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Sparrow Two weeks have passed since a group had come into Picacho to find out what was happening. Slower than Hondo but similar circumstances had begun. The Well had stopped producing and crops had started to wilt. Some of that seems reversed after the group of El Doradans including several faces who've come back again ensured that a large nest of Quantum Mutant Molerats was unearthed and destroyed.

Repairs have already begun on the Nuka Cola Plant where the group is led by their usual Guides from Roswell: One Ms. Croup and a Mr. Vandemar. They lead the group who'd gathered in Rosewell along the road and down through the little village surrounding the Nuka Cola plant. It's almost idyllic out there. Houses which siding has barely been touched by the years or the explosions. Astroturf in some yards that despite its sunbleached color still looks a little like grass. There are even kids riding bikes. Of course, they're ghouls or those who've chosen to come to the Plant to live with them.

When they arrive at the plant proper a Ghoul in a jacket that looks like it used to belong to a real Nuka Cola fan pre-war holds up a hand. He's found one of the Elvis wigs somewhere and kept it pristine wearing it on his head currently. "Howdy folks!" He greets the group. "Glad to see you, glad to see ya'll come back. I'm Marcus."

Marcus appears to be the foreman of the plant which isn't yet working. And though they've started repairs on the parts of the building that collapsed along with the tunnels and have had to reconfigure some of the scaffolding and walkways above they seem to have kept as much of the building intact as they could.

Marcus announces to the group. "We have some ancient blueprints here of the factory, man." He explains to the guides and then to the El Doradans he says. "We haven't been able to get the pumps working again. We've marked off where the vales are for release but yanno, none of us are really built for taking down big blue molerats.. Have ya'll get an engineer with you, someone to hack or we can send our brightest with you." He gestures and snaps his fingers and a small shy female ghoul wearing a Nukacola cap and some 3-d Nuka glasses scuttles around to stand next to him and waves.
Sparrow Sparrow is with the group but she's at the back working her fingers over her pipboy but she's not really saying anything to hinder. She's just here to make sure no one dies. As usual.
Shane The tiny figure in dark hair and leather with a bow slung across her back is toting a ripper slung over one shoulder as she trots up on the scene ust in time to catch Marcus' words. She glances at the others gathered, thoughtful.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino strolls alongside the group, not paying the ghouls much attention as he is only here to protect those who have come to do their work. The events of his last trip to the Nuka Cola Plant are still very fresh in his mind, his bruises and cuts from being flung around by the Quatum Mole Rat Brood Mother having just healed. Astaroth swings his heavy super sledge idly over a wide shoulder resting it against his power armor as scans his surroundings with an expression of distaste, but remains silent only nodding to Ironfist and James in a wordless greeting as the ghoul speaks.
Ironface Jones After riding First Horse Jones out to Picacho Ironface looks rather relaxed. Well, as much as someone who's as stoic as he is can look relaxed. His slugger is resting on his shoulder and he's got his eyes scanning the interior of the Nuka Cola factory for signs of more molerats even though he doesn't really expect to see any. When he's with the group he walks towards the front, ready to take on anything that might come at them from that direction.

