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Elsie It's early in the day for the brothel and casino known as the Gold Digger to be very busy, but there's a few drunks still hanging on to their barstools, a few working girls looking tired and wrecked loitering around drinking spiked coffee, just in case they can get one last customer in before they pass out. The bartender himself looks bored as everyone else, and is mopping the floor form some of last night's escapades.

Among those milling about is a woman with dyed white hair, almost silver in color, sitting at a table by a window, sunshine warm on her face. Her hair is combed, with one part over her right temporal lobe buzzed short, the rest tossed over her left shoulder in something of an edgy style that doesn't match her clothes. She wears a plain white peasant blouse that hangs off her shoulders and a blue bustled gypsy skirt made with intricate layers and lace. She has a bandaged cut on her left shoulder, and a healing scratch on her right cheek. Still, she seems unconcerned and even content, black eyes taking in the rest of the place. Based on the clientelle all around, it's likely she's just another whore looking for her morning pick-me-up to work the off shift.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake has made his way into the saloon because it's part of the rounds that he makes while he travels El Dorado and there are often some good fun things to watch as the drunks stagger out into the sunlight or pass out on the bar... And the off shift whores are usually more friendly and less desiring of caps screw and new clients... Making his way to the bar he gets himself a whiskey on the rocks because it's never too early for a whiskey and he'd been up all night anyways. Pausing to look around the saloon he spots a new face and offers her a tip of his hat before he takes a drink from the glass.
Elsie Surelda sees the man and his hat tip, and she nods respectfully, almost demurely, in his direction. She turns away to sip her coffee again, but then one of the whores comes bustling over. "Sully!" she says cheerfully to the silver-haired woman. Clearly this whore either did not work last night or she is powered by a fuck ton of Jet. "Sully, the girls finished with your dress. It's hanging up in the back laundry room to dry but it should be ready to go by this afternoon."

Surelda, in response to this news and new person, stands up and smiles to the whore, leaning in to kiss her cheek. "Thank you sweetie, I appreciate it." Kiss kiss. Then the whore bustles off, giving Aidan some serious eyes as she goes by. Surelda's not close behind.

"Another coffee, Frank?" She's come up to the bar and slid her coffee cup along its worn surface, waiting for Frank to pluck it up and refill it. He does it, with as good of a nature as the man can muster in this shitty life.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at the silver haired woman, "Mornin Miss... Sully? How goes your morning so far? Any of the drunks giving you all any real problems? I can bring 'em over to the drunk tank til they sober up." Says the deputy with a glass of whiskey in his hands although he's just sipping it likely just a habit at this point, "I'm Aidan one of the deputies here in town and you're new to me. Maybe not the town but definately haven't seen you before. New to the Saloon?"
Elsie Surelda turns her head at the man's voice, smiling warmly as her hair flips over her shoulder. She's taken good care of that hair; besides being dyed it's recently washed and brushed out. "Yes, sir," she responds, pleasantly. That warm smile cuts right into her scratched up cheek.

"I suppose I'll take it as a compliment that you don't know me, sir. I'd hate to think I've done anything to attract the eyes of the law on me, though Marshal Stockton knows of me at the very least. So you can rest assured I'm not some interloper." No; she's an El Doradian by now, having served at the Battle for the city and the Alamo, and as voice of the Lone Star Caravan Company.

"As for these drunks, I think you'd have a harder time carryin' them to the drunk tank to throw 'em in. Best to leave 'em where they sit. Doubt any of them could kick up their feet, much less a fuss, this morning. Yes, I'm new to the Saloon." A blush crosses her otherwise pale features, light though it may be. "As a boarder, you see. Not as a matter of employment." She's no whore; while her tone is still pleasant, she's rather firm on that fact. "You a regular to the Saloon, then? I've been gettin' to meet a buncha regulars."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs a bit, "I used to be a regular but I'd been staying back at the ranch a bit more lately just now started to come out to the saloon again. So you know Marshal Stockton? He used to be on the ranch all the time with my sister." He looks over at her and eyes her, "Eh I wouldn't drag the passed out ones more the ones that are stirring up to cause trouble. And my appologies for thinking you were one of the working girls. Most of the pleasant looking women that are in here usually are."
Elsie "Mmmhm. So if he's Marshal and you're a deputy, does that make you a Deputy Marshal? I'm sorry if that's wrong, like I said I dunno much in the way of lawmen, so I'm tryin' to learn how things are done in El Dorado." The silver-haired woman smiles a bit wider at the compliment, turning away just long enough to collect her coffee, which is likely more chickory root than anything else, from the bartender with a nod of thanks.

