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Ironface Jones The ride over to Ironface's cave was rather peaceful for the wasteland, nothing attacking or chasing them the whole way out to the Salt Creek Wilderness. Once there he showed Shane a place to hide her horse next to his where there was some scrub for them to munch on. Then he lead the way to the hidden entrance to his cave, past a few strategically piled up rocks and into Ironface's home. "This is where I live," he states as he leads the way inside, looking things over quickly to make sure that no animals or dangerous bugs have gotten in. "I found it after I moved to El Dorado and it is better than a house. It does not leak and it is very hard to find if you do not know where to look."
Shane Nodding, Shane ties off her horse with Ironface's after looking along the creekbed on the way back with interest. "Yes, in the Bayou, I lived in a house boat, built on bamboo platform. When storms would come, no flooding. It would rise with the water," she lifts an arm parallel to the ground, indicative. She looks around with interest as she's led into the entrance of the Cave. "It's very practical." She smiles at that, goes rummaging through a lootbag of scavenge at her waist and produces a long swathe of beautiful, soft fabric, "Thank you for the hospitality. I found this near Roswell... fought a feral for it."
Ironface Jones "I think that is very smart," Ironface says with regard to the house boat idea after giving it a few seconds of thought. When she produces the fabric and hands it to him Ironface accepts it with a nod, "You are welcome. Thank you for this. I will try to find a good use for it." And then he nods his head again, "I have fought many ferals. Your slugger should make it easier to fight them like mine does." Turning, he holds the fabric up to the light and looks at it more closely for a few seconds before folding it up and putting it on his trophy table.
Shane Shane gestures back outside, "I like the location is near water. There is so little of it here, you know? Good on account of the bugs, but the water is needed, for the horses, for instance, much more water, east. Here, you can ride on many miles without any." She looks at the furs, then the trophy table with interest, wandering the cave with care not to unsettle or disturb anything but clearly curious. If a man's home is his castle, what does the Castle say of its owner? She pauses to study the skulls with interest for what types of animals are displayed, and where: high or low, on display, or merely not put up? She lifts a hand to scratch briefly at her cheek and nod. "Yeah, I've not had as much chance to do /that/ as I'd like. I like the feeling of keeping people who're fragile safe. Like the lil artist girl, uh... Vic. I Think the makes chems. Or the maps Davidson makes." She says mildly, "They're all so vulnerable. Makes you want to protect them. It's why I was thinking about trying to be a Deputy. Until the guy Drake tried to get me to /dance/ for him." She makes a face, "What about me led to the impression I had any interest in that, I cannot begin to guess. But needless to say, I no longer feel a need to do it as a deputy and there was no dancing whatsoever." She pauses to look at one of the trinkets on display, curious, and glances back to Ironface, "I like this one? What is its story?" She smiles, as she changes the subject to bring it back around to him.
Ironface Jones "It is a very good place," Ironface says with a glance towards the cave entrance again. "I was lucky to find it." He heads towards his stove and grabs some fuel for it, slowly starting to get a fire ready. Among the skulls Shane examines on the trophy table are gecko, brahmin and even a yao guai. "It is good to work to strengthen the tribe and protect the weak. Everyone is capable of making the tribe stronger in their own way." When she mentions Drake trying to get her to dance his brow furrows as he looks over at her, "I think that it is strange to try to make someone dance if they do not seem like they want to. City folk are still strange to me." WHen his eyes settle on the trinket Shane holds Ironface says, "That is a piece of a whirlibird. It carried Brothers of Steel to New Mexico before it crashed. I fought raiders to try to save the science machines and weapons from the wreckage."
Shane Shane hands over part of a missive from the Brotherhood she's picked up... /somewhere/ on hearing Ironface's tale and that the piece of the thing was what she thought. "It looked like it might be. Do you know of a use for this then?" she asks on handing the thing over. "I don't know anything scientific really. I get a little about making medicines and mixing drugs, but that was part of learning to be a healer. Not... sciencing." A nebulous handwave at sciencing. She digs around in her lootbag, pulling out two cigarettes that are likely rolled from the remnants of prewar cigarettes but, due to hand rolling show no such such cylindrically uniform shape. "My mother's people, had a thing about tobacco, and how it carries your prayers and hopes on the smoke." She offers the thing over, like a little act of private communion to share hopes on the drifting smoke.
