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Ironface Jones As always, the Gold Digger has a number of patrons enjoying the finer things in life. The people gathered about aren't being too loud or obnoxious, but there's a decent buzz of conversation in the air. One of those folks conversing is ol' Ironface Jones, sitting at the bar with a small pile of caps in front of him and a half full mug of beer in his hand. It's a good day for drinking as the big man talks to the robot that's serving him, "And that, Tincan, was when the robot scorpion proved to have men living inside of it! It does not need emotions like you do because it has people to provide them for it." The robot is mostly unresponsive. The big tribal takes a gulp from his mug before continuing, "They were killed when the robot scorpion exploded when the supermutant punched it."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino makes his way into the saloon, his power armor making quite a ruckus as he passes through the swinging doors. He spots Ironface Jones, having ran into him a few times before. Pulling off his power helmet he orders a beer and greets Jones "I cannot imagine this bucket of bolts is much of a conversationalist."
Jackson Today was the perfect sort of quiet, calm afternoon to throw back a few glasses of whiskey at the Gold Digger. The sun was shining, the streets were peaceful, and Deputy Jackson Parkes had been doing just that, casually slamming back drinks and progressively sliding into a deeper state of intoxication as the hours slid casually by him. Thankfully, it seemed as though he wasn't the only one who'd had the bright idea to enjoy a casual drink today.
As Ironface told the bartender his heroing tale of battle against he Enclave's scorpion, the deputy finally recognized him. He was sure he'd seen the man at some point, but it was only the mention of Ashur's super mutant form that truly sparked the memory. Tossing his own pile of caps on the bar, Jack slammed his whiskey back, then casually propped the empty glass back on the surface of the bar before adding his own two cents to Ironface's tale. "It's true. I watched it all happen from an exploding radio tower before I kissed the ground and woke up in the hospital. Good times, really. Better in hindsight after the ribs got put back together." At the sight of a new face, Jackson tipped his hat toward the stranger and offered him a hardy handshake before offering him a stool at the bar. "You'd be surprised. Robots can be quite the conversationalists. Isn't that right, barkeep?" At that, the bartender let out an idle "Beep." before refilling Jackson's whiskey and collecting his pile of caps. "You know, you really shouldn't talk about a guy's mom like that."
Ironface Jones When the power armored figure enters the establishment Ironface looks over towards him and gives a solid nod, "Greetings." Then he looks between the robot and Astaroth and his big shoulders shrug, "Tincan listens well. I think that he enjoys hearing stories." The rest of his beer goes down his throat in one pour and he puts the mug out for the robot to refill it for him. Looking over towards Jackson Ironface nods yet again. "It was a good day. Many of the whirlibirds were broken, the scorpion robot was broken and I did not die."
Rexus Rexus arrives, sans power armor. Far too bulky and cumbersome for his everyday attire, afterall. Instead he's gone with the somewhat worn and haggard set of militia attire, minus the hat. Pausing just inside the door to dust himself off and stomp his boots clean... ish, he heads in, moving directly for the bar where the bartender slides him a bottle of nuka cola, on the house for the Officer.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino lifts his own mug to his lips and downs half of the liquid with a single gulp, not an amazing feat for someone of his size. He sets the head of his super sledge on the ground and leans idly against the handle holding it like a walking stick, too heavily armored to sit down on a stool. Astaroth responds with a lighthearted tone of voice, "Spose you are right, hard to find someone who actually listens. Sounds like I missed a helluva fight though. Shames me to have missed such a glorious battle."
Jackson Jack greeted Rexus with a tip of his hat as he approached the bar. "Afternoon, cap." After speaking his brief introduction, he turned his attention back toward the other gentlemen who'd been sitting at the bar alongside him.
"A fine battle indeed, though I'll admit I didn't see much of it. The sight of a spider mech is a little.. Intimidating for me. I stayed out of the heat of things, decided to hop my way over to the control tower instead. Didn't end up working out too well for me." He paused for a moment, downing another sizeable portion of his whiskey.
"But I survived the explosion and the drop, so I evidently did something right. After seeing this guy fighting that mech hed on with a spear, I can personally say that.. Yeah, he's got my respect." At that, Jack dipped into his pockets, pulling out another pile of caps to pay for the next round of drinks. "I'm sure there's plenty more where that came from though. Enclave doesn't have the best track record when it comes to staying out of our business. I'm Jack by the way. Jackson Parkes, Deputy at small. It's a pleasure."
