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Ironface Jones The saloon. It's a good place to get a drink, a whore, or both. There's plenty of booze to be had thanks to the friendly bartender robots. Ironface is here taking advantage of that, chatting amiably with his favorite of the robots as he sips on a big mug of beer, "That, Tincan, is why I think you should be nice to talking gorillas. They are like people, but fuzzier and stronger than most." Whatever the hell he's on about the robot doesn't seem to respond. It just listens politely and refills the beer mug when it's time to do so.
Tibbie     The shantytown gal Tibbie strolls through the saloon doors with a tired smile and hopeful brown eyes as she finds an empty stool close by to the big Ironface Jones and prompts a robot with caps to fetch her a whiskey. She smiles to Mr.Jones,
"Hey there Jones! Long time since I seen ya round! Golly it must'ah been months by now, been holed up in Shanty n'all, the weather calls for fresh bread y'know!" She grins a bit more now as her whiskey arrives.
Ironface Jones "Yes, Tibbie, it has been a long time," Ironface tells the young woman, nodding his head towards her politely. Taking a long drink from his beer gives him some time to plot out what he's going to say next, "I hope that you have been well." Turning on his stool he faces her directly, "I think that fresh bread would be very good. Mostly I still eat what I can find and hunt so if you want I can trade meat for bread."
Tibbie     Her brown hair waggles as she nods happily and plops her drawstring bag on the stool between them,
"I'm a shit hunter person so I think the deal you cooked up is perfect! Plus, I kin smoke'n dry whatcha bring!" She takes a delicate sip of her whiskey and pulls the bag open to reveal mini loaves of bread wrapped in paper parcels, similar to what Jones had received from her last time but these were a bit more festive with orange leaves drawn onto them, for the fall season.
"This was the last batch of the day, seems folks like bread more in the mornings so me an Jefecita like to cook a batch at night for the church and poorer folks round Shanty, but they're right as rain for now. I'm just glad I'm outta the house for a bit tonight!" she seems to ramble a bit before taking yet another swig.
"Oh yeah! You was gonna tell me all about yer folks and the name you earned! I bet it's quite a tale if you got the time to spin it out for me!" Tibbie beams as she props an elbow on the bar and gets comfortable, though the burn on her exposed torso doesn't look to comfortable, it seems old and festering but she looks unaffected by it.
Ironface Jones "I will bring you much meat then," Ironface replies to Tibbie with a big, solid nod. That nod is followed up with another when he looks into her sack of goodies and he licks his lips. "I like to give my extra meat to the people in Shanty town. For a long time I thought Shanty was a name, like Jack, but someone told me that shanty is type of building and not a name."

Then he nods once again, "Yes, I will tell you about my people and my name." Before he speaks, though, he takes a drink to wet his lips and throat. "My father was Snake Puncher Jones. He earned his name by saving one of our tribal elders from being bitten by a snake. Snake Puncher struck the snake in the face with his bare fist when it tried to bite, then lopped it's head off while it was stunned." Another little sip of his drink, "My mother was Spears Badly McCoy. Spears Badly got her name because she failed to strike a gecko with a thrown spear at close range on multiple occasions. She was said to have just gotten angry and clubbed it to death." And then he inhales deeply and puffs out his chest, "I was given the name Ironface Jones because I was struck in the face many times on my first solo hunting trip. Because of the toughness of my face and my lack of fear when confronting multiple vicious creatures I was named Ironface."
Tibbie     "Wow!" Tibbie gasps and enthuses as she listens to Ironface's origins, "Whoever thought up those names for all of y'all must've been a genius! I bet I'd be called somethin like, Clumsy Baker, or even uh, Bad Boozer!" she laughs and replies to what Jones said earlier,
"Yeah, Shanty's the best, you oughta check out my shack sometime! Though it might be a bit of a squeeze fer someone your size. You ever visit Mister Bart up there in his metalbox lab? It's kinnda like that bit but with wood, and dirt floors!" the Shantytown gal sighs happily and seem to be all over the place with her thoughts now that she's taking in more whiskey, "So you grew up in all this action and adventure, even your parents did before making you! That kinnda life must be real interestin compared to mine, I'm just startin to get up and out in the world n'wastes but you prolly been there nearly y'whole life!"
