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Vault Girl It had taken nearly two days of travel from El Dorado to reach New Vegas, with the group heading west through Mexico into Arizona and into Nevada. The journey had been uneventful compared to prior journies.

Travel through Arizona was surprisingly peaceful, at least in the areas that the Lone Star Caravan had travelled through along with the various hanger-ons from El Dorado. The influence of the dead Caesar could still be felt, and seen but one thing was certain there was no fear of Raiders.

The caravan came to a stop in Freeside, the glittering lights of fabulous New Vegas decorated by Christmas lighting and colors bearing down over the much less grand settlement outside of the city proper.

There was no long ordeal or quest involved to gain entry into New Vegas. The caravan and contingent of 'specialists' from El Dorado had been expected and slowly, they were being allowed into the city.
Alasa Alasa has enjoyed the trip...nice to get away from the normal and see something thats a different normal. Not like she has a schedule of any kind to keep, what with no real this trip was perfect. A quiet trip too...well except on pork and bean night, that was just musical. Still overall, not a bad trip at all.
Stockton Stockton rides astride the back of Brandywine, his Marshal's duster covering up the stylized stealth armor underneath. In the presence of the caravan, he kept mostly to himself. Well save the redheaded passenger riding behind him on the large saddle of the draft horse, packed down for a trek. A gloved hand holds onto the reigns of the mare as they ride up on Freeside towards New Vegas proper. The lights reflect off of his covered eyes and hide the slight squint he gives The Strip lights beyond.
Davidson Davidson's been with the caravan most of the way, keeping up along the other vehicles and wagons on the Terminator; the fusion-powered Harley roaming away from the caravan for periods during the trip to do some exploring before rejoining, and he came back every time with wild stories of high strangeness in the wastes. Who knows if they're real or just tall tales. He kicks the kick-stand down to one side and straightens, gaze sweeping over the glittering lights as a smile curves to his lips, "Well. Ain't that a pretty sight."
Elsie That redheaded passanger on the back of Brandywine the mare is Elsie Bell, somehow-not-new-yet-not-really-known face around El Dorado and newest support staff for the Sheriff and Marshall Departments. She wears a pinstripe black-and-white skirt with a long-sleeve white blouse that has a high Mandarin collar and a low v-neck. Her black combat chest piece doubles as a corset, and she often sports a brown belt with matching holster. Black boots cover her feet. Her grey cowl-necked cloak has been spread out on the saddle to soften the ride. Because riding is stupid painful if you're not used to it.

She's taking in the sights with wide eyes and a broad grin. At one point, she leans forward to Stockton, speaking quietly to him. "I know, like as not, you don't find it too beautiful, but I think it's dazzlin'."
Ironface Jones No stranger to long trips, Ironface Jones isn't particularly bothered by the time spent in First Horse Jones' saddle. Most of the trip he'd been looking for people to chat with to keep himself entertained, especially with the lack of action. The two days of travel don't seem to have left the big man too bothered and the sight of a new city has him appearing to be almost refreshed, the excitement of a strange new place replacing the exhaustion or strung out feeling from travel. Even Freeside had him entertained with the variety of people and things to see. The lights of Vegas, though, and the music in the air, that's all new and very interesting. Davidson gets a reply to his comment as Ironface dismounts from his horse, "Yes. I think that I will like it here."
Ashur Arizona. Birthplace of the Legion; the land where a clever, Sallow man broke the tribes, and set the midwest ablaze.

The familiar territory soothes and relaxes Ashur. Cracked earth, dry shrub, and the muddy beds where the dirt churns like blood from a vein are home to him, and he greets them like an old friend -- as the wagon wheels turn and hop from sunbaked asphalt to hoof-stomped dirt, every echoing rattle and thunk is like saying hello.

He is quiet during the trip. He looms near Fern more than any other, wrapped in his massive cloak, adorned in the bull-horned warmask that once served as the Legate's pride -- oh, the story behind how he got that!

A story for another time, really.

