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Lowry      Just another morning in the wasteland! Or is it?!!? There is a slight breeze and the air has a feeling of sweet summer scent upon it despite the time of year. From east to west there is naught to see but sand and dirt. The sun is coming up and red can still be seen on the western horizon.
     Oh but look! You can see something. An old looking wagon is laying here in the middle of nowhere. Bones are scattered about and the remnants of a campfire from the night before are evident ten yards or so away. The smell of burnt meat lingers in the air.
     And here is Lowry. riding atop his horse he slows down at the makeshift campsite. *Kccshhsh* Goes the sound of his radio. "Hymmm, nothin' tween here and Acme 'cept some old wagon and a campfire. Gonna check it out." He hops down and starts to inspect the area but not getting to close just yet. His hand is on his holster and then it happens! At first a slow rumbling...Looking out he squints to see a small black dot on the horizon. It steadily grows until it covers the Wastes as far as he can see. "What the fuck.." He mutters. After a few minutes it becomes clear. It's a brahmin stampede! Hundreds of the ugly creatures trampling his way! Such as the likes of have never been seen before. Who even knew this many existed!!
Fern     Fern has headed out today 'cause that's what you do when you're bored in town and seeking adventure! She's wandering along, kicking rocks now and then while she croons, "Keep a-movin', Dan. Don't you listen to him, Dan.. He's a devil not a man and he spreads the burning sand with water.." She whistles a few bars of the music, boots clomping along, assault rifle over her shoulder. "Dan can you see that big green tree where the water's runnin' free and it's waiting there for you and meeee?" Her voice cracks a little. "Cool.. clearrrr waterrrrr.." She swallows hard, trucking along.

    She eventually moves into an area where she can see the wagon and a man on a horse, and she pauses there, looking for a place to step behind, whether it be little bush, tree or a rock big enough to hide behind and spy from.
Vera Vera is out and about, as she often is. I mean, whats the militia if there not out checking on something...just a bunch of people that dress alike. Sure its fashionable, but still not useful. As she comes upon the man, his horse, and the wagon. "Oh, I do hope this isn't some crime scene...I mean it could be, or not..but just a wagon here..kind of odd."
Bart Bart is lost, he was heading to Acme, or at least that's how the day started at least. And now he's here, mumbling to himself as he goes over calculations in his head. Speaking to no one in particular, "Well, if that's the case, why hasn't it been able to cure addiction or radiation poisoning?" he's derriding himself perhaps, chewing around a Mentat as he goes. Of course, it's almost hard to distinguish that it's Bartholomew Knox under the riot armor, but the mad scientist can still be picked out by his infamous spectacles/goggles pairing. No they're not redundant!

He's made it so far as being intrigued by the camp, the abandoned wagon. But there are others here already and he's about to say hello when the rumbling starts. "Um. Perhaps. We should reconvene. Elsewhere. As in not in the way of that," he points at what Lowry is swearing at.
Lowry      Seems everyone is alert enough and cover is taken. The herd is rushing thru though. And with it comes a stench, a green cloud following in it's wake. the dust and the haze from the morning light causung a pucrid fog to overtake the area.

     Lowry shakes his head and turns to see Bart and Vera. "Run!" He shouts. Making way for his horse he jumps atop 'Despair' and starts to hightail it when someone emerges from the wagon. An old looking fellow dressed in rags. "Keepeen Drast Grouould!" He yells. The stampede diverges, coming nowhere near the wagon. As if at his command. The cowboy looks confused and wheels around, close enough to still be in sight of the man. He draws his rifle from the scabbard across his horses mane and takes aim. But at what?!?!

     And now there is a group of Brahmin barreling down on Vera!!! The green fog is getting dangerously close to engulfing Bart and Fern is pry just fine.
Vera Vera spies the green cloud, but then wearing a gas mask she is not all too concerned about it. "Oh...some kind of stampede. Well, at least its not glowing that I might be scarred of..." As she looks to try and find some cover...a large rock, a people shaped cactus she could stand behind. "I wonder whats got them all riled up though."
Fern     Just fine?! For now, maybe! Geez! Fern isn't about to stick around and see if it gets closer. The brahmin are running for a reason, and she should, too! Fern tries to stick near any bushes/rocks, etc so that as she starts running back towards home she'll have somewhere to dive if the brahmin get too close to her.
Bart Bart stares long and hard, his goggles being pulled down to analyze what's following the brahmin. "What in the world is that though?" he points at the fog in particular as he starts pondering a fix, how to avoid that or what it might be?!
Davidson It's hard spending all your time inside a mine when, at heart, you're an explorer. A nice drive through the wasteland sounded like just the ticket, and it was a lovely morning up until that cloud of putrid green dust rose up into the sky and drew his attention.

