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Davey The sky darkens, the baked earth leeches its heat into the wide open sky.. Them as have the caps, motivation and ability to persue a nightlife flock to the burning toches of places like the Gold Digger. Always ready to part a man from his hard earned (or otherwise) cash. Be it booze, girls or gambling. We got it. A new face is behind the bar tonight, and an evil-looking blubberous face at that. In a world where most get barely enough to eat, this man is fat beyond belief. His pudgy elbows rest upon the bartop, jowls a-quiver as his tongue rakes out some morsel of food lost within the rotted mess of his teeth..

Davey grins, swallowing the scrap of meat he found. He raises his large self and takes up and empty glass, the hawks a gobbet of plegm into it and proceeds to smear the semi-viscous liquid in an attempt at 'cleaning' Possibly this has made matters worse. Job done, Davey leans his chunky elbows back on the bartop, inspecting the room.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake makes his way into the saloon and towards the bar where he takes a seat and watching Davey clean one of the glasses the deputy raises and places it on the bar, "Bottle of beer and... Who are you?"
Shane Shane doesn't really come in here but to pass through. otherwise, she would likely notice the change in bartenders. The patchy leathers clinging to her tiny, grime-streaked form are back long enough for her to scratch behind her collar, and she grimaces faintly at the phlegm in the glass, but merely shrugs rather than comment on it. "How much for a bottle?" she asks. If you have to ask, you rarely have enough, but... her eyes drift back to the cup all the same.
Davey Davey pauses for a second, taking the measure of Aidan, then grunts and half turns to rummage in one of the broken fridges behind the bar. "This'll do you" he says, plonking a weathered brown bottle on the bartop, opening it with his thumb. Then another patron, "Two, to you" he replies to Shane, "Same as that? Look like you could use something with a bit more kick to my mind" He turns his piggy eyes back to Aidan, "Davey" he says, then grins to reveal his blackened teeth. "Blowed into town a bit ago, took me a job here on account of my stunnin' personality" Davely leans on the bar, which, despite its solid construction creaks a little under his weight.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles a bit, "Aidan Drake one of the deputies here in town... Also, welcome to El Dorado. I will admit I'm gonna miss Miss err President Katherine runnin the bar but glad we've got a new tender here." He picks up the bottle and takes a sniff and mmms a bit before he takes a sip and looks over at Shane, "You do look like you could use somethin with a bit more kick. Been out in the wastes for a while?"
Shane "Shane," the small woman offers, along with a hand out as if to shake. "How would one go about just sort of doing something like that? Around here, I mean?" The cajun-creole hint of the bayou is apparent when speaking, and she frowns in thought, "Today's been better than not. Found interesting caves to explore this past week. Beautiful place. I should tell the cartographer letting me sleep in their shanty about it. Another map for the walls." She smiles to herself at that, rolling her ankle and pulling boots back to check it. "Think he was right and it was fractured, but it seems to be fine /now./" She nods up at the bartender reaching as she offers the pair of caps, "My thanks."
Davey "A deputy, is that so? Well nice to mee you Mister Aidan Drake, and same to you Miss Shane" His use of 'Mister' and 'Miss' sound a little mocking, but Davey's hand wanders up to where he imagines his forelock might be. He silently drinks in the news of new caves, doing the barblob's job of pretending to hear nothing, but remembering all of it. "And as for the kick, how about you try yourself one of these on me.." He reaches below the bartop, to exactly where any regular would know there's a shotgun stowed, gives an extravagant wink to Aidan then brings his hand up, clutching an old whiskey bottle containing an amber liquid. "Now this my fine friends is my very own brew" he takes a look at the plegm-cleaned glass that was getting his attentions not so long ago and shakes his head. He reaches below again and comes up with three less-scuffed and chipped glasses between his pudgy fingers. "Wildsnake, she's called. A treat upon your belly" he uncorks the bottle, and pours three measures. "Don't have a still set up yet, this my special reserve" Davey nudges two of the glasses over the bartop. "Get yourself of the outside of that" The barblubber raises his own glass to his lips and winks.
Shane "Wildsnake?" the toned little woman asks, pushing half up off her stool and leaning forward some to follow the movement of Davey's hand - she's not a regular, she doesn't know about the gun! But she does settle heavily as someone of her stature can manage. Which is heavily, as she's loaded down with all sorts of leftover leather and random disks and who knows what else, half tucked into numerous pockets. "Thankye kindly."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit, "Yup deputy." And as the whiskey is passed towards him he takes a look before bringing the glass up to sniff the spirits, "Smells amazing. We've got a lady up by the river that's got a still. Maybe you could work with her to make sure you've got a good supply of spirits coming into the saloon? I think she's making vodka though but I could be wrong."