Ironface Jones After taking the information from Shane, Ironface stares at it for a few seconds and then nods his head, "This is useful. It can teach you about the tactics and equipment of the Brotherhood in case you need to fight them." He offers it back to her and says, "It is good if you keep it. This can be valuable." And then he'll nod his head at the remark about sciencing, "I am not a healer or a science man. I think that I am much better at other things." When the cigarettes come out the big man stares at them before nodding his head and taking one, "I thank you." He hasn't got matches, but he'd been in the process of lighting a fire in his stove anyway so he continues doing that, using a mostly worn away magnesium firestarter to catch some dried grass he uses as tinder. When the end of it goes up he picks up the non-burning side so that the flame can be used to like the smokes. "I think I will try to get the smoke to help me."
Shane "Yes, I could see that. You're... enormous." It's meant as a compliment, and Shane is still smiling, even as she hunkers near the stove to watch the tinder catch, the cigarette passed over, lighting hers off his instead, with a wink. She looks at the intel and shrugs indifferently, "I am... without a cave of my own. It is extra weight." She smiles in such a way it's apparent she is enjoying the idea of showing her value to him in the way he has to her with the cave itself. Something of a subtle courtship gesture.
Ironface Jones Once the cigarette is lit in his mouth Ironface takes a slow, thoughtful puff, his head nodding up and down slowly as he tastes the tobacco. "Then I thank you again. You are very generous." He pokes around the fire with a stick a little bit, trying to make sure that it's going to stay lit and then sits down in front of the stove, looking at Shane. He's quiet for some time, enjoying the peace, the taste of the smoke and the company, "You may stay in my home if you wish. And if you like I can help you to find or build your own home."
Shane "If I did the second I'd want it to be nearby but...I like it here. I can imagine.., our horses could enjoy one another's company." Shane smiles around the end of the cigarette in her lips. She adds, after a beat, "I love wandering new places and seeing new things, but what is the point of collecting these things, if they cannot be shared time to time?" Beat. "I am also not usually so generous. I spent fifteen years holding up passing caravans with my family. Before. But... I like you. I like seeing you smile. And you are... large enough to be considered intimidating by most sane folk, even /without/ the slugger." Her smile widens, eyes averting, she bites her lip, even.
Ironface Jones "Yes. And I would enjoy having you close by," Ironface says gently, patting the floor of the cave next to where he sits. "It is good to share things with people that you like and I am glad that you do not steal from people any more." A hint of a smile manages to show up on his face and the big tribal speaks once more, "Being with you makes me happy." He takes another slow puff on the cigarette in his lips, "And I am glad that you like that I am massive. It makes me proud. I like that you are healthy, strong and tough."
Shane "Thank you," Shane says, taking a long drag of her cigarette and tapping the ash in her palm to crush along the leather nearly painted on. "It was never... I was supposed to be a healer. And they started... right on the heels of my mother dying. And I couldn't let the girl she died having live a life like that without a protector. And I /failed/ her. So I left." She takes another long drag of the cigarette, "But it... I keep telling myself that the only reason why the two things loom so large is because when you succeed you don't harp on and remember it, and that there hasn't been too many terrible things like that. But... I wasn't... I wasn't going to stay for the ones who'd /known/ something else and /opted to stay anyhow/. The youngest didn't, but that's... I keep reminding myself it's the past, but it's been not too much longer than two or maybe three months." She nods deeply, "I do like that. There's a part of me that's like, instinctually, wants to curl and climb in close there and feels much safer when you're nearby. It's why I stuck close to /you/ before anyone else at the plant. She lifts a palm.
Ironface Jones "I do not know if you need to blame yourself for failure. There are times when you just cannot do the thing you need to no matter how hard you try," Ironface explains. "If you are not at fault then it is important to remember that." He nods solemnly, "I am glad that you are here now, no matter how you got here." When she lifts her palm he mimics it, doing the same thing, "When we are near each other I will try to protect you. You are worth it."
