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Nemo It's been a whole day, a day and a half if you count the afternoon, before the swingset crane broke. The citizens of Roswell sent word to the scientists, that they needed help again. Seems while moving cars, the crane broke, and disturbed a compacted nest of sleeping feral ghouls, there might even be a glowing one. It was up to El Dorado help get the wall building moving again.
Nemo Out in Roswell's scrapyard, Marsh is standing beside the scrapyard office, Randy likely somewhere inside. There's a single room shack with roof access connected to the gated area of the scrapyard, a familiar sight with's spraypainted office wall: 'Welcome to Hades' and 'The Legion killed 12 FG, and 3 GO here'. Someone has crossed that last part out in green paint, and written, 'El Dorado killed 21 FG, and 6 GO here'.
Ironface Jones Riding alongside Shane into the staging area to meet their scientifically minded friends, Ironface Jones seems as ready as ever to deal with problems that have developed. "And that was the first supermutant I ever slew. His name was Party Animal," He speaks to the woman he rides with, finishing up some sort of story at about the moment they arrive at the office shack. Once there he greets Marsh with a lifted hand and the word, "Greetings."
Shane Laughing and nodding as she sways atop Trouble, her roan mare, at Ironface's side, Shane grins. "That's one /hell/ of a name!" she exclaims with a chuckle. "I love it." She pats the sword slung over her shoulder as her horse slows up. "I found the sword at an abandoned campsite on the road along Seventy." But for the nonce? Slugger's at hand, and she nods, looking to Ironface. "Met a lil girl around here with a father who'd turned feral. So... be on alert there's /at least/ one close," she warns softly. More softly, "I...didn't have the heart to do anything in front of the girl. That was...terrible." She shakes her head and looks off into space for a moment.
James Feeling guilty for the mishap with the crane James marches forward, a look of stubborn determination on his face. He just had to have that free arm to hold his beer but no more. No more! Not only would he fix that damn crane, more importantly he would install a beer hugger on his toolbelt. This atrocity cannot and will not be alowed to happen. Ever again! Red colors his face as he thunders forward.
Nemo The Highway is a blur for Nemo, after shooting Psycho in the lab before cranking up the motorcycle. He arrives at Roswell, hair slicked back again, cowboy hat on. He's carrying a rifle, parking near the scrapyard office. He lifts a wave to the others, "Shane, Ironface, afternoon y'all. How you doin', Dr. Marshal?" He steps over to join Marsh, "Hey there Marsh. Help's arrived, you point we shoot."
Nemo Marsh, the ever laconic violinist, bows to the gathered group, "Greetings." He rises, and opens the office door, letting the flood of Randy's voice filter out, "No, no, I'm telling you! Talking gorillas, underground labs, lights in the sky, it's all connected! Aliens!" He's arguing with someone on the radio, "Listen, my friends, my friends! Oh, my friends are here, hold on.." He tosses the radio aside to rush out and meet the help from El Dorado.

"I'm so glad you guys could come. There's more feral ghouls than we thought, they're so bad, they're attacking even us, so we suspect some glowing ones too."

He gestures to the gates, "You guys can go in anytime. We've got the radio, cameras, and controls in here."

Marsh steps into the office, "You may join us in here, as well."
Shane Shane tips an invisible cowboy hat as she dismounts the reddish little mare, Trouble, slipping down and making a dismissive gesture which results in the little animal clopping off unhurriedly as she wanders over closer to Marsh and co. She winces faintly and nods as she listens, looking between Ironface and the gates. Lip quirking in a little grin, she swaggers off closer toward the gate, readjusting her grip on Slugger and looking toward Ironface, "Shall we?" She's already walking even as she asks it.
Ironface Jones "Yes. He gave me many bullet scars," Ironface replies to Shane about the mutant's name. Then he looks towards her sword and nods his head, "It looks like a mighty weapon. Then he looks more serious than usual at the statement about the little girl, "I think I know why you would not do anything then. We will deal with that problem when we come to it." Then he's talking to Nemo, pepping up slightly at the friendly greeting, "Greetings, Doctor Booker. You look well." Or strung out, but Ironface has learned to mimic the greetings of city folk in his time. Dismounting from his animal he pats it on the neck, "Stay safe, First Horse Jones." When the man says that he can go in any time he'd like to Ironface nods to the ghoul and starts limbering up his body, swinging his arms back and forth and twisting at the waist and things. His slugger is given a few light swings through the air as he looks towards Shane, moving quickly to keep up with her, "Yes. We shall." There's a happy note in his voice, getting to smash things with a new favorite person.
James Wanting to help and sacrificing himself to rabid sunburn victims are two entirely different things. Knowing your place keeps you alive in the wasteland and James knew his place was not crowd surfing Ghoulfest twenty-two eighty-three. Yes he's a coward. Better to be a living coward than a dead dumbass though. Leave the fighting to the wrecking crew. Swallowing his pride with a literal gulp, he steps into the shed
Nemo Psycho might be pumping through the Doctor's veins, but he still had his wits about him. "I'll step into the shed, and get a look at these cameras." Into the shed he does.