Davey Davey shakes his head, "I'd have to build my own still from the ground" he states. "Some of the stills I've seen.. I wouldn't piss in 'em let alone make a decent brew. Now the Bishops back West they had all sorts of metalwork, copper pipes as thin and twisty as you like. Even glassware!" Davey's jowls quiver as he gets more animated talking about the Art Of Booze, the amber liquid in his glass almost slops out as he gestures. Almost. "Soon enough though I'll have a version of this up and going, you see if I don't!" He raises the glass almost to his lips, then grins at Shane, "Don't worry none about the name, there's no snake in it" 'much' He mumbles into the glass, pouring the liquid into his maw.
Shane "I heard they put worms in alcohol before." Shane shakes her head a bit, smiles, and brings the glass to her lips, "I still don't get that." She lifts the glass to take a sip of it at first - a proclivity that has resulted in a wince more than a time or two, given some of the piss and toilet wine the Wastes calls booze these days. "Damn." Appreciative look. "That's smoother than I expected."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles as he takes a sip, "Good stuff. And she makes good stuff not sure who you'd need to talk to for the parts to build a still. Maybe the old owner had a setup here not sure? It's good whiskey I'd buy a bottle when it's flowing better." He looks over at Shane, "So what is it you do 'round here Miss Shane? First time I've seen you in town."
Davey "Worms? That's a waste of food if you ask me" says the man big enough to call a molerat a snack. "Juices are where it is, the right plants and squeezins, the right temperature for long enough" Davey sighs, "That's art that is" The barblob refills his own glass, only his own, and 'loses' the bottle back below the bar.
Shane "You want the honest answer?" Shane gives a faint nod, before opting for it. "I was /supposed/ to be a healer. I was even most of the way done learning it, too, before the one who was doing the teaching... some trades you can't /afford/ a mistake. And childbirth is a blood, ugly business." She stares into the glass. "After that? Spent half my life as a raider, it's what my siblings and father were doing... and then a couple months ago, the youngest died. And I fled. I've been here for over a month, staying with Davidson in Shantytown. He told me this is a good place for second chances... I figured maybe I could turn knowing how to bring the pain and patching people up into some kind of asset, some kind of good. I want to protect people like Victoria and Davidson, so that not everything has to be struggle, so we can reach to get back to what we were once... however long that takes." And then on the heels of the monologue, she drains the rest of the glass.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake raises up his glass and nods before he downs the last of it as well, "I can drink to that. If you get a chance talk to my sister Sparrow. She may be able to help you finish up learnin to be a healer. Raiders hit my family ranch when I was younger it's why I wear a badge now to try and help keep folks safe." He glances over at Davey and laughs, "Worms as food? Only if stuff goes really really bad. But booze soaked worms wouldn't be terrible..."
Davey Davey just nods along, hearing news and giving silent sympathetic looks as a good barsloth should. He takes up a cloth that is only slightly less grubby than the bar and proceeds to wipe the scarred surface, occasionally taking a measured sip of his drink. "There much trouble in town these days?" he asks of Aidan. "Heard about the recent strife, all calmed down a bit has it?"
James Drenched in sweat a grease-soaked heavyset man limps into the bar. He gives his head a quick shake and as his mullet flails, droplets of sweat go flying in every direction. A multitude of colors are present across his shin beneath a rolled up pants leg. He winces with every step and his face is sickly pale amongst various smudges of soot and grease. "Aliens! It's galldern aliens!" he manages to yell before collapsing to the floor. Still conscious he rambles on as if a touch delerious.
Shane "Sparrow? The name doesn't ring a bell but then..." Shane trails off, the implication being of course she wouldn't have, being new to the state even. She offers a grimace and nods at Aidan, "I'd rather protect people than fix them once they're hurt. I was never.... but I couldn't leave my family. And then when what she died for died..." Someone's getting all distracted and introspective. Liquor.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs a bit, "She's become a bit of a hermit living out by Avalon lately. But if you wanna do more protectin than fixin the law could use more bodies as could the militia." Then James comes running in and Aidan looks over at the man, "Aliens you say? They the grey ones or the green ones?" Not the first time the deputy's heard about aliens in these parts...
Davey "Oh dear.." mutters Davey, letting the cloth drop to the bartop. "'scuse me would you" he says to Aidan and Shane. He hitches up his trousers and waddles from behind the bar to stand over the be-mulleted greasesmith. "Been out without our hat, have we?" he says, loud and slow. "Had a whiff of jet at lunchtime, did we?" Davey prods the recumbent figure with a steel-shod foot.