"Greetings Marcus," Ironface tells the ghoul with a serious nod of his head. Looking over at the group for an engineer but being unsure exactly of what the word means he remains silent on that subject. His attention ends up on Shane when the woman joins the group, "Greetings Shane." Astaroth is given a nod in return.
James James raises his hand. "Guess you can say I'm an engineer of sorts. Damn good one too." He stares off into the distance and begins monologing. "Yup, sum even say I'm the best. Why one time a long time ago there was sumthin to fix. Yup! I fixed it. E'er since then it's been like a calling to me. Ain't a thing around I can't turn a wrench too and.." He's suddenly distracted by the heaping mess of robot parts he's been dragging around before blushing and staring at the ground. Then after looking around a second or two James turns to Shane, "Thanks for the patchin up. What I owe ya?
Kaelyn There's a bit of a digital blure wandering intot he place a moment, shortly before that blure kind of pixilates more and reveales a dark-skinned red-eyed elf like woman standing there near the group. She casually tugs her bangs out of her eyes and looks around the place curiously before she smiles cheerfully and offers everyone a wave.
Nemo Nemo steps up, quite quickly, lifting a hand, "I'm Dr. Booker, with the scientists of El Dorado," He's dressed more like a cowboy mercenary, complete with psycho-bloodshot eyes, "I'm good with hacking, and I've brought tools along with me to try and help you folks. And some lead, for the molerats. I think with our firepower, and brains combined here, we've got you covered, Marcus." He pulls out his Pip-boy, and starts examining the blueprints, digging around for a flask within his poncho.
Sparrow The little ghoul Marcus was refering to looks utterly relieved and scampers back off towards the gift shop where she'd been loitering. Marcus bobs his head, "Cool, cool cool, Man. Glad to hear we've got so many folks on hand who can fire it out. We know for sure some of the main chambers have flooded and we've marked it on the map. There's indication they've got some turret systems up. I guess to take care of that molerat problem." He cackles a dry rasp. He spreads the map out on a table to show the map to let people have a look at it.
Sparrow Like most Maps in Fallout: it is designed to make you ask what scientists in their right mind designed this facility.
Sparrow Like most Maps in Fallout: it is designed to make you ask what Engineer in their right mind designed this facility.
Ironface Jones The map is a thing Ironface can get a grip on so he leans over to take a look at things, trying to sort it out before venturing down into the depths. One of his hands reaches out so he can trace the various lines with a finger, nodding to himself as he does so. "I think I know the way through this now." And he might just, based on the confidence he expresses. "I will guide us, but if we leave the main path without marking it we may become lost."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino glances at the table, scanning the presented map for a moment and soaking up the details. He makes no comment however and even disgusted as he is by the ghoul's company this time he keeps his feelings to himself. Astaroth remains a silent statue, standing sentry to guard his company from any danger, but relaxes a bit for now as the is seemingly no threat at this time. The only expression that crosses his face even for only a moment is one of slight relief as the other ghoul scurries off, glad that there are normal people here with the talents needed to do the job...or at least he hopes. At Ironface's suggestion he falls in line behind him, allowing Jones to lead the lead the way without questioning, his confidence seeming to convince Astaroth.
Shane "Nothin'," Shane reassures as she looks to James, shaking her head. "I patch folks up. It's what my mother would've wanted. Well, that and rip 'em limb from limb. Guess it depends, on friend or foe." She gives Ironface a deep respectful nod as she looks up and aside at him, "Ironface. It's good t'meet you again." She nods as she listens to the ghoul talking, remaining largely quiet to keep from interrupting. Nodding faintly at Ironface she starts pulling out scraps of wasteland-worn leather, "Trail markers?" she inquires thoughtfully, scootching closer to get a better look at the map herself.
Nemo Helpfully, pointing out some spots on the map, Nemo says, "I know there's more than one control one, up the ladder, and at least someone will have to go up there first. We can't get to the Generator room from there, because it's blocked." At Shane's suggestion, the green-eyed man in the cowboy hat looks to the ghoul Marcus, "You got any cans of paint around here, Marcus? Even some string would be better than nothing." Once a line starts forming behind Ironface, Nemo cocks his submachine gun, and steps beside Astaroth, giving the Guardian a nod, "Let's get this done."
James James takes a look at the map along with the others. He scratches his chin for a moment before he starts slowly nodding. "Yup. That definitely a map right there." He pauses a moment and continues with, "Whoever zined this place was on suma dat shit," using air quotes at the last word. "I tell ya'll what. Ima follow behind all ya'll an either turn a wrench er swing it."
Sparrow The map is a schematic, a architechts bluepring. Ironface has figured a way through but Nemo knows that the twists and turns of this maze are frought with challenges that can prevent them from 'the easiest path'.

Marcus shakes his head, "Naw man, I don't have anything." He says patting himself down. He doesn't unfourunately have anything to help them mark their direction on. Sparrow pipes up, "I've got somethin. don't worry about markin' the way." She nods to Shane, "I'll help ya." The cowgirl says but seems to just be there as moral support or something.
Ironface Jones "Your idea is good," Ironface says to Shane when he sees her scraps, nodding his head very seriously. "It may be dangerous there so we will need to be alert." Seeing as how folks are ready to follow his lead, Ironface says, "The entry point is up the ladder. The ladder may not be sturdy so we will need to climb it one at a time." He takes the lead, grabbing the ladder's rungs and pulling himself up with ease, his massive muscles flexing beneath his armor as he climbs. At the top he readies his slugger for use, prepared as he can be for anything that may lie ahead.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino follows silently behind Ironface Jones, his expression determined. As he gazes up the ladder he clicks on the headlamp of his power helmet, illuminating the way for Ironface and himself. He then takes a strong grip on the ladder and begins to follow upward, slowly as not to end up with a face full of ass.
Nemo Nemo watches Astaroth and Ironface disappear up that ladder, illuminated by the former's headlamp. Sighing, Nemo throws that rifle of his shoulder, adjusting the strap, before attempting to follow. He makes it up a few rungs, but can't keep a grip on the bars enough to support his weight, and is sliding back down, eventually stepping out of the way to let others go. He lights a cigarette and sighs, watching others ascend.
James The tubby mulleted man takes a step and then another before stepping back down and saying while pointing up to Ironface, "That sum bitch can fly. Rest of us gunna break our damn necks." He looks himself over for a second then to his hand as he gives a look as if to say "Ohh yeah" and uses the wrench in his hand to try to tighten the rungs of the ladder as he works his way up.
Kaelyn She'd been in the background for the time being, and currently, Kae is following behind everyone else, studying what's going on as she glances around curiously. When she sees someone ratchet a round into a firearm, Kae tilts her head curiously, and moves to reach for her p-90. The small sub machine gun lifts off it's hook at the small of Kae's back seemingly of her own, and floats quickly that last foot or so to the woman's hand before she cycles a round and raises the thing. "All ready I think!" She says and smiles cheerfully

