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Nemo     It's early morning, and the El Dorado Militia has called out the Scientists of El Dorado personally to Roswell to help with a problem. Six Militia just shot down a herd of rabid radstags that just wandered into the town. Two representatives of Roswell, Randy Burrows and Marsh, the violinist, have asked the El Dorado Federation to help them build a wall, but manpower and resources are limited. Enter the scientists.

A trace of summer lingers in the air, and the smell of the scrapyard wafts in from the east. The local militia are out doing their patrols, but Marsh and Randy Burrows are out in the town square, awaiting their visitors. There's several building, makeshift and haphazardly repaired, that surround the town square, with a sizeable population of ghouls spread out around Roswell. Three Highways meet in a junction, right in front of the Cat's Paw, local tavern.
Sparrow Sparrow arrived a bit earlier with Blue and Red as well as Essjay the little jackass trotting along proudly with the group doing his fair share by hauling a small cart full of supplies. This isn't Sparrow's first go at a wall, she's been around for several buildings and the young Doctor dusts off her cowboy hat and puts it on her head as she looks around before heading over to find the rest of the Scientists with a handful of plans she's drawn up given her 'average' knowledge of Rosewell.
Nemo Dr. Booker, unusually punctual and wearing a labcoat, arrived by motorcycle, still sporting his combat armor beneath that. His hair is slicked back, and though he's sans plans, he's got a clipboard, dammit. And pens! He's ready to science with the best of them, despite being lost anything on anything construction or architecture related. He rode ahead of the caravan, keeping an eye out for raiders, or trouble, his particular expertise.
Bart Bart arrived by foot, lugging his medkit and gauss rifle over a shoulder. It's what he has to do to get by he supposes. There was a call out for smart folk, someone who could help build a structurally sound wall. So that is what he aims to help with. Meandering up shortly after Sparrow, he gives the recognized Dr. Booker a friendly nod at least. He starts investigating the site, making sure they have something solid to build from.
James James walks with sense of pride and strut to his step. His held is head high with a look of anticipation and two purposeful smudges mark his cheeks just below the eyes. Betty Sue, a monster of a wrench is gripped firmly in hand ready to get to business. "Heard there's a wall needs building. Let's get this mother up!" Excitement and purpose reverberates throught his tone.
Shane Shane comes trotting up on a roan mare, dripping with weapons like a one woman armory. She is late, because she's a terrible rider, and kept getting distracted. But she can't let all the brains walk off out of El Dorado without someone on hand to step in with a baseball bat if, say, a ghoul or three is stumbled across. She's not much for building, but...wanders around pretending not to be working aimlessly at least, mostly keeping an eye out for the SCIENTISTS of the Scientists and whistling under her breath.
Nemo Randy Burrows, dressed in a fishing cap and hipwaders, with all manner of odd trinkets, bottlecaps, and arrowhead attached to his vest instead of lures, is waving the scientists down, excited to see the Samaritans of El Dorado again. "Hey there folks, welcome to Roswell, thank y'all for coming. Didn't get abducted on your way out, did ya! HA!" He's pointing to a table beneath a makeshift tent they've set up. Chairs, a pitcher of something cold, and table, "Marsh made lemonade. So, we guess y'all heard?" He takes off his cap, revealing his bald and ghoulish head, "We want to put up a wall. Just like y'all got. Whaddya think?"

