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Elsie There's been a new sight around the Sherrif's Office the last week or so. A pretty redhead, pale with a slightly too-large nose and big sweet hazel eyes. She's got a little desk in the back, on which is a map as well as a few pieces of radio equipment. She looks somewhat familiar to some, but most can't seem to place her. If you ask her, she's been in El Dorado for years.

Elsie Bell is her name, Bell like the guy who invented the radio. She looked surprised when someone told her that Bell didn't invent the radio, and she muttered something about thinking she was named after the guy who invented the radio. Apparently Marshal Stockton has taken her under his wing to a certain extent, taking her out on afternoon patrols, though a few looks around the room seem to indicate it might be something else. If there's a gossip in the office, someone might have even said that she slept her way into employment. Gasp! How horrid!

Elsie wears a pinstripe black-and-white skirt with a long-sleeve white blouse that has a high Mandarin collar and a low v-neck. Her black combat chest piece doubles as a corset, and she often sports a brown belt with matching holster. Black boots cover her feet. She walks around her desk currently, putting little pinpoints in the map ... though to what end is uncertain.
Stockton Stockton comes in for the morning catchups with folks. Giving a few deputies the usual factor of polite head bobbing. A few in particular getting an actual grunt - usually the ones who don't get in his way or ask a lot of questions. The Marshal is armored up, which means he's been traveling again or plans to shortly, that EDSD duster swaying rather nicely behind him as he stalks right up to his desk. Yanking a drawer out he rummages in the rattling contents for a while and then just growls. "Goddammit, where's my damn hat," he grumbles aloud and shoots a look around the office a few times before landing on poor poor Elsie.
Elsie And there's little Elsie, suddenly caught in the unhappy gaze of an unhappy man. She's not used to seeing him cranky, and more particular she's not used to seeing him cranky at her. So her eyes go wide in bewilderment and concern when he zeroes in on her. "...morning, sir," she says, quietly, holding the little tin of pins a bit closer to her as she regards the man. "Can I help you with something today, sir?"
Stockton Stockton chews on his cigarillo, shifting it to the other side of his mouth to puff on twice. His narrowed eyes are scanning the girl from ankle to eyes and back down again. Not seeing his hat on her he just grumbles, "Missin' mah damn hat," he likes that hat dammit, it had a faded but still original tag inside labeling it as a true Stetson. Looking back to his desk he looks at the pile of paperwork that's come in since he was here yesterday and he just huffs. Fuck that shit. "You workin' on radio shit?" he asks as he stomps over on heavy boots to stand closer than is probably comfortable.
Elsie He might have just been looking for his hat, but his up-down look of her makes the redhead blush a bit, glancing around to see if anyone else caught that. Hopefully not. Those big hazel eyes settle on Stockton again as he stomps in her direction. Normally she'd give him some sassy response and walk off, but he will have noted already that in the workplace she's much more demure. Her employment means a lot to her, and she doesn't seem keen to risk that for any reason.

"Yes, sir. Marking the locations of all the towers in the Federation to determine what our maximum range would need to be, for one of our own. Sir."
Stockton Stockton almost flinches when she calls him Sir more than once in a damn breath. There's even a hint of an eye twitch there. Maybe he was hoping for the sass. Still, he just exhales a slow breath of toxic second hand to the ceiling before looking down at the pins in the map. Reaching for her little handful, he plucks one out and drives it into Avalon. "That one needs some work, but it'll do wit some elbow grease," he decides before shifting slightly out of her way to let her get back to work. "We're gonna need tah ride out to a few of these, confirm they's in workin' order," he notes with just a hint of sharp smile towards Elsie.
Elsie When he steps away, defeated under the barrage of sirs, he might catch just a glint in her eyes before she glances back down at the map. Perhaps, just perhaps, those sirs and that meekness in the workplace were part of her sass. If so, she's calling this little interaction a win with a ghost of a smirk. "Yes, sir," she says, pointly, reaching out to switch the pin color for the Avalon radio tower. Yellow apparently means 'needs work'.