"Stay near, little Fern," the brute thunders, duraframe-shod feet like hammers upon the ground. "The sights of Vegas seem like lovely things, but it is a perfumed whore -- the smell is sweet to mask the rot. Be mindful, and not taken in; only the degenerates find pleasure here."
Fern     As soon as Fern saw the bright lights of the city she about jumped off whatever gave her the ride here to run off and head for the city, but she was able to control herself. Just barely. Until she's able to get her feet on the ground Fern is a bundle of energy, gasping, "Wow! Look! Oh cool! Look! Look at the lights, LOOK!" It's probably pointed towards Ashur, where ever he is.

    Once there, Fern jumps out, her backpack swung onto her right shoulder, and she takes off running towards the city. Her eyes are as wide as her crazy grin, hair flopping in the breeze she creates by running.
Jackson Jackson's trip, though vaguely scented by that of alcohol and horse shit, rather pleasant. His gear was packed away handily within his horse's saddlebags, and he, and his mount had no problem maintaining pace alongside the others who chose to make the venture. Arizona was definitely more peaceful than he had expected, and he could only hope the coming days were much the same. He idly adjusted his duster's position over his gear, and after shifting uncomfortably for a moment, he gave his horse's reigns a gentle snap as the lights of the city came into his view. As the white mare carefully slowed down to a halt, Jack took a moment to gaze upon the splendor of the city for a brief instant as a calm smile stretched over his weather-worn visage. Glancing down toward Davidson and Ironface, the deputy gave them both a serene nod before speaking himself.
"A sight for sore eyes to be sure. Hell of a lot better than the desert sands, that's for sure."
Matt The ride out from El Dorado was just long and relatively uneventful. Matt ended up just being another harley in the group, rumbling and roaring along with the convoy into New Vegas. There wasn't much for the caravan master to do on the long trip, except for occasional bartering at various towns and stations.
Roy Roy had to bum a ride with a smelly 'friend', as it wasn't in the church budget for him to take his own form of transportation. The back of an old horse that should probably be dead if science is real, and the sweaty collar of a alcoholic congregant has been his only company as it followed behind the caravan. Though, it seems the miserable trek has paid off as Roy is astonished with the city lights and the tall buildings. "Lordy." He has to remove his hat and hold it across his chest from the shock of the city after being in - well.. 'boringville' for awhile now. He squeezed the bicep of his alcoholic 'brother in Christ' as a signal. "Slow'er down, we'll fly through the city at this pace." Things are looking bright.
Tina Tina had been lucky enough to secure a seat on one of the caravan wagons, albeit at the very back of the party. She makes a mental note to clean up her robes when they get where they're going, 'cause /dust/. Still, she's got little attention for anything but the lights once they get into New Vegas proper. "Oh, my goodness... they're so pretty! Even if they do clash a little with one another. The pictures in the books don't do those lit signs justice." She smiles back at Roy, waving to get his attention. "Aren't they pretty, Pastor?" she calls cheerfully, gesturing to the lights.

The cries of Fern reach her ears a bit later, and she can't help giggling as she watches the girl pelt off toward the city. "Guess I'm not the only one who thinks they're pretty," she observes.
Davidson "Guess we'll see if the place matches the pretty wrapping," Davidson adds more wryly to Ironface and Jackson, swinging his leg off the bike and twirling its keys briefly on a finger before shoving the jangling bundle into an inner pocket of his jacket, "Or if it's just a shiny hat on a ghoul's head, if you catch my meaning, boys."
Alasa Alasa stretchs out a bit, as she looks..."Oh, the lights are on..I didn't even notice them at first. Must have one heck of an electricity bill." She reaches into a pocket, pulling out a carrot and taking a bite of it. "Still, nice to get here and see what they got."
Stockton Stockton chuffs softly as they ride in, giving the mare a few clicks as she gets anxious at the motors again. To his passenger he turns around enough to mutter at her, "S'pretty enough, just the dark spots that make me wary," says the Marshal who gets literally paid to be cautious. Taking their time in the trip, he pauses here or there to allow foot traffic to cross in front of the huge horse and her proportionately large rider. Eventually the nerves require tobacco, and he's settling his helmet onto it's hook, replacing it with his Stetson and sparking up one of his handrolled cigarillos. "Well I 'eard tell few folk got invites from Mr. House, s'posin' they'll head that way," he comments to no one in particular.
Ashur "The Hoover Dam produces all power for the region," Ashur remarks to Alasa, watching as the spry Fern dashes off toward the distant cityscape. The glowing lenses of his eyes burn as his power armor's computers highlight the little girl and the environment around her, tracing her path and identifying potential threats to be struck down in a moment of VATS-enhanced brutality should it prove necessary.

