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Jackson The three volunteers gathered together in a narrow, rubble-covered alleyway in the shadow of a large, abandoned wreck of a building, and it was there where Jackson, their leader, informed them as to the finer details of their assignment. The man stood stock-still before his volunteers, appraising each of them carefully before fixing them both with an equally serious stare. Nemo was a fine enough man, by his judgement, but he'd yet to work alongside the newcomer for more than a scant few moments on their last insertion into Albuquerque. The deputy could only hope she was capable enough for the job at hand. After gathering his thoughts for an instant, Jack broke the tense silence with the slight hiss of his voice modulators accenting his careful tone. .
"Thank you both for volunteering your time to the Sheriff's Department this evening. I'll be frank-- this assignment is of utmost importance to the Federation's pursuit of the Enclave." His tone brokered no nonsense as he began, and he only paused to clear his throat before continuing. "Our Enclave informants have alerted us to the presence of a courier who's carrying vital information toward the Mojave. If the intel we've recieved is accurate, he's currently camped out within an old Super Duper Mart with a detachment of Solomon's finest. Preliminary scouting confirms the resistance-- there's definitely a group of at least 5 or 6 men guarding the perimeter. Can't say much about what's inside." As he spoke, Jackson unrolled a smal, quickly fashioned paper map, pointing to several points on the grid to approximate the location of the Super Duper Mart, and the patrols that had been spotted thus far.
"As far as I can see, we have two options. We can advance through the streets, and use the cover of the night and the weather to our advantage, or.. We could take a little trip through the metro. That is... If ya'll are feeling up to it. Regardless of our methodology, we must do everything within our power to bring this man in. If he can't be taken alive, we've been given leave to use lethal force if necesary. Questions?"
Nemo Nodding as he gets the details, Nemo leans back against the alleyway, considering all of this, his mind still working on overtime, thanks to Mentats. Dr. Booker take his hat off, signalling he's ready to speak. "I think we should use the night as our cover, and avoid the metro. There's bound to be trouble down here, and it distracts from our purpose. We've got a great night for an ambush, let's take advantage of it." He looks to Shane, then back to Jackson, "If we don't have anything more to go on, we should get there immediately, and try to figure out who is who before the Courier's intel can be destroyed. His green eyes are back on Shane, "You got any knives on you, or something to cut with? If trouble comes in the mist, I'd rather not fire off gunshots, you know?" Someone's done this before.
Shane Lifting a palm, Shane nods agreement, unslinging the sword. "I do, at that," she volunteers. After a glance from Nemo to Jackson and back, Shane says, "You just point me at what you want broken, and I'm on it." She offers a cheeky, finger-waggling little salute.
Jackson Giving a nod in the affirmative to his allies, Jackson returned his attention briefly to the map, using the tip of his finger to paint a trail for the group to follow as he explained their route. "Insertion should be relatively straightforward. The Super-Duper mart in question is only about five blocks away. So, we're going to follow this alley to the end, cross the intersection, hang a left after we pass the old Corvega dealership, and the supermarket will be on our left side, three blocks down. I'll take point for now. Dr. Booker, bring up the rear. Shane, protect our flanks." With that said, Jackson gave his surroundings another quick scan, then, after assuring himself that his group was ready, he hunched down as close to the ground as he could manage, creeping toward the end of the alleyway, checking the corners of the intersection for activity.
"One at a time. I'll go first, follow individually on my signal." After he spoke, he shot off into a crouching sprint, ending his rapid advance in a tactical roll, which neatly deposited him behind the burnt-out wreck of one of the forementioned old Corvegas nearby the dealership. Unsure as to whether or not they'd been discovered, Jackson didn't have time to freak out about whether or not he should check. After a tense moment of uneasy rainfall, the deputy waved toward Shane to cross the gap.
Shane Grimacing and nodding faintly at the gesture, Shane lopes off in the direction indicated by Jackson, looking vaguely toward the plant as the straggling remnants of rain catch in her hair, slicking it down so it's darker, shinier, clings close to her scalp, until dry at least.
Nemo Dr. Booker keeps his head low, taking the long route so he doesn't have to roll, or perform any acrobatics. From trash can, to dumpster, to mailbox, to Jackson, he's finally in place, crossing carefully. He looks up and down the intersection, then finishes crossing, before pushing himself against a door in an alcove, waiting for the others to move further. Subtly, he keeps an eye on the decibal meter on his Pip-boy. So far, all is quiet.
Jackson As their group came together again, Jackson led them up the street, passed the Corvega dealership, and around the corner, where they began their careful advance down the street. The young deputy did his best to cling to the shadows, using the benefits of his armor to it's full advantage as he seamlessly seemed to dip in and out of shadowed portions of the street and buildings as they maintained their gradual crawl. Eventually, the supermarket in question came into view, and... The sight wasn't much of a pretty one, that was for sure.