"Would you like me to go and see to the Avalon one first, sir? I can go this afternoon, or tomorrow if you think it's truly in dire need of attention."
Stockton Stockton grunts slightly and chuffs at her, "Marshal'll do if you gotta be formal," he informs her just loud enough that others in the office can hear. Now she's gone and made him sassy back. The ghost of a smirk enough to spark him into fighting back a little. The yellow gets swapped in for whatever color he'd put down and he shifts his jaw to either side a few times, "Mm. They all need some damn attention. Jus' lemme know when yer gettin' to that one. As fer the rest, we'll need to check on anythin' outside of a couple miles unless you've put eyes on the towers recently."
Elsie "Yes, sir. Marshall, sir." Okay, so maybe she's taking it a little far. But now that she's realized the smoldering rage he came in with isn't going to burst into flames, she's going to fan them a little. Because it amuses her. At the man's word, she starts to swap out all of the pins for yellow. "I've only looked at the El Dorado one, sir, but not particularly closely. I mean, it's not mine or even the Sherrif's, or yours for that matter. Sir. Didn't want to just start climbing things."
Stockton Stockton narrows his eyes at Elsie at that one, now she's pushing things and she probably knows it. So a little friendly elbow nudge from him to her arm is enough to go along with a squint and a gruff sound. Fan the flames little redhead, see if you're fire proof. "Well, I'm sure we can get permission to let you scramble up there an' make sure the wires are crossed right an' all. I'll send a missive up to Kitty - the President," fuck why is that still hard to remember! "All these towns we're goin' to. Yah jus' need to flash that there Deputy Marshal badge and you can scramble up the radio towers unhampered, I'm bettin."
Elsie "Well, if you get permission sir, do let me know and I'll see what I can do." Nudge, counternudge. With a broad smile, Elsie moves around her desk to take a seat there, opening a drawer to put the pins neatly away. As for the rest, though, she does look up at him with a touch of uncertainty. She bites gently on her lower lip, looking around the room and then back to the man himself. "These fellahs are deputies, sir. I know you gave me this," she goes into her drawer to pull it out, setting it on the desk. Apparently she doesn't even carry it with her. "But it doesn't feel right for me to use it. I'm not actually a deputy. I don't do what these fine folks in here do."
Stockton Stockton snaps his teeth at her in a wolfish warning. He isn't swatting her ass in public just yet, but he might get there. Glancing down at the badge as it settles up on the desk and he squints a little bit. "Do you work steadily and without fail towards the betterment of this department and Federation? Then yer a damn deputy, Miss Bell. And I ain't in the mood fer arguin semantics," he looks over a shoulder at the old matronly Deputy that still moves through the office like mollasses in January, but she makes sure everyone gets their assignments, their mail, their missives. "Agnes ain't pointed her pea-shooter at a soul in over twenty years, you think she shouldn't be a Deputy?" He nods his chin over towards Benny, "That feller don't do outdoors, but he keeps that jail cell clean and any inmates fed, you think he ain't a Deputy?" He finally lands his gaze on the redhead, "Jus' cuz you ain't runnin' around wit' hand cuffs and a pistol don't mean yer not doin' yer part, Miss Bell. So kindly put yer damn badge on and get back to work."
Elsie Elsie will push on most things, but when it comes to work? Well, her boss says jump so she says how high. "I never meant they weren't, sir. Just that they're not me." And clearly they're more deserving than a former whore who can barely read. She's made a point to avoid having to do much, if any, reading around here since she arrives. But she loops the clip of the badge along her corset so it rests just above the swell of her breast. She looks uncomfortable with it.