Fortunately, it does not, and after a moment the bull snorts and turns away, content to let the child indulge her innocent desires. If danger should rear its ugly head, she'll scream, and he'll murder it. There's no need to watch her like an overprotective parent.

"It is a massive work, with water like an avalanche; it screams and falls endlessly. It is what the Legion and the NCR once warred over."

If the rumors he's heard are true, that status quo is different, now. But it can't be -- a woman in charge of the Legion? Nonsense. Whatever uppity bitch is claiming that, he'll find her, sooner or later, and correct any misunderstandings.
Elsie "It's just a matter of bein' bigger and scarier'n the dark spots," Elsie sasses the Marshal back, her arms around his waist to keep her steady at the little bouts of start and go. She does peer around the large Stockton's shoulder to see Fern running ahead, and she frowns lightly. "Someone outta keep a closer eye on her; there's nothing to fear if you keep your wits about you around here, but runnin' about's not exactly that."

The redhead's attention is then turned back to Stockton, though, and his words. "Oh? Wish I'd gotten one, that sounds like a rippin' grand time. Though I'd have to go shoppin' for something if I wanted to head out someplace nice ..." the way she trails off, it's pretty obvious she'll be doing some shopping while she's here. Matt then catches her hazel eyes, and she turns them toward him, giving him a polite, even warm smile. Which might seem odd, since this redhead is a stranger to him.
Roy Roy is coincidentally riding behind the back of the caravan where Sister Tina is situated, making it easy for him to hear her over the trotting. He looks over the fatty shoulder of the congregant who holds the reigns, calling back to her. "Very pretty!" He tries to not drop his jaw down too wide while yelling for fear of earlobe sweat of the driver dripping on his tongue.
He licks the corner of his mouth with an absent expression, thinking about what a person like him and Sister Tina can emprise in New Vegas.
Jackson With a smirk, the deputy dismounted his horse and ran the fingers of his right hand through his thick blonde lockes. He gave his surroundings a once over as he gave his mare a firm pat, and replied to Davidson with a jovial mirth in his tone. "Ah, but there's always something fun to be found on the inside, my friend. If not, well... I just hope it's a nice hat, and a well-bathed ghoul." At that, Jackson found a convenient place to tie off his horse, and started rummaging through his saddlebags, pausing only when he found his prize-- a metal case containing hand-rolled cigarettes.
He grabbed the metallic silver case with a flourish, popped it open, and produced a refillable lighter an instant later, lighting up one of the cancer sticks with a sigh of contentment. After lighting it up, he offered the case to both Ironface and Davidson, a friendly smile stretching across his face as the nicotine buzzed through his system. "Nothin' like a smoke after a long ass ride, eh fellas?"
Kaelyn Well in wanders Kae, the oddball woman kind of at the back of the group or somewhere as she makes her way into the crowd.. she glances around curiously now and then pauses long enough to stretch her back, those crimson eyes of hers scanning around the place while she takes everything in... CORA on the other hand is chatting away at the 'elf' girl... "Ooh first time in Vegas, I wonder how the gambling is? Do you know about the gambling and stuff" She chats at Kae and Kae umms "I don't gamble, remember" She says and smirks "NOt with money anyway." she adds and shrugs... "Figure something can be found around here while we look and all." she adds again.
Ironface Jones "We will find out soon whether the ghoul has brains under his hat, I think," Ironface tells Davidson with a big nod of his head as he goes back to scanning the city. "It will be good to meet the people here and explore the places. I think it will be fun to try to sleep in a vault." Drinking in his surroundings he says, "It will be good to make these people our allies, too. They have many riches." Looking towards Jackson Ironface nods his head deeply, "That is true. If I were a smoking person it would be good to do so now."
Alasa Alasa raises an eyebrow to Ashur.."Really? unlimited power? That would be something interesting to see. Maybe we could build something like that back home. We do got that river nearby town...I wonder how hard it would be..." As she looks at the city again, "Be nice to see what the use all that power for..."
Vault Girl Securitron Robots guard the gates and grant admission to the various travelers, the procession from El Dorado being given entrance ahead of many others who are still waiting in line, or being forced to pay the entry fee to show that they've got something of value to spend within the city.

