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Clara Caine It's raining, like hell broke out and brought fury. The dark grey sky is never ending, and the ground is so wet travel is hard.

Now, some think this is a good time to do no good, because who would be out and about? To their misfortune Clara Caine was, acting sheriff and all, keeping an eye out was important! And so during her casual walk around town she noticed a man who had openly taken something from an elderly woman.

Hauling ass through the rain even, she had followed the man here, at least it was dry, but busy given the rain. Dripping wet herself, Clara takes her hand off her gun, going to push through prople, looking over heads. "Dammit! Where did that man go!"
Saeko      Saeko was...walking. She didn't own a horse still, and thus her options were limited. Even so, the woman's features were covered by a cloak to shield her from the harsh fall of the water from above when the shapes of fleeing and chasing had drawn her curious gaze.

     Slinking into the tunnel not long after, the asian woman in the still-dripping cloak tugged her hood down, drawing quietly nearer to the frustrated Sherrif. "Something wrong Ms. Caine?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine was on her way down to the clinic to see a friend. Clara running? Lilly kicked sprocket into a hurried mosey to see what's up. Sprocket, to her credit, only travels at a speed that is safe to avoid running down pedestrians. She kicks it up a bit when she has room, but play's it safe, despite Lilly's urgings. Hopping off Sprocket, Lilly runs over to where she last saw Clare. Sprocket walks her way over to the hitching post, picks up the dripped reins. With a lift of her head, Sprocket lays the reins across the hitching post and snorts derisively
Aidan Drake Aidan had happened to of been doing his own patrol when he'd barely spotted Clara running down the tunnel chasing somebody so he turns and runs after her because well what's good for the goose is good for the gander or some such. As he's starting to head after her he whistles and a streak of black and white comes zipping from around a corner where it was likely bugging some stray cat, "Come on boy lets go see what that woman's up to..."
Clara Caine What Clara wasn't expecting was a group. Her long leather jacket dripping with every step. Pulling off her hat, and shaking off the water she plunks it back on her head, tucking a thumb into her pant pocket and eyeing Saeko. "Darling, call me Clara. And some asshat robbed an old woman, came to hunt him down. Tall, dark curly hair. Care to join in a chase?" She is given a wink.

Half turning to see Lilly there is a sigh. "Lil' flower be safe at least okay?" And she spots Aidan do. "Well old man, we're looking for a tall, curly haired man. Let's hope your eyes are good."
Saeko Saeko nods her head, looking over her shoulder as the others arrive, the asian woman shrugs her shoulders. "A tall man with dark curly hair, likely trying to hide?" the woman repeats. A nod is given to Lily and Aidan alike before she looks back to the Sherrif. "I assume you want him alive sh-...Clara?" She questions lightly and turns her gaze over the crowd.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Clara, wanting to give her a hug like usual, but this is Work time, and being PerFessional is 'Portant. She nods to Clara, pulling back her own hood. "He may have hidden inside; Vault town. Lots of places to blend in there.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Eyes are just fine Miss Clara..." And as he says this he's looking straight at Lilly. "I've got my seeing eye dog." He points down at the Border Collie that's zipping back and forth between everybody in the area, "Although he's a bit hyper... Cathal heel." And the dog zips back to his side and follows along like he's on a short leash. "Much better."
Clara Caine "Alive and kicking please, would like to ask him a few questions." Clara says, to Saeko, nodding some. She does give Lilly a quick hug and then goes to eye Aidan. "Well old man, let's see what you got." She looks around. "Let's all spread out and look around."
Saeko Saeko bows her head and moves out, heading out into the crowd without a word. Seeking a little sign of the man described who'd dared stealing from the elderly in El Dorado on Clara's watch!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hugs Clara, happy for the opportunity. "What's the plan, Aunt Sheriff? I was gonna go see someone in the infirmary. Want me to go check to see if he's hiding there?"
Aidan Drake Aidan nods as he spreads out a bit keeping one hand down towards the dog and his other on his pistol as he starts to search around a bit.
Clara Caine "Go," Clara says to Lilly, giving a quick hug before going off to work. She wonders over through some people, keeping a keen eye out.

Saeko and Aidan, well there are so many people here, yet some how they each see someone matching that description.