CORA, Kae's pip computer, on the hand comments "I.E. Almost never ready and constantly making stuff up!" Kae then blinks "Heey, not nice!" CORA's little holo avatar smiles sweetly above Kae's wrist and responds "Truth hurts?" Kae then blinks back at CORA then taps CORA's screen, lots, getting a loud squeek out of her AI.
Nemo Nemo makes it up, thanks to James, eyeing the man thoughtfully. "Ever thought of joining the Scientists of El Dorado, James?" Small talk, on the way.
Sparrow Once James fixes the ladder and it looks more sturdy, after falling on her butt, Sparrow tries again. Scrambling up the ladder to the pipe.

The group now stands gathered in a 15-foot diameter pipe that has a door sunk into the side of it. The other side of the 'pipe' has collapsed completely leaving the one direction and the one door.

There is a console by the door with a green cursor blinking. Above the courser is one word: PASSWORD.

Observant people can see down the length of the pipe is lit by emergency lighting that seems to lead off into the distance.

The smell isn't exactly pleasant.
Shane For her own part, Shane is mostly hangback, nodding as she listens to Ironface, and looking at everyone else before her, then following him up the ladder, ripper slung lightly over a shoulder.
Nemo Feeling embarassed after falling down the ladder, Nemo brushes past Ironface when he sees the console at the door, eager to prove himself. He steps up close, and plugs in his Pip-Boy, typing away. After spinning through several words, the console displays: SPEED, and then flashes that the password was accepted. Nemo steps back, though, letting anyone else go first. "She's open..."
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino is relieved he is sealed tightly in his power armor, avoiding the smell entirely as internal scrubbers filter the air. He shifts his head in all directions, the headlamp illuminating his field of vision. Upon spotting the console he knows better than to even fool around with such things, standing silent as usual on this journey. Standing aside for the more technologically inclined, but always on guard and watching for any sign of trouble.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Nemo curiously, CORA then grins at Kae "You could do that, though I think you might get his speed when ya work at programming a bit more.." Kae blinks and pokes at CORA again, who calls out "HEEEY!" Kae then shrugs slowly. "No competition here ya crazed A.I." she says with a smirk.
Ironface Jones The science machine before him baffles Ironface so he allows Nemo past him to deal with it, not seeming to mind being outsmarted by a machine. Or a scrawny nerd. When the CORA thing on Kae's arm starts talking again the big tribal looks that way as well, but doesn't comment. He's more concerned with the door opening and what might be behind it. Shaking his head slightly from side to side and stretching out his arms across his body he prepares to go into the pipeline.
James Eying the door for a moment and then Nemo as the quick hacking opens the door, James smiles ear to ear, "You scientist fellers can help me learn ta open doors like that an sum other stuff I might take ya up on that offer," Mullet-head's thick accent echoes through the pipe as he talks. "I say we still let ole Ironface, slayer of cars, go in first though."
Shane At James' observation, Shane offers a faint nod, but steps in immediately close behind Ironface, the dark, slight thing looking from ripper to slugger in consideration, then settling the ripper across her back with the bow and pulling the slugger back around, readjusting the gun tucked into the back of her close-fitting leather pants like a one-woman armory.
Sparrow Inside the tunnel, people can move two by two but no more. Inside the tubes, they can hear their own footsteps echo softly and they find that the runnel runs about twenty feet out from under the Nuka Cola plant, one would wager and underground. After they file through the tube it opens into a small 'control' room.

