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Elsie It's a normal evening in Lyn's in Jack's Town: a great place for faces to get lost in the sea of debauchery and quiet hopelessness. A perfect place for a pale redhead with large eyes and a slightly too-big nose. Elsie is here, having a drink at the bar while wearing a pinstripe black-and-white skirt with a long-sleeve white blouse that has a high Mandarin collar and a low v-neck. Her black combat chest piece doubles as a corset, and she often sports a brown belt with matching holster. Black boots cover her feet.

She's drinking quietly, smiling in relaxed comfort as she looks around. Hell, it's a fun night; she even pulls out a pill bottle from her pocket and pops a few daytripper. Why not, right?!
Lowry      Lowry is here too! Sitting in a corner nursing a half gone bottle of something brown. Denim makes his attire today minus the dark brown hat that is atop the table, and it matches quite nicely to the boots that are swung up on top next to it. He's not shaven in days and his eyes are glazed. One would hardly take notice of him. Quietly he holds his glass up.....and higher.... "What, tha' fuck.." He mutters as he swings his feet down and turns abruptly towards the bar. He's scowling and then it's gone. Oh right, no robot beer bringers here. He shrugs and stands, heading over to the bar near the red-head. With his glass in hand he sips while he leans over, "Hey, Keep. Some ale or somethin' fer a wash, would ya?" He sets the liquor down on the bar and looks over. "Well." He says with a half smile. His eyes undress the girl up and down with a certain perversion resting on her legs awhile. But eventually they make there way back up. "Hello thar', Lil' Miss. What's yer posion? Let me get ya' one." He /sounds/ polite enough. "Can't say I dun seen you around." He throws in a little wink for good measure.
Elsie Elsie doesn't notice the one sad drunk amidst the several that have made this hole their spot, tonight. Not until he's beside her, at which point he gets a sideways glance. She recognizes him, and her eyes widen. She turns to face him, looking both shocked and happy. That look might be what encouraged him to offer to buy her a drink. And that sloppy wink. Ugh, Lowry. You're better than this.

So, Elsie decides to play along. She lets out a sultry little chuckle from her throat, resting her elbow on the bartop and her chin on her hand. "No? I'm old hat around here, sugar. Been paying my taxes for years. You telling me I never caught your eye, not once?" She pouts, turning back to the barkeep. Human. How inefficient. "Round of Sasparillas."
Lowry      Being early in the evening, or late in Lowry's drinking day coupled with the random voices thrown about, he doesn't recognize the voice. "Ehh, not my usual hangout, I must admit. If we'd a crossed paths I'd remember. /Trust/ me." He smiles. The bartender brings the beers and he flings some caps down with a healthy tip. Chicks dig a guy with a job. He lifts his and would clink bottles before taking a sip. "Oh, I know just the thing." He says before marching over to the jukebox. When he departs, 'Jolene' is playing. Some song from a long forgotten era. But he knows it. As is clear from his head bobbing as he makes his way back over. "Old cowboy shit." He says as Dolly parton buzzes over the sounds of t he bar. "Ya' partial ta' music?" He asks making small talk aka flirting.
Elsie "Not really," Elsie responds, her smile growing to allow a flash of dimples. She's amused. Oh, is she ever amused. "I like the quiet." Then why's she in a bar like this? What a weird chick. She did clink her beer to his, though, and she takes a deep sip of hers. The redhead's big hazel eyes flit to the hat Lowry left seated where he used to reside, then they flash back at the man. "You look like some cowboy shit yourself," she responds. "You a cowboy, then?"
Lowry      "I, my dear lady." And another sip, "And an enigma." His hazel eyes stay locked on hers. This battle of eye color one for the ages. "The quiet huh?" He shrugs. "Music sure is fun. But I like's tha' quiet too." His grin becomes shit eating while he downs his beer, "Two more." He says just loud enough for the bartender to hear over the racket. When they arrive he grabs his but stays his hand and leans in just a bit. "I know a few quiet places if thats what yer' into. You ever let a cowboy take ya' for a ride on his horse? Nothin' quite like the stars shinin down thru the haze of the waste and the quiet of the desert."
Elsie "Most of that haze is nuclear, you know," Elsie points out, but her grin is about to split her features. Oh Lord, is he going to throw a fit when he realizes who she is. "And there's all sorts of nasty out there. Raiders. Mole-Rats..." she trials off there, some knowing sparkling in her eyes. She looks to him again, tilting her head to one side and leaning slightly forward so that he can see her more clearly in what she assumes is an alcohol-fueled haze. "You sure you don't recognize me, sugar? Not at all?"