Ironface Jones Tibbie's joke gets an amused grunt from Ironface. That's about all the mirth the man ever musters, so it's probably like a chuckle from him. "Usually it was tribal elders who picked the names, but people had to agree on it also," he explains.

"I will visit if you'd like for me to. I enjoy seeing how other people live." More beer gets drunk by the big man as he enjoys the conversation.

Ironface's big head nods up and down, "Yes, I have spent much time in the wasteland. There has always been much adventure in my life. My parents were both mighty hunters and trained me in their ways from childhood." He pauses for a second, "I think that living in a city is very interesting. Not needing to hunt or gather to get food was strange to me when I first discovered other people's ways."
Tibbie     "I guess city living is pretty interestin when you think of it that way! I mean, the Shanty Market's got all I need and bein a short walk to booze aint so bad." Tibbie knocks back the last of her shot and flicks more caps on the bar for another.
"But findin that heart racing, boot shakin, kinnda excitement's hard round here, less you aint sober and pissin off the sheriffs. Like this one time my buddy Dave was shootin at birds out on the roof once, drunk as hell, and the sheriffs came along'n shot at him before they even asked what he was a'doin!" Tibbie rambles further into the tall tale, her southerner accent getting more drawled out and a slight slur bubbles up as she's not taking her time at all with the second shot of whiskey. The story gets lost though as she talks about Jones' life again, "I mean aside from like, having no sorta plumbin, and washing clothes mustve been a bitch to do, I'd think Wastelivin aint too bad neither. That and not tryna die all the time, seems a bit more fun than city livin. I dunno if I'd be ready to trade all that in if I was asked to today though. Got my Ma to think about n'all but, who knows!" Tibbie takes a breath and smiles, holding her shot up she asks, "What we clinkin on tonight Jones?"
Ironface Jones "Yes, the Shanty market is very interesting to me. I have done much trading there," Ironface declares as he joins her in polishing off his drink, quickly paying the robot bartender for one more. "I do not shoot or fight in the city. It seems like people would get angry at that," he states after a moment of thought. Then he'll nod at Tibbie, "It can be very exciting, but it is not all danger and things like that. My home is a cave out in the wilderness and it is very comfortable, with a nice stove and many furs to sleep on." As Tibbie raises her glass he does the same, pressing his lips together in thought for a moment while he thinks up a good toast, "To beer and hooch. I think life would be more boring without it."
Tibbie     Their glasses clink and Tibbie kills the shot and works on a third, tossing more caps on the bartop. "You got that right Jones! Furs n' caves huh? Well I oughta visit too! Maybe work on that stove a bit, mine back home is a bit special, Pa helped me make it with some power armor mixed in!" The tan gal reminisces.
"And I never said Davy was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he sure is fun, now that I think about it.. Guess me an Davy aint too far off, no wonder we get along, poor bastard. He left a while back so now it's just me." She trails off again but snaps back to Jones finally, "So you're saying it aint all raiders at every turn huh? Just you watch though, you drag me on out there and they'll be deathclaws everywhere with my luck!" She laughs and slaps her knee.
Ironface Jones After the glasses hit Ironface takes a drink from his mug and lets out an "Ahh" noise in satisfaction. "You would be welcome to visit my cave if you like. I do not have a very special stove, just one that I found and carried to my home."

Shrugging his shoulder he says, "Deathclaws are dangerous but usually you can avoid them if you know what to look for. Lots of dead things with no meat on them is a sign to watch out for." Then he kind of perks up and says, "I have heard of deathclaws that breathe fire. I would like to eat one of them. I have eaten one of every animal that is larger than me, I think."
Lowry      Lowry enters the saloon now. A few nods given here and there to the regulars. His coat and pants are matching denim today, the canadian tuxedo! His boots a dark brown, matching his hat. He ends up near the two acquaintinces and sets that hat down on the bar. "Three more." He motions to a Mr handy and indicates Ironface and Tibby. When they are set down his is immediately swallowed and he says, "Hold on there." The robot spins back around filling the glass again. "So how goes 'ya two? I remember this conversation. Thought we wuz gonna go bag us one o' them bastards, 'Iron'." Lowry lifts the newly poured glass to the ceiling with an appropriate nod to show he will drink with them now. Assuming they oblige he adds when finished. "And long time no see there, Miss Tibs." He throws in a wink for good measure. As a cowboy is wont to do in such a situation!
