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Bart Bart is humming as he works, moving about the lab. Currently he has a machine set up at one end and a rat in a cage set up at the other. "Now Abitha, I understand your reservations, but I promise to you and swear upon your mother's grave that I-," he's interrupted by surrupticious squeaking that seems to admonish him about murdering the other tiny lab rat before this one. Or maybe he's making that up in his head. Either way, the mad doctor is in.
Tibbie     The Shantytown gal Tibbie had given one of the metal plating on the wall a courteous knock as she walks in and looks around, this is one crazy set up Bart has here.
"Pete down by the saloon told me how to find y'all, he said you can take a look at this here burn I got-Oh, uh, are you busy there chief?" Her brown eyes peer curiously at Bart and the rat as she interrupts them.
Bart Bart looks up and blinks once, the rat giving a little slump like she's exhausted and relieved that there is someone else here for the scientist to focus on. Turning off the device in front of him he squints at Tibbie before finally nodding. "I can fix that yes..but it may burn to do so," he warns before moving around to one of the medical beds. Patting it once, he points out the lead-lined eyecover, "Please remove any metal objects on your person, point out the damage and then put these on," he is already reaching up to pull down the car engine looking machine with the myriad lenses coming off of it.
Tibbie     The short girl is complicit and sets herself on the bed, she points to her open midriff that clearly shows a festering gross laser burn that seems to be weeks old, and she's running her mouth again.
"Well y'see here, I got this laser burn thang from fightin' enclave baddies with Ashur and Eden, we totally saved the milita troops down there, it was awful excitin'n scary! There was cazy gas and.." Tibbie seems to ramble off but catches herself,
"Oh, these shorts's got metal in em, but that's all I got, I think." She smiles to the handsome Bart and finally gets around to introducing herself,
"The name's Tibbie Gaines, local shanytown gal. I cook n'all that so when y'done I thought I'd bring over some dinner too, since you gotta deal with this nasty thing n'all." Tibbie pats her drawstring bag that she's placed on the bed next to her.
Bart Seeing the horrid burns along her middriff, the man doesn't even really blink funny. He just moves around to look. Gentle fingers tugging the girl's shirt up slightly to get it out of the way. Leaning in a bit he inspects the burn carefully. "Hm, well. We will have to remove the infection and then seal up the wound," he decides aloud. A quirk of his brow comes and he looks up at Tibbie for a moment before simply nodding. "I see." With that he meets the smile and introduction before offering a polite smile, "Bartholomew Caden Knox, madame, a pleasure to meet you," he says. The mention of dinner though? That has him perking up some. "You..cook?" He asks curiously before nodding quickly. "Milton is a terrible chef, I would love to sample your foodstuffs," he says to the girl before bringing down that huge contraption and flicking a few switches to start up the engine. Lights and whirring sounds galore.
Tibbie     Her face winces as she's examined, it seems she doesn't have a high pain tolerance,
"Ahhh, yeah.. Do whatever y'gotta do Mister Knox" she says while fastening the lead eyewear and laying still on the table for this odd machine. Tibbie keeps a smile as she's now blind to whatever the handsome scientist needs to do, what else would one expect from a gal as friendly as she is?
Bart Bart is, thankfully, not one of those weirdos that takes advantage of poor injured girls on medical tables. No! He'd much rather harvest their organs. Wait. What? No. Back on topic. The distracted mad doctor turns a dial up and the whirring in the machine picks up. "Very well, do try to stay still, and I apologize," for what? For this! The air pressure drops suddenly, bringing ear popping and discomfort right before a THWUMP is /felt/ in the room. While she's got that blindfold on, she won't see the very real particle beams that suddenly shoot from the device aimed right at her laser wounds. Like a hundred bees stinging her in that spot again! How terrible. But then? With the slight smell of burnt flesh the sounds all turn off and the machine whines down with cooling metal ticks. Surprisingly she feels better! Because science, that's why.
Tibbie     Poor Tibbie is fighting every wriggly impatient bone in her body as she's combating the awful stinging procedure!
"That smell sure does make y'lose an appetite. I sure hope you can still stomach what I brought!" she says as she now feels better and takes the eyewear off.
"Well hot damn! You did some good zappin chief!" She touches the now scar where that nasty wound used to be. Tibbie reaches for her bag and as she pulls out caps for Bart she also pulls out ancient tupperware and a metal camping plate. "I suppose your laser majigs could heat this up real fancy huh?" she asks as she assembles Bart's dinner; a hassleback sweet potato, a side of lightly fried greens, and about 4 smoked and trimmed to size deathclaw ribs.
"And who's Milton anyhow? Maybe I kin teach him up a bit when I get the time off from the ovens." She adds nonchalantly.
Bart Bart would applaud her, but he's rarely impressed by people. Machines on the other hand will get his gears wound up fast! With the machine singing its dying tunes, he pushes it up into the ceiling again to get some extra air from the fan right there. "Mm, well, I deal with worse every day," he assures the girl while moving to take off his goggles, setting them atop his head to expose the wire-rimmed glasses underneath. Blinking a few times at Tibbie he offers a partial smile. "Well, I keep trying to tell people the Atom got us into this mess, the particle will get us out!" he exclaims before snapping off his gloves and eyeing the food as it's brought out of the bag. "Oh. Oh my." He stares at the food rather hungrily before his stomach tells on him with a growl. "Hm? Oh. Milton. My brother, the other Knox. But please don't tell him I hate his cooking?"