Ironface Jones "There will be more battles in the future," Ironface tells Astaroth with a serious expression on his face. Though it's rare to see the big tribal expressing anything else. "The Enclave is the enemy of El Dorado and so we must be ready to war with them at all times," says the guy who's drinking in the middle of the day. Speaking of drinking, the big fellow takes a hearty swig of beer as he gives a greeting not to Rexus. "I usually try to fight the biggest person or the largest group of enemies on the battlefield," Ironface explains. "Since I am usually the largest and most skilled in close combat I think it makes sense." Noting the pile of caps meant to pay for everyone and the introduction, the big man says, "Thank you. It is good to know you, Jack. I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino mulls Ironface's words around a bit, and a ponderous expression crawls across his large ugly face. "Well usually I do not work for free these days, but I doubt I could pass up a chance to fight something like that." At that Astaroth downs the rest of his beer with an audible gulp. Then turning to the others he says "What you folks think of taking the fight to the enclave, rather than sitting and waiting for the next ambush?" Having said that he slams the empty mug onto the bar and motions for the robot to refill it, tossing a few caps in it's direction.
Rexus Rexus had been quietly listening as he sips his cola, taking a moment to wipe those dirty hands on a napkin. "The Enclave is too large and scattered about for us to go on the offensive, and the resources just aren't there." he murmurs quietly, taking another tiny sip of cola.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino rolls his large shoulders and does not seem convinced by Rexus' point of view. "Well it certainly would be impossible if you do not even try. Perhaps if we start by recruiting then pooling together supplies we can at least get started on the right path. Cant expect to be ready overnight." He then drains half a mug of beer just like his like his last, wiping some foam off his mouth with an armored forearm. Astaroth then continues "I am no leader, and probably just letting the beer talk, but I would be willing to tag along if anyone decided to get an outfit together."
Ironface Jones "I work and fight to strengthen the tribe of El Dorado and to crush it's enemies," Ironface says seriously, nodding slightly to himself before taking up his mug for another swig. "Some day I think I will have at least one wife and many children in this tribe, but I am still confused as to how marriage works among my new people. I think I should have been offered a wife by now, but maybe I am not good enough at science. I am rich with a horse, a dry cave and many weapons. I am large and strong, I can provide for a family and I am very brave."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino chuckles a bit at Ironface Jones comments, bobbing his large head up and down as he listens. After thinking for a moment and taking in his surroundings he responds to large tribal man, "Well if it is a wife you are after, a Brothel might not be the place to start. But no shortage of women here to fill you cave at least. An your bedroll besides."
Jackson Jack nodded in interest as Ironface spoke, and as he offered his own introduction, the deputy offered the man a hand to shake. "Hell of a name for a hell of a warrior. It's my pleasure, Ironface. I sincerely hope that the next time we're standing together on the battlefield that we bring our enemies to their knees." After he spoke, he paused, listening to Astaroth's words. An interesting thought, to be sure, but Captain Rexus summarized that argument in a few concise statements. Jack piped in his opinion a moment afterward as he took a swig of his drink. "It's not that we don't want to. Hell-- I'd be one of the first in line to do it. But it's operations like the one we were referring to that are making that sort of offensive a possibility. We need intelligence, resources, volunteers, a strategy, and a hell of a lot of luck. That operation in and of itself revealed that the whirleybirds weren't headed anywhere in New Mexico. They were headed straight toward the Mojave. We can't even begin to imagine what they're planning. At least.. Not yet."
Rexus Rexus sort of does a little mental checklist, spoken aloud. "Small arms.. assault rifles, pistols, shotguns... armor... rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft batteries, wire mines, plastic mines, sniper rifles... ammunition for all the above... and hope it's all the same caliber.... and frequency hopping radios with burst transmitters so we aren't so easy to find...... food, water, spares for the vehicles, horses and mules just go so far. It's a multi million cap offensive if you want to do it properly.... oh.... and trained fighters not.. tribals or the local innkeeper with a pistol... that won't cut it."
