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Lowry      The glow in here is obnoxious! And the haze of smoke undeniable. Folks seem to be enjoying themselves and the liquor is flowing quite freely. There is a group of Lonestar folks in a corner. Lowry is one of them, his hat on the table next to his glas.. "Starting to get worried, truth be told." He can be heard saying of the general noise. "I mean, fer her ta' be gone this long. Usually she'd a surfaced by now." He shakes his head and downs the glass, holding it up for another.
Tibbie     Where there's merriment, there's Tibbie! The inclusive gal saunters in the bar and takes a long gander at place, seeing as it's new to the Shantytown girl, but some of the caravaners with Lowry are no strangers to her as she recognizes him and a few others. Her brown eyes beam along with her lips as joins the crew in the corner,

"Hey there chums! Now who'se is y'all talking about surfacin'n whatnot?" Tibbie asks as she overheard Lowry on the way in, being the nosey person she is. Before the crew get to explaining she get's the tender's attention for a shot of whiskey as she settles in to listen.
Lowry      Lowry smiles to the girl. "One Miss Lady silver. Vanished a few days ago. But that's not unusual. She should 'a been around by now though. We been upturnin rocks and shit but no luck yet. " A serving girl comes over now and replaces Lowry's drink. "And hers." He says pointing at Tibbie. "That ones on me." He grins and holds his glass up. "Wo what brins ya out this way?"
Tibbie     The girl nods to Lowry's answer of Surelda, "That's a shame, I'm sure she'll be alright, might be a phase in the moon or somethin!" Tibbie reassures Lowry and the Lonestars. She's certainly dressed for the bar; cropped-tee, shorts, and boots, and with her hair partially braided screams she's just a hat short of a cowgirl.

"As for me? Well I been cooped up with Jefecita and them ovens all week, a break's long overdue for me!" She smiles and take a swig of the glass, "Thanks for pickin up my tab too by the by chum!"
Lowry      Lowry gets kick out of her upbeat nature. He shrugs though. "I hope so. She's my bud, owe er ma life a time or two over." He takes another sip and adds, "Don't mention it." Squinting he continues. "OVens? What you do anyways?"
Tibbie     After taking yet another swig of the small shot glass, Tibbie tilts her head and sets a friendly hand on Lowry's shoulder, "I know that feelin! I aint seen my caravanin' buds here now in months! They were the only folks willin to help save my family's livelihood!" She looks to the company with Lowry and fist-bumps a few of them, then continues to answer Lowry,

"My family cooks y'know, the best sourdough you ever tasted, and jerky that'll make your mouth explode! Well, not really explode but y'know, flavors'n all! Fact! Lemme see here." the tanned gal props her drawstring bag into her lap and fishes out a paper-wrapped parcel the size of her hand. Handing it Lowry, it would be easy to feel in one's hand that it is a small loaf of sourdough with two strips of jerky on each side.

"Gotta have a little somethin in your stomach when yer drinkin!" Tibbie smiles and passes out a few more parcels to her friends.
Lowry      "Oh. I wasn't aware. Just signed on a few months ago." He holds his glass up. "To Lonestar then!" The others join in loudly and cups are raised and the drinks are had. "Oooo, thanks. I always forget to eat!" He unwraps it and tries the jerky. His eyes roll towards her. "That sure as hell is good!" He finishes chewing and washes it downs. "Much obliged, darlin'." He adds with a wink. He sets the sourdough on the table for later. He twirls a hand and orders another round. "so, tell me more about yer family? Lsc saved 'em?"
Tibbie     The Shantytown girl chuckles and tucks away some hair behind her ear, "Well I technically ruined the family first. My Daddio had this, well y'know anything bout makin bread? You gotta feed this smelly gunk in a jar, that's the magic that makes the flavor and all the airy bubbles in the loaf, and I went on to break it but it was an accident I swear!" She seems to defend herself as the other members of the crew seem to look at her teasingly, as if she's not telling the whole story, but she continues.