Nemo Marsh hands Ironface a radio, and steps into the shed with the Scientists, while Marsh waved to the two armed brutes, "Good luck you two, we're all counting on you!" The gates began to open, turned on from inside, and the noise aroused ghouls within, their rasping already heard.

Inside the gates, walls are made of stacked cars and plenty of sheet metal. There's a wide open area, a large circle, with two more gated exits. Not only is there roughly twenty gathered around a crane made out of swingsets, there's a handful trying to climb the walls, and escape the scrapyard. Behind each gate, is a packed crowd of ghouls, some glowing. One wonders how long those fences can hold.

Inside the shed, the doors are locked, and the windows have recently been repaird. There's a desk, with a console, displaying cameras and controlling the gates. Randy points out the switchboard, on the other side of the wall, "Sometimes, the breakers short out, and we have to swap them out. We only got a few unblown breakers left." Near the switchboard, there's a ladder to the roof.
Shane And Shane starts whistling perennial favorite of Dion's, "The Wanderer," as she walks off into the area the carnage will no doubt be taking place. She pauses to make sure the bow and sword are well secured, before nodding, sketching out some rough tactics with hand gestures with Ironface based on the layout they walk up on when the gates open.
Ironface Jones Following Shane's lead Ironface takes up his position and twirls his wasteland slugger in his hand, getting prepared for the upcoming battle by assuming a fighting stance. Briefly, a hand reaches down to adjust the wakizashi at his belt to make sure it's available should he lose his bat, the helmet is set upon his head and sunglasses are hung off of the necklace of trinkets around his neck.
James James breaks out his toolkit and rifles through the compartments for electrical tools. "I can either try to fix this sumbitch," gesturing to the switchboard before turning back to Marsh, "or at least keep it runnin while they're in there." He rumages for another moment. "How the hell'd that get in there?" he asks with a confused look as he tosses aside a small, long dead rodent.
Nemo Dr. Booker takes off his hat, stepping around the room, before moving over to the console, "Seems we've got some video feed." He talks into the radio, "Krrsssch, Shane, we've got at least a hundred ghouls in here, I have no idea how they all got in here. This place was supposed to be clean. Over." He looks to James, "These ghouls are pressing against the gates, and none of them are electrified now, but they're in danger of collapsing. If we electrify them, we may blow a circuit, and lose a camera, or the gate, or both." He looks to the floor, "And we've only got six spare circuits."
Shane Tilting her head back up over a shoulder toward the sound of the speaker, Shane's whistling dies away in a beat or two - it no longer seems so expedient to rile them with whistling. She readjusts her grip on the bat after cracking her knuckles slowly, "Shit, sugar, how long ya'think we got?" She pulls out some prewar bubblegum from her soot-stained gecko leathers as she eyes the gates dubiously. "Got a signal in mind for which gate's to flood?" She looks to Ironface a long moment, stalks over and plants one on him, then pops more gum, and settles into combat stance.
Nemo Something has gotten the ghouls attention, inside or around the car that was being moved. The swarm of them try to claw at it ineffectually. Any attack would surely rile them up.
Ironface Jones After Shane plants a kiss on him, Ironface gives her a brief smile and says, "I will just kill them when they appear. Tell me what to say on the radio when we want more gates to open." It appears he has no issue with deferring to his lady friend. And then there's some swarms to deal with. Ironface raises his bat and stomps towards the feral ghouls, swinging the nasty barbed wire covered weapon with a great deal of skill, smashing heads to the left of him and to the right, making the destruction of the poor, crazed folks look easy. By the time he's done there's a bunch of them littering the ground and Jones's weapon and his arms are coated in ghoul matter.
Nemo Climbing up the ladder, Dr. Booker steps up onto the tin roof, and sees Ironface cracking skulls. The good doctor whips out his repeater and starts firing off at strays, missing every single shot. "Ya fuckin' bug-eyed cannibals!"
Nemo The gunfire draws the attention of two ghouls who have climbed the walls. Snarling, frenzied, the mad ghouls dart towards the office, determined to kill the attackers, more focused than the rest. They bound across the stacks of cars, moving swiftly and nimbly, with grace defying the average feral ghoul.

Nemo mutters to himself, watching them advance, "Fuuuuuuck."
James James goes into overdrive. He rumages through the filing cabinets first, throwing files and clipboards aside haphazardly. Nearly ripping the drawer out, he then fumbles through the desk. To no avail though. "Seems all we've got are these six." He seems dismayed until he looks up at Randy. "Goddamnit, Randy!" James snatches a small box of five fuses out of a pocket on Randy's vest. "Can't be holdin out on us ya radsteak faced mutha fucka!" he says accusingly before slamming the fuses into the pile with the others.
Shane Shane is fairly distracted in the wake of the kissing, half turning around and catching two with the slugger, she starts to take off running for the closest of the two heading toward the office, still swinging as she lopes off after it, blood spatter going everywhere as the second of the ghouls falls.
Nemo The sudden bloodbath the ghouls are faced with ends every last one of them that are in the pit with Ironface and Shane, ghoul bodies lying all around the swingset crane, and the car. The radio comes to life, "Krrrsch, Looks clear. Trying and drag the car crane out of there, so we can make sure it's safe. Then we can find an easier way to deal with these ghouls. They look riled up."