Ironface Jones Looking over at Astaroth Ironface shrugs his shoulders, "Here is where I find sex most easily and there is much drinking to be done." With that he finishes off his beer and motions for another from the robot, "More please, Tincan." Taking Jack's hand in his own he gives a polite shake, that being something he's learned to do as well as a civilized city dweller, "We will drive our enemies before us." Then he's quiet while there are explanations as to why they can't take the Enclave head on, nodding a little bit at various points. To Rexus he offers up, "I have a gun which is known as a SAW." He emphasizes the last word. "When it comes time to fight the Enclave again I may try to use that as well as my slugger."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino nods to Rexus in understanding "Indeed it would be a massive job to fight them straight up like that and try to wipe them out in one swoop. But there is something to be said for guerilla tactics as well. Hit them fast where you can in small operations. Keep them too busy to mount a fullscale attack on El Dorado." He rolls his large shoulders is a shrug and lets out a gutteral growl before continuing "Just an idea though, I am no great general. I just wanna smash something with my sledge hammer is all. Who better than those soulless Brahman stuffers?" After hearing Ironface's latest comment Astaroth flashes him a grin filled with respect. "Now you sounds like a man who is filled with grit and steel. I think you tribe would be a great home for people who aint afraid of a fight."
Jackson Jackson calmly listened to the exchange between Rexus and Astaroth with curiosity, biting back his giggles as Ironface and Astaroth spoke briefly about wives. He definitely had a fair bit to say about that, but he'd hold his tongue for the time being. There was a time and place for that sort of nonsense, and Jack's personal life didn't really strike him as too important right now. He'd just stick to the basics. As the conversation about an assault on the Enclave carried on, Jackson piped up again after polishing off his whiskey. "I say... Fuck 'em. Why waste all of that time and resources attempting to destroy something that has no will to die? I say we just gotta give them a reason not to fuck with us. Show them that we mean business, one way or another. How we do that? Beats the shit out of me. I'm personally a fan of shoving a nuclear missile up their asses. But that's just me."
Rexus Rexus gives an idle shrug. "Guerilla tactics won't work as there's no local populace to support you. You'll still run out of food and water, and shelter. Guerilla tactics only work when you have civilians to blend in with and aid you.... and you'd need political support... all that costs money... money I doubt our mayor can justify to the tax payers..." he chuckles, "Trust me, i've already charged up that particular hill and been fended off... better to just settle and accept that we're a small little outpost at best." he gestures, "They'll send their little mutant horde at us every so often, but we've shown them our teeth and I don't think they are interested in feeling them again anytime soon."
Ironface Jones "This tribe has many skilled warriors," Ironface tells Astaroth with a nod. "The other men here seem to be among them. I have seen them do things such as fight the giant robot scorpion and blow up a large thing while falling from it." After taking a drink from his beer, smaller this time than before, he turns around on his stool so that he can lean his back against the bar. "I look forward to when we can make the Enclave not a threat any more. I think they are powerful but they do not seem interested in us right now. The Mojave is where they want to be so we are likely safe from them for some time."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino nods as folks speak their minds on the situation growing a bit tired of a conversation that seemingly wont pan out to anything. "No point in beating a dead horse. I suppose I am just looking for a purpose here in the wasteland. I need something to do, a target for my aggression. Any suggestions that might actually be a possibility? I need to kill more things to put it bluntly." Astaroth finishes the remaining half of the beer and places the mug back on the table, but refrains from ordering another. Not wanting to get to get too drunk and agressive. "Dont suppose any of your have any work for a bodyguard such as myself?"
Jackson "well, I can certainly say that there's always something to hit around here if you want to find it. Don't have any work for you myself, though." The deputy paused for a moment, sighing slightly. "I'm not a big fan of fighting. I fight to protect the people that can't protect themselves. This wasteland has enough bodies without me adding to the pile."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino lets out a small sigh and nods at Jackson "Cannot really expect a lawman to have much in the way of work for a man like myself. No worries. Just dont like standing still too long, my armor might rust and will be nothing more than a useless statue."
Rexus Rexus takes another sip of cola. "If you're looking for things to beat up on, there's always the highways that are infested with... you name it... Lonestar's lost a lot of their muscle over the last little while... no one to keep the highways clear. That's about it, unless you want to get involved with that Solomon business... haven't heard much about it... then there's those desert rangers lookin for assistance."
Ironface Jones "I can think of no work I can provide. Usually I just do the things for myself," Ironface says to Astaroth after a few seconds of consideration. "I hunt much of the time and that is where I do most of my fighting." Then he pauses to let the other guys speak, their ideas might suit better than his own. Another drink from his mug goes down his throat, "If I find a thing to fight and I think I cannot kill it alone then I will seek you out."
