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Harmon It's a nice enough day, or as nice as they get in post-apocolyptic hell. Harmon was back from a run to Texas for Lonestar and got with his co-worker Surelda to help her learn a bit more about how to handle a gun and protect herself.

He has a few guns rolled up in a coarse blanket, a bit of everything it seems like a shotgun, service rifle and even a .357. Along the way Oakley was roped into helping it seems.

"So what were you wanting to try out first?" Harmon asks casually as he unrolls the blanket and walks a good ten paces away to setup some bits of trash and scrap as targets.
Oakley Anders Someone is already out today with the rifle. Harmon and Surelda will hear the sharp report of a high-calibre rifle and then there's a long stream of cursing rising from a ridge on the other side of the lake. "Gods damned sights!" comes the grumbling voice of Oakley Anders as he sits up on his rump and starts to look over his rifle. "Ehy you gotta cock-block me like that, Georgine?" he asks, not aware that he isn't exactly alone at the moment.
Elsie Surelda Solomon, known only as Surelda, is walking with Harmon. She has her HK slung over her shoulder, and wears her grey poncho hooded cloak over her blue dress. Her silver hair is tied in a braid hanging over one shoulder, leaving a newly buzzed portion of silver hair exposed, with a healing surgical scar over her temporal lobe on that side. For all that, though, she seems well enough.

"What would you recommend I try-" she begins, but there's a crack of weaponry and the woman flinches, looking toward the sound of a shout that follows it. "I remember him," she says softly, nodding to Harmon. "I think he's okay." With that, she starts to walk toward Oakley.

"You alright, sir?"
Harmon Old habits die hard for Harmon. He's walking back towards Surelda when the shot cracks the stillness and his hand automatically goes for the shotgun slung across his back. He relaxes a bit as Surelda offers a bit of a vouch for the stranger, his grip eases and posture returns to non-threatening.

"Better to miss out here than when it counts and your life is on the line." he says, looking downrange towards whatever the man may be shooting at, "Hope you don't mind a little company, we're out here for a bit of practice as well. Name's Harmon, work in El Dorado with one of the caravans." he offers as an introduction, stopping his approach a safe distance from the other man.
Oakley Anders "Fuck." That's Oakley's way of saying hello, how're you. At least for a moment, before he remembers his manners. "Yeah. I'm find. Georgine's just being a bitch." Who's Georgine? There's noone else around him. Making sure that the rifle is pointed away from the two, he takes a closer look at the young blonde. "Remember you. First night I was in town, wanted a saspirilla, if I recall right. Looks like ya took a nasty bump on yer noggin."

With that, he turns his attention to Harmon. "Oakley Anders. Formerly of the Texas Brotherhood, now out here to see if I can help out. Do a lot better if my rifle aim was any better. Think I gave the sights a tweak on a recent patrol."
Elsie "That's right," Sully says, sighing in relief and grinning as the memory comes back to her. "Now I remember. I'm so sorry, this thing..." she reaches up to touch the stitch at her temple beneath the fuzz of hair that's already growing back. "...means I've forgotten weird things the past few days. I'm so sorry. Sully, or Surry, or really anything with an S works fine. It seems everyone's got a different name for me." She seems endlessly amused by this.

"Harmon here was just going to try and help me learn to do damage from afar, since up close I seem to get into a lot of trouble."
Harmon "I know the feeling. I've been spending a lot of time patroling texas, easy to get the sights tweaked." Harmon says with a nod to Oakley, "Brotherhood and I have usually gotten along in the past, decent enough people for the most part." he adds, eyeing downrange as he calmly pulls out his lever-action and takes aim at a dead tree not too far away. He lets out a shot, grazing the trunk and shaking his head, "I've been slacking off on practice with some of my ordinance." he admits with a sigh.

"As far as what to start with? Whatever you're comfortable with, I brought along some of my extra pieces if you want to try them or you can use yours. Just take your time, be patient and aim -- get used to how it feels in your hands and used to the recoil." he explains simply.
Oakley Anders Glancing up as he listens to the conversation, Oakley chuckles. "Yeah, especially when the old girl has seen more than her fair share of action." he starts to respond, before catching what Harmon is saying to Surelda. "Showing her how to shoot?" he asks, giving the girl an appraising glance. "Seems she'd be better off to hide in the bushes to pick off targets."
Elsie "I agree. I much prefer hiding in the bushes. Or someplace high. I spent the Alamo up at the top of the tower and that seemed the best place for me. I spent the battle of El Dorado down low on the ground and nearly lost a leg for it. I prefer to be away from all the danger that's happening."