And indeed they do. The ghouls at the gates are banging and shaking them, screaming at the invaders, the smoothskins, the MEAT. Screws are popping loose on the makeshift gates, and the metal is creaking against the pressure. Meanwhile, two fast frenzied ghouls reach entry gate from atop the wall of stacked cars. Jumping down to sniff at and inspect the office, the communicate in raspy growls.

Not unlike the whimpering coming from under the car. Something's alive down there, with a raspy voice. A young girl's voice, almost, if her voicebox was ragged, "Help. Hey, is someone out there? I'm down here, help!" Looks like Ria Nall is stuck beneath the car, no abandoning the pit so quickly.
Nemo A wild, haunting howl can be heard, from somewhere, muffled. A distant and mournful note, it continues, angelic almost, until it rises, and rises, and becomes a ragged scream. The screams of the other ghouls join it, and shoot, what's left of the windows in the office are rattling, sparks fly from loose connectors, and the horde of ghouls becomes frenzied.
Ironface Jones As there's a lull in the ghoul attacks and someone in danger, Ironface moves to go save them. After analyzing their predicament for a second he realizes that shoving the car off of her so she can escape is probably the best course of action. So that's what he does, shoving his slugger under one arm he back up to the bumper of the vehicle and pushes against the ground with his legs. Whether it's in neutral, or the wheels are even capable of moving, doesn't seem to matter to the mountainous tribal as he makes the car move with an impressive exhibition of brute strength. Soon, there's room for the trapped person to escape.
Shane When the car is moved, Shane helps direct it to veer off toward one side so as to avoid hitting the makeshift crane which she then proceeds to trying to start to drag back a ways once the ghoul-child is safe(ish).
Nemo Nemo steps up to the edge of the building, pointing his gun down at the frenzied assailants looking to get into the office. One shot is fired right through the first ghoul's chest, blood spraying out it's back. The other looks up, just in time to have it's left arm blown off at the shoulder. Shells at his feet, Dr. Booker begins to reload, "Welcome to Hades, mother fucker."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is unseen, having crawled to the top of one of the automobile trash heaps. She looks down on the chaos below. A hero would aim in her sniper rifle and help the humans struggling against the forsaken. But Shreya is not a hero. She observes in morbid fascination, waiting for the feast.
Shane There's a split second amidst the horde, the swam and the carnage as Ironface and Shane are surrounded by ghouls that are cut through like a knife through hot butter. Apparently there are still some left - but safe. For now. She readjusts her grip on the bat and blows a bubble before snapping her gum loudly.
James He's had enough of these motherfucking ghouls near this motherfucking shed! James's face takes on a look more feral than the ghoul he's staring down. James pounds his fists to his chest as if imitating a gorilla then stomps forward. He flails wildly like a madman on jet. At the punishing end of Betty Sue comes up catching the ghoul right between the legs driving all the way up to the stomach before getting stuck. The ghoul snarls as James yanks on the "gut wrench" several times. Each yank sends a small squirt of bloody rotten discharge on James's face and mullet. Eventually he does yank it loose pulling the ghoul's spine out with it. "Forgot he's got the damn fuses in his pocket," he says rolling his eyes then shouts, "Send some juice through that wire Rotten Randy!"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya was here scavenging and now these mouth breathers are unleashing a horde of the forsaken. She lays very flat on top of the ruined Corvega at the top of the stack. No need to waist ammunition. Far too many of them. She will simply wait until the horde is feasting on their bodies and slip out while they are muzzle deep in gore. Thats the hope anyway. A part of her wants to see the feasting, if only for a minute.
Nemo The howl of the horde of ghouls grows, and there's... a rumble, from beneath the earth. It displaces some of the dirt, like a massive worm beneath it. The scream from beyond stops, and soon the gates keeping the pit empty come crashing down, ghouls leaping over it before it's even completely fallen, lunging after their escaping prey. From within the swarm on the left side, the glow of radiation, of a Glowing One, can be seen and felt.
Ironface Jones The gates come down and Ironface's weapon comes back up, ready to make a mess of the monsters. "I think we should smash the glowing ones first," He yells to Shane, pointing at one of the ghouls with his slugger. "They will make the others stronger if they survive."
Shane Nodding at Ironface, Shane murmurs over the shifting din of the ferals growls, "Sounds solid, we'll hit 'em together, flank," she's planning as she's loping off toward the closest one, grinning over a long moment before throwing her head back and howling just to rile any strays and lead them closer.
Nemo Sparks fly all across the maze of the Scrapyard, as Rotten Randy turns on the juice to all the fences. Ten more light up, with the placed dubbed 'Hades', keeping the teeming mass within from all swarming out at once. Still, their bodies press against it, listening to a stronger call than one of flesh. Growls and grunts resonante, even as the swarm around Ironface and Shane. There's several crawling the walls, too, looking to escape to get to the Office.
Ironface Jones Putting words to deeds Ironface charges at the Glowing One that dared to show it's glowing face to him. He's a blur as he crosses the distance between them and swings his bat in a mighty arch that lands straight atop the thing's head, nearly smashing it's brains out it's ears. But that alone is not enough to finish it. Twisting his body so that he can use the glare off the sunglasses on his necklace to blind the ghoul, Ironface strikes low where it's not suspecting and sweeps it off it's feet and straight to hell.
