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Ironface Jones It's early morning at the saloon and there's only a handful of people there. The bartending robots are serving more coffee than beer at the moment. One such warm drink steams in a mug in Ironface Jones' hands, the big tribal taking a little sip as he awaits his breakfast. The big tribal is tired looking today, like he's only just gotten up and hasn't adjusted to being awake yet, but he doesn't seem to be in an unpleasant mood as he wears a neutral expression on his face.
Yusco Yusco Yusco steps into the bar looking as enthusiastic as ever he walls over to the bartender and scans through the long menu. Breakfast seems good like any day for the newcomer.
Ironface Jones Still waiting on his breakfast, Ironface Jones looks up when he hears the door open and spots the newcomer entering the saloon. With a nod of his head the big tribal tells Yusco, "Greetings." While the expression on the big man's face doesn't show a smile the intent seems to be friendly enough. After taking another drink from his cup of coffee he speaks to the newcomer again, "I think I do not recognize you. Are you new to El Dorado?"
Yusco Yusco @he notices the great tribal ironface jones and cooly rushes toward his table slightly tips his hat in a wam manner.
Ironface Jones The approach of the stranger has Ironface put on an expression of curiosity, but the way the man greets him causes the big tribal to relax, "I am Ironface Jones of the El Dorado Tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard Clan. It is good to know you." The words come out ritualistically, like they've been said many times before.
Yusco Yusco responds in a warm manner and say 'quiet alright i am new well said' he pushes a yells for his order.
Ironface Jones "I enjoy meeting new people. They come from many places and bring strange things and strange stories," Ironface says with a deep nod.

One of the bartending robots is quick to take Yusco's order while another brings out some hot food for Ironface to eat. The machines seem well maintained and work efficiently.

Taking another drink from his cup of coffee, Ironface asks Yusco, "Where are you from?"
Yusco Yusco draws a chair then casually takes his sit he replies rather slowly 'i come for a very far place'.
Ironface Jones "I also am from far away," Ironface begins to explain. "I traveled here after my old tribe was destroyed by the men of Caesar's Legion. Well, after I got revenge upon them." Raising his mug to his lips Ironface finishes off his cup of coffee and rests the mug back on the surface of the table in front of him. Then he starts working on his breakfast, taking a little bit here and there as he talks, "I am a hunter and warrior. Usually I stay outside of the city at night but I got drunk last night and so I stayed here."
Yusco Yusco he lifts his cup of coffee to his lips and takes a sip j
Ironface Jones As he polishes off his breakfast, Ironface Jones nods a little bit more. Leaning back in his seat he turns to the newcomer again and asks, "I think you are well armed. What is it that you do?" Now empty, the plate gets pushed away from him and he lifts up his cup of coffee towards one of the bartending robots, signaling for a refill.
Yusco Yusco drops his cup carries a knife cuts a bun in two replies i am a bounty hunter he smears butter in the center and presses it together then takes a bite.
Ironface Jones "A bounty hunter?" Ironface asks rhetorically. "Are you looking for anyone in El Dorado?" The big man seems relaxed as he asks the question, though genuinely curious. "I do not know everyone in the city, but usually I am good at tracking things and people if you would like help with that."
Yusco Yusco he lifts his cup of coffee to his lips and takes a sip j
Yusco Yusco replies "i am not searching for someone really but i am looking for work" he finishes of the buns smear another with butter he take three bites.
Ironface Jones "I think that later on there are people going out to Hondo to help the ghouls there," Ironface offers after a moment of thought on the subject of work. "I think I will probably go with them as I have been trying to help those people for some time." He goes on to explain a little further, "The ghouls in Hondo are turning feral for some reason they do not know. There is a problem with glowing hills or something that may be the cause."
Yusco Yusco finishes off his buns then replies "well then maybe i might be of some helo then" he finishes his coffee and signals for the cup and plate be taken away .
Ironface Jones "I think you would be welcome to come help," Ironface says with a heavy nod of his head. "When I went there before there were many packs of feral ghouls and a glowing one so it may be dangerous. I think there will probably be trouble there again." Now that his food and coffee are all gone and he's had some time to digest, Ironface rises to his feet, "It was good to talk to you, but I must start my day now. I would like to do some hunting before the trip to Hondo." With a wave of his hand he says, "Take care of yourself. I will see you again soon, I think."