"S'alright," she responds to the mistaken identity. "Girl lives in a whorehouse, you'd be foolish not to think she was a whore. I got nothing but love for whores myself either way." SHe used to be one, but that's not here or there, so she doesn't say so. "I work on the radios at the Lone Star Caravan company actually. Work for Mr. Matthew Ward, do you know him? Damn good man, Mr. Ward is. And damn fine work too. El Dorado's been real good to me, if I may say sir. And I thank you for your service for helpin' protect such a fine place."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shakes his head, "Naw not a deputy marshal right now. I'm a Deputy Sheriff but I put in my transfer paperwork to go work as a Deputy Marshal." He looks over at her again, "So you're the voice of Lone Star? Good to put a face to the voice and can'tn say I've met Mr Ward. I may need to swing by Lone Star and get to know the folks there again eventually." He shrugs a bit, "Don't mind servin the community somebody's gotta do it right?"
Elsie "It's grown a lot, Lone Star has, even in the time that I've been there. Lowry, Harmon, Nathan, Mr. Ward of course ... a wonderful group of folks. Real capable, too. Lone Star's been doing well because of the likes of them." Surelda slides her rear onto a barstool, careful to gently tuck the lace and layered skirt beneath her bum so it doesn't snag anywhere. She slurps her coffee again, appearing completely at ease.

"May I ask, sir, what's the difference between a Marshal and a Sheriff? Or a deputy of either one, for that matter."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit, "Lone Star's always been big from what I'd seen of it in my travels. But it's gettin bigger here thats for sure!" He shrugs, "Sheriff and Marshal are the top dogs in their respective departments. Marshal works all of the El Dorado territories Sheriff works a local area. Right now I work for El Dorado proper so my area of patrol is just around town."
Elsie Surelda ohs softly in understanding, nodding to indicate that she does, in fact, comprehend. "So why do you wanna start workin' for the territories then? Is workin' around the town proper not as fun, or too dangerous, or ... well, somethin' else? I don't really know what it'd take for a lawman to want to change where his law applies," she says. One elbow gets propped on the bar and she sets her head on her hand, idly tugging her fingers through her hair while she listens. She actually seems rather intrigued by it all!
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs a bit, "I'd been a deputy for a while and was traveling through the territory and between the settlements around El Dorado for a while offering my assistance as it was. May as well make my duties match what I've been doing." He takes another sip of his drink and sets it down on the bar between them, "So why Lone Star? There are a few radio stations in the area you coulda ended up workin for."
Elsie "Traveling. That seems a good reason I suppose. Maybe you should pick up a contract with Lone Star every now and again, they always need caravan guards. Just for when you feel like travlin, course." Surelda grins conspiritorially at her open attempt to get a Deputy to do some work for the Caravan. She sips her coffee once more, making a soft mmmmm sound at his question.

"It wasn't really my idea. Mr. Ward, I met him, and he liked my voice and so he asked me to start takin' shifts on the radio. And I've really taken to it, I suppose. Workin' all the technology isn't easy, but I've figured it out enough. Marshall Stockton even asked if I might be willin' to help set somethin' up for the lawmen too, so they can have their own dedicated frequency." She seems to sit a little taller with pride at that revelation.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and shrugs, "I've tagged along with a caravan a few times mostly up to New Rome and back but still. Did the guard thing for a bit when I'd left El Dorado for a while helped get me from point a to point b and get paid to do it." He looks at her and nods a bit, "It would be nice to have a radio frequency we could listen to for updated news and all that but how would all that work? Still have to get the data you broadcast from someplace? And it'd be a shame to hide a pretty face behind a microphone all the time wouldn't it?"
Elsie Surelda grins under the compliment. "I like it," she tells him honestly. "Pretty faces are a dime a dozen. Some of the prettiest whores around you can see right here if you look around. When I'm workin' on the mics, everything but my face matters. It's ... pretty amazing," she admits, pushing a bit of hair back behind her ear. She sips her coffee again.

"As for a law broadcast, we'd just have to get you a tower, some power, and some radio equipment. If nothing else it'd simply be a way for ya'll to communicate with each other. Marshal Stockton might know more about what he wants in the grand scheme of things." She shrugs innocently. "Me? I'm just the radio girl."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and shrugs, "Still seems a shame but at least it's not your looks that's gettin you attention. I'm sure that being the radio girl's gotta be a blast. Get all sorts of folks to listen to you and you don't have to worry about them just paying attention because of your looks." He picks up his glass and takes a sip from it, "So what do you do when you're not on the radio? Besides hang out here at the Saloon?"
Elsie Surelda and Aidan are sitting at the bar as a few tired drunks and worn down whores meander this morning in the Gold Digger. The woman has left her silver hair down, with one side freshly buzzed and dyed, all of it neatly cleaned and brushed. She wears an off-the-shoulder white peasant blouse and a bustled blue lace and layered gypsy skirt. There's a small bandage on one shoulder and some healing scratches on her right cheek. She's drinking coffee, and seems relaxed, at ease, as she and Aidan talk.

