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Sammy A short stack of caps, a tumbler with ice and something amber in it resting in front of Sammy, who's found his way to the bar after being treated up. HIs duster drawn back revealing the peekings of fresh white bandages under the armor that he wears so proudly, the armor itself is not buckled on the sides. His rifle is sitting beside him, its sling wrapped around his leg. His helmet mask is undone and to the side, and he's staring at the glass with a furious level of intention.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine slides into the Saloon. she was chasing Sammy, hearing he got hurt. Helping Aunty Sheriff not catch a bad theif, well, she did help prove he wasn't in the medical center. Well, neither was Sammy. Asking around, Lilly managed to trace him back Here. A bit of relief sighs from he lips as she spots him drinking as opposed to other activities.
Sammy Movement is one of the first things the eyes pick up, and Sammy's no exception, he has the glass about half to his mouth when he stops to wave at Lilly, seeing her slide in, and hearing the sigh, "Hey there. What you runnin for so much? Gettin chased?" he eyes the saloon doors and lowers the glass back to the counter, rolling the liquid around it's ball of ice.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine makes her way over to the bar, moving the 'out of order' sign off her stool and climbing atop it. Freshly greased, it spins silently. Her 'safe perch'. "I heard you got shot", she says a bit awkwardly. "I got shot.. "
Sammy Sammy looks as she spins, and smiles at the cleverness. "Well yeah. Sometimes soldiers get shot. That's what we do, we go out and we make sure it's safer for people back here." he takes another sip of the amber liquid. It smells like someone mixed alcohol and mouthwash together. Or maybe failed at making one or the other and poured everything together. It's minty. He makes a face and looks at the ice cube, he sways just a little as the alcohol hits him. He looks down and traces the ented section of his armor, "Ever work on this stuff, I think I need to either replace a few plates or get the dents banged out. I was aiming at keeping someone alive - and that let someone else sneak up a little too close to me." he grumbles, "My ribs hurt so bad when I laugh..." he tilts his head to her, "Now who the hell'd shoot up a nice girl like you? Did he die a slow and horrible death?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles. "I could probably work on that some, maybe. I'm pretty handy with stuff." Replying to the shooting. "Well, we was chasing down a caravan of stolen stuff, and some cases of Ms. Dash. They shot at us. I got hit. I got knoked off my horse, but I managed to shoot him with Grandpa's laser pistol. They got all deadified an stuff. I was there with Mom and Clara and Aunt Roxie. I figure I was as safe as I could have been. Just, Aint much cover from the back of a horse at full gallop."
Sammy Sammy listens attentively, and frowns, "So yeah, getting shot is super painful, and if you ever meet someone who hasn't, you make sure to tell 'em not to get shot, because you got the experience, and you really..." he wobbles a little more than he should on his stool. "... don't recommend the experience." he chuckles a little, this brings another wince of pain and he grips the glass on the basrtop and looks at it as if asking why there isn't more booze in it already. He takes a sip of the icewater quickly. "Horses, horses are smarter than people... for the most part. A horse knows hwere its home is, and those that'll be good to it. I can't ride that good yet, but I don't want such a nice animal gettin shot out from under me. So I walk." there's a slur to his words "Tell you what though, I feel a lot better after four of these whatevers... than I did sitting up from bein patched up." he pokes through a buckshot hole in his fatigue at the bandages beneath
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine moves over to try to steady Sammy, "Sprocket is a smart horse. She tells me when it's not save to scavenge, or when I'm about to something silly. She doesn't laugh when I do it anyways. she just snorts sorta disappointed that I didn't take her advice", she says with a giggle. "Horses are great. you should get one." She watches him and then smacks his hand. "If you pick at it, it wont get better"
Sammy Sammy blinks as his hand is smacked, and smiles, tugging the shirt out a bit, "I need to get a new one, supposedly we're getting a shipment in this week. I'll see what we can do for the supplies, it's kinda like Christmas. You get mail and pay, and stuff you ordered." he grins, "Wait for the vertibird.... " Yeah, the shirt is stained, but washed, and there's holes in it from the buckshot that didn't get caught by the chestplate. "I'm all good I just need to rest a bit... If I can find a quiet place and lie down I'll be fine. Take some ibuprophen and walk it off." he mutters a little. Yeah. He's toasted.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles a bit. "I've been in a vertibird. Well, it was a busted one.. Got some parts off for mom.." Lilly lifts up her Pip-boy and shows Sammy the schematics. "Was some parts she was wantin'", moving closer to him so he can see the pip boy, her shoulder pressing to his.
Sammy Sammy grins and leans in to look, he smiles at the schematic image, "I really should get me one of those one of these days. Or somethin to keep notes in the rain. Maybe somethin to write reports on in the rain." He presses back against the offered shoulder, but at this point it's almost about his own balance as well. Long day of running all over for this soldier.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "Sounds like you need to get you a tent to get out of the rain mor'n you need a pip-boy", she offers with a giggle. "You can do that indoors, you know. Drier in there.." pulling back just a little. "I mean..", blushing as she realizes how close he is.. and blushing more cuz suddenly it seems to matter."