Surelda steps back, unslinging the HK from her shoulders and lifting it. She's comfortable with the funny looking lightweight death machine now, and she lifts it up to take aim at the same tree. She inhales, exhales, and squeezes.
Harmon "Might be right, though having some decent gear helps out also. Can't always keep yourself out of harms way, best to be prepared." says Harmon as he looks down towards the tree as Surrie lines up her shot. He nods a bit and looks to Oakley, "Always nice to have a marksman around watching your back, just never had the skill for those long distance shots. I tend to be in the mix, close quarters. Less than ideal sometimes, but when shit goes sideways it's nice to have the experience. Can save your life after you've survived a few firefights." he says with a chuckle.
Oakley Anders "Not bad." Oakley glances up at where the shot lands that Surelda fires lands. Lifting his own rifle to his shoulder again, he adjusts the scope slightly and fires again, this time striking the target more firmly. "That's better, gorgeous." he coos softly to the rifle. "So first things first. Since she can't be stuffed into a power armor for her protection.." he points out, he lowers the rifle.

"How's that gun feel to you, Surelda? Heavy? Light? Are you comfortable with it and it's recoil?"
Elsie "It doesn't hardly recoil at all," Surelda says, lowering the weapon and looking down at it in her hands. She turns, almost twisting to look at Harmon on the other side of her. "I've got some armor, some leather bits that should be helpful. I didn't wear them today because it's so hot, but they're in my room."

And then, a big shit-eating grin grows across her features. "I got my own room now, finally a place of my own. It's the most amazing thing ever." She has almost childlike glee over this revelation.
Harmon Harmon shrugs a bit, "Not everyone wears power armor. Never learned to use the stuff myself." he says simply before listening to Surrie, seeming a little amused at her demeanor and reaction to her own revelation, "Oh? That's good. I recently cleared out and rennovated a bunker just inside of Texas. Nothing like having your own place to lay your head after a long day.".

He exhales softly and relaxes, checking his lever-action calmly and looking back down at the tree and squeezing off a round that hits more towards the center. He appears a bit more satisfied with the shot, slinging the rifle across his back, "Half the battle is finding a gun that fits you. Once you've got that out of the way it's a matter of practice for the most part." he says to Surrie with a nod then gets a bit of a distant look as he thinks about something. He comes back to reality quick enough and taps his chin, "I've found a fair bit of stuff while out on patrols, the occasional scavenging run and whatnot. I might have some gear that'll suit you, might be a bit more durable than what you have if you wanna take a look some time." he offers with a smile
Oakley Anders "Well, I was trained on the stuff, ain't sure that she'd want to be in my armor, stinks of me." Oakley responds with a grin before he nods to what Harmon says. "Also, need to remember, a gun's a lot like a guy. Don't put your finger on the trigger unless you plan on firing it off." he offers to Surelda as he kicks out the shell from the rifle to chamber a fresh round. "I have an assault rifle, but this is mu usual."
Elsie "Stinky armor and talk of gettin' people off ... I must be among gentlemen," Surelda jokes, giving both Oakley and Harmon a grin before she lifts the rifle again and fires off a few more shots. Pew pew pew. She lowers the weapon again, before speaking. The shots seem to all have landed rather well. "I like this one," she admits, looking between them. Her eyes do settle on Harmon though. "That would be wonderful, thank you. I'm in the market for some things now, trying to just ... build up my life, now that I have a place to start building." She grins again, trying to hide it by looking down and checking her weapon. She's so happy to have her own place, she could almost burst! And it shows.
Harmon "Well if you're comfortable with it that's half the battle. Now it's just about practice." Harmon says with a nod, "I prefer my shotgun, it's gotten me out of quite a few tight spots." he adds, shaking his head slightly at Oakley's remark, letting a soft chuckle out before he continues, "I guess that's one way to look at it. Even in the rangers I prefered to use my repeater over their assault rifles. It's all a matter of what seems ot be working at the time. The only issue I have with this shotgun is how expensive the ammo is for it. Definitely have to make each shot count." he says grinning.
Elsie "The only issue I have with this," Surelda says as she shoulders her HK again. "is that it's hard to bring around when I'm close to someone. When someone's chasin' me, you know? It's hard to handle in a situation like that. And it doesn't seem like it's got the best range. I think, someday, I'd like to try a rifle."
Harmon Harmon listens and hrms softly, nodding a bit, "Not an unreasonable concern, really." he says, stroking his beard a little in thought as he moves back towards the blanket with the guns on it. He picks up the sawed off shotgun in one hand and the service rifle in the other, holding them up so Surelda can check them out, "Guess it comes down to preparing for a close range encounter and gearing up accordingly..." he pauses and holds out the shotgun a bit before lowering it and bring up the service rifle, "Or trying to keep more distance and opting for a more accurate, usually semi-automatic, rifle." he explains.
Elsie Surelda's eyes go up at the sight of the shotgun, and by the time Harmon brings it over she's already shaking her head. No no no. "With all due respect, sugar, that looks far, far too heavy for the likes of me. I have this," she explains, moving past him to dig into her bag. Out comes a Cowboy Revolver, which she lifts to show him. She'll let him take it if he wants. "But I swear it's gonna break my wrist every time I try with it. So perhaps somethin' more long-range would be my speed."
Harmon Harmon chuckles a bit and nods, placing the shotgun back on the blanket, keeping the service rifle though and nodding as she speaks, "Understandable. This is my old service rifle from when I was in the NCR Rangers. A solid, all around rifle. Recoil isn't bad, ammo is pretty cheap and it still has enough power to put down most threats." he explains as he looks over the weapon that is definitely well used and travelled but also well maintained and clean.