Before entering one can see ancient panels along with a table in the center of the room that has scattered papers and scraps on it.
Ironface Jones "It sounds like science machines are coming to life," Ironface declares seriously as he squints into the tunnel, taking his first steps tentatively and quietly so as not to alert said science machines. He begins to crouch down low and as he does so his stealth suit kicks in and he sort of 'fuzzes' out and becomes almost transparent. It's not impossible to follow him visually, however, just helps him with his sneakiness. Moving slowly he hesitantly goes to enter the control room, keeping alert for the science machines he mentioned.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino heads into the control room but stays near the entrance, keeping a guard on the door as the others file in. It has been quiet so far, but that only makes him more anxious. Standing sentry near the door he takes his modified super sledge in a two handed grip, holding it tightly in his large power armored hands as he scans the environment. His headlamp brightens the room quite well, and he notices a few panels and papers strewn about, but does not know what to make of them so he pays little mind to clutter and returns his attention to the door and the tunnel they arrived from.
Kaelyn The Elf-girl's ears twitch and she sighs. "You could say that sounds like turrets coming to life." She mutters then tilts her head curiously and then closes her helmet, before activating her suit's stealth system "I'll try to disable them if I can." she says as little hexagonal pixels appear all over her suit and soon enough her form blurs away.
Shane Canting her head slightly, Shane pulls for half a beat to a stop. She closes her eyes to hone in on it when she catches wind of a sound, gesturing off toward her best guess of where the whine is coming from with a quiet shift of her hand, back and forth between there and the group, looking questioningly about befor shrugging and following, as quietly as she can manage as she sees Ironface trying to slow up. It's not quiet. She's a walking armory.
Kaelyn Kae raises her firearm, taking aim at the first turret. Yup she has her way about things and all and is rather blunt with things before she discharges a burst into that first turreg, shredding it nearly instantly. CORA then comments "Nice shot." before Kae swivels wordlessly, taking aim and sending a shorter burst into the next target. "One down." she states.
Sparrow After the turrets are dealth with the room is left with only the fizzle of electric equipment accompanied with blue flickers that blank out the orange saftey lights. The computer is unlocked now and there are a few uncorrupted entries there.
James James shuffles over to the computer console and as he slams away at different keys his tongue sticks out the corner of his tight-lipped mouth. His eyes seem to transition form fear to suprise back to extreme fear and finally a goofy smile and with one whimsical touch of a button James Monroe Marshall the twelvth let's out an eruption of flatulence as the turret whizzes and powers down.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino takes a few rounds from a firing turret, letting the bullets bounce off his power armor leaving him unharmed as he rolls his giant shoulders in a wide shrug. He then turns his attention to Kaeyln ignoring the gunfire as he watches her shoot one down. Then he shifts his gaze to James as he shuts down the second one, the firing stops and he relaxes a bit, coming out without a scratch.
Ironface Jones The turrets are neatly taken care of before Ironface has a chance to spring into action. There's almost a look of disappointment on his face at that, but he keeps it to himself and instead begins to look around the room. His eyes eventually settle on the papers on the table and he heads over to them to look them over. A frown appears as he reads them over, "What is a fountain of youth?"
Nemo Nemo takes his cues from the others warnings, picking up into a run as the turrets whir into life. Boots clicking on the floor, he tries to get out of line of sight of the remaining turret, making sure not to break it's focus on the much more armored Asataroth. After one has already exploded, Nemo's giving Kaelyn a wary eye, before he rifles through the papers, glancing over Ironface's shoulder, "Fountain of youth, hmm? It may be the wellspring that's supposed to be here. Or a radioactive new flavor for ghouls."
Shane All good battle plans are shot straight to hell as soon as the fighting begins. When the turrets pick a focus, Shane gives them a mighty wide berth, while loping toward them, unslinging the Slugger and getting ready for a home run. And then the turrets are both shot down and she's stopping short and shrugging. She leans the end of the slugger against the floor and uses it like a walking stick to prop nonchalantly against, listening with passive interest to the talk of fountains of youth.