Lowry      "Ehh." He shrugs. "Everything thats fun is bad fer' ya." He cocks his head and raises his beer. "Don't ya' worry about them. You'll have me." Answer for everything. When she leans in he smiles and does too a tad. "I dooo like bein' called sugar!" He says enthusiastically. Then he squints, bites his lip. "Oh! I do! I dun' seen ya' in ma' dreams, a thousand times!" He chuckles, showing he knows it's super lame but still somethin'. "Come on though, whats yer' deal. What you do round these parts? Me, I'm with Lonestar. In charge o' the guards. Worked my way up over tha' years." No you didn't Lowry you fucking asshole. Might as well tell her your Mayor West. Dick.
Elsie "Really!" Elsie says when Lowry explains how he worked his way up to basically be in charge of Lonestar's security. She flutters her lashes-positively fascinated. "You must be /quite/ the gunslinger. Why I bet..." But then something catches those big hazel eyes, something over Lowry's shoulders. A look of focused concern comes across the woman's features. Then she looks back to Lowry and shakes her head, as if to clear it. She takes out the pills again and pops a few more. She downs the beer with it.

"Sorry ... what is it you were saying there?"
Lowry      "Well, I don't mean to brag..." he says non-chalantly shrugging and cocking his head. But while is buzzed he /is/ quite perceptive and aware as usual. He notices her startled behaviour though she masks it well. He does not turn but quietly leans closer though he purposely talks loud. "Why don't ya share?!" Then he whispers with a brief indication over his shoulder using his eyes. "What is it? Trouble?" His hand slowly slides down towards his gun but not anywhere near enough to raise suspicion. Sipping his beer he leans back and a sharpness comes to his eyes while he is still smiling and scanning the room. "Me? Oh! Something about scootin' off somewhere more quiet. Whaddya say?"
Elsie Elsie blinks up at the man, a little bewildered by what he could mean. But then he seems to know that she saw something. Perhaps ... he saw it too. She pops another pill and nods. "Yes please," she finally decides. "Take me outta here." It's not flirty by any means. It's a simple statement of need. Something in here isn't right, and she'd like to be outside. Without waiting for his response, she moves to rise and sets a firm, steadying hand on his arm.
Lowry      "My pleasure, Miss." He might be a hound but he's a gentleman as welll when it is called for! With his free arm he finishes the beer and sets it down. Leading her towards the door he swoops up the hat and ssets it osn his head. Holding the door he lets her out first and closes it behind him, looking for anything suspicious. He shuts the door quickly and turns. Right to his horse he unwraps it from the pole and offers a hand to lift her up. "I am not gonna lie. A bit trashed but I am thinking we should go. Quick."
Elsie "You saw it too?" Elsie asks, speaking with a level of surprising comfort with Lowry, no longer airily flirtatious. Almost knowing, in her behavior with him. "I'm not used to riding," she confesses to him, pausing momentarily to regard the hand and the horse with some trepidation. She looks at the beast, then the man ... and then to something else. Something beyond both of them. And it causes the pale redhead to flush in concern. Without any more hesitation, she moves up to the horse and sets her foot in Lowry's hands, moving to step up and yank herself up onto the beast.
Lowry      When she oblidges he shoves her up, gently but stern. No time for screwing around. "Just hold on tight. Nothin' too it." He says as he leaps up easily. Quickly he pulls a pistol from underneath his coat, mag dropped, checked. Gun returned. "Yaahh!" He shouts as he bbots purchase flesh in 'Despair's' backside, The horse takes off thunderously albeit towards that thing beyond them. He reaches back and grabs one of her hands, forcing it around his waist to meet with the other. The reigns flapping mightily in the night against the horse's neck. "That red better be natural!" He shouts behind him. He lives for this wreckless shit.
Elsie The response is probably not as fun as Lowry was hoping. She shouts in response. "Over there! The barrel, do you see it?!" She moves her hand upward again, pointing to a water collection barrel along an old house. If Lowry's eyes follow the finger, they'll see ... a barrel. Nothing more, nothing less. "Enclave!" She shouts louder, with true terror in her voice as they ride along. "It's the enclave!"
Lowry      Lowry looks over.."The barrel?!!?" Dust is kicking up behind the horse as they are making their speedy get away. He squints and looks confused but he sure is buzzed! Releasing one hand from the reigns he pulls the pistol back out and fires from atop his horse. The barrel explodes as he plants a couple shots in it, water spilling in the sand. "Did..did I get it?" He asks after the loud report of the shots is done ringing in the air.
