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Owner Pose
Fern     Fern is seated at a table to the side, leaning back in her chair and propping her boot-clad feet on the chair pushed out beside her. She's chewing on a toothpick as she jots down little notes on her notepad, eyes scanning the room as she scribbles. Every now and then she pauses to watch others in the room. A nod is given and she gets right back to her work.

    There's a small bit of mistletoe hung in one doorway, and you can bet Fern takes note of each time a couple stops beneath. Weirdos.
Kaelyn And now the doors to the bar open up and a sometimes common person around town wanders in. It's a white-haired red-eyed knife ear wearing form-fitting body armor and a bit of a wasteland cloak... She wanders on inside the place and pauses as she notices Fern... She then offers a cheerful smile and a wave, while CORA calls out "Oh, hiya Fern!" in her usual high pitched synthesized voice... Kae grins a bit and asks "How's thing?" Before snapping a finger and pulling what has to be a candy bar from her pocket.. "It's clean, wannit?"
Fern     Fern catches sight of Kae pretty fast. Her eyes light up and she grins wide, kicking her feet off the chair so she can sit upright as she calls, "Well, well, well.. Ain't seen you around lately.. Then again I been busy. How ya been?" she asks as she puts her notepad aside and leans forward on the table, elbows resting atop it.

    Fern looks to the candy bar and then slowly reaches out to take it. She squints at Kae and says, "Why do I feel like you got a warehouse full of candy.. Hmm?" Oh, and, "Hi, Cora."
Kaelyn Kae smirks and shrugs, CORA calls out "She just miiiight... Or at least knows where there's a good one..." Kae shrugs again and tilts her head "Been busy? What have you been up to?" She asks curiously as she makes her way closer to Fern and places the Candy bar in Fern's hand... "Oh and I know a nice lady who makes it too... soo finidng candy isn't terribly difficult..."
Fern     "So you say.." Fern says, eyeing Kae again before she grin at her and takes the candy to open it and take a bite. Kae must be trying to rot Fern's teeth out! Good thing Gale makes her brush her teeth.

    "Bit of this, bit of that.. Been working on finding an abandoned deathclaw egg or something, you know? One the parents don't want.. You know, I found this book about animals and how some are mammals 'cause they got milk and have live young.. and some aren't mammals cause they have babies in eggs. Why are deathclaws not mammals? Why do they lay eggs? You'd think a deathclaw came out of a deathclaw, right? Not an egg? They ain't birds!"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Fern curiously for a few moments, trying to figure out how best to explain things... "Ummm, well they are reptiloids, or saurian in appearance, so they could very well be reptils as reptiles also lay eggs..." She suggests and rubs at the back of her neck again... KORA meanwhile sniggers a little bit... "Anyhow I suggest being very careful with those deathclaws, they don't really abandon their nests and they are well, in a word deadly... Even the smart ones at that airship."
Fern     "I guess that makes sense.. They could be related to crocodiles.." Fern says with a little grunt. "And they gotta wander off now and then. They can't sit on their eggs forever.. I just gotta be patient and wait.. and strike when the time is right. You know?" Fern says while grinning ear to ear. "I'm gonna get an egg, keep it warm, hatch it and train it so it does whatever I want. Gonna be way cooler than anyone's dog," Fern says.
Kaelyn Kae stares at Fern and ummms... "yah again, be like mega careful with that? I don't wanna hear about you being killed and or mauled by a Deathclaw... Neither am I sure does your mother.." Kae says and rubs at the back of her neck... "Mayhaps you might think of setting sights a little lower? Find your self a talking dog or cat or some such? That would be way better than a regular cat or dog right?'
Fern     "Mom and dad are dead. They wuldn't care!" Fern says with a little roll of her eyes as she plops back down into her seat and leans back again, feet kicked up on the other chair once again. "I'd be careful. I wouldn't be dumb and just run out and grab it.. Maybe Jackie would let me borrow her motorcycle. I could escape fast with that.."