Kaelyn Kae glances around curiously and rubs at the back of her neck before the woman casually tugs the half magazine from her p90, and pockets it, then tugs another free of her pocket and drops it into her sub machine gun. The woman glances around again and looks to the others and shrugs "It's a fountain that guarantees eternal youth?" she says and shrugs...
James James keeps hitting buttons and making strange expressions as he peruses through the files, taking a quick second here or there to scratch his greasey head. His eyes remain transfixed on the screen eager to learn what he might find
Sparrow Sparrow checks through the papers in the filing cabinets and wrinkles her nose as she looks through the papers there. "Nothin in here but some employee records and a fork for some reason." She shuts the cabinets and looks around before moving towards ne next door and checks it without opening it. "It's unlocked." She tells the Scout and the paladin.
Ironface Jones "If it is for ghouls then I shall not drink it," Ironface declares with regards to the fountain. Though Kaelyn gets an intrigued wide eyed look, "I will take youth eternal if I remain as a man and not a ghoul. I will learn what it takes to marry the women of El Dorado and father hundreds of children." And then, of all things, he lets out a whistful sigh. "I think it is probably lies." When told the door is unlocked Ironface moves towards it, looking around at the others in the room before proceeding, "Have we found all of the things there is to find in here?"
Nemo Nemo steps over to the cabinets, grabbing that fork out of it real quick, before he's aiming towards the door too. Pausing there without opening it, the scientist looks to the James, "What all have you found on there? Any information? Any control switches?" He twirls the fork in his hand.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Ironface curiously "I got the pointy ears and red eyes with mine... Maybe a lil more..." she says and taps her chest with the p90... She then glances around as CORA pipes in "Looots more!" she calls out happily. Kae then shrugs "Anyhoo... What iss it you guys may want me to do?"
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino ignores the papers and junk the others are rifling through and turns his attention to the unlocked door that Sparrow just spoke of. He inspects the door and realizes that it is indeed unlocked. Holding up a hand he announces to the others "Could be more turrets, or worse beyond here. I will take point and draw the fire when we move out eh?"
Shane Going double maverick at the last minute, Shane goes after the turret that's left and swings her slugger at it, the gore-speckled, barbed wire bat an angry and unforgiving thing, her entire frame raring back before she goes to swing it.
James "Hey guys, check dis shit out," James says to the rest as he accesses different computer entries. "Seems to be sumthin called a Nuka Gold on here. Made with the real fountain of yoof an shit!" His face grimaces and he explains, "Stuff was makin folks crazy an even makin yung'ens glow!" He continues to relay the tale, "Boss went off the dern deep end an pushed the drill team too far." He trails off mentioning something about exterminators. "Hey Nemo, yew know what Unlock System A.P.A means?"
Ironface Jones "It took pointy ears and red eyes to marry you?" Ironface asks Kaelyn incredulously, the very idea being mind boggling to him. "No wonder I have not been asked to marry anyone in El Dorado. Those are things even I can not provide." And then James is asking people to check something out so Ironface marches over to look at the computer, nodding seriously as if he understands what's happening. He says to Astaroth, "You may go first. I will follow you through the things."
Nemo Nodding quickly, gesturing to the console, Nemo says, confidently, "That's the switch to our first room, that needs to be opened, go ahead and unlock that, and we'll head out." He looks to Astaroth, nodding, "We'll follow your lead." He chuckles, "Dibs on any Nuka Gold we find, though. At least the first bottle, for science's sake."
Shane Lifting her head to look from Ironface to Kaelyn, Shane gestures lightly with the tip of her bat after swatting at the other turret with it until it was busted to nothingness. "What... is the deal with that anyhow?" she asks lightly, totally unawares.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ironface "Huh? nooo I got the pointy ears and red eyes as a byproduct of being able to live an extremely long time." she says and rubs at the back of her neck curiously, she then glances with Shane curiously "What's the deal with what? The pointy ears and red eyes? " She umms "A crazy A.I. and an even more crazy Mad scientist kinda made me."
Sparrow Bart, better late than never after a bathroom break - typical Knox Brother - arrives up the ladder just as everyone is making their way through the door. He can just slip in behind everyone there.