James James tucks his bloodied wrench back on his belt stomps back to Randy. "You fry them fuckers when they hit that fence, pusspocket!" Unsure if anyone had seen it earlier he reaches back under the desk where a .44 magnum had been taped. Still there. Blood and strands of viscera cling to the curls of his mullet as James Monroe Marshall the twelvth brings to bare the semi-auto revolver. "I'm about to make salvage outta the rotbags!"
Shane Even as Ironface takes out a glowing one in barely two hits, such are the cross strokes of the barbed bat that bring the pair of ferals to drop to Shane's feet like sacks of flour. She smudges a spray of blood as it hits her cheek, stepping in to put her back to Ironface's and taking out the ghouls on wheeling around to face outward again. Or... she tries to. This may be why she gets scratched to shit. All the maneuvering about.
Nemo The swarm converges on Ironface and Shane, ragged claws ripping at flesh, ragged maws growling and snarling, and weary eyes of ghouls, as they distract. About six turn their attention to the gate blocking them from the Office, and their sweet meat inside. They bang and rattle at the gates, and try to break through, tearing it's hinges.

Further in the depths of the scrapyard, the cameras in the office show other ghouls trying to do likewise, but the electricity prevents them, shocking them back.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya aims in, slowly tracking the ghoul trying to rip apart the other latina. She must wait for the right moment. Breath in....breath out....glory to Atom....squeeze. The gauss rifle shot cracks like thunder over the scrapyard. A well aimed shot through the heart vaporizes the target, and another ghoul unlucky enough to be in its path.
Ironface Jones In a blur Ironface attacks the mass of ferals around him. His slugger moves almost of it's own volition, striking down the enemies that have decided it was in their best interest to surround him and Shane. And he is a one man massacre, his slugger making short work of three with his first swing, three more with his second and then Ironface is ducking, moving in such a way that his badass stealth armor kicks in and renders him nearly invisible as he rises to his feet and clobbers three more ghoul brains out. It's a giant, beautiful mess as Ironface comes up covered in ghoul matter.
Nemo Nemo sees one of the crazy fuckers climbing the walls, and as it gets onto the roof, he's firing round after round at it, missing every single one. Throughout it all, he screams, "AAAAAHHHHHH"
Bart Bart hustles along the corridors as he can, the nerd doing his damndest to be a hero. He manages to get to the control panel and while the soft whir of his gauss rifle can be heard charging, he slams a circuit into the console lighting up the fence instantly and roasting a half dozen in one go in terrible screams.
Shane Continuing to navigate the sea of ferals with Ironface, back to back, Shane procedes to lash out with the Slugger darting both left and right in pursuit of the ghouls around them, beating them back as they work to make something of a circuit of the place. She catches another for good measure after sidestepping it.
James Sparks fly from the fusebox as the circuit overloads. Having just seen how effective the fences are when electrified James decides it's time for fixing rather than shooting. He gives Randy a very dissappointed glare as Bart takes over. The entrail haired southerner grabs a a screwdriver out of his tool kit and plucks out the fried fuse to swap it out and he slides the next fuse in it's place, giving a thrust of his pelvis as the power connects.
Nemo The Collective awakes. Twelve glowing eyes open. Ghouls so old with minds so warped by the radiation they've forgotten who they are, they've become one, linked, with each other, and their 'children'. Somewhere above, they feel the pain of their dying kindred. Someone wages a war, and the Glowing Ones of Hades are climbing from their rat's nests, out of molerat holes, and into the scrapyard, to find their horde screaming and shouting. 'The Meat is Killing Us.' Scattered throughout the scrap yard, the glowing ones rise and drive the others into a frenzy, charging the electrified walls of their prison.
Nemo All of the thrashing at one of the gates has a circuit blowing, and the camera on it goes out. Brrzzap. Sparks fly from the switchboard.
Ironface Jones Swinging his slugger steadily, Ironface continues bashing the brains out of the ghouls that surround him and Shane. Keeping his back near hers he moves in a wide arc, smashing skulls and occasionally missing, but continuing to make a dent in the swarm.
Nemo Too hopped up on psycho, Dr. Booker can't hit shit, just yelling and screaming at the frenzied ghouls attack the office, drawing their attention, "Hey, motherfuckers, up here! Come at me, not them!"
Bart Bart has that guass rifle aimed out a window and when he happens to have the line up, he squeezes the trigger and the rail gun unloads its charge in a dull thud that slams through two ghouls in the swarm. That done, he dedicates one hand to plugging in another circuit, there's a whirr of power and then there's suddenly a buzz of electricity and the burning of flesh as several unseen ghouls scream to death.
James James's eyes dart between the camera and Randy, hatred building with every glance back to Randy. The technician looks to the fusebox for a moment and then to the camera. He finally looks over to the old ghoul and says mockingly, "You don't keep this gal dern death trap of a shed free of yer rickity rotty kinfolk I'm Juicing every dag gum one of ya!"
