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Ironface Jones After the little adventure in the pipes it's good to get some fresh air and explore a little bit. That's just what Ironface and Shane happen to be up to at the moment, relaxedly riding their horses next to each other and conversing with one another. They're just on the outskirts of Picacho, taking a slow walk around the perimeter of the town.

Looking down at the toy car he wears that Shane had pointed out earlier Ironface's body grows still for a moment before he reaches up to touch it gently. He swallows in his throat and then speaks, "This belonged to my son, First Boy Jones." And then he has to swallow once more to make sure that no emotions can leak out, even if his eyes maybe get a touch red. "My family was murdered by Caesar's Legion when I was away hunting." His skill on horseback leaves much to be desired, but he keeps his mount moving along slowly.
Shane Riding over close, grimacing quietly, Shane says, "My... mother was a blackfoot vault dweller... my father south american." Yes, those blackfoot. She rubs the side of her neck and nods deeply, tilting her head up to regard Ironface. "I've never borne children. My first... much of anything was earlier this month. Growing up where I did we saw some outside the family only rarely and my father and siblings were wanting to rob them, not play footsie. I was supposed to be a healer, but the first person I lost was my own mother. Possibly the last full blooded free blackfoot to ever live." The skin around her eyes tightens and she lays a hand lightly on the much taller man's leg, dwarfed nearly two feet by him. Her horse seems to keep trying to lead her off course. She's not a very good rider but she stays mounted. "When the baby sister she died having... died... I left, to come here."
Shane "So I'm so confused about the marriage question. I am almost totally inexperienced in addition to being from another state. You seem delightful to me though," Shane assesses bluntly.
Ironface Jones "I am sorry that you have to know such loss," Ironface says seriously to Shane, gently resting his hand atop hers on his leg long enough to give a squeeze. "I do not know the blackfoot, but I would have liked to meet them." His face turns forward and he looks out at the horizon for a while, "I think that you also are delightful. I have recently been thinking about starting a new family and I was wondering why no one has offered me a wife. When I first earned my name by hunting animals alone successfully I was married to Birthing Hips Smith at the celebration. Since coming to El Dorado I have slain many enemies and brought much food to people."
Shane "I don't know," Shane says, offering this very crooked smile with a dimple to the left of her lips. "From... what I understand...he did this whole Messiah/Conqueror thing on them first, Cesar. My people were the first. My mother was spared due to us being far off separate in a vault." Her eyes widen a touch, honey and amber in her dark velvet lashes. "I think you're huge and /seem/ like an excellent provider, and funny and charming to boot. You make me want to laugh a lot. And that is precious on the heels of losing my family." She looks from the horses to Ironface, "I want to get a motorcycle eventually. Riding one is like flying. But I love Honey," she says of the delicate, small boned little roan mare she rides.
Shane Shane says, "If anything I feel intimidate... I am thirty. A spinster."
Ironface Jones "I did not know that about the blackfoot," Ironface admits, tilting his head slightly to the side as he considers things. "But I do not have very much knowledge of the Legion. I wandered in a rage for some time after my family was killed and then found a Legion patrol. I destroyed them and then my rage subsided." He shrugs his broad shoulders and breathes deeply, studying Shane's face as he speaks, "I thank you. You seem like a very good warrior and I enjoy killing things alongside you. It makes me happy to know that I make you want to laugh. Laughter is good for you." Says the guy whose expression rarely changes. Then he looks at her horse, then back to his own and then back again, "I think I will ride behind you when you get one. I have enough trouble riding First Horse Jones." At her last remarks his brow furrows and he shakes his head, "I do not think that you are that thing. You look fit and fertile and everything I know about you leads me to think you are very marriageable."
Shane A hint of pink suffuses the mocha hue of Shane's skin at those words. "That may be one of the sweetest things anyone's ever said to me," she confesses in a drunken joyous celebration of the flesh. She nods again houghtfully before those words on her, his assessment leaves her red in the cheeks.
Ironface Jones The pink on Shane's face makes Ironface actually crack a smile, a rare sight from the big man. He looks away from her to check their surroundings to make sure they're safe before returning his attention to the woman, "I do not say things that are not true." A light sigh falls out of him and he looks relaxed. Content. "This is a good day."
Shane "I know right? I've gotten used to expecting that on days we meet." Shane smiles the wider, words warm and offered with another brief squeeze of his leg, or touch of it, rather, doe-like earthen gaze trailing up to meet Ironface's as she can't help but grin. "I am almost always going to be kicking the shit out of something and smiling or laughing with you. It's funny how someone becomes a really good friend all unawares."
Ironface Jones "I'm glad that we are friends," Ironface says to Shane, reaching down to touch her hand where it rests on his leg before looking quickly back up to maintain eye contact. "I like to make you smile and laugh. It makes me very happy," he says as he squeezes her hand affectionately, letting his own linger on hers for a few seconds. "I think some day soon I would like to show you my home and take you hunting."
Shane "I... love hunting. It's been too long," Shane says. And there's something in that simple warmth and affection that strikes deeply at a lonely cord of melancholy that's been resonant through her during all her new life, here, in the El Dorado area. "I would adore that." When she smiles she looks almost like a teenager again. It really lights up her features in passive mimicry of warmth. I loved that it helps inspire this song.". She curls her fingers in with Ironface's, "I like making you smile. You're a very serious person. Seeing you smile is like a tiny rainbow every time."
Ironface Jones "Then we shall go soon. I can track very well the animals that live in the wilderness and I think we will be successful," Ironface says, riding along with his little smile reappearing when he sees how happy Shane is and intertwines their fingers together. The situation clearly pleases him. "I do not usually have much to smile about. I think that you are a very special person and I enjoy your company very much."
Shane "I think the same of you. I've had little reason to smile, and yet." Shane's fingers tighten briefly, an affectionate light graze over his side. She nods quickly. "I'd like that a lot."