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Sparrow Sparrow had made a call for strong backs and able bodies to help out a small isolated tribe in the distant wastes that needed some help working their land and a little aid in Defenses. There had been a warning that this would be an unusual adventure and minds had to be.. Open.

Sparrow lead the group South from Shantytown for a ways and instead of leading them to Hope - suddenly there was a sharp turn into dead man's gulch and Sparrow was leading them on a trail that became so frustrating .. most turned back.

Those who were strong enough to continue headed along a revine and up along a road about two horses wide that's hidden by the terrain but has been beaten out by those traveling upon it. And up to a hill that leads to a distant crashed Airship.

Essjay (Sparrow's little black donkey), has little cart that has been loaded, and the Sparrow's red roan mare's bearing a load of supplies as well. As she moves along she slows and says clearly so everyone can hear. "So these folks we're goin ta see, some don't talk much. but they've saved my life a few times and odds are there are some've you who've been saved by their ilk as well and not remembered or didn't beleive yer own eyes. I sure as heck didn't." She slows to a walk and looks behind her, "Stock you help these folks get adjusted I'll ride ahead and give'm the heads up."

Sparrow spurs blue ahead and the blue roan mare picks up her hooves to a light canter. The massive Deathclaws she's riding towards don't seem phased..
Harmon Harmon moves with the group and sticks towards the front like he's travelled this way before. The sight of the deathclaws doesn't even phase him, his weapon staying slung across his back, "An odd place, but they've never been aggressive though." he says as he approaches, his attention keeping on their flanks instead.
Stockton Stockton is leading Brandywine on foot, her saddle replaced with packs of materials and tools. His own backpack filled with more Stuff. When Sparrow gives direction, he just gives a grunt and nods once. Turning to the rest of the crew that's joined them, he looks between Surelda, and Harmon, and Ironface. Lingering on the last face in particular he speaks with the commanding voice of a lawman. "So. That whole part about keepin' yer minds open? This's where we test that theory. /Please/ kindly keep from /starrin'/ too much as it will offend the locals. Some of 'em bein...Deathclaws...'n Gorillas what are intelligent. Sure you heard the rumors. Well, they're fuckin' true, and frankly it's time to return the favors these kind souls been handin' out. We're gonna get 'em sorted out wit' water, a fence, hopefully help 'em get their radio up and runnin'. Shit like that." He glances at Ironface, "Yer gonna help me hold up walls," he decides of the huge man with a grin. Looking at Harmon he asks, "You swung a hammer before?"
Ironface Jones Sparrow's words have Ironface Jones slightly on edge, but not enough that he's going to turn away from a chance to help a neighbor. Hell, the sight of the deathclaws waiting for them doesn't seem to bother him too terribly much, or maybe he's just had a lot of practice at not showing his emotions. He rides First Horse Jones at a pace that keeps him even with the others, listening to what they have to say. Harmon's words get him a nod and Stockton gets a neutral sounding reply, "I shall hold the walls."
Elsie Surelda is also wearing a pack! So of course she's filled it with stuff, mostly techie materials like wires and batteries, before they headed out. The pale girl is warm, today. Very warm. Perhaps it's because she's weighed down with armor over her blue dress, but under her grey hooded poncho cloak. The hood is pulled up too, which can't help matters. It means those that know her recognize her, but those that don't can't see much beyond the pale face-shape beneath. She pauses now, drawing a hand across her forehead to wipe the light damp away.

