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Owner Pose
Bart Bart is still here, a long line of wounded apparently trudging through, so he maintains the exam room he set up for himself. Inside is a large metal frame on wheel with what looks like a car engine mounted to the top, lenses of varying provinence lead off of it. The man himself is dressed in a fine suit underneath his lab coat, wire rim spectacles perched on his nose as he goes over some notes in a leather journal.
Rexus Rexus entered the Clinic. Upon seeing the line of wounded coming in and out, he shuffled into a spot. It wasn't long till he ambled to the front of the line, "I imagine with all this cap mine business.... things'll be booming in the Clinic... amongst other things... everyone's gettin dinged up." he muses.
Bart Bart peeks out of his office and up from his notes so that he can look at Rexus. "Between the Cap Mine and the many threats to our way of life!" He says cheerily, as he comes out of the office and gestures towards the exam room. That big device is what he goes to as he starts flicking switches. "I'll need you to remove all metal from your person, and disrobe where your injuries are unless you want the fibers of your clothing to bond with your molecular structure." He shrugs and goes about his business and working. "Hundred caps and you stop limping until you take another bullet," he states dryly before inspecting the man with a clinical eye.
Rexus Rexus glances down, "Not wearin anything metal..." he murmurs, shucking his boots.. just to be sure... and his belt... anything faintly metallic really. His shirt and jacket are removed though, injured to his arm and shoulder it seems. "Nothin too bad.... just a lil bang up in the mine, tryin to get back into fightin shape for all this Solomon business."
Bart Bart nods and gestures towards the table and lowers his goggles over his eyes. He's still busy adjusting dials and flipping switches as he glances back at Rexus. "I see. Well we can't have you in poor shape to hunt the villain can we?" He states as the engine starts charging up, a bright light glowing from inside as things start churning inside. "You may pee in a funny color, or you might scream in pink - I'm not sure," he chuckles a little dryly.
Rexus Rexus settles on the table as instructed, a little wary by the looks of it. "The goggles do anything?" he chuckles as he gets comfortable. "Well, so long as it don't burn when I pee, everything'll be fine." he says as he lies back, keeping a wary eye on that glowing engine.
Bart Bart clears his throat and then smiles broadly. "Remember the spots?" It's the last thing he says before the air pressure in the room shifts hard enough to make ones ears pop. Then there's a solid THUMP and the bright light slams through the lenses and starts searing over the injuries. One arm and one rib, each getting the miracle bombardment of the mad medic's beam. It burns, it burns a lot and then it's done and the light disappears. Rexus might see spots for a few minutes. The metal of the engine tings as it cools and he pushes the goggles up his forehead. "All better!" He announces.
Rexus Rexus tenses up a little bit. But he's a trooper, he can endure a little pain. "Spots? Oh... oh...." he says as the light disappears and he does indeed see spots. The burning bit subsides... looking down at his injuries. "Well... they feel better.. but... still a bit tender..." he murmurs as he gives a very scientific poke with one finger. "Take it easy for a few days, eh? That's what the docs round here are always tellin me."
Bart Bart blinks once and then twice and tilts his head, "Why ever for? You are in fighting form, sir, go forth and bring justice to the Wastes," he waves at him before flicking off the last of the switches to fully power off the device that is the miracle laser machine.
Rexus Rexus laughs as he stands up. "Yeah but... it's an excuse to throw out if I don't feel like doin anything...." he says with a little wink, sliding on his shirt and jacket and redonning his boots and belt, all those metallic bits. "But thanks for the patch up."