Elsie Elsie yelps and covers one ear as the pistol goes off. They're riding directly into the sound. She turns her head as they ride past, the barrel now leaking from a few new holes. "I don't know. I don't-THE WINDOW! IT'S COMING DOWN!" Elsie screams loud, right in poor Lowry's ear. "And the alley! There's ten, fifty of them! We're surrounded!" What the fuck is wrong with this girl? Is she having a bad trip?
Lowry      Lowry looks quickly and frowns. "What tha'...." The horse keeps galloping as he scans the area. "Christ, yer' outta yer head. A woman after my own heart." He chuckles. Once they are clear of the town and the house and the imaginairy villians he slows the horse and returns the pistol. He takes a deep breath. Laughing he reaches inside the other side of his coat and pulls something. "Here, take this." He hands a pill over. "That will help."
Elsie By the time Lowry pulls up the horse and turns to offer the pill, he'll see the woman is crying and shaking her head. "No, no," she mutters softly. Then she shouts suddenly. "No! Fucking hell, Lo! I know what I saw!" She cries a little more, leaning forward to put her forehad on his shoulder. Some soft sobs escape her, and his shoulder feels damp. THen she looks up at the pill he offers over. She doesn't even ask what it is. She takes it and swallows it. "We have to keep going. Out into the wastes."
Lowry      And that does it. No one else calls him, 'Lo'. He knows she is in the depths of a bad trip though, as he has been sooooo many times before. He doesn't say anything about the recognition just yet. He just pats her head while she sobs. "There, there. It'l be awright, doll." He looks around, just to double check. Coast is clear. "Alright, we'll keep on truckin'." He snaps the reigns softly and they take off again, slowly. " I got a place ta' go." After awhile as things hopefully simmer down he says over his shoulder, "See ya' took our advice. Loce the look, Shirley." He gives a little reassuring pat to her thigh, more brotherly than anything else it would seem.
Elsie The sniffling redhead lifts her face to look at the man after he speaks. "You recognized me?" She asks, letting out another little sniffle. The calming drug he slipped her seems to be having an effect. Glancing this way and that, she burrows into his back as if to hide from the things she's seeing. Is it real? Is it a trip? Is it a vision? Who can say. But the fact that Lo calls her Doll and Shirley ... that is the most soothing thing at all. "Oh, Lo." She hugs him strongly from behind.
Lowry      He pats her shoulder. "Well, the gunplay and the brisk air sobered me up a bit. No one calls me Lo. Then the red clicked. Not to mention, I dun checked ya' out a thousand times over. I recognize that wiry frame now! and the voice is a giveaway now that I'm out tha' bar." HE keeps up a good pace for awhile while she holds onto him. "Yer lucky ya know. I was layin' it on heavy! You'd a never stood a chance." He chuckles. "But we can stay in the wagon. You'll be safe there. No one even knows where it is. Where ya' been stayin' anyways." He asks with concern.
Elsie She seems to be relaxing. Lo is a trusted friend, really the trusted friend above all others. His presence is soothing. And he makes her laugh ... like right now. "Laying it on, thick? Yes, I noticed. I was honored to be flattered by the head of Lonestar Guards," she teases, setting her cheek on his back and holding on while they ride. She shivers against the nightly chill, but it is refreshing ... and sobering. "Here and there," she says in response to his question. "Jumping rooms mostly. It ain't cheap, so it's easier to move from one to the next. Got my eye on maybe finding someplace abandoned I can wiggle into for my own self."
Lowry      "Oh, shit. I forgot I said that!" He laughs. "Well, you'd be surprised how often it works!" The horse keeps on movin' thru the wastes as he listens. "Yea, I hear ya. Well, the wagon is mostly empty besides the cargo...You can keep an eye on it if ya want. I got it set up pretty nice seein' how I stay there from time to time. Usually out though. We get ya' some pistol trainin' and you'll be alright. Just don't drain the supplies." He laughs again.
Elsie "I didn't forget," Elsie explains with a chuckle. She wraps both arms around Lowry's waist again and holds on to him. She lifts her head to speak into his ear while they ride. "Lo, there's something I have to tell you. Something that doesn't make sense. But ... wherever you stay, don't stay in El Dorado. Or in New Vegas. It's not safe."
Lowry      Lowry nods as she speaks in his ear. "Ya' know. Long time ago. I figured no place is really safe. Why I'm always movin. Why I keeps the wagon so far away." He pats her hand on his waist and adds, "I aint never had a job. Nor ta' many friends. Kind a' nice havin that fer once. But..." He trails off and breathes deeply. "Aint accustomed ta' it. Don't sit right. Bein' in one place or countin on someone else. Or havin ta' 'thank' people." He sounds disgusted at the thought. "But yer alright. First girl I dun talked ta' more than once without pokin' ta' be honest. Haha. Seriously though. Not that I wouldn't. Yer' plenty cute enough. Just too...I dun know, young, hurt. Scared. Shit I don't know. You don't need no suitors. Just a friend. Me too." The bastard is being sincere, awwww look at that.