Ashur is the only one who is given a hard time, due to his appearance but it's quickly explained away that he is with the group from El Dorado.

Tina on the other hand? She's the lucky 1000th person to enter the City for today and gets a star bottlecap!
Davidson A tip of Davidson's chin up agrees with the deputy's words, and he reaches over to accept one of the cigarettes. "Thanks," he murmurs, pulling out a very battered lighter of his own and flicking it a few times before it sparked enough to light hte cigarette. He took a long drag on it, then blew the smoke off to one side, pausing as he catches sight of Kaelyn meandering through the crowd. He brings his free hand up in an easy wave her way, calling, "Hey, think the people here've ever seen anyone like you, babe?"

he moves through the gates with the others, a brow tic'ing upwards at the special treatment. "Huh, nice to actually be welcomed somewhere for once," he mutters, "Even the Brotherhood were kind of pissy when we showed up to back 'em up..."
Vault Girl A shady looking gentleman with a twirly mustache approaches Jackson, Stockton, and Elsie and opens up a trenchcoat filled with holodisks, "Hey Mangs, and Ladymang. Yall looking to buy some intel on the Enclave? 250 Caps per disk, got some juicy info on these. Trust me." He refuses to sell to anyone who didn't seem street savvy though.
Fern     Though Fern runs for the city, she slows as she draws near. No one wants security bots going crazy and shooting at the possible running threat! Fern can barely contain her excitement as she -walks- up to the line, moving along with some others from the group on her way into the city. As she waits to be let inside she looks about, noticing the shady man with the trenchcoat opening it up. Did he just flash people!? Fern can't see from this angle, so only her imagination can tell.
Ashur "There is not enough water in El Dorado," he replies, metal fingers scraping the metal beard of his mask in steel mimicry of human thoughtfulness. "The Colorado's flow is beyond imagining. Even the ocean waters in Mexico were gentler."

A Securitron does stop him as the group advances. The bull's momentum is arrested by the circling presence of three of the police-faced, mono-wheeled machines. "Stand aside," he commands, right hand curled into a fist, the black-and-gold of his ballistic fist shimmering against the electric blue coils of its magnetic rails. "I am Ashur of Rome, come with the El Dorado Federation."

The robots can be forgiven for their assumptions, given Ashur is an enormous beast akin to Lanius in stature, and wearing Lanius' mask, besides.

With the matter settled, the brute forces past the guards, stomping forward, thunder-hooved and irritated by the audacity. Then he sees Fern, off to the side, staring at a man with his coat spread wide, concealing whatever he's doing.

"Fern! Stay away from the perverts."
Tina Tina grins back at Roy. "Definitely that! I want to see them at /night/, too!" she calls back. Noting that lick of the corner of his lips, she smiles wryly. "I know how you feel. I'm hungry, too. I suppose long rides do that to you." she observes kindly. "I'll be glad when we get where we are going, God willing."

<<Congratulations *bzzzt!* Ma'am... you are the *click* one-thousandth person to en-ter New Vegas today... please accept *brizzzzzzz* a complimentary star bottle c-c-c-c-cap!>> says one of the security robots, offering the cap to her.