Jackson At that, Jackson smiled. "I might be Johnny Law, but you'd be surprised. I'm no stranger to some.. Interesting situations myself. I still do plenty of freelancing when I have the capability. A man's gotta live, after all." He spun in his stool for a moment, considering the thought. "Now, you won't see me fistfighting any deathclaws. But I'm no stranger to the rough and tumble myself. I've been around the block a few times." At the mention of Solomon, Jackson's facial expression immediatly turned sour. "Crooked pile of shit. Can't say i've heard much lately myself, but there have been rumors of a lead the Department's been tailing up north. I can't say much, but what I can say... Is that it's apparently some serious stuff. Intercepting intel of some sort. Heavy resistance expected. Might be right up your alley, come to think of it. I'll definitely keep you in mind when i'm at liberty to act on the intel."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino turns his attention to Rexus and responds, "Aye, was guarding a caravan last night. Did not go well at all, did my best to keep folks alive but alot of the guards died. So many explosion...was a helluva ambush. But I did my job, I can only protect folks so much, if you are weak the wasteland always finds a way to eat you up it seems" After listening to what Ironface has to say he then shifts his attention to him saying, "I would appreciate that, I usually dont work for free, and my rates are reasonable. But also I will not turn down a glorious battle. So just let me know." The law man then draws his attention next and Astaroth speaks with a curious tone "Who is this Solomon fellow? On second though I am not picky, if you can track him down I am willing to come with you and lend my super sledge to your cause. It can be used as a suppository."
Rexus Rexus grins, "Solomon's... well... he's got a bit of a reputation, not a good one...." he says, letting Jackson field this one, "He basically turned traitor and was workin for the Enclave or somesuch.... long story. But there's stuff brewing dealing with him that I am sure will need another Ashur type."
Ironface Jones "I would like to kill Solomon, also, so I would like to be told when people are going to kill him and his," Ironface says to Jackson before taking a sip of beer. "Solomon sold some of the less fortunate of El Dorado into slavery when he was the mayor here. Also, he used gangsters to collect taxes illegally. And he is a member of the Enclave, too. I think he very much should be killed." Pausing, Ironface considers if there's anything else worth mentioning about the guy at the moment, "That is all I can think of at this time. I will try to kill him when I next see him."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino says "Well with as many enemies as he seems to have collected for himself, I am sure his time in the world is very limited. I do my best to stay strong on my own, but never hurts to make more friends than enemies rather. Does not matter how much profit you make from doing terrible things if you cannot live long enough afterwards to enjoy it. I do not claim to be any sort of hero or even a good person, but I am definately not a terrible person either. At least I would like to think so."
Jackson Though it wasn't a subject Jackson was exactly thrilled to be talking about, he decided to indulge the newcomer's curiosity. It'd be better off that the man knew about everything that was going on around here anyway. Ironface gave him a pretty good start-- the tribal's summary of the bastard's actions was definitely a good one. As he finished, and Astaroth responded, Jack spoke up. "In as few details as possible... Solomon's a prick. Former mayor of our humble little town. Turns out he was an Enclave sympathizer, and was turning tricks on the people of El Dorado for a long, long, time. People got hurt. People lost their livelihoods." As he spoke, Jack's knuckels tightened against the bar, and the deputy's face grew steadily more sour as his explanation continued. "People lost their families." He paused for a moment, seemingly lost in the reverry of his memories, but continued unimpeded a few seconds later. "Long story short, his actions are unforgivable. Most believe he needs to catch a bullet. I'm of the mentality that it's too merciful. The bastard needs to be taken in, locked up, and suffer out the rest of his miserable existance in a cell. He needs to pay for his crimes."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino nods in agreement with Jackson but then shakes his head a bit as he responds "Aye if what you say he deserves to suffer for a very long time, but manipulative people like that locking them up does not seem to be the best route. They will bribe, manipulate, and threaten their way back to freedom given enough time." Astaroth sighs a bit before continuing "As much as he deserves to suffer, it maybe the smartest choice to just give him a case of lead poisoning and being done with it, leaving no chances."
Rexus Rexus chuckles, "Indeed, there are many round here that'd love to be the one to pull the trigger when the time comes... I'm sure there'll be plenty of eager people but... the ones who ought to get the accolades are the ones who did the grunt work of trackin him down... all the investigatin, trackin, puttin the pieces together an all.. that's the real work."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino agrees with Rexus, bobbing his large ugly head up and down as he speaks "True enough, and the survivors of his crimes as well. I do not have to be the one to kill him, but I would love to defend the ones who do during the battle, and maybe take a few henchmen out myself. I love putting myself in front of bullets and blades for people. I suppose I am a bit of a masochist, but it works for me."