Elsie He'll feel her squeeze him fondly. "I've had too many suitors in my life, if by suitors you mean fellahs wanting to fuck," Surelda-Turned-Elsie says. "You're a good man, Fruity. You'll find a perfect lady for ya. Perfect mix of sweet and salty." She chuckles at that, hugging the man again. She holds herself close to his back for a few moments as the amusement settles into thoughtfulness. "But I mean it, Lo. There's ... things. Nukes from my father to melt a city of gold. Bombs brighter than the lights of the strip in New Vegas. Folks who stay in those spots are gonna die in those spots." She sighs, shaking her head.
Lowry      "Heh." He grunts. "Good one. I don't want no broad houndin me though. I aint meant ta' not talk ta' a redhead! OR come home every night. Shoot, This rock gathers no moss, doll-face." He turns serious though. "Yep. I didn't know about all that jazz but I figure when folks start huddlin' together in their lil' hovels they start rubbin' each other tha' wrong way. If they don't kill themselves they's an easy target fer' their enemies." He is nodding. "Fuck 'em all. But I'll take there caps and screw their whores. Just roll the dice and hope you aint in the wrong place at the wrong time." The wagon comes into sight now. "So yer' pops...He got some big ole' plans for everyones demise huh?"
Elsie The sight of something, real or imagined, causes Elsie to turn her head sharply and let out a gasp. She is staring at something passing for a jack rabbit leaving his hovel for a night in the wilds. But poor Elsie seems to see something else. It takes her a few moments to regain her composure.

"I dunno," she answers, honestly. "I didnt know he cared one lick about this place until after Id gotten away. I just know what he wanted me to see, but I was too high then to remember most of it." She pauses then, watching the back of Lowry's head seriously. "Its what he is after me for. I see things. Past things, future things ... its how I know there's nukes." She goes quiet then to await his response.
Lowry      "Hymm. Yea, I seen stranger things. Was wonderin' why you were so good at watching my back from fifty miles away." The wagon draws closer in the black of the night. "Don't worry though, Yer secrets safe. Figurin' he just wants ta' use ya then huh? MAkes sense. People are down right shitty." He pats her thigh again reassuringly before adding. "But, that new look sure had me fooled. Ya' should be alright. Just stay away from El Dorado and Lsc. At least as radio girl. I take it you aint goin' ta' new vegas then?"
Elsie "I am, actually," Elsie responds. "I've gotten a gig setting up a radio station for Federation's lawmen. And truth be told I miss Vegas. Had my happiest times there." She leans around him to peer forward at the wagon. He will feel her grip tighten. "You sure it's safe, Lo? I just ... keep seeing things. Rocks and wheels and the stones around your cold campfire....they're moving."
Lowry      "Well, good. I am gettin' sick o' this nine ta' five shit but the chaperone ta' Vegas is gonna pay good! We'll miss ya on the waves though. Was hopin' ya could still guide me thru on some o' them unsanctioned runs. Shit, ya could eavesdrop on ls and with the federations ramblins pry could keep me even safer when we'z out there alone." He pauses and slows the horse. "If yer' into it that is." When they get up to the wagon he hops off and helps her down. "I'll check. Usually Despair is good at knowin when the unwanteds are around." He pulls his pistol for good measure then and wlaks towards the wagon.

And right on cue His horse starts neighing aggressively. "Eh, fuck." Lowry says. "Stay behind him." He inches towards the caravan and reaches up for the flap......He pulls it back and a small creature jumps out! It's a mole rat! LAnding on his chest he mumbles some curses and rips the thing off, flinging it towards Elsie and his mount. Despair wastes no time in trampling the thing to death while Lowry holds aim with a smile. "He's a good horse." He says when all said and done. "Hates them fuckin' rats. All clear now." He grins and now comes out the flask. A hard swallow is had and he bobs his head over to welcome her. "It's all made up." He goes in first though just to make sure itt's all good. It is.
Elsie "Of course. You just let me know where and when you're out and I'll see you through," Elsie says, reaching out for Lowry to help her off the horse before he can go play big damn hero.

She will, however stay behind the horse, and will even yelp in surprise when the great monster is ... a molerat. Correcrion: a squished molerat. That makes her wrinkle her nose in general disgust. Once it's safe she looks back up at Lowry and, with a shiver in the evening chill, she goes to follow him. "Thanks, Lo," she says, with deep honesty. "Oh, by the way: My name's Elsie Bell now."