As they stop, she turns to her side to see the face of First Horse Jones at her side. She reaches over to pat the creature, who she's met before. "Hey sugar," she tells the creature softly. Her hooded form flits back toward Stockton. "Gorillas ... like a monkey?" she asks, referencing an earlier conversation.
Sparrow Sparrow doesnt seem to bother talking to the Deathclaws but she does chat with a human who steps out from between the Deathclaws and there's a back and forth before the man asks the Deathclaws something and though nothing is heard he nods to Sparrow and she nods and turns to trot back to the group. "All right, they say we're good to come in." She says shifting a bit on Blue who's gotten a little less spooky around the Deathclaws but is thankfully well trained. Sparrow manages to get the other two to follow the lead Mare and after a quick look to check the others are coming in she moves to start leading the supplies she's bringing for the crashed city.
Harmon Harmon nods to Sparrow and the deathclaws as he approaches the Village, "It's been a while since I was here last, with all the things going on it can be easy to overlook the nearby neighbors." he admits. He isn't carrying much extra, appearing to be more of a guard for this trip.
Stockton Stockton nods at Harmon, "Exactly, they ain't aggressive," he concludes, and then is watching Surelda for a second, "Yup, only like apes. Or somethin, I ain't up on the science of it, you'd have to ask Sparrow not around them," he notes and then nods to Ironface for the assist. When Sparrow returns he clicks twice at Brandy who follows the Medicine Woman dutifully with the other mares. Sticking witht he group, he moves into the city proper and starts glancing around, "Still so much to do, thanks to all fer comin," and he sets the pack down where he stopped the wall last.
Ironface Jones Being careful not to let First Horse get too close to the deathclaw, Ironface rides on past them, giving them a nod, "Greetings." He is slightly disconcerted by the idea of deathclaws that aren't trying to eat him, but doing a good job of taking things in stride nonetheless. "I think it is good to help strengthen your allies. Especially if they are friendly deathclaws and things." His head stays on a swivel, trying to take in everything around him. There is much to interest the big tribal.
Elsie Surelda remains with the group. Dead center, middle of the group as they enter. And she doesn't stare. I mean, she tries not to stare. Guys, she really tries. Luckily, from beneath the hood, it's hard to see what she's looking at. Hopefully it'll be enough protection to keep her from causing a ruckus.

Once they come to a stop, she pauses and looks around at Ironface, First Horse Jones, and then Harmon. Then she looks back to Stockton. He might recognize the shake of disbelief that her head makes. He'll no doubt hear her thoughts on the whole matter later, but for now she bites her tongue. Hard. "Marshal," she finally speaks up. "You said somethin' about a radio? Where's that, if I may ask? I can work on a radio." She's not much for holding up walls.
Sparrow The guards don't even acknowledge them as they go by. Not even so much as a blink but their human companion is modified power armor opens the gate for them and waves them all in. Essjay brays at him for his trouble.
Stockton Stockton just chuckles as everyone deals in their own way. Disbelief eventually having to deal with hard proof. He nods to Surelda, "I think there's a radio tower over yonder," he points towards the rundown looking thing. At least there are cables or something? He's looking around for the general wall crew that usually shows up before he starts getting his hands and the rest of him dirty.
Sparrow Inside Sparrow dismounts and lifts a hand in thanks to another peron in power armor who's careful to lead the horses off to unload them. She turns to dust her hands off, "Have a look around, animals wont talk to you but their friends will help you with anything at all ya need. Right now they're fighting some of the same things that we are, and the FEV. And we should all know by know that that's only gonna get worse since they're engineerin' somethin new in the MOjave right now and all." She explains to the others, perhaps in part so others might overhear without having to interact with her. "So let's get our neighbors secure." She nods at Stockton when he suggests the radio. "I've also got some stuff to help'm build a more permanante well and some defenses. Though if some of ya'll are interested I don't imagine they'd mind an extra hand or two with some dust ups of some Mutants they've been havin trouble with."
Elsie Surelda's eyes turn toward Sparrow, and she peers at the unknown woman from beneath that hood. She doesn't move closer to her, instead remaining where she is; in the middle of the little group they form. "Excuse me, ma'am. But the radio ... do you have any idea what condition it's in? I know my way around one, and can set one up and do some troubleshootin', but I'm by no means a fixer or nothing." She pauses then, glancing at the group back over her shoulder. Then, at last, to Stockton. "I'll go look to the radio, then?" It's not like she's asking for permission, more like she's offering a tentative suggestion to see what he might think of it.
Ironface Jones "First Horse Jones, can you talk?" Ironface leans forward to speak softly into his animal's ear, either he's joking or he's wondering if maybe he's missed something along the way. When the animal doesn't respond Ironface merely slides off of him and pats him on the neck before handing off the reins to the guy in power armor. Then he looks at the group he arrived with, "I think I will help with the wall and with killing mutants in any appear. I am good at those things and I would like to see the deathclaws and talking animals fight."
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Aint my area. I'd suggest ya talk to one of those folks over there, though, if you want." She gestures to a couple of people in body suits going over some books together moving over to pull up her hair into a ponytail and stalks off to go help with the hauling.