James In between panting breaths James stammers, "Aliens..runnin..everythang." He gasps for breaths a few times as he clutches his leg and looks around aimlessly. After a moment his eyes go wide and he stammers out another word, "Gee Man." A horrid stench of fumes waft from him smelling of grease, sweat, profuse body odor, and the faint smell of almonds. Looking around as if unsure which direction to turn, "No jet! They drive spaceships!"
Shane "OH!" Shane manages a grin, "I love that place! It's where I got my bow. Can't say I blame here, on hearing that." She looks from Davey to James and back again, a touch bemused, before glancing back to Aidan, "I prefer something besides militia. I'm not.... soldierish, like... with straight lines and contant routine shit and... I dunno, hell." She looks at James a long moment, "That uh... is that alright there, James?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake hrms and nods a bit as he listens to Shane, "The Sheriff's Department might be a good fit for you then. Or the Marshal's Office." He glances over towards Davey and shakes his head when Davey starts prodding the man with his foot, "Eh dunno bout jet bud. There's been talk of Aliens around here for as long as I can remember. Wouldn't be shocked if he really did see somethin." He slides down off his barstool and moves over to help the greasy man up to his feet, "You need a drink and to calm down hos. Try taking a seat."
Davey Daveys eyebrows shoot up his forehead, "Huh, never heard of that" he says, wondering exaclty what kind of town he's wandered into. Still, can't be worse than ghouls and super mutants and big fuckin' ants. "I'll fix something to calm his nerves a bit" Davey's rolling gait takes him back behind the bar where he grabs various bottles of differing hues, pouring a little of this, then a splash of that into a somewhat smeared glass. He finishes by tipping the tiniest measure of his own Wildsnake into the mix, causing the concoction to turn green and froth violently. "There" says the barblob, shoving the fizzing beverage over, "Get that down his neck"
James James tries to clambor to his feet but as his weight shifts to his injured leg he screams out in a manner resemblant of a six year old girl. "AAAAIII!" He takes a few moments to regain what symbolence of composure he might have had clutching to the edge of the bar for support. Once more looking confused and by mistake pointing to Shane instead of Davey, "You said sumthin bout lunchtime?" he asks with thick southern drawl.
Shane "Yikes," Shane pushes up to her feet, nodding to herself as she sees James go offbalance. "You want to tell me about your leg?" she asks softly, digging though a sack of scraps and other (on a glance) random looking things. She looks from him to the fizzing glass, not wanting to touch anything yet.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake lets the almost healer start working on the man's leg and looks at the drink that Davey set out for James and blinks a couple of times, "That looks pretty potent..." And as Shane begins to rummage through her things he looks back at Davey, "Don't wanna drain your Wildsnake stock but got any other decent whiskey? Another round if you do I think when she's done she'll prolly want it."
James "The caves," he mumbles to Shane. "Them ones with da crystals in em. Slipped an busted it opin. Tha's whem I realized dem aliens musta been hind all the weird stuff round ere like tha damn Gorilla Man." James gives goofy smile as his attention shifts to the fizzing drink. Quickly he guzzles the concoction before slamming the empty glass to the bar.
Davey "Sure, got some more" nods Davey, "Not what I' call 'decent' meself, but it'll do" he rummages around behind the bar and produces a bottle of somewhat murky brown liquid. "Get your man to drink that, though" he nods to The Concoction that has not stopped fizzing and foaming and has settled to a rather pleasant blue colour, "Clears the head a treat"
Shane "Shit," Shane nods a couple times in quick succession on hearing that, pulling up off her stool and wandering over closer. "Those caves. I know those caves." She blinks at word of a Gorilla Man, looking to Davey and Aidan at something of a loss. "Gorilla man?"
James Up is down and yellow is four as everything spins. The light fades away inwardly as outwardly his mullet cushions the plop of his head fallin to the bar.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs a bit as the glasses get topped off and takes a drink from his glass, "I dunno heard rumor of a smart gorilla up in Jack's Town area. Maybe something like that?" He then polishes off the glass, "I'd suggest getting him to the clinic if he wants to go. And when he's a bit more coherent maybe the Sheriff's office for a statement see what we can do about the caves at least. But I gotta go check on the cattle and horses before I hit the hay." Looking at Shane again, "Stop by the Drake Ranch or the Sheriff's office we can sit and talk about you maybe coming to work for us. It's not soldiering and I think it's more directly helping the folks around here. And if you don't wanna do that could still visit and grab a drink." He looks at James, "Wonder if those crystals had anything on 'em."
Shane Once James passes out, Shane looks rather relieved - less need to worry about him being tender or her hurting something if he flinches. She nods deeply at Aidan "I will. It was nice meeting you." She then pulls James off to the cheapest room she can get, though, so he's not passed out in the middle of the bar, and quickly sets to work cleaning up the long, filthy gashes left in the cave where the wounds were got. "I think you're good now, guy," she murmurs.