Tibbie     Ironface's enthusiasm infects Tibbie as she oos at the thought of fire breathing deathclaws, "Pa used to say he'd eat anything that didn't eat him first, seems like he must've gotten that from you!" she laughs, "I bet a critter like that'd be spicy as hell too!" Tibbie seems to be trying to listen to Jones but her eyes wander around the bar and at the strangers around them before they snap back to his attention. Her shot's empty again and it seems she's not counting anymore as her caps spill onto the bartop, now repaid with two more shots waiting for her.
"I tell y'Jones, nights like this keep my spirits alive, I sure as hell love my cookin and my shack but if I don't get a break I get itchy!" The spanish woman beams to Lowry and raises her new glass with him.
"Hey there chum!"
Ironface Jones As his drink is refilled by the bartender robot Ironface lifts it towards Lowry in a friendly gesture before taking a drink from it, "I thank you." Then he thinks for a moment, "Things go well for me. I have been helping many people. In Roswell I helped to fix things by smashing many feral ghouls." After that there's a big nod, "Yes. We must go to Dunwich and eat the fire breathing deathclaws. It would be good to bring several people, I think."

To Tibbie he nods his head, "I think it would be, but also very delicious. I will bring back some for you when I kill one." Then he takes another drink, swallowing deeply, "It is good to do things for your spirits, especially if they like when you do drinking."
Lowry Lowry smiles back at the woman and downs his second. "Shit!" He exclaims. "They just go down like water sometimes." He swings his attention back at Tibbie. "You gonna make it without pukin' this time?" He's grinning, just messing with her. Back to Ironface he says. "Yea, maybe some heavy artillery but I wouldn't mind seein' if that ball bat o yours and a well placed shot couldn't do the trick. Sure as hell wouldn't hurt to have a few extra folks about though." He sips again and orders a beer now. Pace yourself. Name of the game. He gets a curious look as it arrives and after a sip says, "OH yea. How'd that Hondo business go? They still dickin' around at that cola plant?"
Tibbie     Tibbie is somewhat drunk already but not nearly as bad as Lowry had seen her before, she takes his lead though and prompts a beer to dilute all the whiskey she's been having with Ironface. She simply laughs and grabs Lowry's forearm and gives it a shake, "I'll be fiiine!" she says before letting him go. Turning to Ironface and her bag she leans into it nearly head first as she pulls a loaf and a another paper wrapped parcel with it. "You got me all hungry now! You wan'one?" She asks Jones as she reveals the smoked geko meat sandwhich she's assembling with peppers, pickles, brahmin cheese and a beige-orange sauce she spreads on the loaf with her finger. Her braid just nearly whips Lowry's face as she turns to him, "Oh yeah! You can have one too! You want? I love me a late night sandwich!" It's a bit impressive she can assemble a sandwich in her current state but her hands are well trained from years of cooking.
Ironface Jones "We shall gather a hunting party to defeat the fire breathing deathclaws. It will be a great service to the wastes that we perform," Ironface declares as he downs more of his beer. Then he nods at Lowry, "There are still thing to be done at the Nuka Cola plant, but I am not sure what. There are many mirelurks that live under the plant and I think we may need to kill them. I would like to because they are delicious to eat."

Looking over at Tibbie Ironface nods his head a few times, "Yes, please. I would like to eat that."
Lowry      Lowry gives her a nod when she orders the beer and grabs his arm. "Always good to have a chaser." His is sipped again before saying, "I'd love one." He doesn't say anything about the hair. He likes girls and their hair, a much welcomed change compared to the perils of the wastes. He would tkae it and a large bite as well. "Dman good, darlin'." Over to IF now he says, "Damn right!" His beer is held up. "We's a' gonna have to have Lil' Miss here, fry it up fer' us afterwards. I can kill but cookin' is another thing." Abruptly he stands up and heads over to the jukebox. Appropriate smacks or caps are given now and a lively song with slide guitar starts pumping through the place. Apparently his kind of thing as he is nodding and kind of bouncing in a slow walk back over. "That's better." He says to them as he surveys the room, eyes falling whores more often then not while liberal gulps are had.
Rexus Rexus steps through the Saloon doors without too much fanfare, just the light stomp of boots and the removal of his slouch hat. Dusting himself off a bit, he strides up towards the bar, finding his usual stool and taking a seat. "Cola." he says quietly, "And water...." he adds, waiting for the water to arrive so he can quench his thirst first.. saving the cola for a relaxing sip.