    Sometimes, Davidson should just leave well enough alone.

    The thick wheels of the fusion-powered harley carry him along through the scrublands, the Terminator chewing up terrain with the explorer perched upon its back, stopping just at a rise as he notices the stampede of Brahmin. "Aw, hell," he mutters, squinting against the light and the fog, "That can't be good."
Lowry      God only knows what it is! But it fucking stinks. Lowry is sighting in the old man who emerged from the wagon when the stench and fog overtake him. "Blauuuugghhh" He pukes all over his horse who seems unhappy about it as he starts kicking. The Cowboy is flung from the horse. Now laying in the dirt with barf all over himself. "Goddamnit!" He shouts.
     And now the cause of all the fuss. Another rumbling in the distance and spots on the horizon. But they develop much quicker than the herd did. Automobiles. a half dozen or so. The old man at the wagon is laughing nefariously now. Some of the last remaining brahmin are bleeding from their eyes, ears and noses and they are a nasty bunch. THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU!!! ALL OF YOU!!! Plus god knows what behind them i n them cars.
Lowry      Fern is shit out of luck! The nearest brahmin stumbles in the dirt and falls dead in front of her. It's guts spilling from its bloated belly as it craps itself! The girls is surrounded by excrement, though, seemingly no harm has come to her.
Vera Vera laughs at the old man, "Tell me something new...there always coming for me. You get used to it.." As she pulls out her new pistol, "Let them come..if I can fight off three glowing ghouls, I 'm not too worried by this.." As she starts to take shots at the chaos going on around her.
Lowry      Lowry regains his footing, wiping the puke from his mouth. He looks over to find his rifle had landed in a steaming pile of the whiskey he had for breakfast and dumped in the dirt. "Aww, shoot!" He picks it up, taking his neckerchief off and wiping the throw up off. "It's all in the chamber and everything!" He exclaims unhappily.
Davidson     "They don't look so.. ah, hell, who's driving back there? Tell me those aren't fucking Reavers," Davidson mutters under his breath as he catches sight of the autos rolling up behind the Brahmin; reaching back to unsling the All-American from his back, resting it back against his shoulder before he kicks the bike back to life, roaring down the rise towards the people that look like they're in the way of this stampede-auto show-gas attack? Whatever the hell's going on!
Bart Bart doesn't need to stick around for this. There are cars behind a green chem cloud of terrible, it's killing the cows right before their eyes. He can't be the only one freaked out. "Seriously, we should not be making our last stand here people!" He picks up his rifle and starts high tailing it as fast as possible to cover away from cows, chemical weapons and the people behind both.
Fern     As a brahmin falls dead before her, Fern skids to a stop, pulling her assault rifle before her from a mix of instinct and plain ol' reaction! She holds it up and aims.. oh. It's dead. Fern hisses and swings her gun back over her shoulder, and she quickly moves around it, trying to run for cover.
Lowry      The sickly creatures have mostly made their way out of the scene save the ones curling about dying like the one by Fern. But that old man is still hehawwing and such by the wagon. Lowry is still wiping vomit out of his rifle and cussing. But those cars are coming! One specifically for Bart and another making way at Davidson. An old 2020 smart car even though you look dumb as fuck driving it! Another one, this a pick up, slams on it's breaks about thirty yards from Vera. The doors slowly open....And the assault reveals itself. Crossdressing mutants! Oh they have high heels and long blonde wigs but there is no mistaking it! These ones are into some weird shit. Make no mistake, you do not want to be leaving with this group! Other cars start slowing down and this Rocky horror picture show is piling out of them. It's a timewarp in the Wastes, these things have been known to happen.
Davidson     A few wild shots are snapped off from the carbine that Davidson's carrying in his free hand as the motorcycle roars up towards the others, hoping to dissuade the rickety car heading his way from getting too close. "Hey," he shouts out between gunshots, "Anyone need a ride the fuck out of-- what the fuck?" The last is lower, mostly to himself as he sees the wig-wearing mutants piling out of a pick up truck.

    Hey, he's seen weirder.
Fern     What the fuck is right. Fern is running as fast as she can, sweat dripping down her face as that helmet bounces around on her head. The spurs on her boots jingle as she runs as fast as she can. That's the last time she tries shrooms!
Lowry Pop go the heads of some of the tranny turned terriosts as Davidson takes his pot shots. The ridiculous wigs hitting the dirt with new blood colored highlights. The car near Vera gets one look at her in her militia gear and they think better of it! "I told you we should have just grabbed some wine coolers and laid out in the radiation, girls!" One can be heard to shout as they pile back in the car and blast off.
Fern     Fern just keeps on runnin'! Maybe she'll reach home. Maybe she won't.. We'll have to wait and see!