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Lowry      It's early in the A.M. and the sun comes and goes with it's counterpart the moon high in the sky, intermittent patches of clouds weaving between the two. It's chilly and the smell of rain is in the air, the sky to the west threatening grey overcast in the hours to come.

     Along a long lonesome road a train of wagons is moving slowly. Three Lone star caravan wagons, one a traveling family whose found strength in numbers and one that is...well, it's hard to tell. Well behind them are the wastes, desolate and barren. Ahead the same. But for now they are in a little valley of sorts. It's not flush and green but there are high ridges on either side sporting a tree here and there and they come to a close ahead, allowing the trail to spill back out into nothingness. Theres a little brook to the east that has made it's way down and for all purposes this seems to be a pleasant little place in post-apocolyptic America. Most likely why the group made camp here the night before. Everyone is now getting up, stretching, making coffee and their little bits of breakfast to the gentle sound of the little stream flowing.

     Lowry is one of them. He is holding a tin cup with some eye opener juice and he adds a little something extra to get the day started. He is by his horse feeding it some sort of muckfruit or something and when he's finished he pulls his boots on, then fixes his hat and tightens the hankerchief up around his neck. "Looks like rain." He mutters sourly to himself before looking around at the others. "Alright! Ten minutes and we ride. Saddle up and whatnot everyone." Seems he's taking charge of this for now since it's late enough to get moving before the rain sets in and he hasn't spotted Matt yet. He ques up a radio and presses the button, "Lady silver. Fruit here. (We really gotta change that.) We are gettifng the move on. Anything to report? Over." *kckkcsk* He waits for a response and sips his spiked coffee.
Elsie A sultry voice that's not been heard in upwards of a week crackles back over the radio. "Hear ya, Fruity. Gotcha locked right up on the map, you're makin' perfect time, sugar. Don't slip up now, or I'll have to dock it from your pay." They can all likely hear the grin of amusement in her voice. "We had a night raid about thirty miles east of ya, but that ain't easy terrain between you so there's little hope of whatever was botherin' them botherin' you. Just keep a sharp eye and report everything you see, hmm? No scouts have been through there in a week, and fresh eyes is always needed."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino slings his super sledge across his wide shoulder, trudging toward Lowry beside the caravan. Having been invited to work as a guard a while back during a card game he greets Lowry once more with a friendly wave. "Hey there boss, good night to earn some more of those shiny caps you got heh." Amid a torent of deep bellied chuckling he clicks on his helmet's headlamp and scans the horizon for any danger, satisfied for the moment he relaxes a bit but not completely.
Matt Matt has settled back on the trail. Again. When there aren't enough hands going every which way, sometimes supervisors have to come along as well. He has his own wagon though, and horses to pull it so at least he'll make some good money just in transportation bonuses. He is atop the wagon in the weirdest set of salvaged power armor you may ever see. Poor horse has to pull a bit of extra weight. A rifle is laid across his lap just waiting for trouble. "Keep talking the way you do, Lady Silver, and people may start trying to paint you on their wagons again."
Lowry "Can do, Lady." Lowry says. He chuckles a bit at MAtt's comment or possibly his armor but then turns to Astaroth. "Hopefully it will be easy earning." He climbs up top and the wagons start their slow move towards the wastes. After a half mile or so Lowry stops the group, Hey MAtt!" He hollers. You see that?!" He's pointing up on the ridge. It's far
Lowry      Shouting to Astaroth Lowry says, "You got a radio?!? Chanel 7!"
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino tightens the grip on his heavily modified super sledge and swings it from his shoulder into a two handed grip at waist level. At Lowry's transmission his nods tapping his power helmet and responds on the radio with a bit of background static, "Not the best, but yeah I can hear ya boss."
Elsie "Aw sugar, you wouldn't let 'eem do that to lil old Silver, would you?" the radio crackles, no doubt in response to Matt's words. There's a crackle on the radio again, and then Lady Silver's voice comes back a bit more serious, a bit more severe. "Gents," she reports. "There's ... a report, seems to be a large group of people amassed up in the heights. You're on the lower path, aincha? Be careful, look sharp, and maybe move on the quick."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino takes a defensive stance, sledge in hand a determined look crosses his large ugly face. He comments in a low growl "Looks like it will not be as easy as the poker was eh? I will do my best to take the heat off the rest of you guards so you can do your thangs." He scans the environment, not yet noticing the impending threat.
