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Elsie When it was time for the morning radio check between Stockton and Surelda, there was a problem: Surelda didn't answer. Hopefully it was just a mistake. Hopefully she just overslept. Yet when Stockton arrived at Room 1 of the Gold Digger, he found the silver-haired daughter of Solomon naked on the floor, syringes and empty vials all around her. She had ODed, and while she was breathing when he got there, she wouldn't wake. She was hurriedly brought to Dr. Knox.
Bart Another week, another unconscious silver haired girl brought to the doctor who refused the title. He wasn't worthy of the label if you asked him about it, he dreamed of it some day, knowing enough about the body to be a doctor! For now he has brought the drugged out one up into the newly refurnished lab. With his coat and spectacles on, he begins examination. He was a bit hurried last time. A different montitor is wheeled over to the unconcious person and he begins to take a look. Lasers and particle beams bombard Surelda until he starts getting readings in dull yellow text on the almost black screen. Mumbling to himself, "I...don't know how to fix that...her body will just be weak for a while," he huffs a bit frustratedly before pouring deeper. "Cranial damage, repeated, hmm, internal hemorrhage of the brain. And.." he squints. "The bloody hell is that?!" It's unlike anything he's ever seen before. But aliens are weird. He doesn't even know where to start, "Head injuries first, Bart."
Elsie Surelda groans, rolling her head to one side as she feels someone proding at it, or at least standing near it. You can sense that sort of thing, you know? And the light. So much light. It's like the aliens all over again. Surelda moves to lift a hand to shield her eyes if she can.

"Where am I?" she asks, dazed as she comes out of her drugged stupor. 10 doses of Calmex almost stopped her heart, and reduced her breathing and blood pressure to dangerous levels. Perhaps the stress of meeting the president and starting a new life was too much to handle, for her.
Bart Bart blinks quickly as her pulse spikes some and goes from near fatal speeds to pumping again. "Aha!" he doesn't flinch or jump back, he's just suddenly aware of her. "You are at the Knox residence, in my newly upgraded the attic," he explains quickly. He's already moving the monitor out of the way and pulling one of those large engines on a hydrolic arm down in between them with lenses aimed at her. He moves around to drop a thick blindfold over her eyes to shield her from the lights about to happen.

"Please be still, you have been wandering around with a bleeding brain for several weeks," he informs her while adjusting switches and turning dials on the engine of his fame - the particle machine! The whirring starts and she can't see the glowing in the back of the device growing. "I'm going to hopefully evaporate some of the excess blood pooling which should alleviate the harm, then internally cauterize the wound. Do hold still, and what ever you do, don't put your hand to your head."
Elsie "Brains bleed?" Surelda asks. Because in truth she wouldn't know. Or maybe she's also still high, so she's having trouble focusing. She does as she's told though, mallable as ever. She lies flat, twisting her head just a little away from any sensations of pressure and light. That blindfold is welcome for a multitude of reasons. No lazers in the eyes, sure. But also sweet blackness; drug hangovers are still hangovers.

The girl does whimper, though, in discomfort and confusion. "Is that what'll make me not addicted anymore?"
Bart The whining of the engine is getting louder and the mad doctor has dropped his goggles over his own spectacles to protect his eyes. The thrumming beat of something churning inside gets more rhythmic until the air pressure starts growing. "I am working on that, but for now, we need to fix what is physically wrong with you before we start treating the mind for addiction," he explains calmly and rather dryly, this is all clinical for him.

A dull THWUMP is /felt/ as the air pressure reverts back instantly making ears pop as the particles rush out of the engine and through the lenses against Surelda's skull. Something tingles in her skull, the blood is being boiled away almost instantly, relieving pressure. The next thing to come is the heat, near searing as it seals up the wounds inside. When he's satisfied with the results, he turns the engine off with a grind of spinning parts and the ping of cooling metal. Back tot he monitor he observes his results quietly.
Elsie It was actually kind of a struggle to stay still through all that. Surelda arched her back when the boiling started, and dug her nails into the table beneath her, making little scratches when her skull wounds were melted back together. Because that is, in essence, what happened. It's only once the lasers are off that she falls flat against the table again, breathing deeply against the pain.

"Fuck me sideways," she eventually groans. "What the fuck just happened?"
Bart Bart is pushing the device back up towards the ceiling above where it can rest under a ceiling fan setup and cool down quickly. The pseudo doctor approaches with the monitor and observes for a few moments. "I accurately evaporated the excess blood in your cranium, and then managed to seal the wound despite your squirming," so critical! It's not mean spirited, he's just stating the facts. With that the tablet is pushed back to the wall in the taped off area that is designated for it. Everything has a place!

"You may scream in color for a day or so, probably best to avoid looking up for prolonged periods of time, otherwise you might undo something. The brain is very delicate," he moves to the counter and washes his hands quickly before toweling them off. "You're free to go." Please go. He doesn't people.
Elsie Surelda sits up, putting a hand on her head and blinking owlishly in Bart's direction. Scream in color? Just gonna gloss over that one. "But ... what about my addictions?" she asks, sounding weak and frail and tired. "I thought you said there was a way to not make me addicted anymore. Isn't that something you can do for me? It's just ... I might be disappearin' in the next day or so," she admits, very quietly.
Bart Bart blinks owlishly right back, his breath coming and going slowly, "I am unfortunately still working on that. My knowledge of pharmaceuticals is now broad enough that I will be able to experiment in making chems soon. Once that is working I will be able to reverse the process of addiction. I apologize that this is not going as quickly as you'd hoped. But as I understand it, when I have a cure, it will still be able to reach you?" An eyebrow lifts, this is his discretion face. "None of the Auto-Docs in town currently possess the ability to cure addiction, either," he states plainly before continuin. "When I have something you'll know. It is still my current project." Which means it is what he works on when he isn't fixing people.
Elsie Surelda considers a moment before finally nodding. "Yes," she finally admits at last, knowing Stockton won't like it one bit. "I'll come back to you soon, and perhaps then we can talk about it some more. If you need to test it on me, that's fine too." Because that's probably the best chance she has of ridding herself of her addictions! Turning, she slides off the table to find her clothes, dress, and head back to find the man who dropped her here in the first place.