Marsh stands by the table, waiting with pose, wearing a tuxedo. Silent.
Nemo One of the militia breaks off from it's patrol, to join the group. "You guys are the Scientists of El Dorado? Is there anything you need us to do?" He looks around at faces, his tan, young face nonjudgemental. He stands by, waiting for orders, rifle in hand.
James James scratches his head for a moment before smiling and looking at the militia man. "I could use a beer an some barbeque, ya got any to spare?" He looks around for a moment as if uncertain whether to present himself seriously or not. "Well, I mean..." he trails off.
Shane Looking from the militia to Nemo and back again, Shane winds up leading Trouble back and forth with bundled supplies, stacking them for those who know anything about building to do something with. She whistles, Dion's 'The Wanderer' and hums at intervals.
Sparrow Sparrow looks around and after a moment she pushes up her sleeves and starts heading over to th scrap yard to do some hands on digging. This she can do, building a home and making sure it's prepped for the defense and survivability of the settlement. Food, livestock and protection. For now she focuses on scavanging what parts she thinks will work with the stuff she'd brought leftover from Avalons walls.
Nemo Marsh hears James' request, and quietly steps off, heading towards the Cat's Paw. Randy shakes his head, pouring lemonade for everyone, "I have to tell you, we've never built a wall before. We've barely gotten by keeping our homes from falling apart." He wrings his cap in his hands.
Bart Bart wanders off as he's apt to do, distracted by something that caught his attention. When he comes back several minutes later, he's pushing the decaying remains of a shopping cart full of tools and whatever hardware he could find for fasteners; bolts, nails, screws, glue, duct tape. This town would get a wall one way or another.
Shane A little girl edging in closer leads Shane to almost trip over the bottle of liquor is right near the sight of sorted debris, hard to tell who it was abandoned by. But when Shane spots it and gets distracted, leading Trouble off, she makes it a point to sit the bottle where everyone left can see it before hitching both thumbs at once toward the horse, and proclaiming, "Alright so... Ya'll got this whole... building thing... so...." She wets her lip, "I'm going to go see what this girl needs...." And then she's wandering off.
Nemo Dr. Booker lifts his lemonade in cheers to Bart, "Ah, look at this. Plenty of tools... we've the manpower..." He gestures towards the militia. "I know you've got a scrapyard, we could probably pull materials from there. The problem is, Roswell's so big. I don't know where we could get any more materials."
Sparrow Sparrow comes out and whistles, "Hey Ya'll, found a safe. Any of you folks good at crackin this stuff?" She calls out. Making sure all the scavanging she's gathering are being added to the cart that Essjay is pulling around as he follows her.
Bart Bart abandons the tools there so he can follow Sparrows voie. Getting to the safe he takes a look at it, even spins the dials a few times like he could hear the clicks. Except he can't and he really has no idea what he's doing so he simply goes back to being sciencey because that he can manage...most days.
Nemo The young ghoul, Ria Nall, tells Shane, once she's away from the intimidating scientists, "They gonna build a wall without my Pappy in it. He's hurt, an' can't leave the basement, an' we live all way out yonder, over there." She points towards a small, half-collapsed home in the distance, rising up from the hot desert. She tries to take Shane's hand to lead her that way.
Shane Always something of a soft touch for a kid, there's a special place in Shane's heart for a kid that's never going to /get/ to be anything more. So she offers a faint nod, looking off after the direction gestured, "And... you want the fence to go around there?" she asks.
James James has a plan! Without notice he sweeps his arm across the table and snatches a pen from Nemo before scribing out a blue print on the tabletop itself. He works like a man on a mission before tossing the pen up in the air. Teeth show nearly ear to ear as he gathers everyone that care to look. "The plan is fairly simple but will drastically streamline construction time. First, collapsible scaffolding. We can pick up, move out, and ain't gotta use the scrap but for one if its tall enough." Somehow the smile gets even wider. "Number two," he chuckles a bit. "We build two A-frames kinda like big ass saw horses. Their support bars adjust with pins so we can change height and center of gravity." Pointing at another spot on the print, "Wheels at the bottom so they're mobile. We can use the spool of telephone wire as a winch and pulley. The kicker though is if we build two of these bad boys they can be pulled by the horses and move sum big ass shit like cars. There any of em in the junk yard we can make a wall quick, fast, and in a hurry." He looks to any of the others gathered round for suggestions, ideas or thoughts.
Nemo Nemo lets James do his magic, so he can work some of his own. Nemo doesn't have any great tools, or amazing skill with the safe, he just happens to be lucky, it seems. With a few spins, he's got it open, and he's pulling out the prewar money and distributing it with a laugh, "Here you go, Doctors. Drinks are on me." Seems there's even more to be had, but not enough to spread out evenly. He brings everything back to the table to lay it out, and get a look at the blueprints.
Nemo Marsh is returning with a steaming hot barbecue sandwich, and a cold bottle of beer, silently handing them off to the scientist, before glancing over the plans. His ghoulish, decaying face doesn't betray his emotions.