"Well, shifts at the radio are 12 hours. So truth be told, not very much," she says with a small laugh. "Suppose that's the down side. It pays like shit, but it makes me happy. This room here," she glances upward, "And that job, well all that's the first time I've ever had anything of my own, yanno? That seems to be enough to do, for me. Why, you here to tell me that there's oodles of recreations to do around El Dorado I dunno about?" She smirks, finishing her second cup of caffine.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shakes his head, "Eh dunno about all that. Mostly just working myself. Between the Sheriff's Office and the ranch I'm not really left with much time for anything else." Aidan's sitting casually chatting with Sully right now fairly well relaxed with a glss of whiskey on the bar next to him since it's towards the end of his shift and he's relaxing for now.
Stockton Stockton's heavy boots herrald his arrival long before the looming shadow of armored Marshal appears in the door way. Ducking in, he doesn't have to let his eyes adjust much, just take off the helmet and suddenly it's jsut as dim inside. A gloved hand lifts to push his wild mane back from his face and he pauses on the two faces he recognizes out of the crowd. Dodging a stumbling drunk and a suddenly spry whore, he is moving up on Surelda's other side, pinning her between two arms of the Law. Setting the helmet on the bar, he looks between the two almost hesitantly for a moment before rumbling, "Morning. S'goin on?"
Elsie "Brahmain? Ranches are for raisin' animals, not crops. That's so, right?" Surelda asks in their easy, casual conversation before the sound of boots and a man's voice cause her to turn. Her smile slowly widens, deep into the lines of her scratches to show off her surprisingly white teeth, at the sight of the Marshal. "Mornin, Marshal," she says in response.

"I just met the Deputy here, we got to chattin' about this and that, the radio frequency you want to set up. S'quiet in here for a change." She looks entirely content, even with the bandage at her shoulder and the scratch on her face. Her big, black eyes take in the man's armor. "Trouble in Avalon already this mornin?" Because the man does look like he could be primed for a fight.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake glances over at Stockton, "Hey there Stockton! Just met the voice of Lone Star here. Miss Sully." He looks back over at Sully and shrugs a bit, "Brahmain, and horses. As well as room for horses and of course some crops not as much as a farm but enough to keep food on the table."
Stockton Stockton makes a slight face, he can't quite manage the goofy large grin one might expect at a pretty face lighting up at his presence. The corners of his mouth do twitch upwards slightly though, it's something! Taking a moment to catch up to the conversation so far, there's something that flicks off in his brain and those broad shoulders slump a little out of relief for something. "Huh? What. No. Just my patrolin' gear." he explains before glancing over at Aidan and, scrutinizing the other man for a moment. "Lady Silver's a helluva gal," he agrees with Aidan with a nod before looking back at her for a half beat. "Don' let him pull that humble shit. Aidan's been helpin' this community longer'n I have."
Elsie The smile from Stockton seems to be enough to keep Surelda at ease, and with another look to the man and a slight bite of her lower lip, she looks back to Aidan and their conversation. "I dunno that I'd know what to do on the back of the horse. Only ridden a couple of times. Ain't much call for horses in New Reno or New Vegas." Or when you're held against your will by Raiders, but that's neither here nor there, just now.

The point is that this dumb bitch has no idea that anything is amiss.