Sammy Sammy sways as she backs off, rocking on the stool, were it not for the way he's balanced his boots in an over-under grip on the bar's lower rail, and the way he's got the sling of his rifle around his one leg, he'd probably have just hit the floor. He manages to level off thoughand with one hand on the barswings a leg down, planting it on the floor to stand, "Heh, yeah. I guess I do need to find a place to sleep that's dry, maybe even one warm." he thinks of the lingering sensation of the shared warmth where their shoulders were pressed together. It keeps his smile about as wide as that little ditch over there, the Grand Canyon.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine tries really hard not to look at the stairs going up to the rooms. All sorts of thoughts she really would rather not think of, lie crouched in that direction. "Well, if you got no place else, you're more than welcome to crash in our barn. Its dry. Horses keep it warm.. Sprocket can get wind sometimes. I dunno what she eats,but she seems to take great pride in them. She's been good lately, so maybe wont be too bad.."
Sammy He's a military man now, and the first thing that jumps into his mind when she offers to put him up in a barn is Hay. His mind dances along the thoughts of it and he smiles a little, "Well, since you offered I supppose it's not too bad an idea... Horses smell a whole lot better than Brahmin. And they hardly ever snore." he looks over as he stands, "Though, for now maybe if I just sit a spell." he glances to one of the booths, and gestures, "I really need to not impose on anyone. Gotta be all diplomatic and stuff. Make sure everyone gets paid for everything they help us with, make sure I pay for any food and drink and just submit m expenses at the end of the week. blah blah blah." he makes a little 'yakkity yack' motion with his fingers and then a dismissive wave out the door. Takinga step, "Okay yah, need to sober up a bit before heading out anyways." and he makes for a booth with a wall behind it, and a good fview of the entrance and exits.. It's not paranoid, it's instinct. instinct so worn into him, even as blitzed as he is, he's still gonna follow it.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine follows Sammy over to the booth, judging his gate as he walks. "So.. there's gonna be an Embassy, or something? I heard talk of it but not sure 'zactly what all that is supposed to mean."
Sammy Sammy walks with deliberation, and as he approaches the booth, makes an 'Aeroplane' gesture with his hand, as if it were coming in to land on the table of the booth, before pouring himself into the booth, leaning back against the booth and settling in, he smiles at Lilly, "Yeah, it's just a few blocks east of here, an old Hacienda, they have room for the Vertibird to land now too. I suspect when we get our mail runs, it'll be a secret to everybody." mind the noise. He sees Lilly following and scoots to make room for her, making sure she sees him glancing down at the side to suggest she should join him just-so.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles and settles in beside Sammy in the booth. She settles down, giggling. 'so, folks will be coming and going and ... vertibirds aren't gonna scare the horses are they? I mean.. thats gonna be a point of contention if poor horses get spooked..
Sammy Sammy stretches as he sits in the booth, smiling as she settles in beside him, He takes his helmet off and sets it on the table, settling in with a contented look very much so the cat that got the canary, "Well, the more they come, the more the horses will get used to it... I've seen horses that live near a base not even be bothered, 'cept for the wind and noise. It's something big and scary at first. I guess that is the whole of the NCR... But you get used to it." he thinks for a moment maybe not with his head... and tries the stretch-arm-out-behind-the-girl trick as he leans back.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine falls prey to the 'arm stretch' maneuver. Color rises to her cheeks at the warm arm over her shoulders.. but she figures, eh, it's just him getting comfortable, right? "Maybe we should introduce the horses to the thing.. let them sniff it while it's off. maybe park it nearby. let them get used to it being quiet.. Like it was a really big flying horse."
Sammy Sammy delights as she doesn't shy away from the arm-drape, and he smiles, "I think, .... gosh, must have been five hundred years ago. When trains came. The animals were all spooked, but they adjusted. People helping." he's found history books of the Old West That Was, and seen many a holotape movie. Yeah, he's definitely comfortable, a bit more of the hard shell of the happy-go-lucky Ranger is set aside, and the smile that's on his face is all the more natural and warm.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine leans slightly against Sammy. "Never seen a train. well, not one that was moving. I bet they're like all gleaming pistoned and loud noise and greased bits sliding effortlessly while distributing power and thrust to just where it's needed.. driving heavy cargo downards towards it's inevitable destination.. steam whistle crying out at the approach".. all said with complete innocence. "sounds awesome."
Sammy Sammy brings his arm down gently to tuck Lilly in against his side just a bit, he smiles and shakes his head, "THe ones I've seen, are either diesel electric, runnin off maize-oil... or fusion an steam. They do the whistle thing though, And these really big horns." he thinks about it, and nods, yep, that's about the size of it. He doesn't tell her about the railway chain-gangs. "And there's definitley a chug-chug-chug to their gettin started, especially onna cold day." He melts a little more into mellow at the shared warmth.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine continues to sit quietly with Sammy.. soft words, a bit of laughter, the two just sorta chill and enjoy each other's company. For a moment, at least, the rest of the world fades to a dull background noise.
Sammy Sammy settles in, and lets himself succumb to a little nap, he's warm, he's got good company, and nobody's pestering him. Well not yet anyway.