Shane With her shorter reach, after a point, Shane actually hits a place where Ironface's beat back the tide beyond her reach. Except that /one/ asshole. But after a good whack to the noggin, he drops like a sack of rocks, no longer of pressing interest or concern.
Nemo The Collective of Glowing Ones order their children to swarm the gates in mass, to destroy all of them, and feast on their corpses. Those near Ironface and Shane try their best to take the living, squishy meatbags down. The ones at the Entry Gate throw themselves against it, sacrificing themselves for the horde. And those than have slipped out, are either crawling onto the Office to kill Nemo, or battering at the door.
Ironface Jones Still swinging, Ironface moves further towards his goal of smashing all the feral ghouls in the pit. Inching forward to make sure that he and Shane can protect one another he begins taking down more ghouls, bashing brains with his big bat. Then he whiffs an attack, possibly starting to show fatigue after fighting in melee for so long.
Nemo Dr. Booker has this. This ghoul is in his face, and with a quick pull of his trigger, he fires a shot... right past the ghoul. "Fuck you!" He yells, swinging the butt of his repeater, and missing. In a fit of frustration, he swings his fist at the ghoul's jaw, and STILL misses.
Bart Bart's eyes glow with glee as he begins to understand the circtuitry, he's going for it. Promptly he starts grabbing circtuit and jamming them into the machines. "Increase the outputs for maximum charge," he's narrating as he starts cackling a little. "Ramp it up, ramp it up!" He's starting to sing song as he manages an unstable giggle. Then all of the sudden, the yard is a christmas light show going off to the tune of Jingle Bells. Those Ghouls Smell. Bartholomew only broke two eggs! He is more than pleased with himself.
Shane Throwing her head back and loosing a shout, Shane lifts the bat in challenge again after a spinning blur of spikes and death marks the bat's passage, cutting through the ghouls left and right. She stops for a beat to pant doggedly, lifting a brahmin-gut waterskin before it's back to it.
James James watches in awe as Bart lights up the ghouls like it's the fourth of July. He tries to assist but a spark zaps at his finger. Irritated and not wanted to admit to himself there's nothing he can do to fry some zombies right now, James instead decides to asign blame. Turning to Randy, "Fuck! You brain rotted piece a'... If I had a cap for every time yer ass has..." Red hot and mad James slams his fists against the desk. Unable to work out another word he glares daggers at the well meaning ghoul.
Nemo Half the day had been wasted. How can you kill time, without injuring eternity? A moot question when over a hundred ghouls are chanting for blood and your in a pit of stacked cars, back to back with only one other person, slinging barbed wire wrapped baseball bats at monstrous decaying beings lunging and clawing at you. The ground inside the scrapyard's main entry, the beginning of a place called 'Hades' by the Legion, is soaked in blood, and coverd in bodies. Ironface and Shane have slaughtered their way through an onslaught.

Two members of the Scientists of El Dorado hunker down and protect the office, with innocent civilians Marsh and Randy inside. They monitor events on the junkyard cameras, blowing fuses and overloading circuits like mad scientists to thin the inevitable herd closing in. The Office is the safe place, for now, and Inside the Gates is a continuing stream of angry, frenzied ghouls.
Nemo Inside the Office, one can see on the cameras, two Glowing ones are climbing fence 7 and 11, their radioactive bodies lighting up the smaller screens, plainly visible amidst the writhing mass of dull, dead skin.

Inside the Gates, a dozen ghouls gather near the Entry Gate, their attention divided between Ironface and Shane, and the Office on the other side of the gate. At the call of a ragged howl from deeper in the scrapyard, they turn on those who are standing amidst their fallen brethren, creeping forward and bearing their teeth and claws in warning.
Vera Vera is out checking on patrols, at the various settlements around EL Dorado..when she heads over to Roswell. "I wonder whats going on around here today.." as she makes her way for said office...offices are nice. "Prolly a dull quiet day..."
Nemo Marsh, a ghoul in a tuxedo, is the first to meet Vera. There's chaos in the office, two other men, vaguely El Doradan, and a ghoul in fishing waders and fishing cap with wierd crap on his vest instead of lures, pouting by a busy console with a screen showing a horde of ghouls. Now that one's closer, it sounds like there's a ghoul on the roof.

Randy, the fishing cap ghoul, says, "Guys, um.. hey friends? I think important stuff is happening on this screen, right?" He sounds so unsure of himself, or anything, really.
Bart Bart gives the new arrivals a pleasant smile. The mad scientist is in his element, dancing among blinking lights, warning klaxons and sparking electronics. Everything in here is a mess. Like a tornado made of wires and fuses swept through here. There's electrician tape, duct tape, gaff tape, scotch tape. If it's an adhesive on the back of something else it's currently being used. The madman is humming as he orchestrates the preparations to do another explosive round of button pressing.
Ironface Jones Breathing heavily, Ironface Jones stands with his back to Shane's ready to plow into the next batch of ghouls. There's a number of fresh wounds on his body but nothing looking too bad, mostly just scratches. "Are you still well?" He asks as he looks over his shoulder at Shane, making sure that she's alright to keep going. Unable to spare much time looking her way he refocuses his attention on the next mass of feral ghouls. Like the great predator that he is Ironface descends upon them, bat swinging from side to side to bash apart the heads of those who oppose him. Each mighty swing takes another life until there's a half dozen more ghoul corpses on ground.
