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Ironface Jones The doors to the saloon swing open to admit a trio of rough looking people. The least damaged of them is Ironface Jones, mighty hunter, who leads the way inside. The Gold Digger isn't currently too busy, which is good because that's about to change, especially with Ironface yelling at one of the bartender robots, "Tincan, we need three hooch and three beer." And the robot Ironface calls Tincan gets to work serving the drinks and setting them on the counter as Ironface hands over caps. "We are celebrating things today," He continues speaking to the robot with pleasure evident in his voice if not on his face.
Beefrow The mountainous twin, at least in size, of Ironface, leans against the counter, looking bloodied, beaten, and the worst for the wear of the trio. "The Enclave are punk ass bitches. And we showed them as much today." He slams a meaty, blood-stained fist down on the counter, "Bring us some girls." His leather armor has bones stitched into it, adding to protection, but making him look exactly like the blood-spattered 'Beefrow Thurgood' some have called a Raider. He brought caps, though.
Alasa Alasa is over at her normal table, as the fun squad comes into the place. She keeps an eye on them for the moment, really because she doesn't have much else happening at the moment..sure theres the secret projects, but those are for now, she watches them curiously.
Shane One of the girls leads Shane off to a brief detour after she slams back the shotglass of whiskey, Shane is led off to the bullet dug out of her shoulder and the wound bound up and washed surprisingly quickly. It was a fairly clean wound to start, and she settles heavily on a stool beside Ironface once the foreign body's been extracted from her shoulder. "Anyone got a light?" she asks, looking down the bar. "My smoke went out."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake makes his way into the saloon stepping in through the doors he moves off to the side, taking off his spiffy aviator sunglasses he'd just picked up recently and tucking them into a pocket of his duster. Then he makes his way over towards the bar about the time that Shane comes back with her bandaged shoulder and whatnot. He looks over at Shane, Ironface and Beefrow a bit before he approchaes them, "Hey there looks like ya'll got into scuffle. Any trouble outside of town I should be worried about?" Not even thinking that they could be the trouble nope not today.
Ironface Jones The working girls come out to take care of the injured patrons, starting first with Shane and then grabbing Ironface to take a look at what ails him. Which is, frankly, a bunch of injuries that they can dress again. But he's back quickly, too, on his way to the booze that waits for him in front of Tincan. First the shot goes down his throat, then about half of the mug of beer, not much of an ordeal for the big guy. Looking towards Aidan Ironface shrugs his shoulders, "I missed the fight. I think they are all dead, though. It looked like there were no survivors."
Beefrow Beer in hand, a frilly-laced, thematically beautiful girl in his other, Beefrow says, "I left the weaklings alive. If they survive the cold desert night, bleeding out, they will have to survive the scavengers." Squeezing the girl's shoulder, the large, raider-armored beast of a man says, in a deep and resonant voice, "You call them Enclave, El Doradan? The Thurgoods call them the Government, they trespassed on my property, and tried to shoot me, so I smashed them all to bits." He gestures vaguely about, spotting at least a couple faces in the crowd he recognizes, "I have fought with your ... militia? The El Dorado Militia, against the Enclave before." He nods towards the other tall man, "I have fought with Ironface Jones and his people before too, against the slavers. The Legion." He lifts his beer in cheers, and chugs some of it.
Shane "I uh... had a cigar to rescue. Tale as old as time," she claims a candle from the bar to light it, reaching for the beer, and lifting it toward Ironface, "To all the things we have to celebrate today." She grins, offering her drink out to raise in toast, newly patched wound on her shoulder seen to. With a nod at Aidan, Shane says, "I dunno as I'd call catching a bullet or two a scuffle, but there's a lil shy of a dozen or so man shaped stains out in the Wastes somewhere now."
Alasa Alasa says, "Seems like I missed something...but then again, I miss lots of things..just some fighting...much more interesting. But I guess if you like fighting, you guys had lots of fun.""