With that, she'll reach into her desk and pull out a little portable radio, starting to fidget with the dial to pick up different frequencies.
Stockton Stockton gives Elsie that look that says he is watching her for funny business! Course she diverts to the good office girl routine and jumps right back into things. The clip of that badge on her corsetry gives him a little smile and he nods, "There. Now yer a proper Communications Engineer fer the department," he grins and turns to move back to his desk. Pulling out a few more drawers he goes right back to frustration. "Dammit, I swear I left mah damn hat here," he mutters and starts going through more drawers before finally just kicking the whole thing a loud screeching foot or so across the floor.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake makes his way into the sheriff's office finally his hands stuffed into the pockets of his duster as he looks around and blinks, "Oh fresh blood nice." He offers a wave towards Stockton, "Hey there boss. How are things and any places I'll need to patrol a bit more?"
Elsie Elsie lifts her head at the new voice, just as she was settling into her work with the radio. She blinks at Aidan, rather surprised, almost expectant. It's pretty strange to recognize people who don't recognize you. So she can't help but stare at Aidan a bit, almost waiting for that particular shoe to drop.
Stockton Stockton looks up at the sound of Aidan coming in and blinks once. "Aidan, this's Elsie Bell, she's our new Communications Engineer, she'll be working on gettin' us all connected on the same radio wave slowly but surely. If there's any spare parts er a radio tower you know of, be sure'n let 'er know." Then he's looking frustratedly at his own desk before shaking his head and moving on. "Need'ja to start expandin' yer patrols outward, Lonestar's gonna be packin' up towards New Vegas tomorrow. I wanna make sure the road's clear as it can be. We'll be goin' with 'em, but that ain't any kind of assurance."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit, "I'll take a look on the roads far out as I can safely go by myself. Make sure there's nothin bothersome out there." He looks at Elsie again a bit and frowns, "You look really familiar." He shrugs and then looks back over to Stockton, "Oh got that duster on my horse you think Sparrow would want an old NCR Ranger Duster?"
Elsie Elsie blushes slightly at Aidan's review of her. She had it coming; she was staring at him! But something that gets said distracts her enough for her to rise from her chair, setting her hands on the flat in front of her so she can lean slightly forward. "Lonestar's opening up New Vegas tomorrow?" she asks. Clearly she did not know.
Stockton Stockton nods to Aidan and then chuckles when he pegs Elsie as familiar, "She's been gettin' that fer a week already," he easily waves that off and moves on to the next thing. "Um. Maybe? I thought she went'n got her hands on one already, but I'll find out. And that reminds me, I needed to ask 'er if she'd give up a mare fer the season," he shakes his head, trying to remember everything before the redhead's voice pulls him out and he looks over at her, "They're headed up to New Vegas, s'the first time I think we've had a proper caravan from El Dorado out to New Vegas. Shoot I been hearin' Mr. House been sendin' personal invites to folks from around here in preparation."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake hmmms and shrugs a bit, "I got that spare one if either of ya'll need it let me know I'll drop it off on the ranch." He glances back at Elsie and shrugs, "I suppose if she's been here a while I've likely seen her someplace." He glances back out the door and grins, "Haven't been to New Vegas since I tracked down those bandits..."
Elsie Elsie seems excited. Not necessarily in a "Kid on Christmas" kind of way. But energized. She seems to be struggling to find words. Then she finds them, but her delivery is specific. She tilts her left shoulder forward, offering a slightly more profile view of her form. Her lashes lower just a touch. She licks her lower lip. All these changes are almost imperceptible, but they're meant to make her, and her requests, more appealing.

"Would be really nice to get some equipment from a big place like New Vegas, and talk to them about their tower signals," she says to no one in particular. No one except Stockton. She's staring at you, kid.
Stockton Stockton gives Aidan a quick firm nod, "I'll let 'er know next I see 'er," he promises the Drake in front of him. The smirk comes and he nods, "Exactly," before his scarred eyebrow lifts, "You were huntin' bandits in New Vegas?" he asks before the subtle movements of the redhead have his attention. She already had appealing down on lock, all this is just lights and glitter on the tree. "I," he starts before his eyes actually catch those hazels and he stops before starting again, "Seein' as yer a Deputy, I don't see a problem in you goin," he finally says.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and nods watching her work her wiles on Stockton since he was the target although it did catch Aidan's eye for a moment too, "Yeah I was. Started oh I dunno fifteen years ago after they sacked the Drake Ranch. Ended just before I got home after I'd hunted down every last one of them... Well there's still one left but he's outta reach for now."
Elsie Elsie's excitement about being allowed to go to New Vegas is dampened by Aidan's words. One man ... there can only be one man that he's interested in. One has to wonder how the Drakes felt when they learned that Solomon's daughter was running around El Dorado ... only for her to die before they could get their hands on her. So they think. Unless, of course, Stockton already told them.

This thought occurs to her suddenly and her wide, hazel eyes flit back to the half tribal man. She tries to put on a good face, but that face is now drained of what little color it had. Her mouth is dry; she wets her lips. "Thank you, sir. I'll go start seeing what I need to put together for the trip." And, sheepishly with her head down, she'll start for the door.
Stockton Stockton is easily swayed by a pretty face, alright? How do you think he ended up Marshal and then stayed that way after Mexico? "Well, he won't be outta reach fer long," he ammends to Aidan's words. Course the paling face and micro-tics that Elsie doesn't hide get his attention and he chuffs, "Lookin' piqued, Deputy. Go git yerself some food while yer packin," he notes to her as she goes running off to presumably put her things in order for a long road trip to Vegas. Looking back at Aidan he just shakes his head in good humor with a smile, "You should be gettin' along too, Aidan, I expect a report back b'fore we hit the 93."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit, "I'll go see what I can find to write a report on... Or about or somethin like that." He grins and offers a wave as he heads out onto the wild blue wastelands.