"Oh! Thank you! God bless you!" cries the nun, delighted by the gift as she takes it carefully into her two hands, and smiles back to Roy. "The people are so nice here!"
Stockton Stockton blinks as the street vendor comes right up to the horse. Looking this way and that quickly, he gives Elsie a quick nod if she wants to do the trade. For his own deal, the Marshal gives a polite shake of his head, he's not interested right now. He is interested in keeping his eyes open and his guns close. He does watch after Fern as she continues to stay ahead of the pack. Disapproval evident on his features as she's left unattended still, but he makes no movement to follow or watch her himself.
Kaelyn Kae is catching up to the front of the group now, the woman coming to a halt as things are slowed down by securitrons and all. She then glances at Ashur curiously and peers at the fellow with the trenchcoat, then glances back to the others now. Then she looks at the Securitrons "Well maintained.." She then grins and calls to Fern "Heya Fern!" she calls out and now to Ashur.. "Giving giant killing robots orders?" She asks curiously

Kae now glances to Tina andhears the bzzting and the award thingie "Umm grats!" she says cheerfully.
Elsie The street vendor/flasher doesn't seem to concern Elsie in the least bit, in fact she looks quite comfortable with the man even before he opens his coat. But then, she spent quite a bit of time in New Vegas; perhaps she's just used to it. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out two little baggies of caps. She's seperated them and kept them in different places to protect from pickpockets. Two baggies get tossed over, and she reaches down for the disks only when the man has removed them from his coat. She lifts two fingers in a delicate little salute of gratitude. "Ta," she says to the flasher, then tucks the disks away, turning back to Stockton. "I was savin' up for a couple things, but I think this place is gonna make that hard," she says with a content, wistful smile. It's sad that she'll be spending, but how much fun she'll have doing it! "Do ya have any contacts here among the lawfolk, Marshal?"
Alasa Alasa says, "ooo, being treated like vips...I could get use to this. We should travel with a caravan where ever we go..." She looks to respond to ashur about rivers, when the security cans give him a hard time..."Still, something to think about.""
Vault Girl One of the Securitron Robots snags Fern by the shoulder gently to move her off to the side, "*Bzzt* Mr. House would like a word with you. *Bzzt*"

The screen on the Securitron's body took on the appearance of a dapper well-dressed gentlemen with a dark moustache and a regal bearing in the green digital form on the screen.

"Don't let the video screen fool you, young lady, I'm flesh and blood." There was a stutter on the screen of the Securitron, "I believe you have great potential, and an enthusiasm that would be refreshing to bask in. Please stop by the Lucky 38 when you're inside the city."

The Securitron let go of Fern and went back to its duties.
Davidson "I wonder if anyone sells maps of the town," Davidson muses - ever the cartographer even now - as he walks with the others, shifting the carbine over his shoulder into a more comfortable position. Perhaps also to make sure anyone watching doesn't get any ideas.
Jackson Jackson gave Davidson a nod in the affirmative, and handed off one of his smokes with a tip of his hat as they began moving up toward the gates. He turned his head to say something to Ironface, but before he could respond, an interesting looking fellow with a deceptively stylish moustache and a heavy overcoat approached him. "Ay mang," he began, his accent undeniable. The deputy began to respond, but was cut off as the gentleman in question hastily tore open his overcoat, exposing his delicate wares to the waiting public.
Under noraml circumstances, Jackson would have been absolutely offended at the circumstances evolving before him. Instead, confusion blossomed onto his features as the holodisks within the stranger's jacket were revealed, glimmering under the christmas lights before Jackson's eyes. "Ya'll looking for intel on the Enclave? 250 Caps per disk, got some juicy info on these."
The deputy was absolutely astonished, and quickly glanced around at his peers for a moment as if to confirm his suspicions, but nobody was really paying much mind to the interaction. Jackson appraised the man for a moment, then decided to throw caution to the wind. With a casual shrug of his shoulders, a rifling of his pockets, and a bag full of caps, Jackson offered the man a smoke as he took hold of the offered intelligence. "Shit, why the hell not? Have a smoke pal. You look like you could use one."
Ironface Jones "Greetings, robot friend," Ironface tells one of the protectrons as he walks towards the city proper, getting ready to gape at what he'll see inside. "I think there will be maps for sale," he says to Davidson with a shrug. "There are many visitors here all the time and they will need directions to find their way around here." The lights and sounds, now closer, seem to impress him enough that he almost walks into someone ahead of him, only stopping at the last moment.
Ashur Ashur's hands fold behind his darkly armored back, elbows tucked neat against his side beneath the regal flow of his oversized cloak. "What is a robot, Kaelyn?" He poses the question in tones abundantly rhetorical. "They are but tools for the wielding. Do not make the mistake of affording them respect or dignity. Be firm with them."