Stockton's words turn her grin into a smirk, and she glances at him and then back to Aidan. "I'm noticin' that's a trend among you gentlemen. Maybe humility's just a mark of a good lawman." She smooths out the skirt slightly on her lap, clearly being very careful with the thing. The bartender wanders back around. "S'more coffee please, Frank."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and shakes his head, "Eh I had to step up when I got back to town. You and Sparrow have really gotten this Federation going I've just been stickin around the fairly well established settlements. Avalon is one of my favorites love that old old feel from there. May learn how to shoot one of them bows eventually." He looks at Sully and shrugs, "You should learn how to ride. I need to get a few brood mares for the ranch eventually." He looks over at Stockton, "Don't suppose you or Sparrow have any mares layin around I could borrow for a few seasons? At least until I can start getting enough horse flesh to really get a herd going?"
Jackson Jackson says, "Afternoon, everybody. Hope you don't mind me enjoying a few whiskeys with ya'. Always enjoy the company." At that, he flashed the trio a quick grin, pausing only to place an order for a glass of whiskey. "How's everything treating ya'll? Today? It's been a pretty slow one for me so far.""
Stockton Stockton blinks once and then smirks just a little bit, "You'd be a natural on the back of a horse," he explains and then manages to stiffle the chuckle and the lewd brow waggle. A snort leaves him and he shakes his head, "Don' mistake knowin' I ought to be civil for humble gentlemanly nature." When the coffee gets poured he nods to the man for his usual chilled Brahmin milk. There's a shake of his head, "I just walk around and glower at the folk of the Federation until they behave," he notes before considering for the moment. "Actually, think Sparrow managed upon another mare that ain't Bluebell, I'll giv'er a nudge t'night," he says to the woman's brother before turning to nod at Jackson, "Howdy," then just in time he turns to collect his milk and take a few hard swallows. Judge the giant wall of armor and bullets, go ahead.
Elsie Surelda flushes again under Stockton's teasing, biting on her lower lip once more. She looks over long enough to give him a playful glare before turning forward again to receive the fresh coffee. "Well I don't think now's the time to learn, truth be told," she admits to him, shifting slightly in her seat. Turned away from them now, and listening to this talk of Sparrow and Stockton, her smile fades into a look of pensiveness, but she doesn't say anything about it. Instead she sips her coffee, and keeps her back to the rest of the room for a few more moments. She's quiet, sipping again.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shrugs a bit, "I dunno it's worth learning specially out here." He looks over at Stockton and blinks a bit and gets a hint of a blush as he realizes what he meant about a natural riding a horse and then gets over himself pretty quick, "Yeah I'd appreciate that. I'd been lookin at a mare in the stables here in town that's for sale and I'd heard of some wild horses to the south maybe catch a few to start a herd..." Then he looks at Sully, "But he's prolly right riding isn't hard it's riding for a long time that starts to need practice and experience."
Stockton Stockton just chuckles as he manages to get them both to blush before scooping up his milk and finishing it off. "Now's as good a time as any," he retorts before setting the glass down and glancing over her shoulder at Aidan. "She's yer sister, I doubt she'd deny you the use of one of 'er mares fer a while. Sides, she's got Essjay fer haulin' extra crap that Bluebell won't," he says and then shrugs a little. The pensive nature and fading smile only earn Surelda a perk of his scarred eyebrow before he just nods along with Aidan, "When all the cars done blown up, horses'll still be around," he warns. Fairly attached to his Brandywine, but we won't mention those biases.
Elsie A low, throaty chuckle emits from Surelda. "Maybe next week," she counters back, giving him another quick glance over her shoulder before returning to her coffee, taking another long drink. It's enough to more than half the amount of black liquid in the cup. She slides it back across the bar toward the tender, shaking her head at the refill.

"If you gents'll excuse me," Surelda says at last, caps left situated on the table. "I should probably go get ready for my shift." She pushes off the stool and moves to stand, likely fairly short by comparison with a lawman at either side. "It was real nice to meet you, Deputy. I do hope you make yourself known around here again. It's nice to have a chat in the mornings." Stockton gets a slightly broader smile and a nod as well. "Marshal," she says by way of farewell.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit as she gets ready to head out, "Well take care then look forward to runnin into you again." He looks over at Stockton and shrugs, "I think cars will end up getting fixed up a bit but I'd take a good horse over a car any day the horse is smart tends to spot danger before I do."
Stockton Stockton gives the girl a nod and a lopsided smile, "Well if'n yah must." He watches Surelda take her leave and his eyes follow her even as he nods at Aidan's words. "Exactly, an' the horse is smarter'n a car, if it's gettin shot at, it'll git outta the way. Undriven car just sits there," he shrugs a broad shoulder and glances towards the Mr. Handy, debating another glass or hitting the road it would seem.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake offers a shrugs, "Car gives more cover. But I'd rather something that gets me home if I get shot and need to get there." He looks at his glass and finishes up the whiskey in it and looks back at the Mr Handy and hmmms, "Another round or not that is the question. Oh did I tell you I put in my paperwork to transfer over to the Marshal Services? You'll end up with a new deputy eventually I think..."
Stockton Stockton chuckles and nods, "Fair, usin' yer horse for cover is kinda out of the question," he nods. Glancing at the Mr. Handy he's shaking his head, "I got things to git to today. And if yer swappin' over to Marshals, I'm happy to have yah. Need more eyes'n ears on the Wasteland, Federation is gettin big," he notes before settling up with caps on the bar and deciding that one round of milk was enough today. Reaching over to clap Aidan on the shoulder he grins broadly. "I'll put in fer yer Marshal star, soon as I get the transfer paperwork, it's yers," he tells the other man and then grins, "Off to the races though, yeah?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit as he slides off his stool, "Sounds good. I gotta hit up that Nemo gent again see about getting my pistols fixed up a bit. It'll be nice to be back to traveling the Federation for proper duties instead of being an out of jurisdiction gunhand." He offers a wave towards Stockton as he heads off, "I'm out myself gotta swing by the ranch do a lap around it make sure nothin's amiss."
Stockton Stockton just grins, "Git 'em shiny, Marhsal's just might be a pack of the best gunslingers in the Federation," he beams a bit and bids the guy who might as well be his brother adieu. Heavy boots taking him back the way he came.