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Bart Bart is in the Clinic again. Cleaning of all things - the place was simply filthy with the string of miscreants and dirty peasants that came here for healing. Of course the fussy Knox brother is quietly muttering all the while. His lab coat is pristine white though, bleached and thoroughly well kempt by a needle and thread. He has a mop in hand currently, scrubbing the floors a third or fourth time this hour. It's starting to look cleaner in here!
Ironface Jones Shanty town is as common a place as any for Ironface to be found hanging out. And the clinic, well, he'd been there a few times as well. As the big man makes his way in through the front door he's looking a little worse for wear, slower on his feet than one might expect from someone with his physique and breathing just a touch on the heavy side. When he spots Bart working he nods deeply at him and says with a serious tone of voice, "Greetings. I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan. I come seeking aid for my wounds."
Bart Bart looks up at the giant of a man and blinks slowly through spectacles. "I see." That's all that's said before he simply abandons the mop and opens a door into an exam room. Inside is a giant car engine looking contraption on a stand with many lenses in front of it. Aimed at the medical table of all things. "Kindly get undressed and put on this sheet for modesty," he holds out an unfolded blanket, rather certain there are no gowns that would fit the huge Tribal.
Ironface Jones When given instructions on how to proceed Ironface quickly begins following them. It doesn't take him too long to strip down and wrap the sheet around his body in a rather relaxed looking way, as if he doesn't understand concepts like modesty but is willing to fake it. The big machine in the room is given a brief glance, but the mountainous man doesn't worry too much about it. "I have recently been in combat with a giant robot scorpion and I fear that it has damaged me beyond my abilities to heal without a doctor."
Bart Bart begins looking the man over as he gets him over to the table and laying down as best he can, feet likely dangling off. The man snaps on a pair of gloves and begins to inspect the injuries, checking arms, legs and pulse. When he's done he uses an unguent on the deepest wounds, smearing something organic in them before stepping back to his machine. With a flick of a switch the thing starts up and starts whirring. The air pressure in the room starts changing and getting thicker until there's an audible thump and ears pop as a light blasts through the lenses and irradiates Ironface's entire body, a tinier beam within focused on the points of the worst damage. It burns. It's searing hot. It's uncomfortable. And then it's over and the light dies and the machine ticks and clicks with cooling off sounds.
Ironface Jones The machine doesn't phase ol' Ironface too much, the big man merely taking the zappings and irradiatings with a stoic expression on his face. Despite assuredly never having undergone this procedure he's surprisingly calm about everything. Once the machine and the doctor are done doing their thing Ironface looks around at the interior of the room again and asks Bart, "Am I well now? That did not take as long as I am used to." With a big sigh he slowly moves to get back to his feet, nodding his head once deeply as he does so.
Bart The unguent in his wounds sizzles some and when the lasers are gone there is fresh skin there, looking a little pink for wear but skin all the same. The burns and cuts all vanishing into a bad dream. When the big guy gets up, Bart takes a step out of the way and moves his machine some to avoid it getting clipped as well. "Yes, well, the miracle of particles, my friend!"
Ironface Jones "Thank you and your particles for healing me," Ironface says as he finishes the process of getting up and looks down at his body, studying where the wounds had just been and lightly touching the marks. "If I am injured like that again I will look for you for more healing. I do not usually get injured so badly, though." The mess of scars on his body, however, tell a different story. Now feeling better than when he entered, Jones takes a moment to stretch out his muscles, then nods once more, "Much better."
Bart Bart gives a cordial nod and tip of his head as he removes the gloves and puts things away. The machine is still pinging as the metal cools down again. "Yes, do avoid getting that injured again, like the other fellow with his nutsack nearly ripped. Poor man. Anyways! Bartholomew Caden Knox at your service, good sir. Do stay safe, mm?" He suggests with a quirky little smile before handing Ironface his clothing back one piece at a time. Procedural and clinical.
Ironface Jones Taking back his clothes Ironface puts them back on, "Did he jump off of a tower? I think that happened when I fought the scorpion." More clothes go on and more talking gets done, "It is good to know you, Bartholomew Caden Knox. I will try to stay safe, but it is difficult for me since I usually am fighting things. Often times I will fight several things at the same time, or the largest thing on the battlefield."
Bart Bart chuckles and nods, "That would be the feller," he reckons aloud before moving to open the door. "It is good to know you, Ironface of the El Dorado Tribe," no he's not reciting the parents, fuck you. Classism at its best. "If you happen to run into quality scrap out there, I'm working with another fellow towards repairing an Auto-Doc that will make it easier for the citizens of El Dorado to get healed up."
Ironface Jones Once the door is open and he can make his escape, Ironface is ready to do so. More to make sure things can be readied for the next patient than for any other reason. When he hears the request for scrap his eyes widen slightly and he pauses, "I have some of that scrap. If it will make it easier for people to be made better then I would like to contribute it." He hustles towards the door and says, "Wait for a moment and I will bring the thing in here." With that he's out the door. A few seconds later he returns, carrying the scrap in his hands.
Bart Bart's eyes light up at the answer and then the actions taken to bring scrap inside the building. His fingers start curling a little bit and he stares at it a bit wide-eyed. "I will bring it to the Scientists of El Dorado and ensure that the parts go towards the repairs." He promises the big man and then hms. "Well that's all I think I can do for you sir, unless something else ails you?"
Ironface Jones Setting the scrap down on a nearby surface, Ironface nods his head deeply and says, "I think that is all that is wrong with me." He might be wrong about that part, but physically he seems better than when he entered the clinic. "When the auto-doc is fixed I would like to meet him. It is always good to be friends with a doctor." And with that he begins making his way towards the exit again, "Thank you for healing me. I will send the injured that I meet to see you."
Bart Bart nods firmly and gives another quick clinical review of the larger gent and then smiles some. "I do good work," he says unabashedly before chuckling, "It will be a robot, Ironface, without emotions, but you are free to call it a friend if you wish," hell the man finds that kind of endearing to be frank. "You are quite welcome. Please do. Oh! Eighty five caps for the machine use, please?"
Ironface Jones Before he makes it out the reminder to pay stops Ironface in his tracks and the big man quickly finds himself turning around and rooting through one of the pouches on his belt. Soon he's got a handful of caps ready to turn over, "Here is your caps." And then he seems to consider something, "I think that some robots have emotions and some do not. The scorpion robot had people that lived inside of it and so did not need them. Some of the robots at the Gold Digger do not have emotions, but still they are good to talk to. The fill beer and listen well."
Bart Bart catches the pile of caps and files them away, he'll use them to purchase more lenses and the mysterious power source he uses for all of his inventions. Fucking Tony Stark without the armor. "I think you are very right, and we should all do well to remember that. Besides, they might some day have more access to emotions than we believe," maybe a nutjob theory but it's a theory!
Ironface Jones Ironface might not be one for developing theories, but believing weird things is certainly not beyond him. "I think now I will go hunting to celebrate being healed." And there's a bit of a pause, "And because I am hungry and do not wish to pay for food." There's a deep nod at the other man, "Be well. I enjoyed your machine very much." Then it's time for the big man to make his way towards the door again.