Ironface Jones "If he is dead we do not need to waste food or water on him, but I will probably do what the tribe wishes. If he is to be taken alive then I may try to do so," Ironface says with a big shrug of his shoulders. "Sometimes I become enraged and cannot stop myself from killing my enemies." There's another shrug at that. More beer is consumed. Looking over at Rexus the tribal nods his head, "That is probably the best."
Jackson At that, the deputy's eyes flared with emotion, and his voice, which was once mirthful and full of emotion, became more calm and level. "Your point is a valid one. But there has to be a way. We put one between his eyes, we're no better than he is. The people of El Dorado are above cold-blooded murder. Even if it's justifiable, it's still senseless murder. If we could bring him in alive, imagine the sort of information we could gather on the Enclave, the Solomon crime family, and whatever the hell else he's keeping locked in that skull of his. He dies? We never know." After his explanation, he paused for a moment, focusing his attention on Astaroth. "Sorry. I don't mean to be so.. Confrontational about it. It's just a sore spot for me. Don't worry about it."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino flashes Jackson an empathetic smile "Cannot blame you for how you feel, but what is right and what is best are not always the same thing. Would be a shame if he escaped to ruin even more lives because it is right to take him alive. I understand where you are coming from, but a snake is a snake. If a snake bites you, you cut off his head." Astaroth stops to think for a moment before continuing "However you are a man of the law and that is your duty to see that his crimes are paid for and justice is wrought. I suppose that is why it would be better for you to make that decision, than some outsider like myself."
Rexus Rexus takes another wee sip of cola, "Yes, but like with a serpent if you cut the head off another will regrow... same with the Enclave and Solomon's lot... takes a bit more than killing one to put an end to it all. S'why I find it a bit easier to focus more at home.. build things up here..." he pauses, "Reminds me of a story... about a young man.... When he grew up, he hated his father. His father mistreated him. He beat him, locked him away... the usual thing... his mother on the other hand, loved him and cared for him, and he in turn cared deeply for her. The man grew older and in his mid thirties his mother passed away... and at the funeral he found he couldn't cry... the tears just wouldn't come. His father on the other hand lived for much longer and when he passed away, for some reason, he couldn't keep the tears away... balled for weeks and weeks... apparently inconsolable."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino mulls the story around in his head for a moment then finally responds "Definately some food for though, something to think about while we make the decisions that can affect the entire wasteland whether we realize it or not. I thank you all for giving me a better understanding of what is going on here in El Derado." He turns to each offering them a respectful nod and places his power helmet back atop his head and snaps the latches on it, before speaking in an almost robotic voice augmented by the helmet "I will catch you folks around, and look forward to hearing from you all about some work when it comes."
Jackson It seemed the conversation had steered away from it's joviality, and into singificantly more somber territory. After listening to both Rexus and Astaroth speak, Jackson placed that now-familiar grin back upon his face, standing from his stool and angling his head toward the group. "That's an interesting story Cap. Definitely gonna keep that one in mind for the future." As he spoke, he pulled his hat down a bit more snugly on his head, and adjusted his duster as he checked the action on his revolver. "But I ain't never heard of no serpent that'll grow it's head back. Might want to document that shit. I get your point, though." With that, he flashed Captain Rexus a toothy grin. "It's been a pleasure, gentlemen. But it's time for Johnny Law to make sure Shantytown keeps it civil." After he spoke, he dropped a handful of caps on the bar. He gave Astaroth a friendly nod and a tip of his hat as the man strapped his helmet back on, then the deputy turned back to the group for a split second as he continued to speak. "For your drinks. I've recently came into a bit of cash, so it's no problem. Drink to your heart's content. Tell Ms. Kitty it's on Jack." With that said, Deputy Jackson Parkes strolled back out into the streets of El Dorado, bound for Shantytown.
Rexus Rexus gives a little nod to those departing, returning to his cola. "Enjoy your day." he says to the ones heading out, still content to remain here and enjoy a refreshing beverage or two... three.. maybe four, we'll see!
Ironface Jones As the others start to get ready to go Ironface finishes off his beer and gets up from his stool to head out as well. On his feet he leans from side to side, stretching himself out a little bit to make sure he's ready to go. Adjustments accomplished he picks up his stuff and says, "Good day to you." And then he heads for the door, "I feel it is time to go hunting now." Off he goes.