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Nemo Morning rolled around too quick for Dr. Booker. He woke up, got dressed, and opened the bunker doors to the sight of stormclouds on the horizon. Nemo shivered, and went over to a heating unit to beat on it until the Fuel Cell connected right. He took a moment to breath it all in.

Looking over the broken machines in the vehicle bay, and off towards a partially collapsed tunnel leading deeper into the bunker, (as of yet unexplored), Nemo sighs a little bit, and sets an old pot of coffee onto the heating unit, letting it warm. While he took out his Pip-Boy, he added a bit of scotch, to help warm /him/. He clicked on the radio transmiter, "Krrsch. This is Doctor Nemo Booker, of the Scientists of El Dorado. All's clear on the Pecos River, we got a storm front moving in. Any Scientists listening, meet up at the base." He groans the rumbling protest of an aching body and weary mind, before pushing to his feet. "Let's get this place cleaned up."
Eden Eden comes by with a few items to help with the general repairs. "That tunnel is gonna need a whole lotta work. Do we have the materials to fix it?" Eden loks around with her mechanic brain in full gear. "This place really got hit bad." She frowns. "Well, i'm here anyway, where do you want me to start?
Victoria Victoria isn't too far from the bunker, the pharmaceutical expert coming in through the large vault door, her backpack worn and her usual baseball cap. She'll make her way to where Nemo is, but not before stopping off at her own spot to drop off her bag, "All right, so what is it you want us to get doing?"
Nemo Gesturing to the tunnel, Nemo says, "We'll need some parts for the hydraulics on the doors, and some manpower moving some of the rocks." He flashes a Eden a smile, "Good morning, by the way, Dr. Eden. We've uh..." He nods towards the broken robot, a Mr. Handy, sitting in a pile of scrap by the door, "We've got a Mr. Handy, Dr. Marshal does, anyhow, that we need to fix up, but it's going to take a lot of circuitry, adhesive, and I don't even know what all else. Want to help me inspect it?"

When Vic arrives, there's another warm smile, and a wave. He drinks scotch and coffee straight from the cofee pot, "Good Morning, Dr. Vic. I was hoping to work on this Mr. Handy, or this motorcycle here, but I think the robot will come in 'Handy', for all the other repairs." He smirks at his own pun, before searching around the bunker with a glance, "Where did I put my wrench....?"
Victoria Victoria lets out a soft 'ha ha ha', a sort of sympathetic laugh for Nemo, though her lopsided smile is there to indicate she did find that pun somewhat amusing, "Oh, fun. All right, lemme see what I can do to help you." Tossing off her baseball cap she'll wind up her ponytail into a bun and secure it with a elastic band from her wrist, digging through her supplies and getting out her own tool belt for working. Standing up she squares it away on her hips, buckling up the belt, and moving to the handy robot.
Eden Eden takes a closer look at Mr Handy. No one needs to ask her twice for fixing stuff! Taking off the plate that covers te main controls, she begins prodding around and checking connections; testing for any mechanical or electrical misfires. She quickly finds a few place not tightly fastened and tightens them up. This does not seem to be the main problem. It would at least turn on still if it was only those periphery functions! "Hey, you got a chip puller on you? I think this has some broken grips." She assumes she is talking to Nemo, but hasn't looked up to be sure he is still even near her! That's fine. She leans on the window ledge and says "I think this CAN be fixed, but you'd have to spend some time and money on her!"
Nemo Nemo finds his wrench, and slips into his mechanic's overalls, before approaching the pile of bolts, parts, and circuits. Passing over an insulated clamp, Nemo tells Eden, "I got a makeshift one, that's all." Dr. Booker points out some secondary function slots, "Seems it was built for upgrades, but got scavenged for parts at some point. James said it was completely nonfunctional." He squats down, twisting the thruster on the bot's left side to begin unscrewing it, "I'll check it's flight mechanisms, see if we can't get them functional, while you're working on circuits."

"Time, we've got... Money, we're short on. I've been slinging chems, and even bought a claim on a part of the mine, but, it's slow going." He seems to remember he's not alone suddenly, before telling Vic and Eden, "We'll get there though. Together."
Victoria Victoria will crouch down to begin working on the Mr. Handy unit, listening to the pair talk, "I have some caps I can spare, I think, on getting this fixed and our place ready to go." Offered up as she uses a small screw driver, reaching in to do some work, "I got robbed by a bunch of kids yesterday, however, but thankfully I didn't have all my stuff on me."
Eden Eden continues working. Testing each section as she goes along. After a bit she is done with the whole circuit board. Well, I think that's most of the kinks out there. But how are the mechanics looking?" She pokes around for a second before finding the release she is looking for and peals the shell away from the center section. "We gotta check for any disconnects or breaks or flaws."
Nemo Nemo sighs and wipes his brow, after dismantling a thruster with Victoria's help, and he begins piecing it back together. "I'm seeing a lot of stuff that should be here, that's missing. We need two magnetrons, and a few more O2 sensors." He nods to Vic, struggling a bit to rise. He pauses to rub at a wound beneath his overalls, before carrying on, dutifully. "Alright. Need any help with that? We're stuck on thrusters until we can get the pieces. Or make them."
Nemo Wiping his greasy hands off on his coveralls, Nemo asks Eden, "You know, if you need any chems, you can give me a heads up, and I'll prep a batch for you. I've got mentats an psycho, for emergencies or important stuff, for everyone. Here..." He lifts a finger, and then steps over to his sleeping bag. Figures he'd sleep with his chem bag. Out comes a small paper bag, that he offers to Eden, "Just got Psycho and mentats right now."
Eden Eden stands and stretches. "Ok, so I think i have some money and maybe some spare parts for this cutie!" She knows she does. who knows if the others realize it. anway, Off this girl goes to find more repeairing items. She's a little afraid, but hey, who isn't? Anyway, off she gets with a goodbye hug to Nemo and Victoria. Good luck and Merry Chrstimas to you both!