"Daddio and the doc convinced Lonestar to bring me along for a run on out south, reeeeeal far south to pick up my uncle's jar of gunk, the family's been feedin them jars for generations, that's the secret y'know! So if it wasn't fer these folks keepin me safe and showin me how the wastes works, well I'd be stuck scared in Shantytown forever!" Tibbie finishes her story with gusto and takes a mighty gulp of her whiskey and exhales sharply, feeling the burn.
Lowry      Lowry nods as she tells her story. Seeming confused at certain points. "wEll, I am glad it all worked out fer' the best." He offers a warm smile to her. "What in the hell ya feed 'em?" He keeps on drinking and the others are seemingly getting more rowdy as well. "Oh wait. Ya' talking about yeast?"
Tibbie     "Thanks chum! Name's Tibbie Gaines, and you just gotta feed'm a lil water and flour, aint nothing too serious like an animal's gotta eat!" Tibbie chuckles and returns the smile to Lowry and the gang, "How long you been riding the Van-er life chum?" She asked the hazel-eyed man, at least she thought they were hazel, the smoke in the bar obscures these details sometimes. Tibbie waits for his answer while getting to work on the next whiskey, she seems to hold her own with the fellas so far.
Lowry "Ehh, about two months. I don't mind it. A little safer than what I used ta' do. Lot better pay. And the chance ta' take a break once in awhile." His eyes scan the room now, a habit. "Ya like tha' drink, huh?" He grins and downs his. "Keep 'em comin!" He shouts and the other guys give a happy cheer. "We usually drink our fill." The others join in with agreeance.
Tibbie     Tibbie cheers with the fellas and beams back to Lowry with a nod, "Drinkin's one of my favorite hobbies!" She giggles and adds further to what Lowry said, "Two months aint so bad! That what we're clinkin' on or this just y'Sunday worship?" Tibbie asks Lowry, "Or is this'a slice of good times try'na not fret on lil Silver out there?" She does seem a bit nosey with people, and no inkling of shame for prying into people's train of thoughts.
Lowry      The man grins, "Well, we should get along just fine then!" HE takes yet another drink, the booze not showing yet on his grizzled features. "Well, we wuz out all day lookin'. Time to blow of some steam. Gotta bed down somewhere and a town is safer than the wastes. But I'm sure you know that." He eyes her up and down now. "How old are you? Yer' folks know yer out here gettin' lit?" A few others laugh and he chuckles a little bit too. "Aint past yer' bedtime is it?"
Tibbie     "Hey now!" Tibbie smirks and says jokingly as she's teased, "I'll hah-y'know I gots my own lil shack set up, an's Jefecita let me have the day off cause I'mma good girl!" her face flushes red as she downs a whole shot to prove herself, though it seems she's testing her tolerance now as her smile's a bit goofy-looking now, "I'mma a whole twenty-three golly years old by golly!" Her southern accent's getting worse and a slur's starting. The fellas overdramatically act impressed and guffaw at poor Tibbie's defense.
Lowry      "Alright alright. Hold yer horses there, cowgirl." He winks at her and down his in turn. "Just testin yer mettle." He waves at the serving girl now and she comes over. "Get me and the boys another round. And her....Well thats up ta' sweet little Tibbie here. Think yer up fer another?" He winks mischieviously at the young girl. "You are a /whole/ 23 years old."
Tibbie     Tibbie looks at the men, Lowry, and finally the server girl. "Yeeeeah, gimmie a double but with tequila, y'know the thing in the thing n'thing!" Tibbie says her order and accepts Lowry's challenge and gives him a blaringly obvious and slow wink back to him "I tolreallly got this guys!" she slurs with drunken confidence as the server returns with a glass of tequila and drops a shot glass of whiskey into the first glass.

Swaggering it to her lips, she shuts her eyes and gulps the drink down like a champ, but her face begins to twist and the fellas are already laughing heartily as they likely know what's about to happen nextThe shantytown drunk quickly rises from the bench, too quickly as she's stumbling and trips onto the floor, clutching to her stomach she's crawling at the point trying to reach the restroom..

It's too late as she hurls onto the floor, the fellas keep on laughing and throw the usual comments like "lightweight" and "superboozer" but Tibbie seems to be enjoying it as she takes a minute to laugh with them, flopped on her side before making the crawl towards the bench, not seeming to care about the mess she's left for the bartenders.
Lowry      Lowry looks impressed. "Well, alright then!" He says raising his glass and drinking as well. When she loses it he chuckles. STanding up he grabs his hat and strides over offering her an arm to help her up. "Come on, Lil' miss. I'll make sure ya get home safe." HE would help her up and walk her out the door. OFfering a ride on his horse back to wherever she came from if she likes.
Tibbie     Tibbie does accept his offer to take her home to Shantytown, being as drunkenly annoying as possible in the process, saying things loudly like "Hoooooorrrrseeeeey!" and "bum-bum-ba-daaaa!" singing and making sound effects for nearly everything in sight.

When they reach her shack and she's safely dismounted from Lowry's horse she gives her buddy Lowry a nice long hug goodnight before stumbling into the door and flopping into bed. "GOOOODNIGHHHHHG CHUMMMY!" she hollers as it seems she's already forgotten what her drinking buddy's name is. Tibbie clearly had a great time drinking and catching up with her old friends and meeting a new one!