The next tunnel is long and it branches off three ways. Thankfully with Ironface and the Paladin in front they know not to stray off the main path despite the temptations to find out what might be down there. Treasure maybe? Some Nuka Gold?

There's another electric door that opens as it was unlocked from the previous console.

It's and Elevator everyone can fit into, it has an overturned cart on it that had once held some sort of samples in glass jars that are shattered on the floor.

Down, down, down...

The room they end up in has only one window. Yes, a window underground but what is beyond it cannot be seen. It's pitch dark 'outside' the window.

This the room has much more equipment; computers line a wall, some instruments that read depth, pressure and what looks like a seismology unit. There are several circular lock doors that branch off it as well as a Hatch that leads up that reads: EMERGENCY ESCAPE. Hopefully no one's claustrophobic.
Ironface Jones As he arrives in the room Ironface takes a look around and points towards the exit on the left hand side, "This is the one we need to go through." Then he looks, with his brows furrowed in curiousity, towards the other members of the expedition, "How does one marry an El Dorado woman? I feel like I have proven myself to be brave and a good provider, does no father wish that for his daughter?" He's genuinely confused by social stuff sometimes, but completely unphased by the close confines of the room. His home is a cave, after all. The hatch that says EMERGENCY ESCAPE is studied carefully, Ironface trying to make sure that he knows how to operate in case they need to use it get out.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino steps off the elevator, his helmet's headlamp brightning up the room before him. He scans the entire room first for any signs of a threat then seems satisfied that they are safe, at least for the moment. Astaroth makes his way to the window that is drawing his attention, but has trouble seeing through it since the light from the headlamp is only reflected back into his own eyes. Standing there gazing at the window silently he thinks to himself for a bit.
Bart Bart sighs with utter relief as he exits the bathroom. Just like a Knox showing up when he damn well pleases. Of course he's got that gauss rifle slung over one shoulder, his med kit currently in hand. The normally lab coat wearing medic is currently geared up in full riot gear. It's like a bubble for the nerd. Hearing the conversation as he walks up behind he clucks his tongue slightly at Ironface. "That's the thing about El Dorado women," he intones in that fancy Old Timey accent, "You gotta impress them, not their fathers." He's already inspecting the apparatuses and that elevator, attempting to see if anything is functional or useful.
Shane Tilting her head as she looks up at Ironface, Shane says, "I'm not from 'round 'ere, I wouldn't know." There's a touch of Louisiana's long distant descendant of creole bleeding into her words, and she looks around before nodding faintly up at Ironface. "You're interesting. I'd like to know you better. A fellow fan of the bow," she says before she starts rooting around, looking for points of interest.
Shane Tripping over them, Shane pulls up a set of blue-prints knocked aside at some point, showing some kidof pump hat loks like it's copywried to Nuka Cola. She offers it over to James and Nemo, "You make sense of this shit?"
Nemo Nemo's gladly letting the others take lead for the moment, as he's curiously taking in everything, analyzing the route back, the tipped over cart. He chuckles at some parts of the conversation, but doesn't weigh in with his own judgements, instead lighting a cigarette. Once in the final room, he peeks out the 'window', then rotates through the room, picking through notes, and mentioning some things aloud, "Ah, these look like pump gaskets." He grabs some rubber circles and long screws off a table, scooping up a clipboard with some repar logs for some equipment. "Ironface, we're taking the left door, right?" He nods towards one of the exits, stowing things in his pockets.
James James looks around the room from the entry way a few seconds then heads over to the computer panels. It was lucrative before after all. His ears perk up at the conversation about Ironface wanting to find a good El-Dorado woman. "Well it's simple, car crusher. Git yerself sum cookin earl an beat the hell outta a bus at da crossroads." James chuckles as he mentions somethking about a love affair on the computer then a moment later calls out, "Guy on ere said somethin bout checkin the gages cus they were off!"
Sparrow Sparrow is busy investigating the Emergency Eit herself. She's familiarizing herself with how the hell to get out of this underground place. It gives her the shivers.
Nemo Nemo takes the notes from Shane, compares them with his repair logs, and nods to himself, putting the pieces together. "Alright, they were trying to repair a particular pump, that would allow them to get the factory's system working. We can repair this, with what we've got now, I believe it's just a matter of getting to the right room, now." He looks to James, considering something, "Everyone keep an eye out for gauges, or consoles, it could be related to this pump, itself, or something else."
Bart Bart is inspecting, watching, making like his brother and inspecting things. When there is a mention of checking gauges because they were off, the man promptly makes the, "Aha!" face and then starts fiddling with switches. Leaning over the console itself he dusts a few things off and huffs on the thing until he finds switches! With a little gleeful chortle, he flicks over one, two, three switches! Lights, O Lights, and Override.
Kaelyn Kae is looking around, glancing from thing to thing, sometimes looking at gauges curiously. she rubs at her chin and sighs "Am having a hard time making heads or tails out of most of anything." says the rather buxome elf woman... She rubs at the back of her neck and looks to CORA. "Can you figure stuff out here?" CORA then responds "Never been around a Nuka Cola plant to be honest."
Sparrow EUREKA!

The emergency lighting flips off but the lights in the room flicker on bathing everyone in prewar undamaged halogen light. UGH. Ghastly. Thankfully there are no ghouls.

Next, The Paladin is face to face with what looks like a cross between a Newt and a Mirelurk the other side of the glass, it's mandibles right up against the glass. It's not in fight mode, in the face, it seems to hardly notice that people are there. It's sitting on what appears to be a clutch of mirelurk eggs and out beyond it? Water. The light from 'outside' is diffused by the filthy crab infested water outside the window.

Dont mind Sparrow while she hyperventilates.

Another sound occurs, a CHUGCHUGCHUG sound and a high powered whir followed by a very, very strange sound that vibrates the room.

James "Aahhgh!" James yelps at the sight of the creature. He looks around at the group and says, "Anyone know what the hell that sounds comin from? I ain't got a damn clue." He runs his hands vigorously through his glistening grease soaked mullet.
Shane Fuck! Shane hangs back when the mirelurk appears. Then Shane goes perfectly still at the strange whirring. She looks undecisive if to advance or not, doing nothing until she sees what the mirelurk is going to do.
Astaroth Paladino Astaroth Paladino still stands silent, just gazing at the window like a madman obsessed. He starts tapping on it here and there, inspecting it carefully. Grinning as he sees his own ugly reflection, suited in heavy power armor and features heavily obscured he leans against his super sledge thinking about his next move.