Almost immediatly, Jack spotted the first patrol, posted at adjacent sides of the building's parking lot. One stood with a cigarette in his mouth near the front door, the other, perched atop a car in the parking lot, casually observed his surroundings with what seemed to be carelessness. Though that was the extent of what he saw at the moment, the leader was absolutely sure that wasn't the extent of the forces guarding this place. There absolutely had to be more than that-- if the intel was as reliable as it seemed, anyway.
What happened next froze Jackson's blood. As Shane began her approach, lightning flashed briefly, illuminating their environment for an instant, and her sword caught the reflection of it's arc, it's blade shimmering brilliantly in the night for a brief instant before dying out. Though she made it into cover quickly, the guard posted by the door's now fixed his vision directly toward the small group. From a distance, Jackson noticed him speaking into a Pip-Boy mounted to his wrist, and internalized a long series of curses as an additional three men exited the front doors in the wake of the guard's report. The trio, all wearing bullet-proof vests, dress shirts, and fedoras, slowly started to advance on the group's location, guns carefully raised and ready for any situation.
Shane Last time the Science Friends wanted Shane to stir up a diversion with bow and arrow, no one noticed. Turns out when you headshot some asshole from half a hundred yards and it kills them instantly? People lose their goddamned minds. And Shane just grins, popping a piece of gum and reaching for another arrow.
Nemo Nemo pops up from his cover, grabbing the his black, custom rifle over his shoulder, and aims 'Terminal Velocity' not at the men approaching, but at the top of the Super-Duper mart. Krakow! POW! POW! Three shots fired in rapid succession, and Dr. Booker doesn't even check his progress, or kick the hot shells off his boots. He yells out, practically making himself a target, "Cease fire, hand over the Courier, and you may yet live!" He cocks his gun again, readying himself.
Stockton Gunfire and shouting is enough to get the Marshal to pick up and move. Not taking a main street, he comes at the scene from a periferal alleyway. When he sees Nemo firing into the building he's next to, he moves to push into the building on stealth armored feet. The quieted hush of his presence is like death on the air. Felted holsters don't make a sound as he draws the pair of guns named 'Kindness' and 'Generosity'. Stalking after his prey, he makes his presence known from behind the man - keeping his ears open for someone else sneaking around in there. But for now? The mysterious member of the gangster posse is greeted with one, and then two gun hammers being cocked back. "Son, I'll put two bullets in both yer arms'n legs afore you get the gumption tah use that piece. Frankly I ain't 'eard'a good things 'bout fifty calibur slugs'n people's limbs. So do us both a favor'n put that down and come along nice and quiet like fer now."
Jackson Unfortunately, everything went to absolute hell for the group the moment that Shane had decided to make her opening move. Though her arrow flew true, piercing the eye of the pip-boy wearing mobster and killing him instantly, the trio of advancing mobsters decided not to waste any time, opening fire on the volunteers with reckless abandon. Through a shroud of SMG fire, Jackson stood from his cover, rapidly unholstered his .44, and as he drew his weapon, he levelled a shot toward an interloper who'd began to take aim at him with a marksman rifle. Before he had a chance to check on the results of his first shot, he levelled another three shots into the man, completely wiping him out of existence in a flurry of lead and splattering crimson.
As he moved to ready another shot at his assailants, however, a spray of fire from one of the gangster's sSMGs ricocheted violently off of his armor, sending shrapnel digging through his undersuit and directly into his sensitive flesh. Gritting his teeth in determination, He raised his pistol toward the woman who'd shot him, only to see an arrow fly into her stomach, piercing her entrails with a squelching blossom of scarlet. It wasn't long before she fell to her wounds, either falling dead or unconscious onto the ground with a sprawl as the volunteers maintained their counter attack. The good doctor let out a quick series of shots over his shoulder and toward the rear of the Super Duper Mart, but Jack couldn't register whether or not they'd done anything but hit air as he redoubled his efforts on his survival.
Meanwhile, behind the Super Duper Mart, the stranger, whom Stockton could clearly distinguish as a masked man wearing a full suit of Black Ghost Stealth Armor, withdrew from Nemo's field of fire for an instant, redied a plasma pistol, and prepared to flee northward. These pesky low-class mutants weren't worth his time, and they sure as hell weren't worth his life.
Stockton It all happens fast. It's a fleeting moment when two hunters meet face to face. The Courier drops down from the ladder and the Marshal is right there with his guns trained. A breath later, movement causes a flash of reflection from the edge of the sidewalk and the Courier ducks. Without the shot Stockton is forced to growl and begin chase. The EDSD Duster whips behind him with a crack as both men push with everything they have. The wild mane of hair, the glassy eye under scarred eyebrow, the Courier probably knows who's chasing him immediately. He was supposed to be dead!

