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Aidan Drake Aidan Drake is sitting at the bar back in the corner with his glass of whiskey resting next to him. He's watching folks come and go for now taking a sip of his whiskey every now and then but mostly just watching. Possibly for somebody or something to happen.
Abi Holding up a hand to either side of her head, a short woman with silvery-white hair stumbles in, looking over one shoulder with a /very/ perturbed expression. She almost walks into a table, so distracted she is with shaking her head.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake watches as the short woman with good grief more silver hair... Stumbles around a bit... Aidan slips from his stool and walks over towards her gently touching her arm to guide her towards the bar, "Here sit down you don't look well. Need a doctor or a drink?"
Abi Theres a vague sound that seems to broadcast not from Abi's mouth, but resonates as if out from her touch, as she's guided toward the bar. With a distant stare, she eventually looks up at Aidan and reaches up to touch his forehead between and above his brows. "Yes....drink." The words accompany a nod as she looks back outside. "Sorry... it gets rarer with time but sometimes the things people don't speak....can /leave/ you with nightmares." She offers a somewhat tremulous, if grateful, smile.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit as he's got no clue what most of what she was saying meant... "Whiskey good for you?" He motions to the auto tender for a round of whiskeys, "Or did you mean you wanted water or something?"
Abi "Um..." Abi's mouth works briefly, "Whiskey, I think." She says in apologetic tones, "I don't come into the city very much. It's...loud. It hurts."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake hmms a bit, "Too loud and it hurts? Whatcha talkin bout?" He passes the glass of whiskey to her, "I mean if you need to get outta the city there's some little places around the outskirts you could hang out in. Why'd you come into the city if the noise hurts?"
Abi Lifting the hem of her long skirt, Abi reveals a leg with a big knot on her ankle and an angry, yellow-tinged bruise. "I... my ankle." She wets her lip and drinks the entire contents of the glass passed to her before speaking again. "My... head.. I usually talk...." Her eyes drift closed for a moment, " my head. And there are so many heads here... and I can... hear them all."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake frowns a bit, "You're like one of them oracle types aren't you? Would you be better someplace without a ton of people around then?" He does take a look at the bruised ankle, "And that's a good injury there you'll be struggling to walk well for a while."
Abi Nodding faintly and gesturing at her head, Abi says, "Yes.. yes... I rarely... come into the city... " She digs around to produce some caps for more liquor and proceeds to down three shots in quick succession before she finally gets tipsy enough to relax. "I... don't see the future... there's no drugs involved...though I guess I'm fairly older than I look." She seems to be slowly but surely calming, but every new patron through the door is heralded by her staring at it before they come in. Occasionally one of those who seeks out a girl's thoughts leaves her blushing.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake looks at her a bit and hmmms, "You don't look a day over twenty. And the drinks are helping you relax and handle being here?" He waits until she's a bit more relaxed and offers out his hand, "Aidan Drake, Deputy Marshal for the Federation here."
Abi Extending both hands, Abi goes to shake Aidan's hand with a bit of awkwardness borne of someone whose life was spent largely outside of any form of socializing. "Abi Torchstar... uh..." She searches for a word, "Wanderer." She goes to kiss his hand and gives a searching look.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake blinks as she says she's like fifty although the pretty woman about to kiss his hand has his attention too, "No need to kiss my hand it's a handshake." He reaches down to take her left hand off his and properly clasp hands for the shake, "It's a way of greeting around here."
Abi "I know handshake." Abi manages a bit of a grin, "Just..... most of he time, the ones who handkiss instead of shake, turn out to be nicer." That's one way of reasoning it. She goes after more alcohol anyhow. "The Federation..of what?" Basically almost raised by wolves.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake motions towards El Dorado, "The Federation of El Dorado. Bunch of settlements that have banded together and formed a government for the area for protection, law and order." At her comment of hand kisses instead of shakes turn out to be nicer he lifts her hand up to give it a kiss, "Then it'd be me kissing your hand not you mine..."
Abi Laughing as her cheeks color, Abi dips her head. Her cheeks grow pinker as he explains. "Oh.... no wonder I've had people laugh at me for doing that." She looks thoughtful as her eyes drift from Aidan's lips to her hand and back. "Is it because I am female, or because I am smaller, or?" She lets the question just sort of hang in the air.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake smiles a bit, "Because you're female. The smaller has nothing to do with it." He reaches over to his glass and takes another drink from it, "Also because you're a very attractive and young looking woman. Normally the guys should be kissing your hand to try and woo you."
Abi "Out in the wasteland, wooing is more like 'crash in my scrap heap with me' than 'lets kiss special places.'," Abi assesses, not even aware of the double meaning of the words in the latter portion of the statement, no doubt. "But... alright." She grins, giving Aidan a bemused and curious look, after a glance at her hand, "Does...that mean /you/ would woo me?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake looks Abi over again and winks, "I'd be a fool not to. But it's also good manners. I kinda like the wasteland wooing better much more practical saves tons of time and everybody usually ends up happy."
Abi "Well, you know, for a /while/," Abi agrees, nodding. "It's really risky though... I got like... decades... of crashing in weird hovels like that with people and all I have to show for it is not being a /terrible/ cook, and being pretty decent at patching up cuts and washing the wasteland off a person." She brushes a twig of her hair and looks up at Aidan, "Okay, but if you're going to do it the wasteland way, you should throw me over your shoulder and carry me home now." She's kidding. Maybe. She's tipsy, for sure. She offers Aidan her half-drunk shot.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake shakes his head, "You drink it. I've gotta finish my own first." He tips back his glass and sets his empty glass down on the bar. If she drinks the shot he'll lean in and pick her up over his shoulder and starts to make his way towards the saloon exit...
Abi Silver-white curls are so long they hang far past the rest of her, ends of them nearly reaching Aidan's knees. Abi lets out a delighted noise as she's slung up over a shoulder, too. The wasteland-worn princess dress hangs loose about her and she even curls an arm around him to help hold her in place. Amused, all she says is, "WoooOOOOOooooo."