Lowry There are figures on both sides and out ahead. With no heads up one can only assume they are hostile. "Astaroth!" Lowry shouts. "Stand by for close combat! But hold!" He's not sure he will listen but hey what the hell! He pulls his rifle now from the scabbard on the horse and holds it in the air. A shot is fired. Pry meant to warn them off.

     It doesn't work. With a clamour the groups on both sides start rushing down the hills. Shots are fired and hit and skip in the dirt around the wagons. The family flees inside their caravan and the guards take up arms returning fire. A few fall on both sides. But the group at the end is still holding to the only exit.
Matt Oh. An ambush. Of course. Matt takes down at the chronometer attached to his shoddy as hell power armor as if he thought he could tell them there the raiders that there wasn't any time for this. But he stands, horses still carrying the wagon and himself forward to aim up the canyon walls, then sends a bullet straight into the chest of the furthest left raider he can see. Boy/girl, didn't matter.
Lowry      Alice takes the rifle round in her chest, stumbling down the hill. She tumbles head over feet a few times before landing at the base only yards from the wagons. Blood is gurgling from her mouth and she has a bone sticking from her ankle. But she is down not out. A caravan guard rushes her with a rifle but but she steps aside and shoves her knife in his chest. Taking the rifle from him as he falls she fires on the large Paladin.
Lowry      The mercenairies are rushing down the hils on both sides and shots are erupting from all over dirt and blood being sprayed in every direction! "Remember, the wagons! Don't get sidetr-." But then Bert sees Sstaroth and something in him turns, he heads his way, firing poorly aimed shots at him.
Davey Just a quick run on a caravan to sell a little booze. Sounds easy, right? Right, since when was the wasteland easy. Shouting and gunshots rouse Davey from his well-earned sleep. He wakes, farts, then sits up. Faster than you might expect for someone his size. He grabs his shotgun in one pudgy hand and scooches his ample frame from the back of the wagon where his precious booze is piled. Davey's feet land on the ground with a thud, his free hand up to his forehead scanning the suroundings, his piggy little eyes squinting harder than usual in the harsh sunlight. "What the bollocks?" he mutters to himself, shotgun ready, looking for a target.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino charges forward like angry bull, super sledge firm in hand. He draws the attackers attention to himself as he acts so crazy, doing his best to keep the other guards safe. Dancing around gunfire as best he can he finally reaches one of the attackers named Bert. With a mighty swing of his hammer he rips off Bert's arm sending it flying, blood squirting all over the place as he drops to the ground dying of blood loss.
Elsie The radio crackles once more, and finally a familiar voice comes on the line. It's Lady Silver again. She sounds tense, but her voice is also very controlled. "Sugars," she tells them lowly, speaking firmly to try to get through the chaos to their ears and brains. "Sugars, check on the family to the rear. Ya hear? Someone oughta check on 'em."
Lowry His radio crackles and Lowry turns, "Someone check on the *oommmff*" The cowboy is knocked from his saddle! His rifle is flung into the dirt and he and his attacker (the Terminator?!?) tumble through a cloud of dust.When it settles Lowry is beneath him struggling with a knife. It slams down and nails his hat to the ground! Pulling his own blade he attempts to thrust it upwards into the mans stomach. "RAAWWRRR!" He growls as the two struggle in mortal combat.

     And then it happens. As others on the radio heard Surelda a few lower ranks rushed to see if the family was okay. When they entered one could see the canvas flapping around and then....BOOM! It explodes, body parts and blood flying everywhere and guards and mercenairies alike within the vicinity dying.
Matt Surelda's warning gets Matt to drop to a mechanical knee as the explosion blows around the wagon a bit. His calm face is gone now that this seems to actually be serious. He'll pop back up and turn the charging raiders into target practice. Alice gets finished, then he pops two more as they try to close with the caravan, splattering blood and brains every which way
Lowry      The battle is not going the way the Enclave hired MErcs had hoped and the ones who had been guarding the exit from the valley have taken notice. They rush forward now. Screaming to attempt to rally their allies to the cause of taking the wagons. They are only about fifty feet away now but one could clearly see they are the leaders and better equiped.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino lets out a deep growl as the explosion from the caravan reaches him, roasting him a bit within his heavy power armor, but does not slow him down at all. He then continues his savagry, perhaps taking it too far. He snatches up the severed arm of Bert and swings it bitchslapping the Winston in a display meant to anger the rest and taunt them into attacking him while he shouts "Any of you other Brahman stuffers need a hand?!?" Astaroth then drops the lifeless arm and grips his super sledge with two hands once more. He swings the sledgehammer in a vicious arc, and the jet powering the head fires up to send it soaring even faster into Winston's face, but the extra speed makes it come up just short where if it were slower it might of hit it's mark.