That's probably some sort of racist. Specist? Flesh-ist? A matter best left argued by the wasteland pedants. Regardless, Ashur steps forth, in time now to catch Fern snagged by a Securitron and tugged to the shadowy alcove of the roadside, bathed in the glimmering jeweled lights of sin and paradise. For a moment, it makes the adolescent girl shine like a rainbow.

Ashur finds it an altogether unsettling and unnatural sight. The irony of him, wearing a stone-faced mask of a horned war god, every inch of flesh concealed, making that judgment goes unnoticed.

"That sounds like a fun adventure, Fern," he says, through grit teeth, closing the distance now with startling suddenness. The big man's got big legs, and is quicker than most expect. "We will visit later."

One does not casually refuse the god-king of Vegas. But one also doesn't let a fourteen year old girl in the back of a van by herself, no matter how influential the candyman.
Alasa Alasa continues to munch on her carrot, as they move along. Just letting her eyes drift around at all the sights as they move.
Roy Roy lowers his jaw a bit as the robot approaches Tina and offers her currency. He shakes his head, and starts to chortle. "Seems it's your lucky day!" He latches his hands onto the shoulders of the sweaty congregant holding the reigns. He's tired of sitting on what space is left of the horses back and jogs up behind the caravan to move next to Sister Tina, his collar becoming unfixed and his tie a mess. But, he manages.

"Pardon.." He makes a deep breath before exhaling it, just enough to get his heart to settle. He starts to fix his now unkept clothing, making it tidy again. "I'm less focused on the humanity of the people, but on what food they have to offer." He says, followed by a sardonic but friendly grin.
Fern     "I ain't gonna go lookin' at his pecker!" Fern says in a grumpy voice to Ashur just before she's snagged by the bot. "I didn't do it!" she yelps, even though the snag was gentle. She moves aside with the securitron and looks at the screen, and as she sees what it can do her eyes go wide. "Wicked.." she whispers.

    The teen nods to the man on the screen, and once it's over she blinks a bit, murmuring, "Lucky 38, 38.. 38.. Lucky.." She tries to commit it to memory. Good luck! Fern rushes back over to Ashur and says, "Yeah! We gotta go later, ok? Get some food and watch some dancing and then we gotta go. Can't let 'im down, eh?" She cackles, starting to do a strange little dance that mostly consists of her knees wobbling.

    Fern snickers and heads on inside then, and she turns in time to see Kaelyn. "Kae! Hi.. Thank goodness we're finally here!"
Kaelyn Kae ummmms, nope she's not gonna argue with Ash right now and shrugs.. "Mayhaps, but you have to respect the armament they carry." she suggests and her eyes drift around again as she takes the place in...

Then Fern greets her and she grins "Yup Thank something I guess." she says with a cheerful smile, wandering on inside her self. "I just gotta figure out what I wanna do around here, trying different food sounds nice... Dunno what else to do, I guess I could -try- some gambling but I dunno... Maybe there's a show or two I'll like."
Stockton Stockton shakes his head quickly, "New Vegas has its own law, an' I'm pretty sure in consists of the three major families, Mr. House, and those Securitrons. If I had pull wit the law 'ere, we'da just gone straight to the Sheriff's office and gotten a proper welcome," Not that being approached by dealers in trench coats isn't basically a proper welcome from New Vegas. Watching Ashur storm over to Fern to keep her from disappearing just yet, he just squints and chews on his cigarillo before swapping it to the other side of his mouth. "Gonna have tah figure out lodgin', maybe stay on the Strip," he proposes without actually committing to anything. Besides, there was plenty to see and do in Vegas yet.
Tina Tina nods to Roy, grinning and tucking away the cap for safekeeping. She turns her attention back to Fern and the robot pulling her to one side. "Wonder what that was abou- eep!" she squeaks, as Roy clambers up onto the caravan next to her! She'd missed his change of rides completely.