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit, "Good to know. Enclave is trouble glad it's taken care of." He nods towards the bartender bot, "A round for them on me." Then he looks over at Shane as she claims there was a cigar to rescue, "Tiny ball of violence?" He glances over at Alasa and offers a nod, "Well glad it didn't spill into town and was handled outside of town where it wouldn't put any of the townfolk into danger."
Ironface Jones "To the things!" Ironface joins the toast with his beer in hand, lifting it high in the air before bringing it back to his mouth for a gulp. "Ahh!" He exclaims in pleasure at the taste of his beer looking at Shane for several seconds before taking another sip and easing down onto a barstool. "I think life is very good now. Enclave people are dead, my friends are victorious in battle and no one who matters is dead!"
Beefrow In no time at all, all three liters of Beefrow's blood, what's left in him, is thoroughly saturated in alcohol. The young woman who patched him up is having trouble keeping the heavy appliance of a man weighted in armor standing upright. Eventually, he waves to Ironface, slapping down some bottlecaps to rent a room for the night, bringing along his free drinks. "Hoorah!"
Shane All Shane can do is laugh and grin over and up at Ironface, "To the things!" She lifts her drink then, taking a long, shallow pull from the bottle and puffing on the cigar again. "I 'unno how violent a fight of one hit is. They could've at least /pretended/ to put up resistance." Her shoulder suggests it was more than a pretense if barely. "Ah, well." She takes another pull from the cigar.
James "Ugh. Piece a'.. Argh!" Clank. Just outside the front entrance a rotund man drags a pile of scrap parts strung together in a tangled mess of circuitry. He kicks a spherical lump amongst the mess. Sweat drips down his face smearing smudges of grease into sloshy lumps. "I'm so gal damn tired." He struggles to catch hos breath, the anger making him blistering red in the patches of skin that show through the inky smudges. "Why can't I just drop your ass and be done with you!" As his arms stretch out to either side and his back arches he bellows the shout of a man that's realized he's had e damn nough of this shit.
Alasa Alasa peers over at the newest arrival, "Ah...him..." She digs around in her bag, pulling out a fresh carrot and biting into it. "Any fight is the same long as you come out alive, your ahead of the game."
Nemo Removing his dusty cowboy hat as he walks down from above, Nemo Booker arrives, scanning the crowd. There's a deep frown on his face, as he descends the stairs, before he's on his way to the bar, hands beneath his poncho. Stepping up, he nods to Ironface, and Aidan Drake, before he notices the racket coming from the front door.
Shane Looking from her drink over to Nemo's entrance, Shane calls out when he's cleaning his hat off, "Are you the one to talk to about joining the Scientists to bodyguard your people out on patrols?"
Ironface Jones "Life is good to me right now. I am happy and celebrating is good," The remainder of Ironface's beer disappears down the big man's throat. Luckily, there's another one ready to be served to him so there's no risk of going thirsty. James draws his attention for a moment, long enough to realize who it is and what the hell he's doing, "Greetings." Nemo's nod gets one in return, "Greetings to you, as well."
Nemo Quite quickly, Nemo nods to Shane, "Yeah, I am actually. We've suffered some losses, ending a danger in Dunwich, and we need more people." He lifts his voice a bit, calling to the crowd, "Anyone interested in joining the Scientists of El Dorado, making the world a better place, and helping El Dorado with the more technical aspects of keeping us all safe, powered, and healthy, please join us. We need doctors, gardeners, mechanics, gunners, and drivers. We have our own Medical Bay, and are expanding our base. Talk to Nemo Booker. DR. Booker." He takes a swig of his whiskey, something he brought in himself, the cheapskate. "Membership gives you a partial stake in a cap mine, too."