Nemo There are indeed ghouls on the rooftops, two sharp-clawed, frenzied ghouls, trying to kill Dr. Booker up there. Hopped up on psycho, he tries to take a potshot at one of them, but Misses wildly, they're in his face. The gunshot echoes out, disturbing the horde further.
James "You're dickin with me right?" James askes Randy. "There ain't none. None in this whole damn shed? Cus I'd hate to have to send ya out there Randy." Red starts to fill James's face and his nostrils flare. A vein pulses at the side of his brow as he stare Randy down as if the ghoul had anything to actually do with there being no more fuses to scrap. "Cus I will Randy!" he screams in a thunderous tone. "I'll put yer rad scab lookin ass out there, Randy. I will." He looks around muttering to himself, "I know there's gotta be something we use in these heapin helpin of a shit shack." Raising one finger at the befuddled ghoul James stomps to the corner and pours trash all over the floor. Now pointing to Bart, "Now you see that sum'bich there. That crazy fucker there knows his shit Randy. The mullet rises as James stands back up just in time to see out the window. Blue light and sparks illuminate his face. "Sweet jumpin skeeto biscuits, Bart." Giving a fist pump as he shouts, "Hell Yeah! Woo!" Then he sees four more fuses on the window sill.
Shane Keeping her back to Ironface's, Shane continues heading off somewhere between where the glowing ones are at gates 7 and 11, and pauses to look to Ironface, just long enough to ask, "Which side?" She gestures between the two with the end of the Slugger, before taking out ghoul coming at them. Whichever way Ironface directs, it is as they start in that direction that there's a hurting put on a throng of them clustering near the petite woman. Ankle, shoulder, throat, and knee, and they're torn limb from limb as the barbed wire gives that vicious kiss hello. She pops her gum and stares down the glowing one's gate.
Bart Bart is an orchestrator at the symphony of electronics. He has gleened the recipe for death for the ghouls - he knows how to remove the most of them in as few actions from him as possible. AND it's not costing him ammunition, he really is a damned genius. The big lab coat that normally swallows him is underneath that awkward riot armor his brother put him in for his own protection. The wastelands were what needed protecting, from Bart and his lasers. He looks at the lined up circuits and starts turning dials to build up the capacitors until there's enough juice and then he runs his hand down the console like it's a piano, flick flicking things on as he goes. And then comes the music. Ghouls scream and cry out as they try to escape the sudden arcs of Tesla's legacy. ZZZZOOT! Bart is busy losing his composure and falling into a fit of gleeful cackling.
Nemo On the cameras, there's a horrible display. The glowing ones that Shane is unable to reach without opening gates from inside the office are blasting ghouls left and right, but seem to have no effect on the Glowing Ones that climb them. All six jump down from the other side with the throng of ghouls being shocked, to raise their arms up unison. A deathly growl and a wave of radiation erupts from each of them, stirring the ghoul horde to new vigor as three of the gates are overloaded by electricity, and comb crashing down. One still sparks and pops as dozens of ghouls clamor over it to reach their glowing masters. Two other gates are offline, but their circuits repaired.
The remaning ghouls in the pit, and atop the office, square off the genocidal El Doradans that are wiping them out, defending their home until their last, dying breath.
Nemo Tearing down the fences, or most of them, the remaining ghouls come pouring through the scrapyard, and Ironface and Shane, and even those in the office, can hear the advancing screams.
Ironface Jones The last of the swarm in the pit goes down before Ironface's wrathful blows. Once that's finished he turns his attention towards the new threat, the freshly appearing Glowing Ones. Bellowing a fierce challenge he prepares to do battle with them.
Vera Vera is in the office, trying to see whats going on, on the screens...when she keeps hearing noises up on the roof..."God thats annoying...will you be quiet up there!" as the nosies continue she reaches back and draws her sword..."Thats it.." as she looks up at the ceiling..."QUIET!" As she stabs upward through the roof of the office a couple quick times....then pulls her sword back down...a few seconds later theres a thump, then a second thump...then silece..."Thats better!" She turns back to the monitors, "You guys got bad neighbors here."
Nemo Nemo's wincing in pain, cornered on all three sides by ghouls, when from out of nowhere, a sword from below catches the one in front of him, and behind, cutting them down. He turns to fire at the last one standing, blowing it's arm off in a spray of blood as fans the trigger. As it falls to the ground, dead, Dr. Booker steps forward to look at the approaching horde of zombies. Into his radio, he speaks, "Guys, might wanna turn gates eight and ten on, it's holding back some, but the rest are coming to crash into Ironface and Shane. We might need to help them." He steps towards the edge of the rooftop, and takes crack shot, missing from the long distance.
Shane Already come to be established as something of an MO of hers, Shane takes off with the bat toward the biggest, meanest looking thing that ain't fighting right alongside her. A glance toward the building sees her snicker briefly and shake her head, a brief moment of amusement amidst the spray of blood and flood of adrenaline.
