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Vault Girl Mid-Day

Even though Hope's Crossing sat in the shadow of the 18th Battalion's outpost, the former settlement was often home to scavengers and others who hid within the ruins. Most of them were too little of a threat to be bothered with.

Esscast had sent out word that one of Solomon's former cronies was hiding out in Hope's Crossing with a gang of thugs, and it was Matt, Stockton, Sparrow, and Aidan who answered the call of the brave soldier.

He had led the group outside of a building that was mostly intact where the men had holed up and were likely waiting.
Esscast Esscast stood there with the ones who answered the call "im glad yall could come assist" he said with a overly large assualt weapon far to heavy to use without power armor.
Matt Matt moved uneasily, so far south of his normal stomping grounds and in minimal but functional power armor. His rifle looks good at least...but the assembled posse makes him look a bit meek in comparison. "I dont mind helping clean out some miscreants."
Stockton The Marshal arrived on horseback, swapping to foot when the group met up. His stylized stealth armor under the Marshal logo'd EDSD Duster cuts an imposing figure. Stockton's checked his guns already and he just gives Esscast a nod. "The tighter the noose around Solomon's neck, the better," comes his gruff voice through the helmet.
Sparrow Sparrow dismounts Blue, patting the roan animal and letting the Horse move off to an out of the way spot before joining Stockton and the others. Nevermind the little black Donkey that is trotting on her tail rather than following the Mare. Sparrow doesn't talk a whole lot to begin with, and when it comes to Solomon and his men she practically says nothing. Just a silent seething that came after assasination attempt number three. She tips her hat to Matt and Esscat before glancing at her older brother.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake has ridden down to... "The heck am I? Hope's Crossing? I musta made a wrong turn someplace..." And he spots Sparrow and Stockton, "Hey there you two!" The Deputy rides over next to them and dismounts from his horse, "I was just out and about imagine running into you two?" He looks around, "So whats going on here?"
Vault Girl Esscast received a transmission from within his power armor. It was an urgent call from his superiors in the 18th Battalion and he had to go immediately. Not long after? A Vertibird could be seen launching from the near-by Outpost, no doubt with the grizzled commando Esscast onboard.

Gunbarrels poked out of the windows of the building and a shaky voice called out, "I don't want any trouble, yall go back where ya came from, ya hear?"
Matt "The corner of caravan waystation, and excessively armed paramilitary group seems like a bad spot for not getting trouble." Matt always has such neighborly advice. He clicks the rifle off its safety though, sidling sideways towards any sort of cover.
Stockton It's a pretty easy thing to find the Marshal and Dr. Drake Wasteland Medicine Woman, and if they're not together they tend to know where the other is. Stockton turns to face Aidan with a tilt of his armored head, the faceless mask staring at him for a moment. "One of Solomon's holed up inside," he says before turning back and stepping out in front of the gun barrel, his hands in the air for the time being. "If you don' want trouble, we don' want trouble, why don' you put the iron down and c'mon out and we'll talk all wit-out trouble. Got a deputy Marshal and the Marshal himself out 'ere. Best case scenario, you tell us what we wanna know an' submit to Federation justice. Next best case scenario, you get hauled out as molerat bait." He stares through the shield of the helmet, waiting.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head a little, upnodding the direction of Esscat before she's shoving her medkit back in her coat and shifting to take up her crossbow instead. She gestures for Stockton and Aidan to start making calls. All anger.. she's still saying nothing but if one listens hard enough. They can hear teeth grinding.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at Stockton and Sparrow before he nods and looks up at the barrel sticking out of a window and smirks, "Well then aren't we in a fine pickle today." He keeps his hands up slightly above waist level and then just looks at the window, "The way I see it we've got two choices. First one you won't like very much. You shoot... Heck maybe even hit one of us then the rest of us demolish you... SO badly that your grandparents will feel it. The second option I think you'll like a bit more. You drop the gun, come out with your hands up and you don't die today." The deputy shrugs, "Your choice but I know which option I'd go for."
Vault Girl "WAIT!" The shaky voice called back, "I'll come out alone, but you need to promise to let my brothers free. They didn't do anything but try to keep me safe from Solomon." Another gun poked out the window, a lever-action repeater, "If not, we'll die together."
Sparrow Sparrow cocks her crossbow. "You think Solomon will be that nice?" She drawls and spits on the ground, "Ya'll give yourselves up and your brothers flee. He'll head right for 'em and bend them to his cause or kill'm on the spot as the family of deserters. You know how they work in Vegas. You know how he works in Jacks Town. I've only got my crossbow right now, but you know I've taken mroe of you with my guns. Ya'll three come out." She sneers. Goodness knows by now, anything or anyone to do with Jarod Solomon's lucky they don't have a Meican Rocket Launcher aimed at their home.
Vault Girl "No deal then, and everything I know dies with me." The voice called back, "Maybe the Marshals would prefer to negotiate or does his girlfriend do the talkin for them?"
Stockton Stockton chuffs, "You really wanna die on that hill? She ain't wrong and you know it. You all wanna live together, then you all gotta turn in and help. You help, you don't hang. You make a last stand, I got no problem blowin' yer brains all over the inside'a that cabin. You think any of this crew got problems with that? Why not do somethin that gives you and yers a future. Throw down yer weapons, tell us what ya know, and then we put yah somewhere none of Solomon's men can find yah. Cuz they're comin' fer you whether you survive this er not."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake moves his hands a bit closer to his belt but he's not drawing down just yet, "Man you all are bat shit crazy. You either come with us or you're dead. Be it today. Tomorrow... Or whenever Fuckface and his pets catch up to you. Only way you live is if you all walk outta there with your hands up and guns down."
Sparrow Sparrow spins her guns out of her holsters. It might be easy for some to remember she isnt just a kindly Doctor. She spins them up and clicks the saftey off, cocking both and looking towards the cabin without an ouch of remorse. She's ready, she just says dryly, "Last chance. Ya'll folks blew my give a fucks away last time ya'll shot me." Three against three? Decent odds.
Vault Girl "Alright." The voice called back before a group of three men from El Dorado known as the ZZ Top Brothers moved out of the building. They were not named that because they looked identical to the pre-war rock group ZZ Top, but because they were triplets who were all named ZZ from the Top family in El Dorado.

"We surrender. When we're safe I'll tell you everything.."

And they did, tell all they knew. They revealed that the young woman in El Dorado known as 'Surelda' or Silver who worked for Lone Star was in fact Solomon's daughter who he was searching for.

They also gave up valuable intel on various outposts Solomon had setup through the Wasteland among other details that would be unimportant to list today.
Stockton Stockton holds his end up and gets them to a Marshal safehouse, one that he hadn't told the rest of the force about. That way only three people know where they are hiding. It's a good thing he spent all that time setting them up before Solomon left him for dead. Course Sparrow's been shot twice more on account of the bastard, they both have cause to wanna see justice done - ancient justice. With the ZZ Top Brothers left with a place to disappear for a while, he mounts up on Brandywine again and looks to the two Drakes. "Sounds like I need'ta have a talkin' wit Surelda, I'll pass what we found to the Militia so we can work on the safehouses until we organize another strike force. Any other thoughts?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shakes his head a bit as Stockton handles getting the ZZ Top brothers vanished, "Nope. Who is this Surelda anyways? I think it may be best to keep an eye out for her as well. Specially with her kinfolk."
Sparrow Sparrow rides along with. She has her guns showing the whole time incase they go getting ideas. Solomons boys have no friend in Sparrow Drake, appearently her 'good will towards all things living' ends wherever Solomons influence begins.