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Nathan Nathan has his wagon and stuff and was doing a trip around the El Dorado federation area and has stopped at Avalon and started a Lone Star bar tab for the guards and hired hands that came along with the small caravan trip. He's currently sitting at a table fairly close to the bar with a glass of mead in front of him.
Lowry Lowry is one of said guards and never one to turn down a drink. Sitting along side Nathan his hat is on the table next to his watered whiskey. He down it and holds the glass up. "Another, hold the water." He says before turning to nathan. His head is stiched up and he scrathces at the five oclock shadow on his jawline. "'Preciate it, partner. Fairly safe journey so far. Be nice to have our radio girl around though. Heard anything about Silver? Airwaves been dead."
Nathan Nathan shakes his head, "Haven't heard anything about her yet... Nor have I met her either should get that changed up when she resurfaces I'd like to get a face to the voice I hear while I'm traveling. I hear it's a nice face to look at." He takes a drink from his mead being Avalon it's what they made best the whiskey is likely always watered down from them getting it elsewhere.
Lowry      Lowry nods. "She's an alright girl. Saved my ass a time or two as well." His drink comes and he sips. "I said /hold/ the water!" He just shakes his head and continues. "Yea, she's damn cute though! I mess that chick up." He's grinning and clearly buzzed, as usual. After finishing his drink he adds, "Prone ta' dissapear though. Bit of a drug problem." Shrugging he doesnt seem too concerned. "We all got our skeletons and such though. Still, I'd wreck 'er." Looking around he decides to try the beer. "I'll have what he's having." He says to a serving girl.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as he continues to drink his mead, "Just make it a pitcher. Easier that way." He chuckles, "I'll have to see for myself got some drugs I need to get rid of could maybe make it easier for her not to vanish by keeping her properly supplied. Where's the radio station based out of? I haven't actually cared enough to find out before the old guy was boring as hell to listen to."
Lowry "Oh yea? What you got?" Lowry reaches inside a shirt pocket and pulls out a little bag. "I just got this. Pretty good but wondering how it stacks up against other folks stuff. My friend cooked it." He pulls his knife and grabs a little bit and takes a snort from the blade. His eyes go wide. "Fuck!" HE would offer it over to Nathan if he wants.
Nathan Nathan shrugs, "I've got tons of daytripper and a lil bit of calmex, med-x, psyhcho, daddy-o, buffout, mentats, jet... And some good moonshine." He looks at the stuff that Lowry handed over before he gives it back, "Don't do the drugs just drink the booze."
Lowry      Lowry nods. "ME neither for tha' most part. But without Shirley I gotta test tha' goods. IT's fun sometimes." His eyes start drooping and he sips his beer. He looks sideways at the man and says, "Moonshine? Well lets try it out! I am one whose weak fer' the liquor. I'd take some o that if its any good."
Nathan Nathan shrugs, "It's strong... Dunno about good." He goes and gets a jar of shine from his bag and hands it over to Lowry, "It'll but hair on your chest thats for sure. And we'll just have to find her to be the test subject.... Or maybe some other junkie so we don't lose our radio girl."
Lowry      Lowry smiles and takes the jar. He eyes it and opens. He pours a very small drop on the table and pulls his matches. Striking one he lights the little bit of moisture and watches it burn blue, smiling. "This shit will make ya' blind!" He takes a pull and winces. "Hot damn! Ill take a few quarts. And yea, but she'll stay high anyhow. Might as well keep 'er around. Shes got a good knack fer' knowin when trouble is a headin' yer way too." He gets a puzzeled look on his face. "Damndest thing. Some kind a pscycher or somethin far as I can tell."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Well in that case lets make sure we keep her high and happy so she doesn't run off good to know if we should keep going on a route or veer off right?" He watches as Lowry tries to burn the place down... "Careful you'll put your eye out!"
Lowry      Lowry nods. "Yea, she's on it when shes actually there. I do some scoutin' fer' her so we stay in touch. More then a time or two she gave me a heads up about reavers or a Deathclaw nest. I owe her, thats fer' sure. It's nice havin' some communication out in the wastes. Fer' years I roamed alone, nice havin someone watchin yer six." He takes a long pull at his beer and continues. "Ya know, I found her up at bitter lake one time, needle in her arm and a mole rat chewin her to death." He frowns, "Hope she aint lyin in no gutter."
Nathan Nathan hmmms a bit, "Well whatcha think should we go lookin for her? I've made some decent caps this run we could cut it short and start a small search for her?"
Lowry      Lowry squints an eye and then downs his beer. Standing up he picks his hat up and sets it atop his head. "Ya know? Yer' damn right we should!" Lowry looks around at the other caravaneers in the bar. "whaddya all say?!? Let's find our radio girl! Lone start gets liquored together we should sure as hell stick ta'gether!" Some of the men raise there glasses and some just kind of turn away. Seems about 50/50
Nathan Nathan shakes his head and shrugs, "Those who want to finish the route back to El Dorado feel free the rest who want to head off to find our radio junky we'll depart shortly... In the morning most likely when we're semi sober."
Lowry      "Well shit, if we are waitin." Lowry grins and downs his beer, ordering another. "This rounds on me" He gives Nate a nod and sits back down. "I won't be sober but I'll be ready come tha' A.M."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Well in the morning we go searchin! For now we drink." And then they go back to drinking.