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Rexus Rexus is lounging out in the HQ grounds. It's fairly quiet, the Militia isn't super busy with anything as of late and so most of the folks are on casual mode. Reclining in a plastic lawn chair, Rexus is merely relaxing... soaking up the sun if there is any... not stressing about anything at all, newp not here.
Stockton Stockton stalks up on heavy boots, his spurs jingle-jangle-jingling as he stalks the outter yard. Finding the person he wants, he stops the bee-line he was making for the nearest Private. Course that probably makes them feel better. He's shadowed currently, but they are petite behind his brick wall visage with full armor and Duster to broaden those already immense shoulders. Coming up to the lounging Rexus he gives the man in particular a kick to his toe with one boot. "Yer the one headin' out tah search fer Solomon's secrets, yeah?"
Elsie Surelda is a part of Stockton's long shadow, today. She wears her grey cowl-neck poncho cloak, with the hood pulled up to conceal her silver hair. That hair, today, has been twisted off to the side in a messy yet somehow fitting fat bun. She has on her blue dress underneath the cloak, and black boots cover her feet as she moves just a few steps behind Stockton. Every so often, she has to two-step to one of his in order to match stride, or at least keep up.

When they approach Rexus she slows to a stop, just beside and behind the large Marshal. She seems a bit unnerved, a bit uncertain as she looks between the lounging man and the lawman beside her, big black eyes slowing taking each of them in. She'll stay quiet for now, thanks.
Rexus Rexus tilts his head up, reaching to lightly lift his hat so he can squint up at Stockton. "Mmmm, I aspose... if there are any secrets.... Slow an steady wins the race though, we're goin out tomorrow to do some recon before we move on to the next step, whatever that is." he muses to himself, giving a little nod towards Surelda... casual seems to be the order of the day indeed.
Vera Vera comes walking out of the HQ, dresses as some kind of wasteland drifter it seems. It's a classic look, that never goes out of style. Though today she is followed closely by an humanoid robot. "Right..and make sure to do some checks on that gear..prolly won't need it, but you never know." The robot nods, "Check gear..ok."
Stockton Stockton doesn't have to introduce himself as the Marshal right? The badge, the Duster with an embroidered patch on both shoulders showing EDSD and EDFM, that being the El Dorado Sheriff's Department and the El Dorado Federation Marshals. There's a twitch to one side of his lips in an almost smirk and his scarred eyebrow raises, both the good eye and the clouded one focusing on Rexus. "Recon's the word. Except I need you to start lookin' for somethin' in particular. I've got reliable intel that Solomon and his Enclave's been workin' on more nukes, and now chem-weapons. We need to find out where they're makin' 'em, or where they're storin' 'em, or both, yah understan'?" The comotion behind him has the attentive former-Merc turning enough to put Vera and the robot in his view. She's given a tip of his head before attention shifts back to the Militiaman he's talking to.
Elsie Surelda's super calm too, yup! She's cool as a cucumber, her pale skin not even breaking out a sweat as the two men talk. But wait, is that a female voice? It causes her to turn, as it did for the Marshal, so there's a brief moment for Vera and the 'bot where both outsiders will be looking at her. Stockton nods and turns away first, and then Surelda will offer a small smile in the woman's direction before turning back to the matter at hand.

She has still not spoken.
Rexus Rexus gives a slight nod to Stockton, "Aye, we're going to keep things low key... not go snoopin round big Enclave bases or nothin.... more like... observin.. lookin for the little details that'll give the big picture... and some tapped comm lines and the like... we don't need to go in guns blazin at all this time."
Vera Vera spies the guest, so the pair shift directions..listening as she gets closer.."Why not as the big monkey I'm always hearing rumors about. He seems to be on there asses all the time...he might know where they are keeping things."
Stockton Stockton shakes his head slowly, "Ain't sayin' you do somethin' stupid, but yer gonna be puttin' eyes and ears out there - I'm givin' you something more specific to look for than just any ol' thing that might be useful. This is crucial," he explains himself more clearly perhaps. When Vera approaches he gives her a polite smile until she starts talking. "I'm sorry?" he asks her with a loft of that scarred eyebrow. "If you got people who're in the know, the more we know th' better, we need tah get 'head of this shit."
Elsie "Monkey..." Surelda says slowly, clearly it's meant as a question. She turns and her face tilts upward, big black eyes flashing toward Stockton to see if she has any idea what she's talking about. Apparently he doesn't, based on his response, so with her brows lightly drawn in confusion, she regards the woman again, awaiting her answer.

Her face remains calm, if only slightly concerned.
Rexus Rexus nods, "Well, if we see or hear anything related to chem weapons or nukes... or evidence of that sort of thing we'll see what we can learn.... but no guarantees..." he says, "That's all assumin things go off as planned o course."
Vera Vera shrugs, "Maybe its just a guy in a monkey suit. But he seems to be able to fight them off by himself...never saw him in town though. What do I know about fashion, I wear the same thing every day." She looks at Rexus, "Has anything ever gone as planned? Better to just skip a plan, and act on instinct. LEast that way you don't worry about things."
Stockton Stockton gives a sharp nod to Rexus and then glances to Surelda for a moment, a reassuring lopsided grin for her before glancing at Vera. "Nothin's ever gone as planned, but if we never had a plan we'd never have a direction, better'n doin nothin'," he tells her with a sly smirk. "Point being, we need to keep all ears and eyes on this one, we don't an' we might all regret that decision, appreciate you checkin' where you can, miss," he tells the woman with the robot.
Elsie Monkey suit? This is all certainly very odd, and Surelda's black eyes widen beneath her hood. She catches Stockton's look though, and his grin, and it seems to put her at ease. So when he turns back to the others, she does the same. "Yes, thank you," she says, then turns back to Rexus. Here, her words don't flow quite so easy. She remembers the man, and the day by Bitter Lake a rather long time ago. Still, after only a beat, he too gets the same smile. "And thank you, sir. For all you both do."
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement, "Aye, well we'll certainly keep our eyes an ears peeled. At least we'll have somethin to really be lookin for rather than just... look for everything...." he says. He smiles to Surelda, bowing his head, "All part o the job."
Vera Vera turns to the robot, "Got that...make sure to note anything we come across." The robot nods its head.
Stockton Stockton gives a firm nod, "Alright, we got other ears to bother wit this news, I'll leave yah back to yer relaxin'," he tells the other man who throws his life down for the people of El Dorado. With that, the hand that had taken purchase of his gunbelt releases and he gives a chin up to Surelda and then towards the road once more. They had other stops. Turning on his bootheel the Marshal's spurs jingle-jangle-jingle on out of the Militia HQ headed towards Wayne street.
Elsie Surelda waits for just another moment after the Marshal has signaled for them to go, nodding her head respectfully to each of them from beneath the hood of the cloak. "Good evening," she bids them both, before turning and two-stepping to quickly catch up to the Marshall's long stride.
Rexus Rexus nods to the two as they depart, smirking over at Vera, "Well... spose any intel is better than no intel.. and at least now we kinda know what to look for."
Vera Vera nods, "Well I'm not to worried about chem weapons, but then I have the gas mask..and she doesn't breath...soooo." She shurgs a bit, "But getting intel isn't hard really..getting people to listen or care, that can be the problem."