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Stockton Scheduling time with Kitty used to be a lot easier. Hell, once upon a time, he could walk up and buy the woman a beer and chat about shit out in the Wastelands. Since she'd become President, and he'd become Marshal they only saw each other in passing most times. Today though, he has an appointment, which brings his armor-clad self pushing in through the main doors of the President's office with a slip of a girl in tow. Once both are inside, he shuts the door to give them privacy.

Sauntering up to the desk, he doesn't deal in pleasantries, he moves around the desk and scoops his friend into a quick hug before setting the older woman down and grinning a bit toothsome like, "Been too long, Kitty," yes he still refuses to call her President Caine. "I brought a guest wit' me, cuz it's all connected and important, I promise," he leads in with that, good man.

"Point bein', this young lady came to us some time ago, an' she's done what she can to help out like everyone else. Well, turns out she's a lil more than everyone else. Turns out she's Surelda Solomon." Both hands come up before Kitty can interject just yet. "Now I thought the worst when she confessed, but she also did so cuz she had a bit of a breakthrough in the memory department. You'n I both know Solomon wasn't a kind man, he apparently used and abused 'er like he does with anyone else. Drugged her, an' worse, but she got out, just without all the information in tact. When she remembered, she came to me though. The information was the doozy though, Kitty. Jared's been workin' on chem-weapons, the kind that were banned pre-war an' worse. Reason I'm brinin' this all to you, is cuz I think we need to act on both revelations." He pauses long enough to look back at Surelda briefly, "First, we gotta keep our eyes and ears out fer a new weapon, and second I think we owe it tah her to give her a chance at a new life 'ere. She's already thrown her lot in wit' us at Alamo." Then he's quiet, because it's a lot to digest, and Kitty will likely have /something/ to say.
Elsie Stockton is all swagger and bravado. Surelda is ... not. That's not to say she's a mouse; no. She comes in with her head held high. She wore a grey poncho cloak with a cowl neck and a hood over her blue dress all the way here, keeping her silver hair covered until the doors behind them are closed. Then, when her name comes up, she reaches up to draw the hood of the cloak back. Not that her appearance means anything; no one knew Solomon had a daughter, or if they did, they certainly never saw her. Yet here she is now, her silver hair pulled in a bun slightly offset to the left side of her head to cover where her hair is growing back. Damn aliens and their alien lobotomies.

She's pale, save for a flush in her cheeks, with big black eyes. She watches Kitty with those eyes, flitting to Stockton only once or twice as if to get a check on the situation based on his behavior. Once the man is done, though, Surelda bobs in a half-curtsey, half-bow sort of thing. "Ma'am," she says, respectfully. Is that how you greet a President? Who the fuck knows?!
Katherine Caine Katherine accepts the hug and returns it before taking a seat again, "Good to see you to Stockton, you've been doing a great job out there." She nodded politely to Surelda,. "Miss Silver." Evidently she had heard of Surelda, or knew who she was.

Crossing her legs one over the other and resting her hands on her desk, she smiled at Stockton, "I know who she is. I think the fact that she's here, and nobody is holding her up for crimes her father committed is a good sign she's been given a chance at a new life. It's not her fault her father's an asshole who works for the Enclave."

"As for the weapons. Until we can find a source or location for the facilities they're working on them, there's not much we can do. The Enclave has access to more resources, and more manpower then we do. If you find out where they're doing this? I'll authorize an operation to strike at them in a heartbeat." She pauses, "If they are though, it's probably something to do with their plans for New Vegas and the Hoover Dam. With that much electricity, who knows what they could do. I'm having Lone Star setup an expedition to New Vegas, I hope you'll go along with them."
Stockton Stockton just gives Kitty a dry look and a little squint. He knows she has eyes and ears everywhere, but it's still disconcerting when she says 'I know', like everytime. Still he manages a smile and throws a look over his shoulder at Surelda that rather plainly says 'I told you so'. "Well, her bein' Solomon's daughter ain't exactly known. And apparently he's got vested interest in seein' her back," he scratches his beard for a second in that thinking pose.

