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Sparrow Essjay's little cart has ben loaded, and Red's bearing a load of supplies as well. Sparrow has lead Stockton on what he swore was a trail that just led them in circles. Lots and lots of confusing turns and twists that made no sense in the dunes and canyons until finally they approach the crashed airship. She'd already shown him from a distance and reminded him of the Deathclaws who'd saved their lives, and the armored Gorillas as well. After doing some work at Rosewell she'd decided to gather supplies and head on south to the location with a load of food.

She expects no acknowledgement from the guards at all and so just rides on past them without batting a lash as she waves to a couple of the Ex-Brotherhood guards and dismounts heading over to a friendly looking one.
Stockton Stockton is escorting Dr. Doolots, trotting along on Brandywine in his usual armor and duster. He gives a cool scowl from behind his mask as they pass the guards. He's giving Sparrow another look. "You're sure about this?" he asks and yet continues even if Brandy is giving some counter to their actions. When they're inside what might be considered civilization, he makes sure the helmet is removed so he can look every creature int he eye, judging and gauging to make sure they're safe. He has a serious lack of trust in general.
Sparrow The animals don't really bother with the humans. Sparrow walks over to the human and they shake hands. "Evening. Sorry it's been a while but I've had a couple of things pop up. Let me introduce you to the Marshal of El Dorado. Stockton? C'mon over." She invites the burly Sheriff. "I'm sure you've heard all the rumors about intelligent animals an such well, they aren't rumors at all." She explains as she glances over her shoulder to watch Gorilla leading Red and Essjay away. She seems okay with this and goes back to the human 'interpreter'.
Stockton Stockton watches the interaction with some skeptacism, but she's sure of it. At the encouraging summons he stalks over on heavy boots and offers a gloved hand to shake with the interpretor. "I didn' figure they were rumors any more. What with everythin' else we've run into out in the Wastes," he's just not fazed by much any more. Sparrow in trouble? Different story, but to just run into more weird shit, it's gotta be catastrophic to tick his weird-shit-o-meter. "Alright, so what're we doin', tradin? Supplyin?"