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Tina "Wow... these people of New Vegas sure know how to make you feel welcome!"

Tina leads the way into the suite, her duffel slung over her shoulder, looking around the sumptuous room like a tourist. Which, technically, she is. She hasn't been in town an hour yet, and she's already floored by the architecture, the lights, and now the living space. "No wonder you weren't bothered by asking me to room here. It could sleep six!" she says, deeply impressed.
Roy Roy follows in behind Tina, carrying what little baggage he was able to bring with him. A small duffelbag with some slacks, some dress shirts, and some casual wear along with some other personal effects. An eyebrow raised the same time a smirk appeared, "Someone put alot of work into this place." He whistles deep, laughing to himself. He shares the same suprise and curosity as Tina, impressed by the room and the high ceilings.

"Well. Space is definetly not an issue, pick your spot!" He drops his baggage off his shoulder and onto the floor, moving it against a dresser by the carrying handles.
Tina "They certainly did. I've seen pictures of churches, big old churches, that were less grand than this," Tina says, setting her bag down on the opposite side of the bed, next to another dresser. "These couches look so comfy. I can sleep on one of them easily," she adds thoughtfully. "And I brought a blanket, just in case the hotel doesn't have an extra."
Roy "Let me unpack for you." Roy smiles warmly, making his way towards the side of the bed where she lowered her bag. He grabs it by the handle and places it ontop of the dresser, opening one of the drawers in preparation to fill them with her belongings. He looks over his shoulder at the couch, squinting his eyes before looking back at Tina, "You're not sleeping on no couch, Miss Tina. I won't have it. You can have the bed." He affirms with a nod, starting to unzip her bag. "You always have a proclivity to overwork, and you've done a great job at the church. Treat yourself to the luxuries here, and that being said, you may take the bed."

Roy looks in the mirror mounted on the dresser he's standing infront of, looking at Tina behind him in the room. "You ever been to a city this nice?"
Tina Tina looks back at Roy, blushing. "B-but I couldn't... it's your room, Pastor. What kind of guest would I be if I evicted you from your own bed, especially after you were so kind to invite me to stay here?" she asks, a little flustered at the idea. "And really, you don't have to unpack for me. You've your own things to deal with, and I really don't want to make extra work for you. I mean, it's my job to help /you/... because you have more important things to do, and I don't." Is this humility, or an airheaded reliance on hierarchy? It would be difficult to tell which.
Roy Roy turns on his heel, looking at Tina instead of her reflection in the mirror. He holds up a 'relax' hand gesture with his palm flat and his fingers towards Tina. "Miss Tina, this isn't my room. It's our room. I must insist." He smiles, shaking his head dismissively. "It might be your job to help me and Miss Fernandez, but right now your job is to relax." He peers inside the bag, starting to take out anything she might have inside. He places it in several stacks on the dresser top, sorting them first.

"You're not a burden, Miss Tina. This isn't a chore, I enjoy helping you just as you enjoy helping me." He grins, eyes shut tightly against the mirth, as if he were looking on fond memories of Tina's service in the church, affirming his thoughts and perspective.
Tina Tina blushes a little more deeply. "Well... it really doesn't feel right to me to take the bed, but..." she begins. Then she looks at what he's unpacking. "Wait a moment, please? Actually, I should probably unpack my own things. I really, really appreciate your intentions, Pastor, but it's probably a little improper for the pastor to be sorting a young lady's undergarments."
Roy Roy lets his hands freeze, turning a bit red in the face. "Maybe so." He takes his hands off of the bag and wipes his palms on the hips of his slacks. He steps away from the dresser, bending down to pick up his own bag. He plops it on the bed where Tina once placed hers, leaving it to sit. "It's decided then. The bed is yours." He smirks, loosening his black tie from around his collar after wearing it all day. He drapes it over the back of a chair pushed into a desk, folding his collar down and unfastening the top button to become more comfortable.

Roy folds his sleeves over, rolling his white dress shirt up past his elbows. "My quarters in the church basement is nearly as nice as this." He walks around the room and into the kitchen area, opening the two refrigerators only to close them moments after. "And all for free."
Tina "Well... if you insist. It still feels like you may be giving me undeserved preferential treatment. I would offer to share the bed with you, but it might come across as improper," Tina replies, beginning to unpack where Roy had left off. Sure enough, some of it's underwear. Nothing racy or skimpy in there; clearly she is not a 'naughty nun'. She makes quick work of sorting and neatly stacking the scattered items, before putting them into dresser drawers.

Still, it's not all unmentionables. There's a spare habit and a simple white robe, a spare pair of boots...

...and a vault suit?

"Mine aren't so nice as that," she comments, smiling as she works. "But I don't mind. I'm only a Sister, and the lowest-ranked Sister in the church at that. If I ever become a Senior Sister, maybe I'll have a little larger room, but I can wait for that. Maybe forever. I'm not exactly the smart or skilled one among the Sisters, but maybe if I work harder or something..."
Roy Roy hears Tina's reply from the kitchen. He checks the fridge again, already knowing that there's nothing important inside but he wants to appear collected. "I roll over in my sleep. You wouldn't want that, you'd get a broken rib." He laughs playfully, coming back into the main room where Tina stands infront of the dresser. He scoffs at her remark, "Tina, respectfully, you are a blessing to the church. We might not share the same faith or practice, but what you do is done exceptionally." He looks over Tina's shoulder at her folded clothes in the dresser as he passes by, grabbing his own bag on the bed. "You already work very hard. Any harder and you'd drop dead, I reckon." He chuckles, letting his hand rest on Tina's shoulder as he passes by her again. "Don't let anyone tell you different. You'd be a great Senior Sister, a better sister than the likes of Miss Neva or Sister Rosa, God rest her soul, and that's tough."