"New Vegas, the Dam, hearda some other power out there, s'all nice an' neat in a package. Shit, if anythin' it's just more weapons, more 'reclaiming' the Wastelands, but with that much power, they'd be set to restart America the way they want." he makes a face and then nods, "I'm goin', we finally got enough lawmen between here'n the territories, I can go back to doin' what I do well," getting into firefights and being a Big Damn Hero. "I told Rexus'n his crew to keep ears out for the weapons talks and information, hopefully we turn somethin' up b'fore it gets used. Or tested."

Business concluded quickly, just the way the Marshal likes. "It's likely she'll be usin some disguise and a new name to throw off her father's pursuers, don' suppose I can trust the paperwork regardin' a disappeared silver haired girl, and a resident who's been here a while could be fastlaned?"
Elsie If Stockton is surprised that Kitty knew about Silver, Surelda, Surrie, Shirley, etc.'s actual identity, the owner of said identity could now be blown over with a feather. Her eyes widen and she blinks a few times, looking at Stockton for confirmation that this is not only normal, but all's well.

"Yes ma'am," Surelda says once more, though what she's answering is anyone's guess. It's nerve-wracking to be in the presence of power, okay?! "It's the Dam. The chems are meant for the dam, I mean. Vegas is still threatened, but the chems ... are for the dam." Yes, woman, you said that already. Pipe down.
Katherine Caine "I'll probably be heading out there with the group of you, I spent a lot of time in the Mojave." Katherine smiled, "Finally convinced Mayor West that he should take some time running things while I do, since he's likely to outlive us all anyways."

She ahemed, "He's flattered you've been copying his style, if you keep it up maybe he'll teach you a thing or two." She may have been kidding or may have not been.

"Just pick a name and an identity and go with it, it's not like much of that is checked outside of tax season for citizens and as long as you pay taxes, you get issued an ID. It's a good system, when assholes like Solomon aren't fucking with it, feel free to sort it out ahead of time if you like."

She took a drink from the glass of whiskey at her desk before looking to Surelda, "If you know something else, you should share it now, otherwise.. until we know where the weapons are coming from there isn't much we can do."
Stockton Stockton blinks a bit at that, the knowing smile on Kitty's face getting the Marshal back to squinting. He adores the woman, he does, but she can be the most irritating of them all. "Mayer West?" there might be a slight fanboy-like prick of his ears. Yeah alright, the huge salty bastard has a major hero-crush on Mayor West alright? There it's out there now. The other little bit has Stockton almost stammaring, and losing his cool. "That would be..amazing," the last word kind of mumbled as he realizes his nerd is showing.

Looking back to Surelda he nods, "I believe if the young lady remembers anything else, she'll be rather forthcoming with the information." Giving the silver haired woman a little grin he nods, before looking back at President Katherine Caine. "Fer now I think we'll get to workin her into a different person. I'm lookin' forward to our Outting, Kitty," he grins because it's been...months..a year?..since they'd gone adventuring in the wastelands.

Lifting one hand, he tips an invisible Stetson towards the President, "Always a pleasure, ma'am," he says that loud enough for appearances before turning about and escorting Surelda-no-more to the door.
Elsie Surelda's black eyes dart once more to Stockton, and then turn to settle back on Katherine. She shakes her head. "No, ma'am," she confesses. She might say more, but then Stockton does it for her: anything else that comes up, she'll be sure to share. So she remains quiet, watching Stockton's reaction to the name-drop with a slight quirked brow. Yes, she's relieved that she isn't about to be used for bait or turned over to the enemy. But seriously what's up with Stockton right now. Ah well, it's kinda cute.

It's only when the man tips his hat and Surelda bob/bow/curtsies again and turns to go that she finally starts to relax. The sigh is audiable. The smile is real.

Now on to the next step.
Katherine Caine "Hope to see you both soon, or one of you anyways. Heard poor Surelda Solomon was killed by Raiders in between Jack's Town and Albuquerque. Was a real shame." She winked at Stockton before the pair left, hopefully the Marshal would setup any such rumors required.