor, and undoing his fatigue top, , tying it around his waist, the lean, athletic young man has the interior pattern of the armor embossed across his chest, in a mad angry purple and now greenish bruise pattern, and several cracked ribs to go along with. "Somethin somethin women and children first." and he makes a dismissive hand wave out the door.
Carter Griffin "Gordon may not be some desk jockey but he's also not a Ranger." Carter says to Sammy, "He wants to order us around like his own personal army, but he's got to realize we work best when working on our own cognisance." He does as the doctor asks though, taking off his chest armor and slipping the jeans off. He had patched himself up in the field. Of course by patched up that mostly means 'tying a bandana around the hole'
Kurokumo Mibojin      Shaking her head at the mess the two have made for themselves, Kurokumo is careful as she cuts the sides of the bandana off. Exposing the wound to the air, she reaches over to get her forceps and a basin-tray. "Get something to bite down on. This will hurt."
Sammy Sammy watches the woman start to work on Carter, and reaches into the folded bundle of his duster for his smaller notebook, opening it and pulling the pen out, taking notes of how she's doing things, "Do you mind if I take notes? I've stabilized people, mainly to bring them to a medic station... But I'm no Surgeon. Well. With the job description I get to take things apart... Not so much the putting them back together. But I'm really really glad last night went off with as little a hitch as it did. Everybody got to come home with all their pieces attached."
Carter Griffin "Hey the more you know about medical work, the better it'll be for me in the future." Carter says, before he takes a stick and puts it in his mouth. He bites down on it. He knows this'll hurt, but he's ready for it to hurt.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Taking a steadying breath, Kurokumo reaches in with a sure grip. She doesn't have to dig in too terribly much, grasping the slug and pulling it free. It clangs noisily in the pan, before forceps are placed down and a makeshift cloth bandage is applied. The young woman eyeballs the bruised chest of Sammy. "You are one lucky bastard."
Sammy     "I totally agree..." he says to Carter, watching the stick routine. "I even found someone I t hink can bang out the dents and fix the armor up. A new paint job and it'll be good to go, probably." he looks as Kurokumo as she bandages up the older Ranger, and makes notes, 'dressing - sterilized cloth' Sammy scribbles, and looks to be fairly literate, thoguh nowhere near doctor-chicken-scratching. "Just don't make me paint a red cross on my armor, that... " he gestures out the door, "Is just begging for a kidnapping or worse." he smirks.
Carter Griffin The ranger bites down on the stick as the slug is dug out, and then pulls it out of his mouth once it's done. He takes a deep breath and then lets the doctor work, turning to look at Sammy. "I wouldn't expect you to drop the rifle just 'cause you know how to patch somebody up." He looks back down to the doc, "Thanks again just the same, Doc. Trust me that hurt a lot less than last time."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "'Just begging for a kidnpping' he says. 'Hurt a lot less than last time' he says." Kurokumo mutters, securing Carter's wounds firmly enough to staunch the bleeding before she could ever think about stiching it up. Seems like sarcasm is a constant companion to this Doc. "Hold this." And with that, Kurokumo moves from Carter to Sammy, assessing the damage.
Sammy     Sammy nods, and lies down on the table, setting his notes down for now, "It's actually a tactic in warfare to shoot anything that stands out from the rank and file troops, leaders with insignia, targets with different guns, medics." he lays still, "It's not great, but I've tried to ... well, distract enemy healersrather than shoot them directly."
Carter Griffin "Could always do the opposite. Dress like a raider and they'll think you're a Raider." Carter says, "Of course trhen one of our guys might shoot you instead. But that's a risk you'd have to be willing to take."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo knows better than to get in the way of such combat. Better to leave it to careless fools such as these. "Just make sure you wear the most ridiculous mohawk you can think of, so your friends are laughing too hard to shoot at you." She smiles wryly, before going to work picking out the buckshot that decorates Sammy's chest like a fucking Christmas Tree.
Sammy     Sammy lays there, making sure he's breathing slow, because it makes his chest move less for the doc and her tongs. "They taught us in basic. Incoming fire has the right of way. Friendly fire, isn't." he cites the rotes learned expressly at the hand of snarky malevolent demons known as Drill Instructors; "... do not be concerned with the bullet with your name on it. Be concerned with the shells labeled 'Occupant' and 'To Whom It May Concern'.... And that crazy fucker with the 'This one goes out to the one I love.' etched on the artillery shell." He's in way high levels of uncomfortable.
Carter Griffin Carter gets up from the bed, testing putting his weight on the leg, and then putting his gear back on, "I'll need to wash these pants now. Try to get the blood out of them." He sighs, "You know they had machines that'd wash stuff for you before the war. Like not robots, but actual machines you could just stick your clothes in and they'd come out clean. Must have been amazing."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "I have not stitched up your leg, yet. You move too soon, it's your own damn fault." Kurokumo is not under the illusion that she can stop an unruly patient, much less a soldier. Time and time again, the 'tang' of metal emptying into the pan can be heard, before the woman moves to santize and badnage Sammy up.
Sammy     Sammy doesn't mind the poking, plucking, and plinking of the buckshot being removed, he does grit his teeth quite a bit and hitch his breath quite a bit at the burning of the antiseptic and pads being applied. He resigns himself to the effort, clearly tensed up in his jaw as he foces himself to lie still. "Carter," he flinches, "...she's right. We're probably on light duty for a week or so."
Carter Griffin "You're the doc, doc." Carter replies, as he sits back down, "I hate light duty. Next time I better just not get my ass shot." He mutters. He hates sitting on the sidelines while other people do all the hard work.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Finally, someone actually is listening to her. "That's right. Don't get shot." Kurokumo doesn't sound convinced by her own words, hands deftly tying off Sammy's bandages. His weren't as deep to require stiches. Reaching back into her kit, out comes the curved stiching needle and fishinf twine. "Hold the muscle together." She murmurs, disinfecting the needle with alcohol before advancing upon Carter's leg.
Sammy     Sammy uses his arms to help push into a situp, so he can see the stiching bits, "I always like to try not getting hit, because it's so much easier, especially the paperwork." Gingerly, carefully he starts to slip his shirt back on, buttoning up the bloodied fatigues. "I think I saw a RobCo catalog holotape that had a clothes washer ... I just couldn't see myself trusting a Mr. Handy to my clothes though." he asides, "I think they had a lot of parts that were good for other things, thus the scarcity of finding them these days. Maybe we could ask a Vaultie?"
Carter Griffin Carter sits and watches, keeping himself settled in so he can watch himself get stitched up. Knowing how to do more than wrap a cloth around the hole should hopefully help him in the future when he needs to patch himself up.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Tying off the line, Kurokumo finishes bandaging Carter up. " could always wear red." Did someone once say that, once upon a time? Movie quotes left to the ages, the young woman cleans up her supplies. "This time is free. Go, you two need to get some rest." She waves them off, hoping that she will never see them again in this place. Or maybe she does.
Sammy Sammy grins and looks at his armor, before slowly pulling it over, careful not to apply too much pressure, and then the duster, but draped over like a cloak, and his helmet, with the facemask off to one side. He proffers the walking stick to Carter, as he stands up.