"And I know they would agree with me completely. You have latent qualities and abilities." ... "You have potential, Miss Tina. I see it." He has a straight face, standing by his word. His hand drops from Tina's shoulder as he starts to walk around the room and look at the rug.
Tina "Well... I take your point. Rather than your elbow. Probably in my ribs. At three A.M.. Thank you, Pastor. It is beyond sweet of you," Tina replies, setting the last stack of clothing into the dresser drawers and closing them. "But I don't work quite /that/ hard... and Sister Neva does better work than me, when it comes to the services. She doesn't leave the wrong hymnals out, or come to the services in the wrong outfit or have to stop her work and mend her robe at least once a week. She's a /much/ better Senior Sister. And Sister Rosa was at least as good. And she never had to whack Sister Neva's hand with the ruler. But I still cringe at the sight of one," she says, blushing. "And sometimes my knuckles smart for no reason."

She bows her head at the hand on her shoulder, and his reassuring words, however sincere. "If it's there, God hid it well. And that's His right and His decision. Maybe someday I'll find it, if I'm meant to. If not, I probably wasn't a good enough nun."
Roy Roy crouches down grabbing the edge of the rug situated in the middle of the room, pulling the corner up to check for dust. He inspects underneath, humming to himself but quits once he hears Tina. He looks over his shoulder, still holding the edge of the carpet up. "We're not perfect. I'm not perfect, either. Sometimes I forget the lyrics when I'm leading songs and then I pretend to pray until I remember the next lyric." He nervously laughs, a bit embarrassed. "Sometimes I have to use the restroom while preaching, so I make everyone bow their heads and pray for three minutes while I take care of business." He shrugs his shoulders, "We're all not perfect Tina, and we all have room for growth, but it's inside you. It'll be revealed to you, I'm sure of it."

Roy wipes underneath his eye with a finger, letting the corner of the rug drop back onto the floor. "Your life and calling isn't an easy one. And I can't speak for the Lord, but it's my opinion that you serve Him and our flock well." He walks behind Tina, sitting down on the edge of the bed, "And you've never let me down. Have you? I've always been very proud of you."
Tina Tina bows her head, still blushing, but turns to face him. "Do you mean that? Even the time that you forgot your Bible in the study and I had to bring it out to you in my underthings, 'cause all my habits were being laundered?" she asks, finally looking up. She still blushes and wishes she could die when she remembers that incident...
Roy Roy recollects the memory well, laughing with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes, nodding his head gently a few times. "Even then, Tina." He reaches his hand out, grabbing Tina's into his own. He lightly pats the top of her hand, "So very proud of you. You've been a good friend and colleague."

"I feel that you think you're worth less. Or you're a 'servant' to Man. Just know you've always been an equal to me. You don't have to slave yourself." He reassures her, smiling up at her from his seated position on the bed.
Tina Tina's eyes widen slightly as Roy takes her hand. "I know I don't deserve your pride and gratitude, but thank you. It's good to know you feel that way," she says softly, smiling faintly. "I have tried to be a friend to my fellow servants of God, in the church and in other places, even if I haven't done all that well at it."
Roy Roy bops his head, standing up from the bed. He regrabs his bag, setting it on the dresser across the room from Tina. He opens the drawers after unzipping his duffel, starting to take out some white t-shirts, dress shirts, slacks, socks and grey boxer briefs. He places his forearm on the top of the dresser, shoveling all of the artifacts into one drawer. "So. What's been new with you and your world, work or otherwise?" He takes the Bible out of his duffel, setting it out on the dresser instead of stowing it in the drawer.

"I heard you went to the hospital awhile back and you were checking in with people. Good on you."
Tina Tina realizes what she's looking at as Roy begins to unpack, and hastily turns her back, to let him work in some small semblance of privacy. "Well... I've been asked to administer a Christmas service in New Vegas, by someone named Mr. House. I don't know who that is, but he sent one of those funny little bottle caps with a star on it. I would've felt bad not doing it after that, so here I am," she says, looking down at the floor and wringing her hands down at hip level. "As for the visits to the clinic in Shantytown, that was nothing special... only my duty to my fellow man, and to Him."
Roy Roy Roy smiles, nodding his head. "You'll do just fine." He grabs a t-shirt out of his drawer, a pair of his underwear, socks, and a pair of black slacks. "Mr. House... I don't know that name, either. Then again, I don't know much about anything in New Vegas." He walks towards the bathroom, stepping inside to place his clothes on the sink. "I'm going to shower. Feel free to go out, I've got another key for you on the bed." He calls from the bathroom.
Tina "Actually... he wanted me to /preach/ the service. I'll just have to do my best," Tina replies, blushing. As Roy steps into the bathroom, she carefully takes up the key on the bed, setting it on the dresser as she begins to undress. "I really need to put on some clean clothes first. The trail dust was /awful/. Maybe I'll see how the lights look by night," she says as she works.