T Mike, the guy who'd let them in, nods to Ironface and though he looks uncertain he gestures, "We've got everything already planned out. We just need hands to build it if the Blonde Doctor's warnings are true. She seems earnest enough though. We've got a couple of squads holed up a couple miles away we'll be doing a raid in a few nights.

The two people going over books seem to debating over some books seem to be trying to figure out some sort of code.
Stockton Stockton is pulling on his gloves, and picking up a sledgehammer, he tosses it over his shoulder for the time being. When Sparrow comes back, he makes sure to at least throw a chin towards the blonde cowgirl, telling Surelda, "That'd be Sparrow Drake," informal introduction as it is. He gives the girl a nod though, "Poke at the radio, see what you can figure out. If we get it even recevin' we're a step further than we were." With that he glances at a few of the bigger Gorillas that helped him with the walls last time, and then Ironface. We're apparently doing this now! And off Stockton goes, charging into the fray of getting work done. Laying foundations for the new fences and wall parts that Sparrow brought.
Ironface Jones "I would like to join your raid," Ironface tells T Mike with a solid nod. "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan." And once his introduction is out of the way he goes to join Stockton on constructing things. While he possesses little actual construction know how Ironface is strong and capable of following instructions. He puts himself right in the mix with the gorillas and gets right to work, "I think it will be good to work with you, furry people."
Elsie "Sully," Surelda says, by way of introduction. She adjusts the straps of the pack on her back, and nods from beneath the hood in the direction that Sparrow points. "Yes, ma'am," she says once more, affirming that she heard the directions and understood. She hoists the pack and breathes a slow, tired sigh of a girl wilting in the heat and then slogs over to the men and their codebooks. She stays a bit back, a bit away, when she speaks to them.

"Scuze me, gentlemen. Ya'll got a radio that needs a once over?"
Sparrow T Mike chuckles roughly and nods moving over to help with the construction of the wall. They make due, like most tribes but whoever's in charge here, their construction skills and planning are obviously on point. And some of the animals do help but let's face it there is only so much one can do without opposable thumbs and only so many apes and humans in this little village of theirs.

George Orwell, you were wrong.

Sparrow helps to unload a couple bales of razorgrain carefully into the dry silo for the animals without more than a wave and a breif smile to Sully as she gets to work.

One of the gentlemen in question look up and wave. "Hey. I'm Brock and this is my brother Robin." The guy staring at the book just grunts. "And we sure do. WE're not quite sure what's wrong with it but I know everything's perfect down here. No matter what he says?" Robin grunts again.
Elsie "Sully," Surelda says, once again by way of introduction. She stays deep in her hood though, keeping her hair in particular well-covered. "So, everything's perfect down here. Does that mean you need someone to go up there?" She asks, turning to squint up at the radio tower that, well, towers. Her hood almost slips back off her head, but she's quick to catch it and pull it back up.
Stockton Stockton is busying himself with T Mike and the crew. Getting boards set in place and then smacking them into the ground to build off of. Posts get drilled, all that manual labor stuff! Course he's probably huffing and puffing along the way eventually, this is the back breaking part! He points at Ironface and grunts at the gorillas, they seem to understand that's his signal to hold up the wall while he starts driving in the bolts and nails that will hold it all up. CLANG, CLANG, CLANG!
Ironface Jones When it comes to working hard, Ironface has it covered. The massive man moves with certainty among the construction site, looking for what needs to be done and then doing it. When told to hold up a wall he goes ahead to do so, joining in amongst the other primates. "I think these guys are as strong as me," he comments, speaking about the apes. Then he tells them, "It will be good to see you fight mutants. We will slay many." With his hands on the wall he stands stock still, trying to give Stockton the time he needs to get things done.
Elsie Up there, they said? Well up she'll go. Surelda disappears from the group for a time, making her way up the flights of stairs of the radio tower until she can get to the control box on the top level. It's there that she removes her backpack. Looking down, seeing that there's no one else nearby, she pulls back her hood and breathes a heavy sigh of relief against the warm western air. She even peels off her cloak and sets it aside, giving her the freedom of air and freedom of movement to work.

"Alright, so this is a ... male cable, because of the penises," she mutters to herself, as she starts hooking up a new power supply and checking connections on the different inputs and outputs.