James The flash from the fences going off combined with the rad burst daze James for a second and he turns around slowly. Red is burnt onto his face as he smiles ear to ear. Small patches of blood blisters adorn his face but can't seem to overcome the excitement. He rubs his hands together and heads toward the fusebox When Vera dispatches the ghouls with extreme prejudice, "Okay, okay. I'll shut the fuck up," he pleads apologetically while backing up with both hands up defensively. He scuffles back to hit the switch stumbling around as things he hadn't even thought of get snatched up by Bart to work repairs. Then as if having forgotten his plea that he would keep quiet he spins to Bart while keeping one hand on the switch. "Ya know I used to be a fry cook? Yup, it's true. Had an expression." He pauses a split-second before flipping the switch and saying. "It's fry time!"
Nemo The horde responds by crowding around Shane, clawing and biting at her from all sides, thus encompassing Ironface to. They got each other's backs, bats ready. From within the swarm of dozens, half-charred and growling, glowing heads peak up and out, and as they spread out, they release a unified blast that heals their fellows.
Ironface Jones The Glowing Ones have distinguished themselves. That is their mistake. Ironface singles them out amongst their brethren and unleashes hell upon them in the form of vicious blows. His first takes one in between the legs so hard it leaves the ground. The second strike smashes a head and the third clubs one in the torso. The large tribal stands over those he just downed, glancing back briefly at Shane to make sure he didn't leave her back exposed.
Vera Vera hmmms as she continues to watch the monitors a few more minutes, "Well, seems like you guys got this under control....I need to head to the next location on my list. Be sure to let the Militia know how things turn out." As she slips the sword back in the scabbard. "Try not to die..." as she heads out of the office, moving onto to check on the next Militia location.
Bart Bart has all the circuits up, and still has six fuses to do things with! He's content. And now? Now he throws support in. He swaps out to his rifle and pokes the barrel out a window, when the gun whines at him that its charged, he uses the calculated targeting system to find his target and unloads a 2mm slug that rockets through the air. The dull thud is all that anyone hears right before there is splatter, a direct center of mast shot that ruptures the ribcage in a sudden and gory expulsion of ghoul guts. Gauss for love, gauss for life.
James "I got sumthin fer these sumbiches." He grins broadly and brings a .44 magnum to bear. Jumping over to the doorway he screams, "Take ya a dose of that lead for the radiation, ya rotten bastards. "Woo!" Bang! When the gun goes off it's barrel is pointed more at the air than anything as the bullet whizzes up, over and out. "Somethins wrong with this damn thing.
Shane Flashing a smile as she looks up at Ironface, Shane nods, lunging two paces away to catch a glowing one so hard along one temple that its head becomes a distant memory. And when it looks like there might be an opening left, she's doubling back, tearing out the knee of one of the irradiated predators beseiging them, bat swinging wildly, even as the thing is left grasping at her on the ground, breath coming hard, blood spatter splaying like rain on the killing fields of Hades around them. "How many more're comin'?" she asks, chest heaving as she looks up to one of the shack's camera's for a split second.
Nemo As the glowing ones bravely sacrifice themselves, or insanely challenge Ironface and Shane, it's unclear, the majority of the herd is drawn by Bart, James, and Nemo's weaponry. They batter at the gates, and finally bring it down, stomping over it towards the Office. Meanwhile, the final glowing one scratches at air, hissing and growling at it's much larger, glowing blood covered assailaints.
Ironface Jones That last Glowing One? Yeah, Ironface is dead set on smashing that one straight down. His slugger comes around once, nailing the ghoul in the chest and causing it to stagger. The second blow? That's what it staggers into. By the time he's done the Glowing One is out on the ground, all done for. He looks at Shane and shrugs, "I think there are not enough to stop us."
Bart Bart tweaks some shit on his rifle, it starts powering up like it shouldn't and then suddenly there's a rapid release of nigh on 20 rounds of 2mm slugs that just start whizzing by Ironface and Shane. It doesn't do more than clip them, injuring a few and slowing them down, but it does enough to give them some cover, to knock that fat one back before it lunged at the big Tribal man to take a bite even.
Shane Quirking a grin at Ironface, Shane nods, looking down at the felled Glowing One, and, being to the other side of him, she starts swinging at the lesser ghouls again, tossng her head back to let out a wild, ululating cry, high pitched, avian, and faintly predatory sounding, before she's swinging again. She looks over a shoulder while never taking a break from the killing - "Fighting with you, makes me proud to share your cave." As if they were alone amid the bloodshed for a moment, that moment of battle borne clarity stretching on with the slaughter as the ghouls pile up around them in half ripped apart, pulpy, and broken piles. Until all at once, there is a hale of bullets, a surge of electricity, and a few more swings of the bat see the carnage complete - aside from a pair of aimlessly straggling ferals, that is.
Nemo Taking off like rabbits, barely escaping the carnage, two remaining ghouls hustle off the fence, turning away from the office instead of towards it.