James Exhausted and beaten a broken down James collapses amidst the pile of circuitry. A tear or two rolls down his red and black splotched face. After a moment or two he takes a breath and gathers the wires into a bundle and stacks the metal plating pieces up into a semi manageable pile. James wipes away the tears on his cheeks and stands proud, his mullet glistening. Suddenly a drip of sweat rolls into his eyes. "Aahh!" he screams but it's too late. The stack of robot parts crashes to the ground into another mistrewn pile. "Fuck it!" He stomps into the bar with a few strands of wires dragging the pile behind his boot. "I need a goddamn drink and I need it yesterday!"
Alasa Alasa says, "making the world a better place...but we don't live in the while world..just New Mexico. I'd scale back with smaller goals, and just make New Mexico a better place first...then move on to the rest of the world."
Victoria "Wait, wait, we get a stake in a cap mine? How the hell long have I been sick?" Victoria will ask as she appears from the door leading from the Casino, happening to catch what Nemo is saying, because of convenience. She in her usual gear, jeans, a shirt, a leather coat, knee high flat soled boots, and a baseball cap which is worn atop a ponytail. She's all healed up, with only lines of pink showing scars on her healed face that line along her lips and cheeks, and she'll approach Nemo, tapping the bartop with her right hand fingertips, "A huge assed water, please." Then James screams, causing Vic to jump, a quick dodge done behind the bar to where she'll crouch down, not sure what the hell she walked in on. Other than water, and stakes in a cap mine.
Nemo Aside to Alasa, Nemo says, "You're stealing my thunder, honey. It was a hyperbole, a'ight?" His southern accent is getting stronger and stronger the more he drinks. He turns to Victoria, "Indeed we do, I bought a stake in the cap mine, and I'll let y'all mine in it, as long as some of the caps you find go back to the organization. I'm tryin' to keep us out of debt." He mumbles that last part, then takes another swig of B's whiskey, "Shane, was it? We've got a small and growing arsenal, and some vehicles we're fixing up, so we could use a gunner and a bodyguard. We'd be glad to have you, just uh... meet up with me before you leave." He gives James a little wave, "Hey, you need a place to store that robot, or a lab to fix it up in?"
Shane "A cap mine?" Shane asks. Flashing Ironface a grin as she takes another swig of her beer, she muses, "I figure fortune's on my side right now, so a mining stake seems a fine idea." She nods deeply to Nemo and says, "I am a pretty decent doctor, in addiion to bodyguarding." She looks to Victoria and offers, "If I had known you were sick I would have checked on you. How are you, Vic?" Her gecko leathers are soot stained to dull black, purposeful and uniform, and a bullet wound at one shoulder is freshly wrapped. She blinks as she looks to James, wincing in surprise before offering a throaty chuckle, cheek still spattered with dried blood from the battle for the cigar she's holding lightly, long since having gone out on her again. "I'm working on getting a motorcycle," she volunteers apropos of nothing.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake finishes up his drink and whatnot before he waves to the folks gathered, "Gotta get back to my patrols keep it to a dull roar and don't burn the town down!" He offers a wave towards the others as he heads out."
Ironface Jones "I will help you science folks, but I am not interested in becoming a scientist," Ironface tells Nemo. "Just find me and I will assist your people with things not science," he offers seriously before returning his attention to his drink. Shane's look at him catches his eye and Jones gives her a little nod and a soft smile. With a wave Ironface tells Aidan, "Be well."
Victoria "Shane has been a hero of mine a few times." Vic will state as she rises back up from behind the bar, a deep breath taken in as no one else is freaking out. Okay then. Sliding back around she'll take a seat and get that water, drawing out a small packet from her inner coat pocket, unfolding it and putting a small mesh bag in the water, settling in to talk to the others, "Sorry, Shane. I'd have called you but I was so damned sick from a chest cold. I just thought I'd ride through it and let myself die, but then I didn't so .." A shrug, her mug lifted up to salute the other woman, "Here I am." A glance to Nemo then, "I paid Qwillis 200 caps to claim a room in the bunker, he didn't happen to give that to you, did he?"