Tibbie      The drunken gal overly nods to Lowry's suggestion of frying up some mirelurk when him and Jones kill them first. Taking a few bites from her sandwich and a large gulp of beer, Tibbie's feet begin to sway as the music's up and kicking. It's only a moment before she stands and swaggers a bit, she leans on Jones and tries to get him off that sandwich to dance with her but it's no use, it must be pretty good! Prompting Lowry now, "Cmon and dance with meee!" She demands endearingly before heading to the jukebox for some dancing room, not even waiting for a response. As she wanders off she notices Rexus nearby and waves sloppily to him and motions for him to dance with her too!
Lowry      Lowry gives a nod to Rexus. "Long time firend!" He gives the twirl of the finger that those ever learning Mr. Handy's recognize to mean to pour some drinks. Rexus may wave his off. Time will tell. But as far as time goes Lowry wastes none in twirling around a pretty girl. He's on his way after the beer is downed. A shit eating grin and a little hitch to his step before he makes it over. "This 'a how we used to do back home." He says with a smile and some unexplainable drawl. He'd put a hand on her hip and another locked with hers if she lets him, waltzin' style! Easy to twirl them out towards the next fella this way. Or pull them back. Depends on the song and the mood. But at some point he Fonzies that thing again to let out some fiddle playing music. Turn things up a knotch.
Rexus Rexus isn't a drinker, really, and so the whiskey is exchanged for a cola.... the thought's still there of course. He smirks at Lowry, "Ain't that long..." he says, giving Tibbie a wary look. "No thanks." he says, declining the dance. He's quite happy to sit at the bar and relax, letting the young'uns do their thing
Tibbie     The Shantytown gal is having a ball as she's twirling and dancing with Lowry, though her moves seem a bit hindered from the whiskey she keeps up with him pretty close! It's turning out to be a better night than she had thought earlier as she tells Lowry this over the jukebox's music. Occasionally as she spins out from Lowry she looks to Jones and Rexus with a smile aimed their way as she hasn't forgotten them in all the fun she's having!
Ironface Jones When his food is fully consumed Ironface returns his attention to the other people. Rexus is given a friendly lift of the beer mug as a greeting before Ironface sips again. Watching Tibbie dance he nods his head along to the music, attempting to join in the fun in his own way. Drinking beer and watching people dance seems to suit him just fine as he relaxes with a lean against the bar and lets his sandwich digest.
Lowry      The tunes get a bit more aggressive and a few others join in. Lowry keeps in time, that's what we do around these parts! He nods to her at her comment and it seems he agrees. It's all dose e dose now as partners are exchanging and moving in an impormptu fashion. Lots of smiles and no spilt drinks yet! When the two reconvene he says, "You done this before, 'aint ya?!!?" The song is winding down and most folks start heading back to there seats when it has. Lowry remains kind of catching his breath and waving over Mister be handy and have a drink robot.
Rexus Rexus also orders some food! Well, food is relative, a can of pork and beans with a spoon is food enough for Rexus. He starts to eat the cold beans quietly, straight out of the can saves dishes! He glances at the two dancing, smirking a bit, "Well at least some folks are keepin things lively and in the spirit."
Alasa Alasa strolls in, glancing around as she does. "Now this is..interesting...some kind of hoot nanny" She shakes her head a couple times, before she makes her way over by her normal table. Clearing off the top of it, she sits down and props her feet on the table. "I wonder how drunk they are...."
Tibbie     The fun drunk gal laughs at Lowry's question and nods while holding his shoulder for support, she sticks around Lowry, not as out of breath as him but still taking a moment to recover. "You wanna git'n'non back to y'drink now chum? Seems the bozxes is settling down." she asks him with an obvious slur. She still sways her hips a bit as she waits for his answer, seems her body's not quite done with dancing yet, or maybe she has to pee, who knows!
Ironface Jones "I think it is good to see people enjoying things such as dancing and music," Ironface declares with a happy tone of voice as he sips his beer and leans back. Alasa's entrance prompts the big man to give her a friendly nod of his head by way of greeting. "Music was not as good in the Sand Lizard Clan as it is in the El Dorado Tribe. I think that having more science to make music is what makes it better. The science of my old clan was lacking."