James Seeing first=hand how useful he isn't with a gun, James tucks it in his belt and decides to focus on the circuitry instead. He takes a quick look around and to his suprise spots a cable tied into the main but not going to a load. In a motion he yanks the thing loose of the rusted bracket holding it up making sure to only touch where insulated. A quick strike at the ground confirms it to be a hot wire then a smile covers his now maniacal looking red, blistered face. Zap! Sparks fly but James remains unscathed. The ghouls have not been so lucky and while clamboring and dragging their feet against the chain lengths the current hits them. Hissing erupts from some while others shake and smolder. "Ohh I'm sorry. Was that yer aunt Eustice, Randy?
Ironface Jones "I am proud to be with you. You are a mighty warrior!" Ironface tells Shane, yelling over the sounds of battle and the crackling of electricity. As the two remaining ferals try to make their escape he lets out a roar and charges after them. Unfortunately for him, the exertions of the day have left him exhausted and without the reserves to catch the fleeing ghouls. A snarl escapes his lips as he pulls up short and slows down to return to the others, whipping his slugger through the air to get some of the bits out of the barbed wire.
Nemo Watching the last two try and run off from their Doctor prescribed death, the leader of the Scientists of El Dorado takes aim and fires off several shots, hitting each in the buttock, blowing off a cheek per, and causing them to fall to the ground in the red clay parking lot. He radios in, "Looks like that's the last of 'em." He starts down the ladder, "I've got to get a holodisk of that fight, that was fucking incredible. We need to do this every Tuesday, I fuckin' swear." He's patting James and Bart's back, as he's making his way through the office.
Nemo Marsh peers at the camera's, and studies them quietly, before turning off the screen. As he rises, he looks at Randy, then at those still gathered, and says, "Interesting." With that, he steps out of the office, heading back to the Cat's Paw, no doubt. Randy's wringing his hat in his hands, "Man, I hope I didn't mess y'all up too bad. Y'all sure kicked ass out there. We sure do appreciate it, too."
Shane Tapping the Slugger's end against the ground, Shane knocks a few chunks of gore from the vicious looking thing. Slinging it up over her shoulder with the Ripper, Officer's Sword, and Bow, she readjusts her burden, lifting two fingers to whistle for her horse again once all the ferals are put down. She looks at the back of her leg a long moment, then shrugs, mumbling "It'll heal, 's just a scrape," to herself, and doubling back for the group.
James "Damnit now, Randy. Can't be gettin down on yerself. Put up a helluva fight in there. Held yer cool." James keeps rambling on despite the numerous beratements he's given the ghoul. "Chin up big guy. First drinks on me ya ugly sumbich."
Bart Bart is making a face at the amount of slugs he just threw at the problem, but everyone is alive and that's what matters. He's slipping it over his shoulder and looking at all the stuff in front of him when a light suddenly buzzes to life above him. Only to short out and pop as he's struck with genius. "People! People. Okay. Hear me out," he starts because he knows this might be hair brained, half his schemes are. "We have the fences, we have the cameras, we have the means to electrify the gates, we can use this stuff to extend the wall where we have gaps!"
Ironface Jones "Well fought, science friends!" Ironface calls out to the people in and around the office. Despite looking tired after all the exertion he seems pretty chipper and satisfied with what he's done. "I think I need to take a bath and drink very much beer." Looking over at Shane he says, "You should come with me." His eyes linger on her for some time before looking back to hear what Bart's saying. Once he's heard the idea Ironface nods his head, "I think that is a good idea. Tell me what to do to help."
Shane Nodding up at Ironface, Shane offers an arm to Ironface with a grin. "That's true, this was glorious," she agrees, nodding at Nemo. "Do... you still need my arm, Boss?" She's heading toward Ironface regardless of the answer, but it seems right to ask.
Bart Bart is already planning this out in his head so when it comes time to start moving things he's already got how he wants to ds it drawn out in chalk on a steel wall, telling people which sections to break down in what order for efficiency. And it works, he's watching it all come together already as he drags several rigging poles and electrical cables to start re-rigging the security system.
Nemo Moving to help Randy, after Bart's system is laid out in chalk, Nemo starts taking down what cameras he can. To Shane, he tips his hat, smiling, "Think you've earned a helluva leave. Y'all take care, I'll see you back at the Bunker." He's rolling up what chain fencing he can loose, "I'm proud of y'all. All of you. Drinks are on me once we get to the Gold Digger."
Ironface Jones On the way back to the science friends, Ol' Ironface spots some stuff that might be useful, kicking at it to help him remember where it is. There's something more important for him to do at the moment. Slowing down so that Shane can catch up to him Ironface slides his arm through hers and shows her a little smile.
James Feeling the blame for the crane breaking to begin with James hustles over to the arm of it. He looks it over for a moment while thumbing his chin. In a motion he pulls a pin out and put it in the whole an inch beside the first. "Yup. That ought ta about do it." He gives it wiggle and it doesn't budge this time. "Guys! I got the crane fixed!" he shouts as he scuttles back over to the scientists. Taking notice of Bart's plan to make the fence a ghoul zapper 4000, he assists where he can. "It's gonna be like a gal damn giant ass skeeter zapper." His face radiates with eager anticipation and from.. well mild radiation burns.
Shane Getting First Horse Jones' reins for Ironface, Shane offers, "Your arm looks a little stiff." Then she's pulling up into the saddle to climb on her roan mare's back next to the other, larger horse. "