    Fern thinks on it. "Deathclaws are way cooler than cats and dogs. Could you imagine how neat it'd be to ride one!?"
Kaelyn Kae stares at Fern and ummmms, then shrugs "Soo who takes care of you then?" she asks curiously.. "Am sure that your family, caretaker, extended family, and friends would be most upset if harm were to befall you."
Fern     "Gale. Kitty. The Caines," Fern responds to Kae as she looks off again, watching another couple that smooches benath the mistletoe. She takes her notepad and jots something down, and once she's done she looks to Kae and asks, "Does anyone take care of you? Or do you care for yourself? Do you live with anyone?" she wants to know.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Fern curiously, then motions to CORA "When I woke up I was an adult... I was cared for by an AI... CORA while in a great big stasis tube.." She says and shrugs slowly. "To be honest, I don't remember having any childhood." She says and smiles slightly. "Now I kinda just well wander around and take care of my self."
Fern     "You stay on your own then? Where at? In a hotel or a little shack or something or what? You got a house of your own?" Fern asks, curious to know. "You don't just.. wander everywhere, right? You settled in some place at night and when it's raining, right?" Fern asks., one brow arched.
Kaelyn Kae ummms "Well there's an oasis I like to hang out at... but I have no shack or the like out there.." She responds and rubs at the back of her neck before she tilts her head... "Oh there is a bit of a cave there, I keep my extra stuffs there and whatnot..."
Fern     "You're a strange one, Kae.." Fern says as she rises up, bringing her pad of paper and backpack with her. She slips it on, grins, and says, "Maybe I'll come across your cave some time. I'd like to see what all kinds of stuff you have.. but it'll have to wait until next time. I got stuff to do. Deathclaws to watch."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Fern... "My looks wasn't the dead give away?" She says with a slight smile "But yes, I'm trying to get my little valley all umm, fixed up and stuff.. it's got clean water and that's important..."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake makes his way into the saloon having finished up his normal patrols around the area brushing the dust off as he steps through the doors he pauses a moment until he's sure he won't be spreading it too much and starts to head over to the bar glancing around a bit he looks to the robotender and orders himself a glass of whiskey.
Kaelyn Kae is in, she was just entertaining Fern! She moves over to the bar now and looks to the bartender before ordering her self a steak dinner... A fried steak dinner at that... she glances over and notices Aidan and tilts her head curioulsy before smiling brightly and waving.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake offers a friendly nod towards Kae, "Hey there ma'am. Dunno that I've properly met you yet. I'm Aidan Drake one of the Deputy Marshals here." He offers out his hand for her to shake as his other hand takes his delivered whiskey and lifts it up for a nice drink before setting it down.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Aidan now curiously, those crimson eyes of hers seemingly glowing... Well not right now but they definately are that color of red that looks like it glows. She gives a toothy smile (her incisors are just slightly elongated it seems) and shakes the offered hand as her long pointy ears twitch. "Kaelyn.... No real last name, though I guess it used to be Silver...."
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit smiling, "Pleasure Miss Kaelyn. So how long you been around El Dorado? I know I've seen you around a time or two but haven't really had the chance to sit and talk with ya."
Kaelyn Kae umms "A bit oer a year now I think?" She says and rubs at the back of her neck before grinning "So a little while now!" She adds "Been through a lot here too!"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake nods a bit as he takes a seat on the barstool near him, "Yeah it's been a crazy year that's for sure." He takes another drink from his whiskey, "You enjoying it here so far?"
Kaelyn Kae shrugs and tilts her head "As well as anything else I guess? I like a lot of the people, fight for the town and all, even went out to west Texas, helped out there too.. Even though I kinda live just outside of town in a little hidden oasis..." She says and smiles slightly.
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles taking another drink from his glass and looking at the now empty glass he frowns a bit, "That vanished rather quickly. And glad you've got a nice hidden little oasis to live in. You like living on your own though? "
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "I find in a lot of cases I kind of frighten some folk, being well not completely human I guess?" She says and shrugs... "That and I found a nice cozy niche with a spring, those are rare and all, and I kinda need to lay clame to it with money and whatnot before I go telling everyone where it is ya know?"
Aidan Drake Aidan Drake chuckles and nods, "I'd keep it to myself as well. Fresh water is a luxury for sure."
Kaelyn Kae grins a bit "Least till I can get the claim set up." She says cheerfully... "THen it'll be mine lock stock and barrel and all..."