Shane Flashing Ironface a smile, Shane raises her bottle in his direction before looking between Victoria and Nemo, "I've been considering asking about it for a while but time did not seem right for it." She rubs absently at her shoulder, lifting four fingers to the robot behind the bar and ordering two shots each for she and Ironface, she downs both in quick succession, relaxing finally once the number of shots had is in the range of 'few'. "Aaaaaaah," she says, readjusting the trio of weapons slung across her back from right shoulder to left hip. She nods then, slipping the shotglasses back with a smile before going back to nursing the beer. A smile is offered to Victoria, "But you're getting better?" she asks, head canting a little.
James His face lifts up and he turns to Nemo. A child like sense of wonder shines as he smiles wide-eyed. "A place to store this damn thing?" James looks around and back down at the robot quickly before asking "And just what in tha tarnation I got ta do ta join up with you science guys? I might can offer my service as repair man and jury-rigger extrordinare." Shifting his tone to a more boastful sound, "I've been known to tinker in the mechanical as well as things that go boom." He places his thumb in his belt loop, "Why, some folks 've even called me a prodigal." He shifts his weight to the other foot and finishes with "I live by the phrase 'If I can't fix it by turnin a wrench or hittin it with one, then it can't be fixed. Hell throw away the damn wrench cus the stupid thangs broken.'"
Nemo Nemo chuckles at that, offering a hand to shake James', "The cost of membership is just that, James, service. El Dorado in general has plenty of things to repair. I remember you helping defend our bunker, actually, I'd say that earns you a 'prodigal something'." Dr. Booker flashes a grin, turning to Victoria, "Only thing Qwillis gave me before they got themselves killed in Dunwich was a stern lecture about jet. Not that uh.. I mean if you had some, that'd be uh.." He tugs at the collar of his poncho, "I've only got a couple hundred caps myself, but I've got a lot of things I'm trying to sell off to get us coins. I'll do what I can to get us all space. I've been mining my claim, trying to get some up. Sorry Vic."
Victoria "Ah, that son of a bitch." Her voice is still slightly hoarse, but Vic seems fine, if a little pale. So to Shane Vic will nod her head, curving a half smile for the other woman before she's looking to Nemo, "No problem, I have been selling some things, so I will give you 200 caps ..if promise to give me one of the rooms." Her water is given a small swirl, Vic taking a deep drink of the now water turned tea, her eyes partially closing, "I have my eye on a particular one."
Ironface Jones "Shane is a talented, brave warrior. I think very good things of her," Ironface says to Victoria after hearing her comments. And then Shane's buying drinks, so Ironface takes his chance to imbibe more of the alcohol, emptying both shotglasses down his throat in rapid succession, making consuming the swill look easy.
Shane The combination of words from Victoria and Ironface has the pale mocha of her skin nearly copper colored for a beat. "... Nah, say again?" She grins and chuckles. A curious glance is spared to Victoria's drink and Shane says to Nemo, lifting a hand, open palm facing up, to gesture out as she shrugs. "Stuff like that..." She looks to Victoria, "I love the idea that making tea is /what you do/." She looks back to Nemo and says simply, "That we come to a place here where people can do that, instead of scrabbling and scraping. We are making progress. I want to help that however I can." She nod, tone serious, despite the fevered sparkle of being a little tipsy on whisky left in amber colored eyes.
Bart Bart takes his time getting to the place he heard all the other nerds of El Dorado were hanging out. The prim gentleman in a pristine and clean suit wanders in looking rather lost and like he doesn't belong. His spectacles rest over the bridge of his nose which wrinkles as he steps inside. There's a mutter from the eldest Knox brother, "Milton's been here," his nose crinkles again and he looks around briefly until he finds the gathering of people around Nemo, approaching carefully though hardly sneakily, the mad scientist waits his turn with immense patience and calm.