Shane Coppery notes color Shane's complexion at the last sentence from Ironface. She smiles at him and gives a few deep nods, "I don't expect I could protect you as well as you protect yourself, but the feeling is mutual," she says gormlessly. A hand touches the chinese stealth armor briefly, along the top of Ironface's thigh. It's a brief thing. Her smile fleeting glimpses into something that stirs and lingers beneath the surface, the smiling lending to the warmth of her creole-touched words. "Yer too sweet, sugar." One gets the feeling that might've been stripped straight from her mother, the proclivity to call people 'sugar'. "And I'm really glad I'm here, too. I have a life I can be proud of now, protecting people like the tea maker and the map maker so they can build our world back up again, you know?" She smiles as she looks around, "I mean, something for a family to prosper in the future world of..."
Ironface Jones "Two can accomplish much more than one," Ironface says to Shane with yet another subtle smile. "If we protect each other then we can overcome our enemies much more easily," his eyes focus on her hand that rests on his thigh and that tiny smile grows just a little bit. "It is good to think of the future. Things will get better if we work to make them that way," slowly, he reaches out to try to take the young lady's hand in his own.
Shane Lifting her hand, Shane places it in Ironface's. She's as small to the norm as he is large. Literally an inch above the top reaches of what's considered a midget, but she's proportionate, and tough as /nails/ for her size. She smiles the wider as her hand is taken, "I would really like to protect one another, and agree, people don't look to the future nearly often enough. It is the only way for us to reach the heights we once did. Which isn't important for me personally." She gestures, "Alright, this is the apocalypse, whatever, but..." She smiles to herself, growing philosophical for a beat, "What is the point of our species continuing if we are not always reaching and growing? That would defeat the spirit of Man I think." And she's holding her breath, looking up into Ironface's... face.
Ironface Jones Despite not showing a whole lot of emotion Ironface is usually pretty talkative. Now, though, he's quiet, looking at Shane very thoughtfully as he gently squeezes her hand. It's almost like he's gotten lost in her words and their closeness. Suddenly, he seems to remember words. He licks his lips and attempts to speak, "The way your mind works pleases me." Sliding slightly closer to the woman he breathes in deeply, exhales and begins to lean his head in towards hers, moving slowly.
Shane Black velvet lashes sweep down toward Shane's cheeks when she blinks slowly. She smiles up at Ironface as he starts to lean in. The hand not /dwarfed/ by Ironface's lifts to touch his cheek. "I could say the same of you. I feel like... you get me. I like protecting people..." she says haltingly, lifting her shoulders in a helpless shrug as she smiles. "But I feel like I'm not people because we don't get each other." She's leaning in, too. A little. Her pupils are dilated when she looks at Ironface.
Ironface Jones "I think that I get you and that you get me," Ironface says quietly as moves ever closer. His smile is now readily apparent, "You are definitely people." Licking his lips very softly he continues his advance, lifting his free hand to rest it on Shane's cheek, mirroring her action. Finally, he brings his lips in towards hers, closing his eyes when he gets in close.
Shane " gonna kiss me?" Shane asks. Honey-amber eyes glitter as she smiles up at Ironface in anticipation. She presses in close, but... she's a diminutive little thing, and so pulling up to close the distance with no free hands - would be a tricky thing. And then as quick as she's asking that, he's /already/ leaning in. So she grins before her lips meet his. A breath drawn through her nose, one eye peeking open (smiling and warm) to look up at him as their lips meet. Her lack of experience is readily apparent, but she's not without tenderness and enthusiasm. She just wasn't from a place where there were exactly eligible suitors.
Ironface Jones Gently, Ironface presses his lips against Shane's rather sweetly, taking his time. His mouth stays closed and he kisses gently, lingering for a moment before pulling his head back slowly and opening his eyes with a smile. "I think you are very kind for letting me do that," says the big tribal as he settles back slightly to watch the woman, sliding his hand down from her face to gently squeeze her shoulder before letting it settle down at his side.