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Elsie It's been a few days since the procedure's been done and settled. To be sure, Surelda spent the first day or two pretty high. Not just for the pain or the strange feelings, but because ... emotionally, this has all been a lot. She needed to throw aside her feelings and thoughts for a little while. But when she came out of it, she realized her stash was low. Dangerously low.

So what does she do? She uses information from her life as Surelda to hang around the Gold Digger, waiting on a man she knows will be in and out. She doesn't know him well, mind, but it's known well enough around Lonestar that he's got the hookups. Lonestar ... the very thought yanks at her heart. She'll miss that more than anything else. No one will know those thoughts, though, because at a glance she's not Surelda Solomon at all. She's Elsie Bell, looking slightly familiar but definitely no silver-haired voice vixen.

Elsie Bell is a pale redhead with a slightly too-large nose and big, hazel eyes. She wears a pinstripe black and white skirt and a white blouse with a high collar but a deep V-neck. Over it is a black leather chestpiece that doubles as a corset. She has a belt and holster too, with a Sig tucked away. Black boots cover her feet, and her red hair hangs down long.

She hangs out in the mouth of a nearby alley, watching the door of the Gold Digger.
Nathan And almost as if summoned Nathan comes walking in from the west towards the Lonestar Caravans area. His thumbs are tucked onto his belt up near his buckle and unlike most of the folks in El Dorado, Nathan doesn't carry any obvious weapons. Glancing over at the redhead that's hanging out near the Gold Digger and frowns a bit that's not shady not at all... He does offer a nod towards her as he begins to make his way towards the Saloon.
Elsie Perhaps she's a whore who Miss Kitty won't have in her establishment, and she's trying to poach clients. Or perhaps she's a murderous thief. Really, Elsie could be anything! But when Nathan smiles at her, she beams back at him, showing two rows of white teeth. "Hey there, sugar," the girl says, stepping out from her position at the alley's mouth and into the main street toward Nathan. Well, if she were going to kill him she wouldn't do it out in the open, right? RIGHT?!

"Got a moment for me? I've heard tell that you're the chem fellah that runs with LoneStar, that you got everything or know how to get everything. That so?"
Nathan Nathan glances back towards Elsie and cocks his head off to the side, "Yup. I've got some chems and I can probably get some more. Whatcha in need for and got the caps for chems or you lookin to barter a deal?" He motions towards the Saloon, "We can go grab a table and sit and talk or you more comfortable standing in the middle of the street?"
Elsie "Naw, sugar. Let's stay out here," Elsie says, reaching out to take Nathan's hand if he'll allow to draw him back toward the alley. Just the mouth of it, not deep where an ambush might be waiting. But at least it'd be out of the middle of the street, if he's willing to go. If he balks, she won't force it.