Nemo Spotting Bart, Nemo waves him over, "Bart, my friend, come join us! We've just hired another set of gun-triggers to protect the S.O.E.D. bunker. Weren't you looking to join? We need people with your skills, and.." He gestures to Victoria, "If you can help with the funds, I promise to try and get everyone enough space to work on their own projects, as we tackle our own upcoming projects." Nemo's shelling out some bottlecaps for the next round, "Imagine what we could all do, putting our minds together!" In a huge vat, or just metaphorically.
Victoria Victoria rolls her eyes in a good natured way at Shane, head shaking slowly as she takes another drink of her tea, a quick lick of the corners of her lips done as the cup is set down, "Girl, you are way too impressed by really lame things like my tea making. It's ..I mean it tastes good, but it's nothing amazing." A glance is given to Iron, and Vic will purse her lips, nodding in agreement, "Agreed, despite what she thinks."
Bart Bart blinks at being summoned in, he's not used to direct human contact really - this part is strange. But he does approach the crowd and Dr. Booker in particular. When he reaches the core itself he finally nods with a small affirmative, "It is something I had been meaning to do before Qwillis disappeared," he adjusts the spectacles on the bridge of his nose and he glances down to Victoria and Shane briefly, offering societal polite nods to each. "I - yes, that will do, I will help how I can."
Shane Shaking her head at Victoria, Shane shakes her head, and gestures with the neck of the bottle of beer in hand. "I've never /tried/ your tea, Vic. I don't know how good it is or isn't. The part that means something to me is the /symbolism/ of it. Does that make sense? Aspirational, symbolic thing, to be able to do something like that and not /need/ to risk going down in a hale of bullets. I want a world where that is an option." Sip.
James James abruptly turns a looks off into the distance. His south eastern drawl takes a hushed tone at first. "We could link them all together into some sort of hive-minded super concious. We would all think as one. Our conflicts would be our decisions. We would spread out and multiply." The man's tone picks up in volume and tenacity. "We spread to cover the wastes as one all consuming senient entity." His voice almost a shout, he clenches his fist holding in front of him. "Nothing would stop us. We would integrate into every being whether flesh or machine! We would.." He stops a second to look around and upon doing so realizes he's getting way too carried away, so he offers a quick crouching fist pump and yells, "Or we could all get wasted off our asses in the mine!"
Victoria Victoria cheeks turn a deep crimson at the compliment from Shane and she'll raise up her mug of tea to the woman with a bright smile, "Well then, Shane, I shall make tea for everyone back at the bunker, and you can give it a go. Lets some aspirational tea." Mmmm. Vic will then turn her attention to Bart and James, a brow raising lightly, "Okay, no more chems for you, man." Slipping off the stool she'll take her mug with her, a few caps put down on the bar, "I'm gonna start heading back to the bunker all stay ..calm."
Ironface Jones Ironface is starting to show the effects of shots and beers going into his belly. He's in a jovial sort of mood, even if he isn't really smiling it's clear that there's a good time to be had. James' outburst has the tribal severely confused, though. The big man stares at the wrench jocky for a few moments before he seems to make up his mind, "I think maybe you have been out in the sun too much. You need more beer."
Shane Really, calm? Shane grins at Victoria, chuckling and shaking her head. "You take care, no? Next time, huh?" She nods deeply at Ironface's assessment, "This is true. It may be the only way." She grins the wider.
James Turning his attention to Ironface for a moment, James smiles and says, "Why good sir, I must respectfully disagree with your assessment and counter with a retort. I ammend by saying I need all the beer bursting out of a wondrous fountain. That way we can bask in the drunken ambience that can spill upon our heads filling our gullets to the content of our deepest gluttonies. So in conclusion I offer a stern and firm 'Let's get fitshaced!'" he concludes with another fist pump.
Nemo Nemo's lifting his beer in cheers to that, chugging some, before shuffling out of the crowd with a beckoning wave to the others, "If you're looking to find out secret bunker tonight, I can show you. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for tomorrow. I've got a to-do list to finish, I was just checking in on Victoria." He looks from Shane, to Bart, then to James, before adding, "Ironface, you're welcome to come too."