"Goodness, Pastor... you're a bit of a mess! Here, let's get you tidied up..." observes the nun, moving to help Roy get his disheviled clothes in order, chuckling at his observation. "Thinking with your stomach? Best not overindulge in the sin of gluttony, Pastor," she chides gently, giggling softly. "Your poor horse might not be able to get you home."
Elsie "I can recommend some good spots," Elsie assures the Marshal, turning her head to the Securitrons as they pass. She nods respectfully to them. Robots or not, it just seems the polite thing to do. "Ones that ain't too expensive. Course the thing about Vegas is that there's always places to spend more money," she jokes, leaning forward to give Stockton a fond squeeze round the middle. "Got anything you're particularly keen on doing? Either way I think I'll swing into the law and the station here, talk about the radio towers, yanno?"
Jackson After his unusual interaction with the shady gentlemen, Jackson walked his mare onward, picking up his pace until he fell in step with the group of travellers from El Dorado. In the midst of his interaction with the.. Intelligence dealer? Scam artist? Information... Broker? He'd momentarily lost track of where he was going, and scrambled to get back into place alongside Ironface and the others. As he did so, he glanced toward Ironface and spoke in a confused tone.
"Well.. I've been in New Vegas for thirty five seconds and I've already been convinced to give up a third of my savings. I need a god damn drink."
Davidson "Speaking of the law..." The cigarette in Davidson's hand leaves a faint trail of smoke as he motions with it, "...anyone know what the laws around here /are/, actually? I'd hate to fuck up some local custom and end up hammered to a crucifix or something like that." He takes another drag off the hand-rolled, gaze sweeping over the dirty streets and curious store-fronts.
Ironface Jones Turning away from the sights and sounds of the city for a second, Ironface addresses Jackson, "It will be hard to hold onto money here. There will be much to drink and eat and much gambling to do. I think you are right about needing a drink, though. We should investigate to find a tavern." Then he looks towards Davidson and his big shoulders shrug, "That is a good question. I do not think it would be good to get in trouble in this place."
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Laws?..I think its like the golden rule. Whoever has the gold, makes the rules..."
Roy Roy drops his hands to the floorboards of the caravan, letting Tina take over what attempts he's done himself to fix his clothing. "Thank you, dear." He looks down at Tina's hands as she fixes his collar and straightens his tie, laughing at her remark. "Surely not. Can one avoid the sin of gluttony if it's gluten-free?" He cackles at his own joke, quite proud he was able to make that one up. Eventually the laughter stifles and stalls out like a bad motorbike.

He looks over Tina's head and out the back of the caravan, watching his former driver manipulate the broken horse. "If that's God's will, then let it be. That just means I'd have to ride with you back, eh?" .. "Not such a problem, more of a blessing." He laughs and smiles.
Stockton Stockton perks that scarred eyebrow at the girl as she explains her knowledge and he just smirks, "Aight, well we'll compare locations and see if we get any matches," he says to the rider behind him. That fond squeeze earning one to her thigh with his free hand as he over hears the conversations behind him. "It's pretty simple, no weapons in the casinos, no murderin' citizens or visitors, and don't steal shit - pretty straight forward like most places. Here they won' crucify you though, they'll just vaporize yah wit lasers 'n bullets." Brandywine continues to clop along and he doesn't stray too far from the group. "Did wanna brush by Silver Rush if it's still 'ere, give a looksee at the tech, we'll find the law office though," he assures the redhead behind him.
Ashur Ashur chuffs in response to the lady elf, curling his hand and beckoning Fern to follow as the Securitron, smiling cop-face presented, turns away from them. "You want to see the dancers? Mm.. alright." Burlesque might not be the most child-friendly form of entertainment, but these days, who really cares? They're in the jewel of the Mojave. Everyone in it and from it is trashy.