Then without warning...LIGHT! and the object of Astaroth's obsession is revealed. Some sort of strange mutated creature stands just a few feet away, seperated by the glass. Astaroth then chooses this moment to finally break his long silence, "Yo Ironface, think I found you a wife. Should have no problem birthing hundreds of children."
Ironface Jones "That is good to know," Ironface tells Bart, nodding at him a few times. Then he looks over at Shane and nods to her, "Yes. I would like to get to know you better, as well. I can show you many good hunting spots outside El Dorado and in the wilderness." Then he turns towards Nemo, "The left thing is the way to go, but I shall look carefully for those other things as well." The poor bastard has no clue what the hell any of them are. And then James has advice for him as well, "I do not think people would like if I fought their bus without cause. When I fight cars it is destroy the enemies of El Dorado." And then there's light and noise and a monster through the glass. The big tribal doesn't deem it necessary to screw with the beast yet as it doesn't seem to be itching to fight. That weird noise, though, that's got the man looking everywhere to try to find it's source even as he replies to Paladino, "I do not wish to sex a fish. I think I should only have sex with women."
Sparrow The noise ends and everything settles although with the movement the room around them seems to groan in protest as the vibrations through the water have enclosed all sides. There's still one switch in the very least to go but thankfully, once more, the group knows where they're going through the maze of pipes thanks to the thoughtful work of Nemo and Ironface.

As they traverse occasional 'maintenance bubbles' of thick glass give them a view of the outside water. There are many clutches of eggs and the lights only help to deepen the shadows continnaining who knows how many gross things.

A twist takes them don when the 'main' walkway would have led them to another room. But it would've been a dead end. Thank goodness for tactics and planning.

There is another elevator ride going farther down. Cue Sparrow practically clawing at the walls. The second room is locked too and will require a Hack to get in. But this one is in stone.
Bart Bart makes faces as they travel along the corridor. At least their path is lit, but now they can also see all of the bugs and the eggs and the gross along the way. "Someone needs to come back here with a firebomb," says the manic scientist even as he strolls along taking mental notes. When they reach the locked door, he fusses a little as his ungloved hand speeds over the control panel. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Then he subverts the system entirely and suddenly there's that cheery chime of a properly hacked door lock. "Ladies," he gestures to the group as a whole.
Nemo Nemo checks his notes, memorizing the repair notes, before answering someone's question distractedly, "More than likely that noise is the pump that's gonna drain all of that water and cause all of the mirelurks to wake up and coming running out at us." He takes a swig of his flask, "Here, want some, Ms. Drake? It'll calm the nerves."
Sparrow The door opens to a grated metal steps that half spiral up to a ledge that has been worked and built into an observation deck for a wide open cave that has much of the same equipment they found in the other room. This room is in a little bit of disrepair, it appears as if at one time there had been lower levels that had been ravaged by water but now? They are totally bone dry. There are huge pipes that lead from the lower half of this chamber off into nowhere and could be explored if necessary. In fact, there are indications that at some point someone has explored the lower pipes. Not all survived.

There's the same thing as before. Consoles one of which is locked and another in front (See below), file cabinets, desks and a strange device in front that seems to have a screen flashing in Green:

Pipe A
Pipe B
Pipe C...
Shane Kicking around and nudging through things nosily with the business end of the slugger, Shane manages to find some gum, grinning and pocketing it. "Fuck yeah."
James James wanders over to the desk rummaging through to see if he can find anything useful. He plucks a pencil or two out of a drawer. A flash of dismay covers his face but when he reashes a little further back in the drawer a smile replaces the frown and from the drawer he produces a keycard, showing it to the group as he does before finally pocketing a box of gumdrops.
Ironface Jones Mirelurks waking up? Ironface kind of perks up at that and adjusts his grip on his slugger to make sure that he's ready when it happens. "We should kill any mirelurks if they attempt to eat us." He literally licks his lips then, "We will eat very well if that happens." And he stands on guard, ready for the monsters to come from any direction. As a huge person wielding a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he sees it as his duty to protect the rest of the adventurers.
Nemo Nemo chuckles to himself as he rifles through the file cabinets, reading letters from the old manilla folders. "Hmmm. I need to check out the Hondo Motel some time. One of the Head Scientists' was having an affair with the manager over there." He looks to James, flashing a smile, "Excellent work, Mister Marshal, that may come in handy."
Sparrow Thankfully, with Kae having hacked the computer revealing that Tinnie, Hondo and Picacho were all once connected to the same spring for water and that the last pipe below was for the Plant. The locked controls require a keycard to get it but pressures MUST be balanced perfectly, stabalized perfectly, or they could have another melt down. Most other messages have been redacted or corrupted.