Randy however, shouts, "Hot Dog! That's brilliant! We got so many stacked cars out in scrapyard, it's plum dangerous."
Nemo Meanwhile, Ria Nall is telling Shane, "They can put up a wall, just around our house, and have a tunnel leading here and there." The ghoul approaches the old house, the door busted in and hanging on it's hinges, floorboards creaking. It's a two room building with an obvious kitched in it's living room, and a side room that's closed. "Pappy's in there. You can help bring him into town, right?" She looks up at Shane, fingers twitching at the hem of her shirt.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head and looks amused. She aves it off, after all the Doctor isn't hurting for money. She's scavanging for other things though keeping n ear on what's being said. What she's looking for though are various types of tubing as well as Specific types of corrigated siding she's looking for to help them tend their livestock. But the science brained people are getting some of her attention..
Shane Someone's got a slugger, seems she's confident enough. Shane merely kind of nods. "Sure," she volunteers, stepping off toward the door to peek in on the man, "So..." She asks, "Why not one of these other, closer places? Got memories there?, rather?"
Nemo Ria Nall says, watching the door, "Cause every time Pappy leaves, everyone gets upset." One can see why, quickly, Pappy is feral ghoul, gnawing on something that looks like a molerat carcass on the floor in the other room. "He'll follow you, if you make noise! We can lead him closer to town, come on! Come on Pappy!"
Shane Quickly, Shane tries to close the door behind herself. "Um...if I let him out, I'm going to have to keep him off of my friends so he doesn't attack them," she tries reasoning. With the child. "Could you tell me how he got sick first maybe?" Anything but having to kill him in front of the kid right now.
Nemo Meanwhile, Nemo is unspooling the copper wire, unhelpfully, and trying to tie it to the end of a pole. "How does it stand up again? Let me see those blueprints." Nemo eyes the buildings, looking for a good place to sneak off and get high.
Bart Bart manages to hammer a board into place without breaking himself or his hammer or the nail! Lookit him go!
Nemo Two of the militia start helping out with the construction, and having been trained to actually to this, they manage to help James with a lot of the construction. Marsh keeps his excellent poise, despite the growing heat, and Randy is telling Bart as he works, "I was abducted once, you know. The Federation knows folks get abducted, too. I heard if you have cows get mutilated, you can go right up to the El Dorado officials, and they'll replace your caps. Is that true, have you heard that? Oh! Or the noises at night we get? Folks see lights up here all the damned time, it's aliens, man. Aliens."

Meanwhile, Ria Nall just shrugs in response to Shane, "He's been gettin' worse for the last twenty years, but more and more so lately. Last year, he don' even play with his ball. You gonna build your wall 'round our house, then? Or leave us, like the rest o' the city?"
Shane "That's...that's..." Shane sighs so hard as she looks at the little girl that she just shakes her head and looks into space for a minute, ".... Fuck, what did that one guy say?" She seems at a total loss, gesturing off toward the pair of people that Nemo'd apparently been working with. "I'm not the one designing the fence, you know?"
James James nods his head in agreement with Randy. "Yeah man. Aliens. There's dern spaceship wreckage all over the place, then there's weird shit like mutated super gorillas. Definitely aliens." He helps secure a few of the poles in place and takes more than generous bite of the barbeque. Then realizing he doesn't have a free hand for the beer, he improvises. Clutching the pole mostly with his leg, however, causes it to not quite set right but he does manage to free his hand up for swigging. He makes small talk throughout and seems to take an interest in the copper wire before asking the ghouls strings of questions about where to find generators. Exhausted and drenched in sweat he gradually takes more and more sit down time until he's spent.
Nemo With the swingset crane built, Nemo stands back to study, nodding his approval. He pats a militia member on the back, "Thanks soldier," before he's helping himself to some lemonade. "I heard there was an old robotics plant around here the Enclave used to use. That'd be a good place for generators, if we could find it."
Shane Meanwhile... Shane is waiting to give little-girl-ghoul the slip. Someone else can field /that/ problem. Another day.
Nemo With a sigh, Ria Nall looks out the window, "Yeah, well... those folks always forget about us. Folks like that don't care." The 'young' ghoul slips off into her Pappy's room, closing the door behind herself, and leaving Shane alone in the living room/kitchen.
Nemo After a few hours of scavenging, planning, and construction, the Scientists of El Dorado are ready to help Roswell put up a wall. A larger wall will need more materials, and there are livestock and farms to think about too, but the basics of fortifications can begin. Marsh and Randy thank the scientists, before leaving to start gathering up volunteer workeres, while the militia moves the makeshift crane towards the scrapyard.

It's been a fine day, so far, but there's no telling what obstacles may come up before it's done.