Viva Las Vegas.
Fern     "I heard people dance better here. No square dancing, but different kinds of dancing.. and gambling! Did you bring any spare caps?" Fern asks Ashur as she slides up to hide side, where she'll likely stay for the remainder of the trip. "I bet we could win -big- here.. Bigger jackpots than you get in the alleys in Shanty Town," she notes with a little smirk.

    "I'm gonna win big.. get me some fancy armor.." Fern dreams, her grin still wide as can be. She nudges at Ashur then and nods towards the Lucky 38. "Bet they got food in there, too."
Elsie "And they'll leave you on the street, just like that. A pile of dust. Ain't much for street sweepers here, lotta times," Elsie adds with a chuckle. She's as excited as a child herself to get back into the place she once called home. She turns back to Stockton at the feel of his hand on her leg. "Hmm? Of course. Like you said we'll be here awhile, so there's time for everythin'. Well, most things. A lifetime probably wouldn't be enough to do //everything// in New Vegas." But she'd sure as hell try! She twists around to Iron Face and Jackson, looking between the men. "What are you gents most lookin' forward to, if I may ask?"
Jackson At his friends' words, Jackson responded, sarcasm oozing out of every syllable as he puffed on his cigarette. "Law's gotta be pretty much the same 'round these parts. Don't punch any drunks, don't steal candy from kids, you know. The usual. Don't cause shit. If money makes law, then let's find us a god damn gold mine. If I was gonna get crucified, that'd have happened in Arizona. But I'm here. So the only kind of nailed i'm getting is at the bar." With all that said, Jack tossed his spent smoke, and immediatly lit up another one. As far as he was concerned, this was a god damn vacation. So he was going to enjoy it to the fullest. Ladies, booze, gambling, and maybe just a little bit of good ol' fashion justice if necesary.
Tina "Or catch the /next/ caravan, which would be a bit less of a blessing," Tina chides Roy gently, smiling faintly. "We had a hard enough time just getting the one seat... and I'm still thanking you for letting me have that one, Pastor. God bless you," she adds respectfully, her gratitude genuine. It won't stop her from recommending the wise course, however. The curse of the well-meaning airhead in the habit.
Ironface Jones At Elsie's question Ironface has to think for a moment before he can decide what it is that he most wants to do, "I think I will do much drinking and eating. I have heard tales of he excesses of New Vegas and wish to experience them all." There's a brief pause before he speaks again, "And I would like to hear the music here. I enjoy music made with many instruments and much science. Like Rock'n'Roll."
Vault Girl Within a short period of time everyone is slowly ushered into the gates, and approved to be here, and be partying! Or whatever you were here to do.

Later that night

Roy would end up talking down a group of mobsters from killing a con men who was so inspired by Roy that he claims he found Jesus. He gives Roy his suite at the Ultra Luxe in thanks, and not because he owes a ton of girls from Gomorrah money and they know he lives there.

Alasa saves a Securitron robot from being scrapped after it is being hauled out of Freeside, and earns a glitchy new friend!

Tina finds a discarded old platinum chip or is it a bottlecap? Within the streets of New Vegas. How did that get there!

Elsie.. nevermind! She has her own ideas, poor Skulbert.

Davidson is somehow after a night of drunken debauchery inducted into the Kings? He gets his very own Elvis costume. Oh boy!

Jackson gets into a high-stakes game of poker and walks away with a 'very well-endowed' farm in the Mojave as his prize for the night. When he sobers up, he'll wish he hadn't agreed to take that over caps.

Ironface ends up out on patrol in the Mojave and single handedly kills an entire Enclave strike team who were equipped with X-03 Hellfire Power Armor and is able to cobble together a suit for himself.

Ashur? He doesn't do anything fun and is kind of a mongoloid, but he does meet a cool doggie named Dogmeat who was looking for food and because Ashur smells kind of like meat sweats, the doggo followed him and Ashur probably fed Dogmeat and they became best pals!

Matt, Kaelyn, & Fern all manage to win some quantum caps over the course of their evening!


Everyone is so blissfully ignorant of what is to come..