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Nathan Nathan makes his way downstairs from his room a rifle in a soft case tucked under his arm as he makes his way to the bar waving one of the servers over, "Hey there mind getting a message sent out to a Miss Rose let her know I've got her rifle."
Rose      It doesn't take long, what with Rose staying in the saloon. Between tasks anyone needs a place to stop and relax. When she comes downstairs she's dressed in most of her gear, save that usual duster left upstairs revealing her guns quite openly worn on her hips.

T Slung over her shoulders? The two weapons they'd agreed upon. She wasn't going to waste the merchant's time. "That was quick," she says lightly. "Good to see you can deliver...when there's not two of us chasing things at the same time anyway."
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "Like I said when I come across another one you'll be the first on the list to sell it to." He offers out the case and unzips it opening it up for her to see the Arbiter, "Now this one mind you is a one of a kind work of art. Won't find another sniper rifle like 'er."
Rose      "Rounds aren't cheap," Rose comments casually as she leans over, placing her own rifles down and inspecting the Arbitor. There's a questioning expression of if she can touch it, feel the weight in her hands and how the weapon feels. "But she's certainly pretty."
Nathan Nathan offers the rifle over for her to get a good look at it, "Perfection never is but these rounds are a bit more expensive than a typical rifle for sure."
Rose Rose lifts the rifle, peering down the sights lightly and then chewing her bottom lip before she bows her head. "True enough. Seems we've got ourselves a square trade." She stops, fishing for the caps. "Good doing business with you."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Good doing business with you. Hope you get good use out of it."
Rose One new sniper rifle richer, the Blonde ranger chuckles lightly. "I suppose the question now is if I should wish to see this in action, or wish that I don't have to face something where I need it."
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "You could always use it to blow up a rock a mile away. Just to test it out that is."
Rose      A chuckle, Rose takes the case brought for the weapon, slipping it back into its storage for the time being and then closing the case properly to take with her back to her room. "Maybe, but given the cost of the rounds? It'd have to be a rock I really didn't like."
Sammy     Sammy swings in the door, holding the saloon flapper to one side and stepping aside, his own duster flowing in behind him, he lets it drip there fore a moment before undoing his helmetand taking a deep breath. The formerly black NCR Ranger chestplate has a fist sized dent in the front of it, and beneath the armor, his now tained fatigues show little pinholes, bandages freshly applied as he lets his eyes adjust to not having the goggles in their place, and the interior of the bar. A nod is given as he walks to the bar, "Ranger." he acknowledges to Rose with a noncomittal smile and nod.
Nathan Nathan chuckles and nods a bit, "But it'll be good for when you absolutely need to reach out and tap somebody in the forehead. I do hope you never need it but I don't have any doubt that you'll at least need to fire it once." He glances over as somebody heads into the saloon and then since the deal seems to be over he offers a nod towards Rose, "If you need anything else let me know." He waves over a tender bot and orders himself a beer.
Rose      A salute over her shoulder, Rose starts heading for the stairs before a glance comes towards Sammy. "Ranger," she nods. She'd seen Sammy with the Ambassador, but they'd not yet properly met since. Today however, was not the day. She had a few things to organize before her next hunt that weren't going to sort themselves out.
Sammy Sammy eases carefully onto the barstool, with a wince and an ouch. To a combat veteran, the blast patteron on his armr would read 'You were an idiot and let someone with a shotgun get anywhere near you.' the fact he's still here, would signifiy 'You are damned lucky.' But right now, he wants a drink. Because the burning of the antiseptic is still in his mind as is the stiffness with which his body set up overnight. He glances at the man the other Ranger was talking to, "Kind sir, would you by chance happen to be a gunsmith?" he asks, and places and order for some vodka from the bartender-bot when it ambles over.
Nathan Nathan shakes his head, "Not yet. I'm just a trader although I've gotten some fine weapons in I don't work on them. I'm thinking about learning how to do so though."
Sammy Sammy nods, "When I get some more caps together, I'll try lookin for ya. What's your name so I know who to ask for. I'm Sammy, and I haven't started recieving the combat pay for this deploy yet. Rumor has it the paperwork and payroll is at least a week out."
Nathan Nathan offers the man his hand, "Name's Nathan. I stay up on the third floor here on the Saloon but keep most of my wares over at the Lone Star Caravan pens to the west of town." He motions towards the two rifles he's got leaning against the bar, "Gotta go get those cleaned up and put out for sale so I've got to head out. It was a pleasure Sammy."
Sammy Sammy shakes the hand offered, and then gives the ok / #6 salute, "Be seeing you."