The system Warns that the Spring must be filled before the Switch is flipped.
Shane Walking over closer to Ironface and looking up at his bat, Shane says, "So, you ever had tatos stuffed with flecked mirelurk meat?" She chuckles and lifts a palm as she says, "It makes me wish I could cook." Sciencing? Fuck that. That is for tweakers like Nemo and James + Robo Sidekick. She's here for the ultraviolence.
Nemo Now was the moment Nemo had been waiting for. He said he had brought tools, and he came prepared. He throws the makeshift carpet bag filled with rolls of duct tape to the ground, the repair notes, some long screws, round plastic gaskets, and blueprints all gathered together. After supplying them all, he says, "Alright, Scientists of El Dorado, let's build some shit."
Sparrow It's going to take some work. Brains are going to have to be rubbed together to charge up some science in figuring out the proper pressures to keep the spring at an optimum level given the distance of the pipes, the lack of Tinnie's connection, Sparrow's contribution to the meeting of the minds, and the fact the pump is charged and waiting to spill liquid from what one can only assume is the reservoir that they just passed through.
Ironface Jones As people gather round to do science with the science machines, Ironface Jones joins in to provide assistance. And then he comes to the realisation that he has no clue as to what he's looking at or attempting to do so he slides back out of the way of the folks who might better know what they're trying to do. Looking over at the others he admits, "I think I am not good at science. I will help us by killing the mirelurks when they attack." And then he falls right into conversation with Shane, almost smiling. Almost. "I have not had that, but I want to eat it now. I can cook good enough to not die but I lack skill."
Bart Bart is given a goal and the means to make science happen! The Knox brother's eyes light up and widen suddenly, and he's pulling his backpack down and pulling out a machine that looks ready to shoot particle beams. Hooking up a hose to a long barrel, he pulls a lever to start scanning. Getting proper measurements, he correlates that data with computer diagnostics that spit out the power of the pumps. Math! Science! He joins into the pool of brains pouring over blue prints until someone gets the formula right.
James James intertwines his fingers as he cracks his knuckles stepping up to the console. His eyes look up and to the side as he mouths out numbers and figures. Somehow his mind is able to operate with a multi focus. Interspersed between calculations he chips in, "You fukkers ain't lived til ya had a spicy bloatfly boiled up cajun style with mirelurk claw dipped in sum mouth waterin pre-war hot sauce." His mouth noticibly waters as a bit of drool drips out the corner of his mouth. "All hell don't feel bad ya'll. We science huys ain't no damn good with bullets rattlin round where our brains used to be." His eyes go wide at Nemo's pile and as if driven by a motor he assembles several of the parts into what resembles a makeshift pressure cooker. James then gives himself a quick slap to the head, "Focus." With a quick adjustment the pressure cooker is converted to some sort of pressure regulator as he hand it and the keycard to the others.
Shane "I am a terrible cook but my baby sister was great. The thing she did with mirelurk, goat butter and local wild garlic and onion." Shane /does/ smile, she's gotten to whack at a turret, and there might be roasted mirelurk later. What a better way to spend the evening. She gestures to the necklace of trinkets and asks Ironface with a gesture at the toy car. "What does /this/ talisman mean?" Her expression is contemplative as she hangs back from the Science crew with the larger tribal. "Fuck yeah. Gatorclaw and mirelurk gumbo with radstag andouille." She sighs some. "I need to learn to cook."
Sparrow It takes a little time and a little work but they get it running and with a great groaning of ancient workings that were made to last but not to sit idle for this long, and some crunching and other unpleasent sounds before finally water starts to rush into the room from below as the route is turned from the resivour and back into the spring proper and suddenly water starts to push up. Pure and clean compared to the murk of the resivoir. That will likely have to be dealt with later..

FOr now water is restored and starts to fill rapidly over the tops of the pipes.

There on the screen the green cursor bounces next to the words: ACTIVATE SWITCH C.P.A.? <Y/N>
Sparrow THe group have ensured that Hondo and Picacho have water once more, a pump and plans for repair of some of the Facilities at the Plant. Marcus accepts them with good cheer and thanks them profusely handing off the blueprints to the girl in the nuka 3-d glasses. People are sent off with gratitude and what rewards the ghouls could scrape up.

There is still that 'Mirelurk' Problem though. But that's for another time.