Blood rushed through the Courier's eardrums, getting caught wasn't part of the plan, nor the deal. The ratchet-click of twin hammers has him freeze, right up until the distraction needed. Debris kicks up as he tears off down the side-street, seeking that corner to duck down where he could find cover and shadows.

Steady hands and a level need to bring the Courier in have him lifting Kindness to squeeze off two shots before he rolling around a crate stack to level Generosity and squeeze two more. The first set of slugs double tap the man in the back of the head making him stumble into a leaping roll over the remnants of an abandoned fridge, the second catching right under the armpit where the armor plates stopped. Both men panting. But the former Merc isn't done, another chance comes and he lines up his guns so that they bark angrily once more, the slides clacking back.

Raw pain finally catches up, the wolf breathing down the back of his neck was relentless, and according to quick thought, there were still rounds left in those guns to fire. Blood makes every step slippery, a flush of heat that shocks up a now wounded hip where a fifty cal slug had nearly thrown his gait off and he stumbles on still.

"You wanna die in a fuckin' alley and be buried wit the contaminated?" That thought? That is enough to make the Courier pause at the edge of the alleyway slumping after a moment as the numbing pain creeps up his left arm. Stockton swaps to the El Dorado frequency and radios into his vox, "Got the Courier, behind the Super Duper Mart." There's a moment of silence between the two predators. For now.
Nemo There's a mobster heading straight at Nemo with a baseball bat, and even though the 'good' doctor tries to get a shot off, he just can't react in time to dodge the wood connecting with his skull. He had time to hear Stockton's message on his Pip-boy, before he saw stars.

Now, maybe it's all the chems, or the odd childhood, or his recent binge learning with holodisk... maybe it was the massive concussion... Whatever it was, that moment Dr. Booker snapped into a fit of rage, face contorted, then it went immediately blank. In a loud voice, he commands in an electronic voice, "ASSAULTRON MODE ACTIVATED. Courier captured." He points his gun at the mobsters, stiff and robotic like, "Non-Essential lifeforms, surrender or be euthanized!"
Shane Is Shane with this crazy fucker or not? She puts her hands up like she's surrendering but all she can do is grin and bite her lip against the inevitable snicker that would almost certainly follow. She's not actress though, o it's a good thing Nemo's gun is still pointed at them.
Stockton Stockton doesn't take any more chances, as soon as he has the man standing still he cuffs him, then CLANK as the butt of a desert eagle meets the guys armored skull. Lights out. Taking the slumped figure up and over his broad shoulders in a tactical carry, he keeps one gun up and trained, the other holsterd to hold the man by the arm and the leg. He goes back to the Super Duper Mart, that'll be the best place he can grab a bandage or two, patch the guy up so he doesn't die, and get him all nice and..naked. Sheriff work is weird man don't ask.
Jackson Everything was a blur of bullets, rain, and screaming voices as the brief encounter continued onward. Jackson, being the experienced gunslinger that he was, effortlessly ended the life of another tommy gun wielding merc who'd attempted to open fire on his comrades. As he reloaded his .44, he turned to shout a warning at Dr. Booker, but alas, it was too late-- one of the mobsters had charged headlong into the man's personal space, and brought a bat into his temple with the full force of a homerun. The doctor buckled for a moment, and as he did, a message from Stockton echoed through Jack's comms.
"Got the courier. Behind the Super Duper Mart." Better news couldn't have reached Jack's ears at a better time. The same declaration echoed from Nemo's own pip-boy, and at the sound of it, the mobsters seemed to pause slightly-- especially after Nemo stood up, and proudly announced his intent to murder the lot of them for proving themselves as non-essential personell. The deputy wasn't really all too sure what got knocked loose in the man's head when he'd been hit, but he made a mental note to have the man checked for a concussion before he was allowed to have a night's rest. It didn't take long-- after the courier's surrender, what remained of the mobsters followed suit. The volunteers bound, gagged, and knocked them all silly with the handles and barrels of their respective weapons, and hog-tied them together inside of the Super Duper Mart's employees only area. Unfortunately for them, it seemed as though the Courier had managed to call for back up before he was incapacitated. If the sounds of the city were anything to judge off of, they had a hell of a lot of activity moving in their direction. And Deputy Jackson Parkes wasn't completely sure that he'd be able to lead them through this night alone.
At the very least, the courier was secure, as was the intel he carried. If worse came to worse, they'd just off him and be on their way. But if they managed to get him back to El Dorado alive? It could prove to be one of the most valuable sources of information on Solomon, The Enclave, and the groups' plans concerning one another that they'd found up to this point. Jack could basically smell the promotion waiting for him back in El Dorado when they returned.