Davey A crackle of radio and a bit of warning is all it takes for Davey to fling himself with surprising speed under the wagon from which he just awoke. The clattering dust and debris from the explosion fall about, causing the barslob to cough and gag, then reel from an object that thunks into the dirt just in front of him; a hand, pristine in every way -uncalloused, unchipped fingernails. Perfect except for the bloody stump just beyond the wrist. "Balls" mutters Davey, eloquently. "Balls balls double-balls" he scrabbles about in the dirt for his shotgun, silhouettes of figures seemingly everywhere in the settling dust. "Bastard damn -ah, there you are" Davey's questing fingers find the cool metal barrel of the gun and he brings it up to aim. There's a big bastard of a target sprinting across his vision, obscured by the dust Davey aims.. Then, a chance gust of wind clears the detritus a little and Davey sees it is that bugger in power armour charging forward like a mad thing. "Rip his head off!" encourages Davey to the giant, squinting along the barrel of his shotgun.
Matt Before the casings from his previous shots can spin upon the ground, Matt is thumbing 45-70 govt rounds into the underside of his rifle methodically. Then some poor raider puts their head up to aim and it gets removed from its body.
Elsie It's a good thing that Astaroth Paladino opted to switch his radio frequency. This time, when Lady Silver's voice raises from the static of the airwaves again, it's calm and easygoing. "Greatest danger is coming from the west," she informs the group. "From Dallas. Look to Dallas!" Dallas of course is a place, but he's also a person on the battlefield today. And the closest baddy to him? Why that's a very large raider with scars and tattoos, armed to the gills. Herm. His name is Herm.
Lowry      Lowry twists the knife and blood pours from the mans mouth, all over the Cowboy. "Ughh!" He turns his head and hears the splat as Matt's shot takes the man's jaw off, him falling lifelessly to the ground. He pushes him off and rolls over gasping for air before giving Matt a nod. He stands and hits his radio, "Shirley, we owe you again! Im 'onna get you all fucked up when I get back!" One of his fellow guards is struggling with a mercenairy and Lowry knifes him in the back, throwing him to the ground and moving on to the next. When the dust settles He's looking around, huffing and puffing, soaked in blood and without a hat. The battle is still raging around him but it is the four from the hilltop beyond that he takes notice of.
     "Throw down your arms and leave the wagons! We will spare your lives!" Winston screams. Lowry scowls but before he can make any smart remark Astaroth smacks him with an appendage! "That 'a boy Lowry shouts to him. He puts his knife back in his belt and draws a short shotgun from beneath his coat. "Let's end this. I'm thirsty." He mutters to one of the guards besides him. "LONESTAR!." the man shouts and others join him, cutting down the last of teh cannon fodder. The opposistion opens fire and starts mowing most of them down as they charge. Lowry starts walking in their direction. Seems it was a bad day to try the Caravaners as he watches Quints head explode. He sights down the barrel of his shotgun at Dallas now. "You want our wagons?!!? Come take 'em!" He fires the 12 guage and it goes Boom. The slug taking the man in his leg and slowing him down.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino listens to the radio transmission, Surelda's voice a gift from the heavens. He seems a bit confused about whether to look toward Dallas the place or the person before he realizes they are both in the same direction. Thanks to the warning he has extra time to get in more swings on the enemy. He sends his sledgehammer into a straight downward strike against Winston, crushing his head like a rotting tato. Blood splashes on Astaroth painting his power armor a sanguine red. Astaroth then rushes toward Dallas, the person not the place, swinging his sledge wildly but not quite connecting with flesh just yet.