Rexus Rexus glances over to look at Alasa, "Not that drunk, yet.... give'em time." he muses as he finishes his water, ordering another. In the meantime he just sips his cola, "Just making sure they don't do nothin foolish an spoil the mood."
Lowry      Alasa gets a nod when she enters but Lowry awaits that drink. It arrives, he drinks, even saves a little swill for Tibbie. Handing it over he says, "Sounds good. Come on, I'l give 'ya a hand." If she let's him he would guide her back over to the table where the beers await. "How was your snack, Iron?" He did catch the end though and says, "Ehh, I used to love music from my clan. I think sincerity makes music better than, does science an' shit." He shrugs and smiles, a chair pulled out for Tibbie if she wants. Afterall, no sense in helping her all the way to the table just to watch her fall!
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, I know a lot of people that cause a lot trouble when sober...don't need to get drunk for that. Just need to do something stupid...which I will give you , is quite often fun as well.""
Tibbie     The tan woman swigs and allows Lowry to guide her back, and she's soon reunited with her sandwich, which she takes a bite, chewing happily. She swings her feet as she's working on her beer again and taking in the new faces showing up, enjoying a bit of quiet before running her mouth again, "Music's all about soul aint it? Dave used to make music, godawful at it though till he met some ghost thing out in the wastes that stabbed him and took his stuff, when he came back he sure knew how to sing the blues I tell ya!" She rambles on about this unknown fellow named Dave between bite of her sandwich.
Turning to Lowry she gets a chance to answer him, "Pa used to take me dancing since I was a little, and it been so long I nearly thought my feet forgot! Thanks for the spin chum!" she still hasnât bothered to remember or ask for his name again. Poor Lowry!
Ironface Jones "It was very good. I think Tibbie is a good preparer of food. Makes her very marriageable," Ironface replies to Lowry. "I think it is okay to like different kinds of music. I like rock music the most. David Ghoulie taught me about it when I visited him in Roswell." His gaze travels over to Alasa, "I think it is important to try to improve the prosperity of the tribe and it's allies. As long as you don't hinder that then do what you think is fun."
Lowry      "Well, I'm glad they didn't!" Lowry says in response. He must have just assumed she recalled his name. Or hasn't noticed. "Odd story though." weather he is referring to If or Tibs is unknown. His glazed eyes are just scanning the room with a smile while he sips at his beer some more. "Shoot. Think I had ma' fill. Rex, Iron, Ma'am. Ya'll enjoy yerselves." To Tibbie he adds, "If'n yer' as liquored as last time I saw ya' I'll give ya a lift, provided you can hold on! Despair can be an ornery creature. The horse that is." He downs his beer now and gives last nods along with a ride if the girl needs one.
Rexus Rexus grins at Alasa, "Well, people need to let their hair down every so often. So long as there's some sober folks to keep them on a leash if need be.. I always let my men have their fun but... i'm there in the morning to get them back on track."
Tibbie     The happily drunken Tibbie downs the last two shots of whiskey left for her and polishes off her sandwich, she nods to Lowry's offer and snags her drawstring bag off the stool and leaves with him, but not before giving all her friends a happy wave goodbye. In the distance the bar patrons would hear "HOOOORSEEEY-POOOO!" followed by the faint noises of hooves scuffing the dirt and gravel.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Well, yeah..nothing wrong with fun. Still so many things you can do for fun."
Ironface Jones "I think I am curious about something," Ironface says to Alasa and Rexus before taking another swig of beer. "What do you do for fun?" It's a simple question, asked simply. "I enjoy hunting and drinking beer and hooch. But also I enjoy things like hearing the music in here and helping people and going on adventures. Once, I had an adventure to help out the talking animals and friendly deathclaws. The animals wouldn't talk to me, though, so I was disappointed. My horse does not talk, either."
Rexus Rexus glances at Ironface, then Alasa. "Fun? I read, about it. Don't drink, but, I read quite a bit. Maybe do some little tinkering here and there but, yeah." he shrugs, not too exciting here!
Ironface Jones "Reading is good. My favorite thing to read is Grognak the Barbarian," Ironface says with a nod. "It is good to learn about the past, before the war that made the wastelands. There were places Grognak would visit that were covered in trees and plants and had much flowing water. They were known as jungles." More beer is consumed by the big fellow before he speaks again, "I am not sure if such places are real or not, but they may be full of bat babies if they are."