Tibbie     Tibbie laughs along to the scientist's humor, as if she actually knew what he was saying.
"Yer secret's safe with me boss! I did bring seconds, so maybe slip him some of my cookin as a nice thang to do and he'll see what's going on in flavortown tonight! But you best be returnin that tup when it's empty or my Ma's gonna roast my ribs next!" she kids with Bart and keeps smoothing her hand on the scar,
"I really oughta appreciate science-stuffs more, wow-wee!" she adds and asks,
"Aint you heard of them El dorado scientists folk? Got that bunker way on out there? Or is y'all already a part of that group?"
Bart Bart blinks and is unsure of her laughter at first, did he provoke it, inspire it? So confusing! Tutting softly, he moves to hang up his lap coat which reveals the nice old-timey suit underneath in warm colors. "Flavortown? I am unfamiliar with that geographical it near Albuquerqui?" he asks curiously. Of course he notices the girl touching at the scar and he fusses with a little bzzz, BZZZZ noise at her. His hands reach out and he catches her own fingers, "Don't play with it, the bond won't be permanent for another five minutes or so," he insists. "Yes, I am a member, I am hoping to become the Chair on the Council we are forming, but time will tell. Now." He looks at the food and promptly reaches out with grabby hands for it.
Tibbie     The cheery gal keeps laughing from the scientists obliviousness, it seems they both lack in some departments, but then again that's what makes humans human right? She wiggles her fingers and salutes the scientist,
"Alright alright boss you got it, I better hang around fer five case I get pokey at it again." she smiles and adds,
"I'm sure you'll get a spot, them folks is nice last time I was there cleanin up the digs. Don't let my mouth stop you from stuffin yours now, git on that grub." she grins and swings her feet. Tibbie's eyes dart around the laboratory with interest now as she's found a moment to do so, she oos softly as she notices just how complicated nearly everything in this attic really is.
Bart This is science! Mad Science! Things that are impossible and improbable simply happen to work in this little slice out of the Mojave. Bart keeps everything spick and span as much as a wasteland outfit can be kept! Eventually he'll get a sealed room to store the delicate electronics in. Maybe he'll get lucky and find a bunker of his own! For now though, he's moving to pick up the food once piece at a time, inspecting it before tentatively giving a rib a nibble. To his delight it is actually tasty and he promptly chews through the first one. "You've been to the SOED bunker?" he asks then, curious how the self-proclaimed Shanty Girl got that far.
Tibbie     "Corse I have chief! When chums round here need help with thangs big or small, I usually try'n pitch in my share. As for finding the gig well that was a fuckin walk I tell y'what, luckily Iris was around to gimmie directions." Tibbie says as her eyes meet the rat's in the room.
"All the blisters on my feet are meldin together nowadays, I been to Dunwich, the wastes, even way on out there to where the molerats kin'talk! I'm workin on not bein such a coward nowadays when I catch a break from working the ovens with Ma. Hard work's good an all, and pays the bills too, but helpin out chums is what feels the best I think. Plus them molerats was so cute when they talk!" she coos at the scientists' rat.
Bart Bart nods once, "You could solve that with a pair of proper socks you know," he interjects with wisdom and knowledge, not to be rude, but because he sees room for marked improvement. "Well, SOED is hoping to open up once more soon, perhaps you could come by and help out by cleaning some?" Not that he would ever admit to enjoying company now and then. "Speaking molerats?" he asks and wanders around with a rib in his hands. He's chewing through the rest and then chewing carefully. "I promise there are no speaking animals in this lab. I have recorded them twenty four hours a day with and without my presence. I would have noticed," he says firmly. "Though I've heard the intelligent gorilla and his nice Deathstalker friends live in a village due South?"
Tibbie     "Ma tells me the same thang, but I never met a pair of socks that aint itchy, these toes gotta breathe.. And that sounds like a plan boss, it'd be nice to see'm all again too, they was so happy when the power got turned on." she sighs happily and faintly yawns.
"I'd like to think our ears just aint strong enough to be picking up what they tryna say, but I aint no brainiac to test that tale on out. And as for gorillas and stalkers? Well I must'a not gone in far enough! That'd be quite a sight though!" The swings from her feet slow down a bit as it gets later into the night and she returns her now empty tupperware back to her bag,
"Suppose I oughta let cha git on to your work chief, not even a hot meal and good company should keep a man from uh, mankinds progress?" she seems a bit unsure of where he train of thought was going, but that's typical of Tibbie.
"Anyways, thanks for zappin me on fixed Knox!" Tibbie smiles and simply offers a wave to the scientist as his hands are likely a bit messy from the ribs, she stands and heads for the door.
Bart Bart simply listens while he chews through the food, settling the upset stomach that made its voice known. "Thank you for the meal," he mentions, "If you come across any more wounds, let me know," he tells her before going back to pick up his labcoat and put it back on. "Yes exactly, eventually we will progress man forward again, Tibbie!" She is apparently in on the scheme now or something. But he's already distracted and putting his goggles back on as she sees herself out of the Knox house.