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Beefrow As Afternoon draws close to Dusk, Beefrow wanders the roads of El Dorado, down south Main Street. He finds himself standing before the Sheriff Building, sizing it up from the outside, sipping on a bottle of beer, all patched up and a bit cleaner than earlier.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake having left the saloon after/during the party Aidan's riding down the streets of El Dorado with a black and white border collie running around next to him, "Cathal get back over here. Stop bothering everybody..." The dog doesn't quite listen taking time to run over and sniff at Beefrow first. "Sorry bout that!"
Beefrow Beefrow looks down at the dog, replacing his decorated 'Indian's' football helmet, the facemask turned into a gruesome maw of teeth by melting dog canines into it. "Hey poochie," Beefrow says, his voice deep and bellowing, "Poochie Poo. Hey puppy!" The big man reaches out to let the dog smell his dirty hand. Looking to Aidan, he says, "You are one of El Dorado's warriors, right? A soldier?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake looks at Beefrow and shrugs a bit, "Not one of the soldiers but a warrior we could say that yeah. I'm one of the lawmen." He taps the revolvers, "Gunslinger. Not as great in a melee but I can shoot just fine."
Beefrow Beefrow straightens, looking back to the Sheriff's building, "How many of you are there? I hear El Dorado's forces are weak. That you are all 'PR, and no strength'." He looks down to Aidan, brow lifting behind his facemask in gormless curiousity.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs, "Can't comment on the militia. I can say that the sheriff's department is enough to handle law enforcement we're not soldiers. Wouldn't be shocked if the militia was all PR they let my family farm get raided about fifteen years ago. I went and tracked 'em all down and killed 'em before I came home."
Beefrow Beefrow regards Aidan with new eyes now, "Well Met, Killer." His voice intones a sense of gravity to the phrase, rarely used. He stands a bit straighter, and tells Aidan, "I wish to declare to ... El Dorado's leader, that I am Beefrow Thurgood, and my land is Highway Fifty-Four. My laws are the laws of that land. How do I do this, Killer?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs, "I'd say you'd need to go find President Katherine and let her know. She's the leader of El Dorado. But Marshal Stockton would be the legal element to get in touch with I think he's usually at my sister's house in Avalon."
Beefrow Peering down the road, Beefrow sighs, "Avalon is a long walk. I will do it tomorrow. Now..." He scans the streets, "Show me where the slave markets are, or where the Arena is, so I can 'begin'." How ominous. He kneels slightly, petting the dog again, if it lets him.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake looks at Beefrow and hmmms, "Slave markets? Not here. Nor is there an Arena sounds like stuff from the Legion? There's a caravan that heads up towards there on a daily basis may hop on with them to check it out but nothin like that here."
Beefrow Beefrow doesn't respond well to confusion or frustration, "Then I will go to Avalon, and confront this Marshal Stockton, and warn him that anyone that comes to my property, becomes my property." He looks aside to Aidan, "I am Beefrow Thurgood, the last of the Thurgoods, and you would do well to join my clan, Killer. I can make you a proud and fierce Killer."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake hmmms and shakes his head, "Property? I guess I'll have to skip Highway 54 then. Don't know if I'd take to kindly to being owned." He whistles a bit and the dog who'd been enjoying the attention comes running back to him then back to Beefrow for more attention, "Seems Cathal likes you though. Don't know about joinin your clan got my own here to protect."
Beefrow Beefrow waves again to Aidan Drake, "Protect you and yours, then, Killer, and Fare Well." He lifts a wave, and with that, The Last Thurgood is off walking towards the city of Avalon, heading down Main Street.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake offers a wave towards the man, "I plan on it Thurgood. Take care of you and yours." He whistles for Cathal to come back with him before he starts to ride back off throughout the town.