Davey The whip-crack of bullets and thuds of metal on flesh pervade. Dust flies and Davey fair chokes in his hidey-hole below the wagon. Still, got to do something, right? A show of willing. Give 'em a slice of hell. He tracks his shotgun around, looking for a target. There! Wait, no.. Suddenly that guy's head is missing.. Another! No, can't.. That big bugger in power armour is blocking the shot. There's one on his own. Davey lines up, his fat finger squeezes the trigger. A miss. A fucking miss. Cursing under his breath, Davey reaches into his pocket for a reload.
Matt The man with the rifle has finally missed, he does succeed in pinging the rather scary looking hombre with a bullet, but the rest of his fly wide of Herm. Matt sighs heavily at the shots going wide and finally curtails the movement of his horses with a shouted command to HOLD UP.
Lowry Dallas and Lowry (sOunds like a cheesey western) Keep trading ammo and insults. Lowry's last slug takes the mans shoulder off but it was a high price to pay as both men hit the ground, their lifeless bodies collecting dust in the insanity.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino lets out a terrible gutteral howl as he watches Lowry go down, angry that Dallas is dead so he can avenge him. He then turns the focus of his anger on Herm, and swings his sledgehammer viciously. Landing a blow on is chest he manages to do some damage to Herm, but sadly his second swing goes a bit wide, just slightly brushing against his nipple leaving him unharmed.
Davey Davey sees Lowry go down with his assailant, bullets fly from all around, hard to make out what's really going.. The big bugger in power armour just keeps smashing and crashing and bashing. Davey grits his teeth and looses another shell at an enemy he can see, with predictably poor results. Possibly he startled a bird directly above with the shot instead. He reloads, panicked.
Lowry      The big man is taking hits from all sides as all of his comrades have dropped save a few getting taken care of in the background, Astaroth is pounding him but he is near death and firing wildly. He sees Davey as he is struck aside and lets one fly.
Matt Matt misses this behemoth of a guy once again! He joins in the Lone Star shout all of a whole minute late. But the caravan gunhands respond to it this time with more fervor than before.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino continues swinging at Herm, this time having no luck at all. He grunts angerly and steps into a defensive stance in case of retaliation before he has the energy to swing once again.
Davey Lone who? Davey doesn't care, but a rallying cry always gets a man's blood up. "Fuckin' Die!" bellows the prone barblob, shooting again. Missing again. His blood is up, his pudgy face red, his fingers fumbling for the next shell to load into his weapon.
Matt Taking a knee steadies his aim, his shoulder tucks against the rifle and he fires another shot! The bullet flies true and splits the width between hip and hip of the man and tears through a naughty place, making him slump and fall down.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino finally lets out a sigh of relief as the last enemy goes down. He swings his sledgehammer back over his shoulder and rush to check on Lowry. He seems to still have a pulse at least and he picks him up and swings him over his free shoulder, to carry him away from all this carnage and hopefully find a doctor.
Davey The gunfire stops with one last resound *CRACK* that Davey will swear to his grave he saw in slow motion spin through the air and take that bastard Herm right in his carrots and onions. Davey shuffles out from beneath the wagon and gains his feet. He waddles over the battlefield, bodies and body parts, craters and spent ammo litter the ground. He walks over to the recumbent Herm. "Git" he mutters, pointing the shotgun down and loosing a blast into the raider's face. He saunters over to the big bugger in power armour. "That was a thing and a half, right! He need some help there?" Davey reaches into a back pocket and produces a bottle of beer, he cracks it open using Astaroth's pauldron as an opener. "'Scuse me. Sorry. Want one?"
Lowry      With Lowry down in the dirt dying, a wagon blown to bits and at least forty dead one could hardly call this a success. But it was a victory. An ambush is not to be taken lightly though and for all intensive purposes some of them have survived. Blood litters the ground and dying men can be heard moaning all about the battlefield. This graceful area of the wastes will now be haunted with the memories of what befell here today for a long time. That rain that threatened earlier? It is now coming down in buckets and lightining fills the sky. An ominous sign. But, at the end of the day the cargo wagons are safe and that will pry get Matt a promotion, and Lowry a coffin....Though at the sound of that beer opening one could tell he is still in there somewhere as a faint smile takes form on his face and he seems to nod.

     The folks who are alive are helping the ones who barely are and some start digging graves. The wagons are checked to make sure the cargo is safe and sound and scouts are sent ahead. Afterall, they still have alot of ground to cover and there is never a dull moment in the wastes....