He looks over the revolver and nods, but doesn't take it but nods his head towards the blanket where a .357 magnum sits, "If the revolver is a bit too much for you, I'd suggest finding another backup. Maybe a 10mm pistol that a gunsmith has had time to show a little love and modify it to your liking. Trying to rely on a weapon you're unfamiliar with, afraid of or is just hard for you to handle can be as dangerous as a pack of feral ghouls in a firefight." he says, offering her the service rifle now, "See how it feels. It's pretty easy to handle." he adds smiling.
Elsie Surelda eyes the weapon for a few breaths before setting her fancy-schmancy HK aside. She takes the rifle, first in one hand and then setting it in both, feeling the weight. "Jeeze, it's heavy." But then everything's heavy compared to the HK.

A few steps back will take her away from the little group. She lifts the weapon up and fires off a single shot before lowering it again. "Recoil is ... it ain't bad, but it's more than that." She must mean the HK. What an odd weapon to start learning on. "Maybe something like this I could get used to. Somethin' real powerful to keep me far away. That's hwo I like to be, I think."
Harmon Harmon nods to Surrie and takes the rifle back, exhaling and looking down the sights at the tree again, "It can be an adjustment. Sights are farther apart, handling is a bit different but it does offer you the option of more range." he says, gently squeezing the trigger and grazing the tree again, "And, honestly, some people just have more talent with firearms than other. I'm alright, but always did better with higher-tech weapons like my Gauss." he explains, lowering the rifle and offering it back to Surelda, "Hang on to it, get comfortable with it. It mostly just sits on a shelf at my place collecting dust." he says with a smile, "If you end up finding something you like better, you can give it back if you want."
Elsie Surelda takes the weapon back again, weighing it in her hands. She nods as she looks down at it, turning it over to look at the underside, then back again. She lifts her eyes up toward Harmon. "Thank you, Harmon. This is ... real decent of you. I'll give it back when I get my own, I promise I will," she assures the man. After a moment she steps up and over, leaning up to give him a kiss on the cheek if he'll allow. "You sticking around El Dorado or goin' home to Texas?"
Harmon Harmon smiles, "I'm not worried about it. I'd rather see it put to good use than just collecting dust somewhere." he says as he moves back to the blanket and rolls up his other weapons, "I'll probably spend a day or so around El Dorado, check in with the caravan and whatnot. But afterwards I will probably head back towards Texas, no shortage of folks needing help anywhere you go really." he says with a shrug, tying a leather cord around the blanket to keep it together, "If you're ever headed out that way my bunker is off that main road just as your getting into Texas. Use it as a safe haven and resupply point for myself, the caravans and the Desert Rangers so you're welcome to stop by." he says with a smile.
Elsie "I will, Harmon. I'll see you before you go then; I have a shift in a little while. Don't be a stranger here either, alright?" She sighs, slinging the rifle over her other, unused shoulder. "I think it's really good, what you decided to do. Staying out there in Texas to pick up the peices of everything. It's admirable. I'm sure a lot of people are grateful for it." She waits for him to finish packing before she starts to turn to go. "Take care of yourself."
Harmon "World needs decent people more than ever, hon. Got tired of looking for them and decided to become one." Harmon says with a light-hearted chuckle as he stands and rests the roll of weapons on his shoulder, "You do the same, I'll walk you back to town. I'll try to stop in more, easy to lose track of time out in the wastes." he admits as he turns and starts back towards town.