"I'm a little short on caps, sugar," the sweet-faced redhead admits with a bit of a pout. "But I'm sure we can work somethin' out. I got some Psycho, maybe you got some Daytripper?" she offers, tilting her face and watching his eyes with her own big, round, hazel ones.
Nathan Nathan lets her lead him towards the Alley and looks around a bit first then shrugs, "I've got some daytripper. Not really keen on Psycho messes folks up pretty bad but I'm sure we could make somethin work. Whats your name? And what else you got for trade? Arms or armor?"
Elsie "Elsie," the redhead tells him, giving him a bit of a smile. It looks almost ... hopeful? Wonder why that is. Maybe she's really jonesing. And then she glances away, shrugging a single shoulder. "Well, I got ammo out the ass, if you'll pardon my french. Fabrics, leather, scrap ... that kinda scavenged stuff, yanno?" Her big eyes come back to the man's face. "Some leg guards, if you're lookin' to keep your knees and toes clean." Another little smile for the man.
Nathan Nathan chuckles and shakes his head, "I don't get my knees or toes dirty. I tend to hire folks for that. Ammo works. I've had a high demand for .50, 2mm, and 5mm rounds lately... Oh and 12.7mm got any of those? And how much Daytripper you needin?"
Elsie Elsie wrinkles her nose, shaking her head. "Sorry, sugar," she admits, seeming to exhale a sigh of relief. Another strange thing, that! "Got 4.7, 7.62, 5.56, 9mm, and MFC. Resale on that'd be pretty good I bet. And I'd be lookin' to get as much as you're willing to part with," she admits, biting gently on her lower lip. Oh yeah, girlfriend here is looking for her fix. "What about a quantam cap? Could I interest you in that?"
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods, "We can do a quantum cap. I'd also be willing to buy the ammo off you and possibly some of the other things for a fair price. Don't want you stuck without caps ya'know."
Elsie Elsie seems energized by this, and rocks up on her toes and then back on her heels again. "Alright. So how much for how much, then?" She tilts her head to the side, reaching up to push some locks of long, red hair back behind her ear. "Happy to unload everything to ya, if the price is fair. S'all I want, fair for fair. Yanno?"
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "How much ammo of each type you got? I'll buy it off you and as fair a price as I can do... I'm just going to resell it so I'll need to be able to make a bit of a profit off it myself. The daytripper though..." He pulls out a little bottle of pills from his pocket, "Make sure it's the kind you want..." He tosses it over to her and hopefully she catches and can work her fix...
Elsie Elsie catches the bottle between both hands, held against her body to make sure it doesn't fall. "46 of the 7.62, 20 MFC, 42 5.56 and 30 9mm," the redhead reports as she withdraws a pill from the container. She's methodical about it too, apparently being a girl who knows something about her chems. She scratches off a bit of the pill to peer at what is inside, giving it a quick sniff before she throws it back. It'll take the pill a few minutes to hit her system, but the mental response for the oncomming peace is immediate. "Yes," she finally decides. "It seems like just the sorta thing I'd be keen on. So how much for how much then, sugar?"
Nathan Nathan shrugs, "I'll buy all of the ammo for..." He starts to count off in his head a moment... "How's 420 caps sound? I'll squeeze a bit of money outta those rounds eventually." He looks at her as she takes the pill and nods, "Good, I've got plenty of those but I'd be hard pressed to part with 'em for anything less than 25 caps each... But for a pretty thing like you I'd be willing to sell you some at 15 caps each."
Elsie Elsie turns her eyes to the sky, thinking. "So if I take 10 daytripper offa ya, then you'd just pay me .... 270 caps for all the ammo. S'that sound fair?" She asks, already sliding out of her backpack to fetch the ammo clips for him. It's a good deal for both of them and she wants to take it before it's off the table!
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as he pulls out some caps and starts to count them off and places the 270 caps into a bag then counts off the ten hits of daytripper before he puts them into another little bag, "Here you go." He waits for the ammo to come out of her bag before he offers the caps and pills. "Sounds like a good deal." He smiles a bit, "I'll be honest I'd half expected you to offer sex for drugs but I prefer keepin folks from gettin that hard up."
Elsie Elsie blushes a bit as she hands over the different ammo boxes, taking what the man has to offer and tucking it into her bag before she rises up again, looking at him. "I ain't that girl anymore, not if I can help it," she explains. "Besides, got a proper whorehouse right there," she adds, gesturing to the Gold Digger with her chin. "Best girls around, the way I hear tell of it. Who'm I to take away their business?"
Nathan Nathan grins and nods, "Exactly." He motions up towards the top of the saloon, "My room's up there the girls can direct you there if you're ever hard up again. If I've got any to spare I can give you a dose to get you through a bit to keep you from gettin sick. Not gonna give it away for free all the time mind you but if you're wantin to get outta that kinda life you'll need a helping hand every now and then..."
Elsie Elsie blushes deeper, but lowers her head in a respectful nod. "That's real decent of you, but I wouldn't want to take advantage. I'll pay my own way, one way or another. Hopefully I'll have some new work soon, not-whoring work, mind, but work all the same. Then I'll have the caps for ya all day for what I need." WIth that, Elsie leans in to try and kiss Nathan's cheek. "You're a good egg. Thank you for being so kindly to me."
Nathan Nathan chuckles as she kisses his cheek, "It's also for promoting my sales. I know you'll tell folks and they'll come see me. It's not all humaritarian work from me."
Elsie "If it were, I wouldn't call you a good egg. Cause that'd mean you want somethin' more than a good, fair business," Elsie decides, adjusting the bag on her shoulder. "I'll letcha get to your business," she gestures to the whorehouse. You know, whatever business a young man might have in such a place. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. "And I'll be talkin' to you soon, I'm sure."
Nathan Nathan chuckles and nods, "I appreciate the business." He grins as he heads into the saloon because it's got a bar and can drink whiskey or beer not just get girls!